All the following statements below were giving by Rubys Clients. Names have been removed to protect their privacy.

  • “Love, love, love Ms. Ruby! So intuitive, can answer not only the questions you ask but give you information and details on issues you have going on but weren’t necessarily ready to address. She sincerely wants to help and wants to give you all the tools possible for a great life. And such reasonable rates! You definitely get more than you pay for. Can’t wait to see her again”
  • “I had my first reading with Ruby in 2014 during a personal struggle. I had no idea how much that one phone call would change my life. Ruby was able to help me understand my situation on a much deeper level. She always encourages me to see things from a difference perspective.”
  • “Ruby delivers all of her messages with kindness, respect and compassion. She presents all of her messages in a way that I can understand them and provides tools to apply in your daily life. In the last 2 years my spiritual growth has exceeded my expectations with the guidance and compassion.”
  • “Ruby delivers. I look at this life and the universe with optimism and hope because of her lessons. I encourage anyone who has even thought of contacting her to do so. You will not regret it. It will be the best time and money you have ever spent.”


  • “I’ve been going to Ruby for over a year now. Compared to other psychic advisers that I’ve tried, she’s incredibly accurate. I’m not sure that you can get any better than this. She has a good heart and is the genuine, real deal. Worth much more than she charges.”
  • “Ruby is not just a psychic, but a spiritual guide and someone who very much cares about you, even if she just met you”
  • “Very accurate, don’t know how you know everything lol, gave me journaling ideas/advice as well. You’re great Ruby”
  • “Ah amazing!!! Highly recommended. Helps me tremendously in many ways!”
  • “Best read I ever had…felt like she was really was able to connect with me on a very personal level. Also to offer me some readings and journaling ideas to help guide me.”
  • “I was a little skeptical going in, but she said things that there was no way she could have known! I just knew she would tell the standard, “there is a man coming into your life” being that I am single, but she didn’t! She won’t tell you just what you want to hear, but what you need to hear! she made me cry at my first reading, but in a good way!”