Uranus Pluto Square

Times of Change! 

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The Final Act! 

Today, Jupiter and Uranus form their third-and-final opposition since late last year, this is the final big act connected to the Uranus-Pluto square energy that’s took over this last decade.

The influence has already been affecting many of you, but it peaks today. Under this influence we feel like gaining our freedom, especially in close relationships. We seek out partners, but also will fight for our individuality. We’re looking for a release or freedom from all the stress, pressure, and from where we feel backed into a corner, restricted, or uneasy. 

The events that occur now can bring in some big surprises and sudden changes of heart, which can lead you down a whole different path. There’s a strong desire to learn and grow and to make progress. We find inspiration in different or unusual situations or people, this opens the door to finally believing in some sort of new possibility.

We can be extremely rebellious and impulsive under this influence. This energy helps to motivate us just enough to try something new or break free from a bad or strained situation. It’s important not put your new idea or path up so high that you forget what is truly important to you, don’t lose sight of the truth. 


“Final Bang” of Uranus-Pluto Square


Last week of November – first week of December
Final Bang
Uranus-Pluto Squares last act!

There’s been a disturbance in the force sort of speak over the last month or so, and this influence has caused some serious disruptive, explosive energy… and it’s been felt around the world. The culprit being aggressive Mars squaring both Uranus and Pluto this week. And this is the “final bang” of the Uranus-Pluto “Square” energy and we’ve been feeling it and unfortunately seeing what the more darker side of this energy can do. If you remember I’ve been discussing the Uranus-Pluto Square and it affects over the last three years, so since 2012. Just know this is the final challenge or hurdle for this chaotic, disruptive, wild energy! It can have us feeling rebellious, nervous, frustrated and sometimes even violent, as we’ve have seen. This Mars/Pluto energy is all about survival!

If you haven’t already noticed people are feeling edgy and pushed, so they are fighting back and reacting out loud or even physically. It’s extremely important to avoid people or situations that are tense or already heated. People are feeling bullied or backed in a corner, and maybe manipulated and will use any means possible to get themselves out of it…even if that means getting ruthless. We are nervous, restless and feeling a pressure we can’t explain, for many it’s like there’s again a disturbance, but we may not be to sure what exactly it is. Most of what we’re feeling is the energy of this Square, for many different reasons. But do ask yourself this, how can you use this driven, passionate energy to help move you forward? My advice is to go after what you want right now, with all your heart. Even if that means going out of your comfort zone to get it! Just be careful along the way.

But like I’ve mentioned we’ve already been feeling this aspect and seeing it’s affects globally for the last month or so, and we’ve seen some pretty violent acts. So just give people the space they need and understand some are heated up, and pissed off… and they might react in ways we’re not expecting, as this energy comes together. Expect the unexpected in this energy! Be observant, pay attention to your environment…especially over the first part of December.

Luckily aggressive Mars is in more passive Libra right now, so it’s energy is most effective when being diplomatic and not violent, even in the most trying of circumstances. We are motivated by a strong desire for freedom, justice, equality and peace. This influence is meant to shake foundations of structures apart that are no longer working or serving our needs, so we can break the ones that aren’t working down and rebuild something that will work. This can be in any area of our life, from your work, health, love life, or around money or relationships. It just depends on where or how it affects your own personal Natal Chart.

This Mars Square Uranus-Pluto energy can bring about much needed progressive change in the world and in our own lives, but it’s lessons are challenging and sometimes devastating. The good news is this influence should finally start to calm down considerablely by the next New Moon on December 11th, and then slowly it will finally come apart through the beginning of 2016. And then it won’t be able to be triggered again…so this is the final act and the curtain is closed, and we all couldn’t be thankful enough that it’s finally over!

Just note: that whatever energy the Square has caused will continue to play out in our lives, it’s now up to us to fix, heal, and rebuild what’s been torn down, so ideally we can have something that works for us. This energy has been affecting us in all kinds of different ways, ripping through and breaking down parts of our lives that no longer work for us or don’t make sense anymore. Think about all the causes out there going around, the world is fighting passionately for what it is people believe in now, wrong or right. That’s the energy of the Sqaure! The list of causes that are out there anymore never ends, the truth about so many companies and structures is coming out and being told, the way we used to keep everything secret isn’t working in this New Age of Information anymore! As we enter the Age of Aquarius nature to take care of the masses, the humanitiran in each of us has started to rebel and fight for change. Even though the Uranus-Pluto Square has been more then challenging at times, you can also thank the Universe for it, because it’s been here influencing us to finally make the necessary changes we so desperately need to take care of one another and our planet!

