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Thurs, June 1st

Our love lives and financial affairs might really get a boost this week, and we all can benefit in one way or another! 
Venus is the sign of fiery Aries right now but is in a much better place this week, which reflects in our relationships (since Venus, after all, does rule over our relationships.) She’s also in a very nice connection with stabilizing Saturn in Sagittarius, and beings to form a connection with erratic but Awakening Uranus that peaks on Saturday, but we will feel this energy starting now as it slowly comes together. 
The interesting thing is Saturn and Uranus are still hanging out in a very nice connection of their very own, so Venus will benefit from the steadiness of Saturn and boldness that Uranus bring out in each of us! 
FYI – When Venus and Uranus meet up or conjunct each other in Astrology often folks experience a “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: kind of encounter, this influence helps us resolve any issues that have been left from the VENUS IN RETROGRADE cycle that it just completed and since all of this energy is right along with VENUS, love affairs, and financial endeavors can start to go very well indeed! 
But back to the Venus and Saturn connection coming together now. This can help us to approach love, relationships, money, and pleasure-seeking in a more mature, responsible, and grounded kind of way. This is an excellent time to really sort out how you are feeling especially if those feelings are about love, relationships, business partnerships, or money. This is a great time to stabilize your relationships with your partners and to show them affection and practical support, service, and your loyalty. This influence is all about how we value being consistent and reliable, despite how we might be feeling on the inside. Our business sense is on the mark, but we still will not enter anything that seems too risky due to Saturn being involved. 
So manifest any creative ideas you may have, be bold and courageous and start a new project perhaps! There will be success in our finances and relationships during this time. Don’t go looking for chaos, for those of you who don’t like things too quiet, you can unconsciously draw trouble to you in this energy. This is definitely not a good time for drama, so just stay calm and go with the flow, but at least get out and mingle and see what happens. And remember if you don’t take an actual action you won’t manifest what it is you really want, just by sitting and thinking or dreaming about it.



“Destiny Leads to Your Heart”


Rubys Astro Readings
May 10th, 2017
“Destiny Leads to Your Heart”

The Karmic North and South Nodes of fate shift today, and destiny takes a hand, as we are led down a different path. Do you know where you are headed?

If you don’t study Astrology or understand what this means, don’t worry keep reading, I will explain it because this affects all of us, no matter what Sun Sign you are in the Zodiac.

There’s exciting new energy on the horizon as destiny comes calling on Wednesday, and the Lunar NORTH NODE shifts into Leo for the first time in 18 years, and the world moves into alignment with this Leo energy! Which leads us right to our HEARTS!

The NODES have been in Virgo and Pisces for the last 18 months, and haven’t been in Leo and Aquarius for the last 18 years, so what did you do back in 1998 till 2000? How did your life change? This might interest you because looking back can give us a sneak peek into what journey we are about to embark on, and will move forward towards.

It’s been a rough year so far, it’s been scattered and all over the place! It’s been very frustrating, to say the least! Most of us have felt held back in some way by all the RETROGRADE plants, well finally some things are about to change with Venus and Mercury headed back to normal now and the Lunar Nodes shifting signs.

We do have to deal with some pretty intense emotional energy coming in with the FULL MOON in Scorpio on Wednesday, which means we’ll be processing who we are on a very deep soul level, which always brings up strong emotions, as the energies are now going to be working to help us manifest what we have committed to in our hearts.

Full Moon’s are a huge shift and this one is quite intense so we can feel exposed in some way and vulnerable. But this energy is about setting and reinforcing boundaries. Remember what we feel under a Scorpio Full Moon will manifest, as secrets, mysteries, and truths come out into the open to be dealt with.

Most of you have been working on building something new in your life and updating a part of who you are in some way. So the newer improved update is ready to come out now, the new version 10.0 of you! I know that many of you have felt stuck in one part of your life and haven’t been able to figure out just how to move forward, and at times you’ve felt like you were just hitting a brick wall, but all that hard work and determination is about to pay off! I have already started to see some folks wiggle out of their stuckness and move forward, so it’s already beginning. And with the Nodes changing signs now, we are finally going to be put on a better path that is aligned with our destiny in some way, if we can stay focused and positive about it all.

