Weekend Astrology

Sun in Libra


Saturday, Sept. 22 – Oct. 23


Happy Birthday, Libra! And Happy Libra Season to all.

The Sun shifts from practical, detailed Virgo into the sign of harmony and balance, Libra.

This is our Autumnal Equinox, and we will experience equal hours of daylight as darkness.

Today is something to talk about because not only is the Sun moved into Libra, but so has the “great messenger” Mercury. So our core self and minds are in sync, besides the constant need to for balance these aspects turn our focus towards our relationships and brings in the energy of cooperation and equality.

You will feel sharp and aware of issues of injustices or unfair treatment of others, which may be a direct result of you taking a stand for yourself or others, especially if it’s around those you love. It’s easier to see all sides to most situations, so remember you can’t make everyone happy, because decision making can prove to be difficult. You might start playing the role of peacemaker under this influence, so you can be quite diplomatic when it comes to dealing with problems or business dealings.

We desire peace and harmony and create that energy both aware and unconsciously. Be careful to not seek out the approval of others too much during this cycle, as it can be difficult to know who’s telling the truth sometimes, follow your gut instincts during Libra Season as our inner awareness and psychic-self is at its strongest. You have an extra boost of intuition now with mental Mercury now in in the sign of Libra, as well, for most of October, so it’s just natural to study other folks and their behaviors and body language, which can tell you an awful lot about a person, go ahead and try it, you will see exactly what I am talking about. 

This transit can especially affect those with Libra Suns signs or Rising signs. Libra’s should feel a great big jolt of confidence and playfulness over these next four weeks, and the rest of you may be made more aware of how to balance what is required of you both emotionally and physically to achieve balance.

While under the Sun in Libra we will strive to keep some sort of balance and greater equilibrium for the next 28 days or so. Our relationships will also become of great interest and focus from September 22nd through October 23rd.

FYI we can struggle with how to handle our relationships with Venus the planet of love in the mysterious sign of Scorpio during this time, and with planet Venus going into its Retrograde cycle soon. Relationships are under a microscope and are about to get a big dose of reality through the end of November!


Full Moon Guide by Ruby


Full Moon Guide by Ruby


“How does the ‘Full Moon’ affect you, and how do you utilize its potent energy?”

During a ‘Full Moon’ you have an opportunity to bring about some positive changes in your life if you use this energy wisely. It either can increase the positive energy around you or it can be an emotional wrecking ball, the choice is yours. This guide is a helpful reminder about how to work with the ‘Full Moon’ and its energies.

Remember a ‘Full Moon’ disperses a lot of energy, and that energy pours into each and every one of us. So the key to achieving success during a ‘Full Moon’ is to stay calm and embrace its positive effects. Whatever is going on with your mind, body and spirit will certainly be felt much stronger during a ‘Full Moon’, and our emotions can seem extremely intense. A ‘Full Moons’ energy is very powerful, so it’s important to know where you’re directing it. You can start by staying focused on positive intentions from your heart. Which means being real and authentic with yourself.

We’ve all heard of how the ‘Full Moon’ affects human behavior, causing chaos; as it fills up emergency rooms, but we also see random acts of crime spike dramatically during a Full Lunar cycle. Not only does the Moon actually create the tides in the ocean, science has also proven that the ocean literally ‘swells’ during a ‘Full Moon.’ The human body is made up of around 70% water. If the ‘Full Moon’ can move an entire ocean it certainly can and does have an impact on our human bodies that are mostly made of water. Water is strongly associated with and symbolizes our emotional well-being.

So just as the power of the ‘Full Moon’ can make entire oceans swell and move, the water we hold within ourselves becomes charged up from its energy, and this causes emotional side effects. The energy of a ‘Full Moon’ has a strong influence on us, hence why people act out days prior to its actual being Full…. this usually starts about three days prior and up to three days after it became Full. Just think about how the ‘Full Moons’ energy is affecting each and every one of us, literally from the inside out, it’s a very powerful, potent energy. All of the Moon’s cycles affect us differently, (but they do affect us,) because they’re part of us. The ‘Full Moon’ perhaps having the most dramatic and noticeable impact.