Hopefully, some of the good that will come out of this influence is that we will continue to stand up for what’s equal, fair, just, right and most importantly humane so we can live in a better world. Now the ultimate lesson will be, can we continue to promote the changes we need in a kind and loving way once this disruptive Squares energy has gone. Something to definitely think about.

“May we be the architects that change the world, so it can reflect only our highest values!”

“Hard Lessons”


Uranus/Pluto Square
“Hard Lessons”

With the Uranus/Pluto Square moving slowly apart now, it takes the super intense energy we’ve been in with it, and with “Eclipse Season” finally over… the month of May should be much more pleasant. I’ve waited a very long time to write those words. We’re finally experiencing a shift away from the Squares energy, and I believe the New Moon in Aries in April was just the beginning. Yay, finally!

Technically, the New Moon in Aries is over, but some believe its energies were so potent, that it could be felt for up to six months after it came exact, and this Moon was all about “New Beginnings.” So if you would even take a second to close your eyes, and perhaps think about “setting some intentions” with the Universe. Connect to your heart and ask, write, chant, pray (whatever it is you do) for “PEACE”. It’s going to take many of us to ban together and help the world sort of lick its wounds from such an intense “Astrological Event” like the Uranus/Pluto Square. This larger than life transits influence has hung over us for over 3 and half years now.

Let’s explore the influence these two powerful planets brought. Some people seem to believe that the world has grown cold, hard, and darker… when in all actuality those words describe Pluto’s traits. We’ve been in the darker shadow of its influence for a very long time, (and they claim Pluto isn’t a planet, ha!) But Pluto’s lessons can very be hard to take, because it’s focused on our power; how to have your own power, how to take ahold of power, how not to run from power, and certainly how not to abuse it!

Uranus is about shocks, surprises, and gives direct messages from the Universe…it breaks-down and rebuilds structures that are no longer working in one way or another, and brings us amazing insight, so we often have those Ah-Ha moments from its influence. Put these two heavy hitting planets in a tense Square, that is not happy, and that’s the kind of energy we’ve been in, and with the planet of the underworld or darker Pluto, this has been some rough stuff. Being under this constant state of intense pressure was like living in a boiling pot of water, that had to release steam or fade out. Let me not fail to mention all the other astrological influences that came and went over these last 3 a half years, that also caused major upheaval and change…and meet up with the Square’s energies and just wow. And we wonder why it’s been so dark and rough during this times…but we cannot forget the revolutions that have also taken place around the world. It’s absolutely fascinating just how much we’ve evolved since 2012! Go ahead and Google “revolutions” around the world since 2012. And that’s just on a global level, that doesn’t even begin to depict what someone in my line of work hears on a daily basis, and just how many of you had to take on lessons of breakdown in one way or another, in a very close personal way.

Let me just state that my clients are some pretty amazing, strong individuals, who have taken on the most hard Lessons in life under this transits influence and yet they still try to do so much for others. From my vantage point they are amazing and inspiring human beings full of love and compassion, despite all of their heartache, they continue to do good for others. (I do believe it’s time for me to write a book.)

The issue now is that many of us are in the process of rebuilding the structures that fell apart during this long-term transit, and it affected all of us differently, from our marriages (committed relationships,) jobs, careers, friendships, finances and health…most of us had some form of major breakdown in someway.

Now what do we do? Well technically this transit isn’t even totally done, and some say it’s effects will go on for years to come, due to the fact that whatever the Square began, it must finish! But the constant pushing and pulling of energy, or the Square’s contractions are officially over! And that makes this influence way less harsh…. at least that’s how I see it.

The bottom line is that we should be thinking about what we’ve been holding on to that is no longer working for us, because these “structures” had to be shattered or broken down and some might continue to be reshaped for many years to come. The illusions have to almost be destroyed, so we can step out of the “Matrix” sort of speak and finally move forward in the truth, and then begin to rebuild the structures that have been broken down.

Now, I know for some it makes no sense as to why these bad things had to happen. But as they say “sometimes bad things happen for good reasons,” And I know you would say, but to be forced into a divorce, or let go from a job, or suffer a great loss still is very hard to understand. But on a soul-level these nasty lessons have happened, so it is claimed, for our “Souls Evolution,”, and most of these issues we’ve been involved in had to do with how we handle our own personal “Power.” Again that doesn’t mean we didn’t suffer to get there, because in this particular energy, that’s how we had to learn, and with Pluto involved there’s really no other way, like it or not! Not that we even can begin to understand why we had to endure such hard “Lessons.” Souls are funny like that, so I’ve learned “Reading” and working with clients for over twenty years. The one thing to know is when it comes to lessons of the Soul, it’s usually not from a logical space, I mean not one bit. So 1 + 1 does not equal 2, not on a Soul Level! It’s usually so deep, we don’t even understand most of the time why in this human body, on this amazing planet we have to endure such challenging lessons. So “no, you’re not going crazy,” many people believe that everything happens for a reason. And in this case we will go with that statement.