Many of you will finally begin to see the things you’ve been trying to manifest for a while now come in, so something real and tangible that you had your heart set will come together. With the North Node moving into the highest Degree of Leo, we’re being guided by the Universe to follow our hearts, so go where love takes you, feel love, be love, and operate everything you do from a space of Love! This energy is fertile, so birthing a new life in some way, a new part of who you are. Let yourself shine!

There is also a strong long-term connection between Saturn and Uranus coming back together this month, this helps the Node in Leo energy even more so, because it helps us figure out where we belong, especially in our careers and around life path matters. This connection tends to restore our faith and helps us to believe in something again, as it can help bring in both stability and progress. So our faith can be strong when this comes together, which gives us clarity about who we are striving to become.

Most importantly, we should remember that with the NORTH NODE in Leo, we are wise to be true to our hearts. There is no faking it under this sign or this energy, for any of us! The energy of Leo teaches all of us to be in our heart and to love from an authentic place. For the next 18 months, it will be very important to work on loving yourself and to make sure you are being real and not pretending in your friendships, partnerships, or loving relationships! Because the ones that aren’t built on actual love will be torn down in some way, so you can be put on a new path that is better aligned with your true destiny! Follow your heart and let it take you towards what makes you happy and is for your highest good.


Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde



The Goddess of Love is turning Retrograde early today, and she will be going backward in the Cosmos through April 15th. Venus in Retrograde can be challenging but also can bring good things once you get through it, but it can be frustrating to get there. This cycle only happens about every 18 months, so it’s a pretty big deal once it does come around. The following themes surround Venus in its Retrograde cycle, love, envy, passion, lust, pleasure, beauty, desire, and attraction. Relationships can learn all about unification or separation. When it comes to love Venus in Retro. has it all. So during this time, we have an opportunity to review and heal our love relationships with our creative energy, beauty, pleasure, passion, and values.
Venus in Retrograde History
The last time Venus was in Retrograde was back in July through September of 2015, and it caused some challenges around love and money. But Venus rules over all that is considered feminine like women, so things like art, fashion, luxury, sweets and sugar, and entertainment come into focus more now. Food can actually become a pretty big deal during this cycle, as sudden food cravings can show up that usually involve carbs and sugar. This also IS NOT a good time to start a New Relationship or to get an expensive makeover, as these things just don’t seem to go well under Venus in Retrograde.
Venus in Retrograde is about learning what we truly value.
This Retrograde cycle gives you the opportunity to meet up and possibly get back together with an old flame, if you really want to, (so watch for the ex’s to start showing up) and even if you don’t want to, you might be surprised by an old flame who tries to reconnect with you. If you broke off from someone back in the summer or fall of 2015, there’s a good chance of you reconnecting again. Also, your old relationships might start to pop up in your mind and you might suddenly start thinking about what went wrong or right. So during the spring any previous relationships that might deserve a second chance, might just get one.
This Venus in Retrograde is in Aries, the sign of aggression, passion, and reveal! If you are cheating or trying to hide an affair or another relationship, you might just be found out during this time. It’s not a good time to do any kind of plastic surgery, or to do something different with a beauty treatment like getting a new hair color, stick to what you have been doing and all will be well. Big makeovers should be approached after April or even into late June really, as Mercury is in Retrograde as well in May and early June. And it’s not a good time for a Wedding with Mercury and Venus both in Retrograde in later April, which could mean you are remarrying the same person for a second or even third time from a past life, and that may not go so well.
There is no way to escape the healing effects of this Venus Retrograde cycle, during the next 6 weeks, we’ll explore how we relate to each other, but also how we relate to ourselves (Aries), and what compassionate love feels like (Pisces), and the importance of using our imagination when working on healing our main relationship wounds (Venus Conjunct Chiron in Pisces.)
Venus is pure feminine energy
Woman especially are going to really be feeling this energy, and it can be very frustrating and there can be issues in any of your friendships or relationships with females now. Choose your battles wisely!
The Zodiac sign that Venus is in during it’s Retro. phase is very important, and as I mentioned above Venus is in Aries and also will be traveling back through the imaginative and idealistic waters of Pisces for a short time. Venus in Aries is ruled by Mars and also is transiting Uranus now, and this can cause some unexpected issues and upsets, depending on where Venus is traveling through your own personal Astrology “Birth” Chart. It is different for everyone as we all have unique individual Astro “Birth” Charts of our own. So pay close attention to where this does fall in your own chart because this is where you should be focusing over the next six weeks. It’s time to tackle any negativity or challenges you may be having in the areas of your life this aspect falls in because you will be able to start and establish new habits and put up some strong boundaries there.
Venus rules over money too!
So during this time, there can be some challenging financial situations. If you are waiting on money in any way, it might be delayed. If you are going to make any new investments or large purchases, or if you are signing financial contracts during this period try to be extremely cautious. It’s a good time to review and revise financial statements and budgets.
Hollywood is going to be set ablaze by this fiery backward energy and you will hear all about the breakups that go down, but this affects all of us common folk as well, we just aren’t broadcasted on the news or are in the spotlight. So you may hear about breakups in your own inner circle. Any business or personal relationships can be tested and challenges can present themselves and endings will happen for some folks. Many relationships that should have already been over with will finally end during this period.
Using Venus in Retrograde to your Benefit
The special Retrograde cycles that all the planets go through happen for a reason, and the Universe has its reasons. Mainly, to give us a chance to redo and rethink our relationships, and our financial situations. It can also cause some trouble so that we will address the problems we have been ignoring and heal the issues that need to be healed. So no matter what area of your personal Astrology “Birth” Chart this aspect falls in, be it the area of health, family, love, career, spirituality or any part of your life, use these next six weeks as a time to HEAL and to give yourself second chances where they need to be applied.
If you aren’t too sure what part of your life you should be focusing on during the Venus in Retrograde cycle, you can order an “ONE QUESTION READING” with me and ask me, “How will Venus in Retrograde affect me?” I will do the research to figure out just where and how this aspect is going to affect you.