Ask yourself just how much personal power you have? If one can stay focused and use the ‘Full Moons’ energy to send out positive intentions, you can create and manifest energy out here…in this physical reality. It’s really all just about being conscious and aware of what you’re creating. Water molecules have been proven to hold an emotional charge within our bodies. How you feel is how they react, and they DO react according to your energetic intentions. So if you’re happy or sad, positive or negative, the water within you is affected on a molecular level. If we concentrate on this energy and focus on what we truly desire, and then visualize that – even more importantly FEEL it – can you imagine the possibilities! We can literally create what it is we desire out here in this physical world. I find that to be exciting! If you’re more interested in understanding how the water in our bodies affects us, check out this website on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, “The Water Crystals of Masaru Emoto”

This means if we visualize and then “FEEL” our intentions – as the Moon grows full – and I mean truly “FEEL” what it is we want, we can literally transform our feelings and intentions into reality in this energy. It’s my hope you can make sense of this and use the power of positive thinking and visualization to manifest your Dreams into physical reality; the ‘Full Moon’s’ energy is just a bit of Magic we need to make it happen. Let me know what you do with this info, and if you’re brave enough to test the waters?

The ‘Full Moons’ energy is both intense and loving. If you are aware of these energies, it gives you an opportunity every month for both emotional and spiritual growth. Here are some tips to follow during the ‘Full Moon’, that can help bring in more positive energies…and release old energies that just simply don’t work anymore in your life. Here are some simple guidelines to follow during the ‘Full Moon’:

1. Don’t allow arguing and don’t get angry!

The ‘Full Moon’ is a time of releasing and one should stay calm, breathe deeply and let things go. Try breathing through the moments that are difficult and be forgiving. If you just can’t let something go and must express yourself, try writing how you’re feeling down or telling a friend, and wait for at least a few days after the ‘Full Moon’ and then again write down how you’re feeling, see the comparison. Everything is going to be more intense and amplified. So just keep the energy flowing and moving in a happy, more uplifting direction.

2. Think positive thoughts!

During the ‘Full Moon’ each month, you have very powerful, strong energies working in your corner. So if you can balance your emotions and focus on positive thoughts, they’ll be energized and multiplied. If you spend even a short amount of time upon waking and before going to sleep, visualizing what you truly desire, or on what’s good or positive in your life while being thankful for your blessings…it can be magical! Remember “the attitude of gratitude.”

For example, write a gratitude list and some thank you notes to the Universe. Take walks and take in the beauty that is around you. Look in a mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself, (yes this really works.) Visualize positive thoughts and/or desires being sprinkled with “Moon Dust” and watch them grow like flowers in a garden.

3. Visualize your Dreams manifesting.

The ‘Full Moon’ is the right time to do manifestation work around releasing what is no longer working or serving you. So sharpen your techniques by using your imagination to set goals. Take the time to write what you would like to manifest and what energy you’d like to see gone or are done with. You could even make a Vision Board with pictures that represent your goals, it can be the actual goal or the word that represents your dreams and wishes, place them on a cork board, make a collage…and hang it up on a wall, where you can see it every day. This puts you in a constant state of awareness and helps bring the energies of you want to you. When you spend time focusing on your dreams and goals, or Setting Intentions as it’s called, during the ‘Full Moon’ it can give you an energy boost!

4. Practice Meditation alone or with others.

The ‘Full Moon’ pours out so much energy, that meditating during one can create a calm and still energy that is profoundly strong. Finding a sacred space to practice meditation can help tremendously. There’s a lot of groups that meditate during a ‘Full Moon’, so look for spiritual groups, centers, or online groups that come together to meditate. It can be very powerful healing and manifest work.

5. Send others blessings, be of service, practice acts of kindness.

Having this powerful energy at your disposal makes a ‘Full Moon’ the opportune time to pay it forward! Send healing energies, forgiveness, white light and energy out… out to everyone, you can think of, including strangers. Send loving and kind energy to your friends and family. Then go deeper and send peaceful energy out to the world (which we need more than ever), think of the places in the world that are experiencing strife, hardships, poverty, or war. This can open doors for those who are in need.

Whatever you believe in or faith you might have…you can’t deny the way you feel during a ‘Full Moon,’ so at the very least take one small step within your heart and try to work with its energy. Test your theories and have a Blessed Full Moon!


“Saturn Direct”- A Wake-Up Call


Friday, August 25th
“Saturn Direct”- A Wake-Up Call

For all the Signs of the Zodiac!!
The Universe is sending out some pretty strong messages right now, and they’re all about taking care of your responsibilities, so get your head out of the clouds and set those goals you have back down to planet Earth now. Because things are about to shift soon with structured Saturn the great cosmic teacher of the Zodiac, finally coming out of Retrograde (backward) today.

Saturn represents our structures, commitments, and responsibilities, and the ability to do life on your own terms!

Saturn has been stuck in Retro since April the 6th, this influence has been strong around what you are committed to and your responsibilities. For some folks, things got almost easier during this time in some ways, because you didn’t get such strong reminders that you had to take care of your business right away, but you knew the time was coming, as I am sure many of you could feel it, and that’s all about to change and a Wake-Up Call is coming folks!

