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Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion is finally shifting signs after nearly a year of being in VIRGO. Financial stability is usually an issue in one way or another, and the energy of prosperity just like anything else in this life tends to run in cycles. This fall some energy will be building up that seriously can bring in the energy of wealth. Jupiter shifts into LIBRA on September 9th, and brings with it some opportunities to build prosperity!

Jupiter has been in the sign of Virgo for nearly a year now, which has brought us opportunities around our work and health. Jupiter represents abundance, growth, expansion and luck. Once it shifts into LIBRA, here in the next few days, it really can help many of you expand your pocket books and personal wealth. LIBRA is actually ruled by VENUS which rules over Love and Money.

If we look at the planet Jupiter and the sign of LIBRA, these combined energies actually will kick off a lucky period for love, (for some folks.) This energy can help bring together Soul Mates and strong Spiritual Partners, so there’s going to be some serious romance in the air this year! Otherwise if you meet someone who really makes your heart flutter, but they are not the marrying type, this can be more of a “fun nice to have meet you” kind of affair, but it will change you and be something special and memorable! This influence will more than likely start quite a busy Wedding Season for 16/17. This energy also can help pair up perfect business partnerships, that can do some pretty amazing work together and become quite successful.

The upcoming Eclipses in August/September will bring in a repeat of some kind of energy that happened 19 yrs ago in your life. So many of you are actually staring a “New Love” cycle this Fall that continues for the next 19 years. Wow! How Exciting!

Jupiter will transit in LIBRA from September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017, and LIBRA energy is all about balancing out our lives. Jupiter is about exploration, expansion and taking lucky strides in life to get ahead, which means lots of folks are going to fall in love pretty hard and fast! One thing is forsure this energy can help create some much needed peace in our relationships and partnerships. LIBRA energy brings us a strong desire to create peace and balance. There can be more focus and appreciation for things that are beautiful, we can see more random acts of kindness and lovely gestures being made towards one another.

This influence can also help us balance out our Karmic Debt, so what comes around will definitely go around, what is right and wrong mean more in this energy. What is fair is the main theme. Justice will be served with Jupiter in Libra.


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