(This One Question Reading is only for VENUS RX REPORTS, that will be delivered by Email only, and they will be sent starting Tuesday, as I will be out on business all weekend long, but you are welcome to pay for one now, and you’ll be on my list for Tuesday once I am back.)

October Full Moon 

October “Super” Full Moon

October 15-16, 2016

by Ruby

The Full “Super” Moon in Aries is going to be strongly intense and at times erratic feeling. The Full Moon in October will grow full on Saturday, October 15 at 11:23 PM CST and Sunday, October 16 at 12:23 AM EDT. So that’s late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. This lunar cycle may feel as intense as the Eclipses did last month. Aries energy, being the fire sign it is, cannot be kept down or contained once it has been riled up because it is either excited or angry! You’ll feel like something is going to happen because more than likely something will be shown or revealed during the Full Moons lunation. Just know that a Full Moon brings the truth out into the light, and the unseen is seen. But it also brings out our emotions and intuition, as we become extremely aware of our surroundings.

In Aries energy, all the signs of the Zodiac can act impulsive and irrational. A Full Moons influence also makes folks act pretty crazy, so mix these two together and it can get pretty interesting. And then there’s more, the planet Uranus will be cruising very close to this particular Full Moon. This can cause erratic and crazy behavior. But also can usher in amazing Ah-Ha moments! This can be a time of amazing changes that help you, it’s a major turning point for many folks, that’s filled with major decisions and in turn, this energy pushes us on a path towards our evolution.

Even though we are finally pulling away from the nasty Uranus-Pluto or “Square” Energy that we have been dealing with over the last four years, it’s left a bad taste in our mouths. But whatever the “Square” energy started must continue to play out. That was breaking down foundations to rebuild, and that is why the world seems to have gone mad. Keep in mind this energy is leaving us finally to the most part, and its purpose was to help put us on the right path towards our destiny!

Trying to predict just how Uranus is going to affect us is often a struggle, but it can be revolutionary! During this Aries Full Moon, the not so significant issues might become very significant, and there can be some drama, but there also can be revelations.

The two connections the Full Moon is making this weekend is what we need to explore: (I know this seems boring but keep Reading…trust me!)

Moon/Uranus connection

Sun/Uranus connection

During this Full Moon, Ur-an-us is going to be very close by and has been affecting many of you. Uranus can make you feel nervous and erratic, and folks might act out suddenly, most of them won’t even understand how they got to that point! The Full Moon in Aries is connecting to Uranus also in Aries, and therefore the energy can be downright explosive. There can be lunatic like behavior from people you’d least expect. Since the Moon and Uranus energies are always changing and fluctuating, things can change very suddenly. Expect the Unexpected!