One thing remains clear, the Universe set the Uranus/Pluto Square up for some very important reasons, but it might be years down the road until we can really fully understand the deeper meaning to this whole thing… its repercussions and blessings both. Some of us don’t probably even care, and most of us are just thankful it’s moving away now. I for one couldn’t be happier, so much that I wrote this long blog on a whim.

Just try to remember everyday, to close your eyes for a second and ask for “PEACE”, so we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and develop our world in a much more harmonious manner, now that we’re finally moving away from the Square’s energy. If you’re reading this, you have survived the challenging, tense Uranus-Pluto Square from 2012-2015, and you’re still here. Let’s make is a better place to live now, and share the knowledge we’ve gained and see our possibilities. So that future generations can enjoy their time here on this planet.


Uranus-Pluto Square


Uranus/Pluto Square

The seventh and final Uranus-Pluto Square in Aries and Capricorn comes together at 10pm tonight! It has been a process of breakdown, release, transformation & awakening with many changes occurring. This very powerful square is the last of a series of seven, the first being in June 2012, although the square has been active, though not exact, since 2010.

Life has changed tremendously for most of us during this time, as we’ve all been affected by its energy. It has changed our work, relationships, homes, health, wealth, and everything else in between. It has brought shocking events like accidents and sudden deaths. But also exciting changes, new relationships, jobs, and revolutionary thinking, and new ways of living and being, along with a total transformation of our world.

This Square series has totally reshaped our lives. It has been rough for many of us and there have been many lessons learnt along the way. But as a whole the human race has raised its awareness and collectively has changed.

If you look back to the previous Square dates, you may reflect on what changed or transformed in your life during that time….

Uranus-Pluto Square Dates:
June 24th, 2012
Sept. 19th, 2012
May 20th, 2013
Nov. 1st, 2013
April 21st, 2014
Dec. 15th, 2014
March 15th, 2015

Squares cause frustration and we’ve been in a constant state of very frustrating energy since 2010. After this final meeting tonight, we should slowly start to feel the Uranus-Pluto Squares grip let go, and be able to start breathing again. This final Squares influence is an opportunity for major change once again. The Universe is supporting us now… we must keep changing and remain aware, so that we can release old beliefs that no longer work for us.

Even though the Uranus-Pluto Square energy will continue to raise our awareness and initiate changes for many years to come. I’m totally excited….! The worst part is almost over and we shouldn’t feel this extreme energy after May of 2015, like we have been. Farewell to the Uranus-Pluto Square for the rest of our lifetime.

The Square Part 1

Tuesday – “The Square Part 1”


Mars aligns with Uranus in Aries this week, to form a tense square to Pluto. Uranus and Pluto are now moving towards their final Square that comes together March 16th. With Mars involved and fueling this already very potent tense energy, we can reach a breaking point, and feel a strong need to go after what we want, and it can’t be quick enough…with all this being in the sign of Aries. This alignment has been and can cause us to feel some serious nervous energy… we can feel sudden bolts of energy that literally moves through our bodies. People are making rash decisions, as our thoughts and actions are moving extremely fast. Try to stay grounded, because there’s an emotional stew brewing and all this stuff has to come out now and be expressed, it would be best to learn from it. However, it can cause conflicts, resistance and confrontations. 

It’s a good idea to be extra careful when driving, there’s been a lot of weird accidents this week already. Try to use this extra energy productively through physical exercise, this helps us break away from this energy. This is a very powerful energy to let go of control in, let go of the attachments you have to be in control. Sudden flashes of insight have already been pretty strong for many, and will continue to through next week. If you get any flashes about the goals you’re trying to meet, I say go with your gut! Lots of breathing and time-outs if need be through this weekend.


Uranus/Pluto Square


December 14th –
“Time for Evolution”
Uranus squares Pluto

Uranus awakens and Pluto transforms, these two powerful planets our meeting up today in the sixth of seven exact squares. This ongoing long-term aspect has provided us with plenty of changes since its first meeting back in June of 2012.

This connection is about taking a giant step forward and making big changes on a personal and global level. We’ve almost grown accustomed to the craziness, upheaval and excitement this aspect brings. Many Astrologers call this rare meeting a game changer because of how it affects us personally and collectively.

“The last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto took place between 1932 and 1934, during which time we saw the world face a great deal of transformative upheaval — i.e. the Great Depression, the invention of the atomic bomb and the rise of Adolph Hitler.”