It’s important to be flexible and open-minded through this weekend as you get adjusted to this change or shift. Your focus should be on your responsibilities and limitations. In the coming weeks ahead, your long-term goals and plans will seem more clear. Look for clarity and find ways to simplify your life now, and perhaps get a Reading with me to know more about what part of your life you should be focusing on.

As Saturn slowly gets back on track, it’s really important to be more committed and mature around what it is you believe to be true of yourself and others. This will help you ease into this energy and feel more grounded in reality. Don’t close yourself off from the opportunities that are about to show up, so in other words don’t get stuck in your routines.

Over these last 5 months with Saturn in Retro and in the sign of Sagittarius, you had some time to really think about your limits and where your own personal boundaries should be. This was a chance to see just what part of your life needs to change or where you need to start new commitments. Work now on taking back your personal power and be more realistic about just what areas of your life you are responsible for. It’s time to move forward now, as any progress you start to make will reflect the work you did and thought of during Saturn’s Retro phase, so since April 6th. Which means any spiritual or inner-work you’ve done will now also start to show up in your physical reality!

It may feel like the things you’re trying to do here in this physical reality aren’t moving forward and are stuck, but just take a deep breath as many times as you need to, because very soon things will be changing. Moving forward with your long-term goals will start to be easier as Saturn gets back into its normal cycle again, and you will be more clear about things. Take what you have learned over the last 5 months and take any commitments or goals you’ve made for yourself and bring them to life now!


FULL MOON Approaching!


Rubys Astro Readings


For July 8th, 2017The Full Moon in Capricorn is building to come together Saturday night/Sunday morning, depending on what part of the world you live in, but lots of folks are already feeling this pumped up intensely heated energy!

Here’s what’s coming over the next few days. Recently we have been feeling the intensity of the Mars in Cancer opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and we are still feeling this intense energy even though it’s already peaked. But now powerful Pluto will make another tense square to the upcoming Full Moon and Jupiter both. So the SUN and the MOON will be in exact opposition to one another! There’s a sense or a feeling that something needs to be changed but we may hesitate. We can feel vulnerable and hold ourselves back from healing ourselves, this is a mistake if you do, and if we end up resorting to anger under this energy we can really be set off! Allow yourself to release these old feelings and problems and take a time out, meditate, or simply walk away from any discord.

After all of that, the Moon will also get into a tense opposition with fiery Mars, ya now the planet of aggression, so the bottom line folks are things are getting heated up out there and can be extremely emotional, and this might be one of the most hectic and intense weeks we have of the year! If you consider yourself to be an Empath or a highly sensitive person than you probably are already picking up on this intense energy.

So expect for emotions to run high and to be intense folks! It’s all about how you react or don’t, and if you choose to react and let this energy make you upset, you could suffer some serious consequences for your actions! It’s important to stay focused on one thing or project at a time if you can. This helps keep us busy so we don’t become unhinged or go off! Do not let your emotions run you or get the better of you, and try not to start arguments with other people or get dragged into their drama, especially with expressive Mercury now in confident Leo! Because if you do overreact to something over the weekend, you could pay the price because it could have long-lasting effects and you may not be able to take back what you say or do or fix what you break for a very long time.

Just a heads up folks and I am not trying to scare people here, but there can be lifelong regrets around the actions we decide to take under this influence, so it’s wise to be cautious starting today through Monday morning. Because we are under a violent energy coming off the Pluto/Mars connection as well as the Full Moon! So don’t go where there is fire and you won’t get burned so to speak, or don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Stay away from dangerous places and people, avoid anywhere you feel is a direct threat to your safety. More than likely you’ll be safe but lots of folks need to be cautious especially Saturday night and Sunday evening. A Pluto/Moon and Mars mixture can create violence and discord among even the most harmonious people.

Now moving forward, let’s look at the positive energies these influences will bring into the mix! Yes, there is some amazing transformational stuff happening as well, because Pluto is such a force to be reckoned with that it’s also known for causing major transformations. This influence reminds me of the “Rising of the Phoenix” story, where someone has literally hit rock bottom in a situation and then resurrects themselves to come back stronger and rise above their problems, so if we use this energy for the higher good it can help us achieve so much when working on changing our life in some way. That means making your intentions with the Universe known and crystal clear!

Everything mostly about this Full Moon is surrounded by what’s called Cardinal Signs energy, which is all about starting something brand new, fresh, and new beginnings. So take some time this weekend to make out a wish list and set intentions with the Full Moon energy to whatever your higher power maybe and see what you can manifest. For most of you practicing this ritual will be well worth your time because there is also some beautiful energy coming together right along this most intense Full Moon!