*For those folks who have this Full Moon close to their own personal Astrology Chart, you could be accused of being out of control, attention seeking, or of being a drama queen. Most of the time this isn’t our fault completely, but more so the energies influence and how we react to this very strong Lunar Energy!*

Then there’s the Sun in Libra opposing the Moon and Uranus both. This energy can also make it more difficult to keep one’s composure, and folks can intentionally provoke each other! So you could easily lose your temper. People can get so frustrated that they walk out of relationships, and get in a huff and walk off their jobs. If you start to notice this energy building up this week, my advice is to stay away from anything or anyone who could potentially be the spark that can set you off! If you feel something start to become explosive, STAY AWAY from it the closer you get to the 15th and 16th! Uranus is also known as the divorce planet! So this month is ripe for breakups! Especially Oct 10th through the 20th. Choose your battle wisely!

This Full Moon is a make-it-or-break-it period, as Uranus forces change on us if we like it or not, so if you’re ready and willing to make a change this is the time to do it! Staying in control is the name of the game during this Full Moon week. Be brave, calm…and try to find ways to release any pent-up frustrations you may have in a positive manner. The worst thing you can do is regress the anger you might be feeling. One of the best things you can do is get out and exercise! Burn off some steam, this should help you remain calm. Find your passion and focus on it! And work on something that’s going to require your full attention. For some folks, the truth comes out in the open, so secrets and affairs may also be confessed!

The Sun/Uranus connection peaks the day before the Full Moon on Friday the 15th. It brings us into an encounter with the “Great Awakener” (Uranus). This is a personal time of awakening for all of us! It is an exciting but nervous feeling that also can be stressful. You may get put into situations with folks who shake your life up, but this pushes you to follow a different path. So even if a situation feels bad or isn’t exactly ideal, this energy is helping to put you on a new path that lines up with your destiny. If you suddenly feel caught off guard or confused about what to do next with your life, try to look at it from a spiritual perspective. Which means change is inevitable, and if this energy is affecting you strongly then there’s certainly a reason, a higher purpose of some sort. Now that doesn’t mean you are going to be happy right away about what path you have been forced on. But it’s important to try to EMBRACE the changes that have been thrust upon you. Work on staying grounded and centered, even in the middle of it all.

Here’s some good news for ya, you may end up having some amazing “Ah-Ha” moments as new opportunities will and can show up in this energy! Even if this doesn’t happen right away be patient and ask the Universe to bring it to you, it eventually will happen. But with all this energy just swirling around, these changes can happen very fast and even though you will probably sense something is coming or has to change, that doesn’t again mean you will like it. And since this energy has been building up for a while now, you might already have been put into a situation that feels just like what I am describing, go with it! Try to remember there’s a reason.

The signs of the zodiac that are most affected by this Full Moon and the Uranus oppositions are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, and Aquarius as well. Other folks with different Sun Signs will be affected strongly as well due to where these signs fall in their own personal Astrology Chart. All the Cancer folks can have some real issues with this energy, it’s a time to be extra cautious with family issues and arguments. If you were born June 22nd through July 22nd watch for family issues, because it can become an all out War Zone for you Cancer folks. No matter what your Sun Sign is here’s some tips to help you come out of this unscathed. First and foremost give people SPACE! If you don’t back off and try to push people around there will be problems. Don’t push folks around and don’t allow others to push you around. If you can do this, you might have a more smooth ride during this time. There also might be more violent acts on the planet during these cycles, so be extra cautious, especially when attending large events with a lot of people or in crowds.

On a more positive note around the middle of October, you may experience a “major breakthrough” that can set you on a new path in life. So if you have been struggling with making some kind of much-needed change in your life and haven’t been too sure just what to do, this erratic energy might actually help you!