There is one more meeting of this series in March of 2015! Looking back over the last few years of our life, we should be asking what changes we had to make and what they’ve meant to us. There’s a lot to learn from this aspect, like how to improve our lives and increase our success. We just have to accept that the atmosphere is unstable and create a battle plan to create the change we so desperately need.

As these two very powerful inner planets square off, the energy rises and falls…it reaches a high point and then slowly pulls apart. All seven of these squares are connected to us and our evolution, which is paving the way towards our freedom! If you’ve noticed over the past few years, the World has been in huge change, and many leaders have been ousted out of power, we probably will see this keep happening until this aspect is done.

This meeting of the Uranus/Pluto Square has been building up since mid-October, and it’s effects will be felt through May of 2015. Many of us are feeling this intense energy mentally, emotionally, and physically. We’re growing under this influence, and our metamorphosis can be hard on us. So if you’re experiencing unusual anxiety, restlessness or strange aches and pains, it could be this energy. Try breathing techniques, yoga or meditation to help adjust to the higher energetic vibration this aspect is giving off!

Each time these two connect the stakes get higher, and if you’re not making a conscious effort to do your part it can become harder for you! It’s important for each of us to step up and do our part and try to make a difference in one way or another. There’s a deep need to create change, the kinda of change that makes a difference globally.

It’s important now that we express our truth and get real about how the world is being led. Leadership is changing all over the world, we need to learn how to lead together and create what’s in the highest good for all. This is the time to follow your dreams and passions, empower yourself and others both. Some of us our struggling with letting go of how we do things, and are holding on to our old ways. If we continue to do so, we might experience this aspect even stronger. This energy is an invitation from the Universe to help mold and create a new society of people who are authentic and powerful. People who will and can contribute to the highest good for everyone.

Since we’re in this huge shift of energy, it’s very important that we take care of ourselves. We have a lot of extra energy under this influence and we can overdo just about anything. Take the time to get rest, eat right, and make sure to be affectionate, so we can live a joyful, happier, longer life!

Uranus Squares Pluto is Exact


(This will be felt through the end of May!)




Uranus forms its fifth of seven exact Squares with Pluto today! Each of these squares have and will give us an opportunity to jump forward, on a personal and global level. We’re ready for change in our own lives, and we know its vital for our planet, and our children’s future. Uranus and Pluto are outer planets so they move very slowly through the cosmos, their influence is very strong. The first square was back in Spring of 2011, and the last one will be in 2015.

As these two planets move though this pattern, the energy rises and falls slowly, and as the square becomes exact its peaking at its highest point. At this point is when the energy gets extremely intense.

These squares represent our need to gain freedom and truth, its influence is about taking control or power without harm, and creating something better that helps the masses and all of humanity for the future.
Each time Uranus and Pluto get together, it squeezes us a little tighter! Especially, if you’re not taking responsibility for your part in this world, each of us have significance in this…. the change that is created by this aspect is progressive, so each of us have to step it up! It’s like climbing stairs, as we each take steps and make small changes we can make significant differences and reach to the top together.

We’re being pulled to create change on a personal and global level, don’t you feel it! The world is changing, we can sense it. We must be ourselves and keep operating from the space in our hearts and be in our truth to make this reality. It’s time we all led together, as we work to change the world. No more leaders running the show, but all of us as leaders together, taking equal responsibility. Follow your passion, as you learn to be in your own power, then empower and teach those around you. If you allow fear to rule you and refuse to let go of your old ways, beliefs, behaviors, or patterns you’ll feel the intensity of these squares even more, for some a lot more!

Remember, this particular Square is part of the “Grand Cross” pattern I’ve been discussing. That means aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter are also involved. Keep your mind and your Heart open, feel what you’d like to create for yourself and this planet, yes feel not just think! Remember Karma, what you put out, is what comes back to you, be it good, bad, or indifferent!

What’s up with all the intense energy lately?

Are noticing how tense the energy has been this last month or so?

All this tense energy we’ve been in, this disruptive energy we are feeling lately is the Uranus/ Pluto Square, and it’s getting more intense as it comes together again this month. There’s a strong level of impulsive and compulsive behavior going on out there, this transit is stimulating us to change and we are at the peak of a wave of change. This hasn’t really been around in the vast majority of our lifetimes, only if you’re in your 90’s or so. Most of us are feeling this in one way or another, but some are feeling it way stronger than others. If you’re one who is going through scary deep change now and it feels hopeless or disruptive.. It’s about getting rid of the toxins.. stick with this, by the time we’re into January and or February some of us will feel it even stronger and others will feel it hitting different aspects of their lives all together, and then there will be the lucky few who realize they’re already through the worst of it. This is about CHANGE on such a very deep level. Hang in there. Stick with me as I am here to inform you and support you! ~Ruby


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