Valentine’s Day

The Cosmic Lovers Re-Unite! 💕

February 14, 2022 –

A special astrological event between the Cosmic Lovers, (Venus and Mars) occurs during the magical time of Love on Valentine’s Day. But we’re feeling this energy now!

In my personal opinion, celebrating Love is a positive thing all around! Coming from the heart is important in all that we do, and we need to be reminded, especially now, as the world is scary! A special day to show our love and appreciation for each other is what Valentine’s Day is all about, no matter if it’s a lover, friend, or family member.

Venus & Mars are the planets of desire and love, and they are growing closer together for an extended amount of time in a Cosmic embrace that runs through March 15! It’s a time of the Yin and Yang, love and passion, and the merging of the divine masculine and feminine energies, which is in all of our Astrology Birth Charts.

The good news is this alignment brings in the actual energies for Love, passion, romance, and creativity. So if someone gives you a gift for Valentine’s Day, they probably really do care. There’s no faking it under this influence, and it’s an emotional time as these planets inch closer to connecting with soulful Pluto at the end of February, bringing forth the truth in all matters of Love and soul connections.

This special Cosmic alignment can light up some part of your life, so many of you will experience something to do with love or relationships during this time. All the Zodiac Signs will be touched in some way by this influence since its lasts for so long.

It’s an excellent time for new beginnings in relationships of all kinds, so romantic relationships, partnerships, and friendships are formed. And since Venus often rules over money, it can be a new start for all you business owners and entrepreneurs. This meeting brings in the right energy for creativity and drive to create something long-term.

It’s a special time for true soul connections to be made. However, we need to remember that Venus and Mars are meeting up with powerful and honest Pluto at the end of February, serving as a reminder that it can be lonely being on your own. Still, it can be just as hard to be married or in a long-term relationship, and that might need to be fixed or let go! Depending on your current situation, you can find happiness and empowerment either way. Two souls that merge under these energies can have quite a powerful experience. As we move through February, the intensity of these meetings will increase to a peak during the last weekend of the month.

Also, the planet Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius on February 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. All matters relating to how we process information, like communicating, learning, and traveling, are affected. Our mundane worlds shift, as our thinking turns towards creating a future that aligns with our plans and goals. Even though we like to keep these things practical, we tend to go into a much richer fantasy world regarding relationships and matters of the heart. Just make sure you keep things real! As the Cosmic Lovers move closer to their Conjunction with Pluto at the end of February, being honest about your lovers or partners and your expectations with them is extremely important! 

Since this blog is about love and relationships, ask yourself what you want in your relationships, love life, and friendships next? 

If you are a Leo, Virgo, and Cancer Rising or Ascendant (NOT SUN SIGNS), this alignment goes through your romantic zone in your Birth Charts. And it can run even deeper for many with it transiting your soul, sex, and intimacy zones which really can heat things up! Enjoy!

Much love, ~Ruby

“A Look Ahead”

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Rubys Astro Readings

“A Look Ahead”

The Cosmos is shifting and the energies are about to go into a totally different direction. So I thought I would explain what the energies will be like over the next week. Do understand that every planet goes through each sign of the Zodiac at different times, and those aspects affect each and every sign in the Zodiac, not just the sign they are in. These placements have an influence on all of you!

Lovely Venus has now moved into sensitive, romantic Pisces. This makes it a special time for relationships right before Valentine’s Day! However, secrets are coming out now as well, so we need to be extra careful of false sentiments and betrayals. If there’s anything being hidden or kept secret in a relationship, it just might be revealed during this time. Also, watch for con artists and scammers online, as some folks will be confessing their love for you but have an agenda. But for most couples, this can be a nice week ahead as we celebrate Love. And all you Pisces folks will probably enjoy the energies over this next month, with so many planets moved into your highly intuitive, compassionate sign.

This Tuesday, (also known as “Fat Tuesday”) mental Mercury is making a very tense connection to over the top Jupiter. This means many of you will have some very strong opinions, and some folks can get aggressive or forceful when trying to express themselves, or when trying to get their point across. Try to focus on remaining calm.

The Moon and Sun both will actually be in more emotionally detached Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, so it’s a good time to host small social gatherings and enjoy this time with friends. Let them know just how much they mean to you. There also will be “friends” who decide to come forward and profess their love, because they want to start more meaningful relationships. But the day of love is better spent in groups this time around, as our one-on-one meetings may feel a little cut-off or cold.

Get ready folks Thursday is the Solar Eclipse – New Moon. This will be a very powerful energy! It’s a Time to Set Intentions, work on reinventing yourself, and to start something new. I will have more on this special celestial event soon. 

Next Saturday, we all should be a little extra careful to not take advantage of others. Because there are some shady folks running around who are looking to get something for nothing. But luckily, the Sun and mental Mercury make a strong connection as well and this makes it a good weekend to learn something. It will be a good time to communicate how you’re feeling and to hopefully learn something.