Full Moons cause us to release emotions and since this energy is so different in so many ways, it can be a catalyst that helps us at the very least find a new path that is destined in some way. It brings in very intense energy that helps us release lots of pent-up passion, but it helps us create our life and find our souls path. This Full Moon in Aries can really help our accomplishments shine! Every one of us has a different personal Astrology Chart, like a snowflake, we all are different and unique in our own way. If you are unsure about just how this Full Moon and Uranus energies will be affecting you, why not order a “One Question” Reading with me, just message or email me and ask me, “How is this Full Moon going to affect me.” This purchase is by email only.

Happy Full Moon


Rubys Astro News

The Moon is in truth-seeking, spirited Sagittarius all day, and for most of the weekend! Today’s energy is a bit on the calmer side compared to how it’s been over this last week…and even though there’s still some lingering tensions that can irritate us, we should continue to be cautious, because we feel things are improving with the Sagittarius Moons influence, so we simply might let our guard down and think everything is alright….when in reality we’ve got a mixed bag of energy running around this weekend, and some of it remains extremely tense!

For starters the Sun in Sagittarius is making a tense square to Uranus in Aries. This can give us some serious energy, but can have folks feeling rebellious and willful! Any changes made now can be sudden, and some may act very differently then usual, lots of assertive behavior. Plans and schedules may be disrupted, without little if any warning. This abrupt energy can have us feeling unsettled, but it helps us to be brave enough to try different approaches and actually learn something. It’s important to stay aware of your surroundings and do your best to remain calm in whatever situation you’re in.

With the Sun and Mars connecting this afternoon, and then Mercury and Venus also meeting up in Leo, all of us can enjoy a boost of energy and vitality. We are quick to take the initiative and start new things. This energy helps us to be more active, physical, and assertive. The other side of this energy is we can feel much more charming, seductive, influential and pleasant. So we’re just more social and cooperative, and our sense of humor is strong! Any feelings we have are being thought out and rationalized. Our minds are strong but we’re not feeling disciplined, so we want to communicate now and chat away. It’s a time were we share our needs, tastes, and affections. This weekend is full of travel, especially with loved ones. Enjoy your weekend, because you deserve a nice break after such an intense couple of weeks.



The New Moons Alignments


Astro Alert ⚠
Powerful New Moon Alignments

Here’s a little more about how the Cosmos is lining up around the New Moon in Leo this weekend.

Venus the planet that rules love and relationships and often money is in Retrograde. This energy may have brought back old friendships and relationships to you, over the last few weeks, in one way or another. We should be reviewing our relationships and finances. It also can help us take a closer look at what’s blocking us from being truly happy…in this moment. Venus is in Leo and Retrograde, so we have permission from the Cosmos to enjoy our life and our relationships, and our unique relationship with money. It’s a good time to reflect, take breaks from life to have fun and play after every worked hard! Enjoy your life and seek out pleasurable activities. Visualize what you’ve always wanted to do with your life and who you’ve always wanted to be in this New Moon energy.

Chiron stirs up our emotional wounds to be healed, and is involved in a somewhat challenging connection to this month’s New Moon. We must work on making changes within ourselves, and take some time to rest, heal and play. Work on opening your heart and loving yourself, others, and your life. Try to grasp that the Universe is with you, and understands, and that you’re always loved and forgiven.

Uranus the great Awakener is in fiery Aries, and is in a harmonious aspect to the New Moon and Venus. This aspect is helping us see the truth about ourselves, by sending us Ah-Ha moments and visions. Visualize your ideal world during this time! Not perfect but ideal! Look for messages the Universe is tying to send, we must pay attention,

Mercury the messenger in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon. This helps us to feel empowered by our words and in the conversations we have, with ourselves and others both. This is especially true around our health, as we should be now working on changing our daily routines and leaning how to be in service to others. ~Ruby



Mercury/Uranus in Aries


This alignment involves mental Mercury and insightful Uranus in Aries. This can cause nervousness and restless behavior, but also brings in a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. Important insightful information can suddenly pop up in different ways. There’s a new breathe of fresh air in this energy. Conversations may be strange and unusual, as new ideas and information can flood our minds.

Real breakthrough can be experienced now, through our conversations with others, or from the messages we get. These amazing Ah-Ha moments we’re having can make us feel excited, but others may not be as enthusiastic about them, because they’re coming to each of us for a reason.

The Internet, computers, and electronics can be of importance now and have been affected. So if your Internet is actinf strange, it will get better by the weekend. Stay open minded this week, and pay attention to what information you get or that you can piece together. Make sure to stay grounded, this helps you get even more information.