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“Cazimi” New Moon

“Cazimi” New Moon
Oct 30th
“Feeling Lucky”




For all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac:
October’s New Moon is special and potent, and it comes together on the day before Halloween, Sunday, Oct. 30th, around Noon time. This is believed to be one of the strongest New Moon’s of the entire year to create and manifest your wishes and desires. New Moon’s are a time of “New Beginnings”, and a time to initiate something. “Setting Intentions” with this energy really can help put you on a path towards amazing things.

Cazimi is an Astrological term that is used to refer to planets that are so close to a conjunction with the Sun that they are “in the heart” of the Sun.” Very lucky indeed!

Sunday’s New Moon is being called the “Cazimi” New Moon, and it can be extremely revealing! But we must first “Set Intentions” around what we want to transform in our lives. This energy will be intense, strong, willful, and powerful since it is in the sign of Scorpio.

A “Cazimi” energy occurring right before a New Moon is considered astrologically to be very LUCKY! If you want something to truly succeed, you must take action under the energy of this New Moon!

*A “Cazimi” is occurring right now on Oct 27-28, before the New Moon, this is rare and is very lucky! Its energy will probably run through the time the New Moon actually occurs.*

This influence is lucky for all the signs of the Zodiac, even if you are not a Sun Sign Scorpio. This New Moon will affect all of us over the next 30 days. It can reveal to us exactly how Scorpio energy affects each and every one of us, and precisely what part of our lives and personality it resides over. So if we can learn more about this placement, then we know just what part of our lives we should be working on under this New Moon energy!

Therefore you might receive some kind of important or revealing news during this New Moon weekend and it probably is good news! Yay! This is going to be some seriously intuitive energy… on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We can be extremely Psychic and Empathic at this time, so pay attention and listen to your gut instincts and follow your inner-voice.

You may start to feel very strongly about whatever is beginning now in your life because it’s more than likely part of your destiny. For example, if you are applying for a new job and just know it feels right, or if you find yourself romantically attracted to someone new! You may feel these situations more strong than usual because they are fated. Certain situations just seem to happen under this New Moon, things can click and just work. It can be a Magical time!

If you are Psychic, Empathic, Sensitive, or a Healer, or anyone that is part of the metaphysical world, this New Moon energy is just perfect for you! The energy will be amazing and you will feel very connected to your higher-self and the Universe!

We are officially in what’s called “Scorpio Season”, and this energy runs through November 21st. This is when the veils between this world and the spirit world become very thin, and we can communicate better with those who have departed. Many of you will have some kind of paranormal experience this Halloween weekend, which may include dreams of loved ones that have deceased.

It is believed that a “Cazimi” aspect in Astrology is indeed a very lucky energy, so a “Cazimi” taking place right before a New Moon occurs is very special and powerful. This is an amazing time to practice most any kind of energy or spiritual work. SET INTENTIONS just by simply asking the Universe for what it is you want, but make sure you just don’t think it or write it down, but that you close your eyes and really feel your wishes and desires.

If we know what part of our own personal “Astrology Chart” this New Moon is landing in, we will understand better just what part of our life we should be paying attention to the most. This area of your life is where you can achieve your biggest wishes and dreams over the next 30 days.

So if you don’t know where this New Moon falls in your own personal “Astrology Chart”, you can purchase a “One Question Reading” from me by asking, “What Should I be manifesting during the Cazimi and New Moon?” I will do the research with your chart and email you all the information. Remember this is an extremely Lucky New Moon, so make the time to set your intentions. And if you don’t know or understand what “Setting Intentions” is, please head over to my webpage right here to learn more.   https://goo.gl/phKYBl


Weekend “Love” Horoscope


Weekend “Love” Horoscope
Friday Sep 4th thru Sunday, Sep 6th

The Moon remains in curious, chatty Gemini, Friday and Saturday, which gives us an opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations and activities. If we’re not having a strong mental connection with the object of our affection, we won’t feel love, we won’t bond in a dynamic way, which in turn helps keep us together. Our moods can be more sensitive, if we feel off in our cerebral connection with our sweetie. But for the most part it looks good for the weekend.

The big news this weekend doesn’t start until early Sunday morning. Venus the planet of love and relationships, finally turns direct after being in Retrograde since July 25th! Matters of the heart will finally move forward again and in the right direction, if you understand why things are working or going apart over the next few weeks… either way there’s a good reason.

The Moon slips into more at home, sensitive Cancer, Sunday afternoon, and this will assist Venus as she’s going back to her normal pace again, this can make the energy quite sappy and romantic. Have fun! ~Ruby


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