Mental Mercury is sliding into Pisces along with loving Venus next weekend. On Sunday, the Sun also moves into the sign of the fishes. So are dreams will be more vivid and strong. The lines between our dream world and this physical reality will start to blur. The next four weeks after these changes occur will be an extremely intuitive time, as we tap into a deeper part of our spirit!


Rubys Weekly Update 

“The Week Ahead”

The week ahead starts off with expressive Mercury switching signs, moving into the sign of Aquarius on Feb. 7th. Mercury rules over how we think, process, and express our thoughts. This brings out unique concepts and inspired thinking, and certainly new insights around how we think. Our minds become highly stimulated, so folks can get nosey and curious. Social media will be hopping this week and so will dating sites. Make sure and be careful about what you post online this week because there are more eyes than usual paying attention, so you don’t want someone checking out your Facebook page and seeing things that are private (maybe go over your privacy settings) like a new boss, new lover, or your mother.

The “Big Astrological” event is on February 10th when the Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse lights up the sky and our lives. This energy can create luck and blessings for all of us. Messages concerning your personal soul path or journey are coming soon, and there will be major turning points. It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings, and all that you hear, see, and feel. You might be able to understand better to the messages the Universe is trying to convey to you. 


This Saturday lucky Jupiter is making a trine to the powerful Sun, this is a great favorable energy that should provide a beautiful weekend for many of you! This will be some of the best energy we get to experience for the rest of February, (as the end of the month is going to be quite challenging for many of you) so please do something, anything that’s proactive to bring this luck to you! 

Valentine’s Day

So let’s talk about the upcoming holiday. On Valentine’s Day the Moon will be in more social yet relaxed Libra, which rules over our love life and partnerships anyway, and this is helpful since our focus will be in the right place. But warlike Mars will also be influential that day, which may cause tension for some of you. So don’t allow little things to throw you off, for example if your significant other buys you the wrong gift or takes you out to a different restaurant than your favorite. Allow this day to unfold naturally and let it just be what it is supposed to be, not the preconceived notion you have of what it should be. Be grateful that someone lives you enough to try. Don’t allow high expectations to ruin your good time. If you try to control the situation you can end up ruining all the fun and end up feeling let. down. Not exactly the ideal way to spend celebrating the day of love. Often just being together and enjoying the simple things in life is really all we need. 


Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Astro Forecast
By Ruby

The Moon remains in earthy, sensual Taurus this Valentine’s Day. Taurus energy is all about doing what pleasurable, so this energy is about being comfortable, and perhaps eating and drinking good food and wine. It’s the perfect day to take the object of your affection out to a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner, or meet up with friends and family to celebrate the day of LOVE! You can feel more indulgent then usual under the Taurus Moon energy, so be careful not to overeat or drink too much. Or you could end up spending Monday feeling lousy. But overall today has pretty good energy.

Let’s talk about the other energies influencing us now, and here’s a interesting tidbit…some of you might be hearing or even seeing a love from the past in a vary random way over the next month. So heads up, don’t be surprised if you ex calls or shows up to discuss how they regret ever breaking up! This is a Number “9” Year in numerology, so that means ghosts from our past may try to come back in one way or another. Some of them really want a second chance at a relationship…this is a good time to reignite that old spark. If luck will have it and you stay together in a relationship past the upcoming “Eclipse Season, then you just might have a real fighting chance.

The New Moons energy is now moving out, and it’s likely that there’s a lot of new relationships underway. So it can be uncomfortable to go out on a first date on Valentine’s Day, so if you’re asked, I say go for it, we are in the year of the “Fire Monkey” now in Chinese Astrology…which means taking a chance or a risk will bring success. New Moons are the best time to start something new and a new love can develop or re-develop rather quickly over Valentine’s Day weekend.

For those of you who are already involved in a committed relationship, it will be just as romantic to have a nice dinner at home for Valentine’s Day, under this Taurus Moon energy. As Taurus energy is great for staying in where you are most comfortable, home is where the heart is this weekend. If you’re Single this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get depressed watching all the couples celebrate, but today isn’t just about couples…it’s a day to celebrate “LOVE” with anyone in all its forms. So do something for you! Also celebrate with the special people in your life, and let them know just how important and special they are to you. Express your feelings for them in some way, be it family, friends, co-workers, or any group that might support you. Let’s also not forget our pets who are such special companions, and their unconditional love for us, they too deserve some special treats on this day of love! 

Valentine’s Day is the only day out of the entire year that we dedicate towards “Love!” Since so many folks are operating, thinking, talking, and showing actions around love, this affects the collective consciousness that we all share as a whole. This energy raises our vibration and has us connecting on a higher frequency then usual, because it’s coming from the “Heart.” All the actions we’re taking around love, all the focus and attention we’re giving to it, through our sentiments, cards, and just expressions of love for one another, makes this energy quite strong and powerful. This helps us vibrate on a much higher level then usual, that we all are tapping into it. So take some time in one way or another this weekend to connect into this amazing energy through your heart…meditate on it and feel it! Love truly can heal everything. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

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