“Time for A Change”


The Sun aligns with Uranus in Aries this week. And shifts are happening everywhere. This alignment is about making drastic changes. This can cause disruptions, interruptions and stimulates change. This alignment can take us into new directions quickly, because we’re more confident and are seeking freedom. We’re looking for new ways to express ourselves, and meet like-minded people…. especially for a cause that can make change happen.

Our relationships can get interesting with sudden new insights, as we see the bigger picture. To move forward in life, we realize we must collaborate with others and make a plan and get strategic.

Our creative side is awakened, as we connect to the strange and unusual, especially with the Moon in Scorpio. We can express ourselves in the strangest most unique ways in this energy. We are open to new ways of thinking…are consciousness is awakened as we want to do something different. This can bring in some nice opportunities, suddenly!

Uranus pushes us towards seeking freedom and equality which can lead to more progress. It’s time to tap into your courage and awareness. Major changes are happening everywhere. Get away from what is holding you back now. It’s important to remember to keep your heart and mind open, it can make or break how this alignment works for you!


Find your Power

“Find your Power”


Have you noticed people acting a bit touchy, and just not very agreeable. Well there’s a challenging Sun/Pluto aspect that’s been coming together this week and this one seems to be quite potent, and it runs all through next week. What we believe to be true may be challenged by those around us, and it can be over the most petty things. It’s that whole you say black, so they say white kinda of conversation going on.

This aspect is part of the Sun/Uranus/Mercury alignment in Aries. This energy forces us to confront our power, will, assertion, and authority. There can be issues with father-like figures or male role models. The lesson in this energy is to be independent in our way of thinking and not buckle under the pressure of what we’re supposed to believe. This is about being assertive, but not out of control. Balance is key.

It can be easier to alienate others with control, jealously and just overbearing behavior. With the Moon shifting into Scorpio this afternoon, will only intensify these behaviors. This is about our deeper fear of being controlled, playing out… it’s harder to surrender and let go of our insecurities in this energy.

A lot of us are learning how to detach themselves from something or someone who has the been working, for some of us it’s about letting go of a certain way of thinking. These fears can make us act compulsive, suspicious, and just plain difficult. This kind of behavior can cost us the very things we love the most!

This aspect teaches us to tap into our hearts, and to be kind and compassionate. Only then you’ll discover your own personal power and strength. The most important part of this energy is to pay attention to what is in your face right now, because it’s probably the very thing or person that’s been holding you back from a more meaningful life.

It’s time to rework plans and goals for the future, make the changes that will put you on a more suitable path. If you feel forced or pushed into doing something you don’t want do… or a powerful struggle coming on…then walk away and close your eyes, then breathe and get into your heart and mind.

This aspect is challenging yes, but it’s a rare opportunity to experience growth.
We’re working on parts of our personalities and egos that have been buried way deep down. We’re learning how to face and accept who we can be in some deep transformational ways!


Uranus-Pluto Square


Uranus/Pluto Square

The seventh and final Uranus-Pluto Square in Aries and Capricorn comes together at 10pm tonight! It has been a process of breakdown, release, transformation & awakening with many changes occurring. This very powerful square is the last of a series of seven, the first being in June 2012, although the square has been active, though not exact, since 2010.

Life has changed tremendously for most of us during this time, as we’ve all been affected by its energy. It has changed our work, relationships, homes, health, wealth, and everything else in between. It has brought shocking events like accidents and sudden deaths. But also exciting changes, new relationships, jobs, and revolutionary thinking, and new ways of living and being, along with a total transformation of our world.

This Square series has totally reshaped our lives. It has been rough for many of us and there have been many lessons learnt along the way. But as a whole the human race has raised its awareness and collectively has changed.

If you look back to the previous Square dates, you may reflect on what changed or transformed in your life during that time….

Uranus-Pluto Square Dates:
June 24th, 2012
Sept. 19th, 2012
May 20th, 2013
Nov. 1st, 2013
April 21st, 2014
Dec. 15th, 2014
March 15th, 2015

Squares cause frustration and we’ve been in a constant state of very frustrating energy since 2010. After this final meeting tonight, we should slowly start to feel the Uranus-Pluto Squares grip let go, and be able to start breathing again. This final Squares influence is an opportunity for major change once again. The Universe is supporting us now… we must keep changing and remain aware, so that we can release old beliefs that no longer work for us.

Even though the Uranus-Pluto Square energy will continue to raise our awareness and initiate changes for many years to come. I’m totally excited….! The worst part is almost over and we shouldn’t feel this extreme energy after May of 2015, like we have been. Farewell to the Uranus-Pluto Square for the rest of our lifetime.


Uranus Slow Down

The planet Uranus, yes has a very funny name, but this planet is no joke! Just ask those who have had major surprises this last year, both good and bad! This planet is nicknamed the “Great Awakener” and has both positive and negative information to share with us.

Uranus is in fiery Aries and starts to slow down today… as it prepares for its Retrograde cycle (yes just like Mercury did, as all planets do) to begin July 30th, so anything that is related to the energy that Uranus brings will start to be affected now. So the question is … what is this planet trying to tell you or what information is it trying to give you?

The planet Uranus is all about breaking down the structures that are already in place but aren’t working anymore. This helps us to move forward and let go of any traditions that are worn out or outdated. So we can build new structures, such as in our Government, Healthcare, Medical facilities, and Education just to name a few.

Uranus is all about having FREEDOM, so we might have some serious AH-HA moments when it’s energy is strong …we can have amazing flashes of insight, as bright new ideas about how to change our lives come in…this energy is all about expecting nothing but the unexpected!

Uranus also governs electronics and technology, like the Internet. So don’t be surprised if you have some interruptions during this time, but usually it’s just quick fixes or annoying… unlike when Mercury crashes things down during its retrograde phase. Activities in Groups seem to be ruled by Uranus as well, so you might be drawn to joining a new cause or group of some sort that has like-minded people involved. Make sure and go with this energy, try not to fight it and pay attention as “The Great Awakener” tries to relay messages from the Universe to you!

Mars/Uranus Opposition

Wednesday – “Change Is Coming”
Mars/Uranus opposition




Mars the planet of War, and Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises… have been building up slowly in a tense meeting.  We’ve been feeling this since mid June, and it comes together or exact as it is called in Astrology, today… it will remain strong through next week however, until around July 3rd.
This aspect is part of the “Grand Cross” energy I’ve been discussing off an on since April. Being impulsive is natural in this energy, our urges are stronger than usual. Unexpected events and situations seem to happen with this transit. We can have powerful sudden flashes of insight that are strong, especially when there connected to others.
Stay grounded and don’t forget to breathe.
Our need to be independent is very strong, this can cut us off from our intuition, especially with Mercury the messenger in Retrograde (cuts off our connection to the divine messages we might be used to getting, and from our higher-self!) but if you choose to get silent and go within more often, you’ll notice there’s a different way to hear or listen to your messages now.
Therefore, this energy can have us going in a whole different direction then what we thought. It’s our strange unusual behavior that might throw others off. This can provoke others and cause emotional confrontations and conflicts!
Act courageous and balance yourself enough to still move forward. Success isn’t always based on what others think… no approval is needed!! Just remember you’re not alone on this planet for a reason, as we need each other to achieve goals and make changes. But co-dependent behavior isn’t going to help you.
This energy can be quite potent, so take advantage of it and be productive, work smarter not harder. Staying physically active can help you let off some steam and get rid of the tension that has been building all week. If you haven’t noticed the news this last few weeks the world has been quite violent, with bizarre twists and turns.
Mars aligned with Uranus back in March of 2013, do try to remember what you started around that time. Because now those wishes, or projects are manifesting and might have to be worked on. Ask yourself what situations have come up, ones that you were trying to finish or manifest.
Also just so ya know this “Grand Cross” energy is about to break apart in mid July,  and we should see things calm back down again, but there will be a huge shift! We’re of course all hoping this is for the better… but I’m just not to sure yet which way this will go.  Jupiter will also be moving into fun-loving, dramatic Leo, so hope will be restored, but just make sure to not overdo, anything.  Mercury in mid July will also finally come out of its Retrograde phase, which has been noticeably strong this go around for many. So hang in there and let’s create a more joyful, peaceful experience for all of us. ~Ruby
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