New Moon May


Friday – Astro News
by Ruby

The Moon is in Taurus all day, and a New Moon occurs later this afternoon. This is a great day to be around the folks that make you feel safe and secure. Take some time to literally smell the roses today, because this energy is all about pleasing ones senses. Do the kind of things that entice you and that can bring you pleasure, like eating a good meal, soaking in a nice bubble bath, listening to music, or just enjoying a good emotional conversation with a friend. Don’t forget while attending to your own needs you should also be writing out the “Intentions” you would like to set today with this glorious New Moon!

This New Moon is really wonderfully placed for anyone who likes to do New Moon wishing and Intention Setting. Reason being it takes place on a Friday afternoon, which is all the better for getting together with close friends or family to Set your Intentions for the month ahead! But you can “Set Intentions” alone just as well.

This New Moon is taking place in very close proximity to Mercury which is currently in Retrograde, and could assist you in some way, if you’re looking for a second chance of some kind. This New Moon has a whole lot of energy and can help us with transformation in some way, being that it’s so close to powerful Pluto. There’s a strong opportunity here to make some profound changes in your life, but you have to connect to it!

It’s time to make a decision around what you want to see changed about you (not others so much.) so take some action around this vision. One way would be writing what it is you want to see transformed within yourself. Ask for all the lovely wishes and dreams you have, but also ask to see a change for you in some way. We really have all day today, but try and do this work before 9pm CST or 10pm EST, when the Moon goes into a “Void” of Course cycle, which is never a good time to work with energy! It’s just simply not a energetic match with a New Moon.

This New Moon is also aligning with Mercury and Venus, and is forming a harmonious Trine with the North Node (the Moon’s Moons) Pluto, and Neptune! This makes what called a “Kite” formation in Astrology, and the potential they hold is bigger then a “Grand Trine.” So basically that’s some really good stuff! This can bring in many different kinds of golden opportunities to us. I have already seen how it has been playing out in my own life and my clients, as this energy has been building slowly all week. This energy can bring in the good stuff that you’ve been working so hard to obtain, the potential this energy has is simply amazing, I invite any of you who are reading this to at the very least take some time today and write out your future goals or wishes, dreams and visions, because the potential this energy holds is huge!

Venus in Taurus


Astro Alert
Venus in Taurus
by Ruby

The lovely planet of Venus has switched gears and moved into content, extremely sensual and often posseive Taurus until May 24th! Security becomes the main theme of our relationships during this time. What we value must last! Our appetite for please in our relationships is strong.

Taurus energy is about being grateful for what we have right now, and using the five senses to enjoy life. We are looking for what feels real at least…we need lots of physical expressions of love and romance now!

We tend to hold on very tightly to what we love under Venus in Taurus. This energy can have us acting excessive and possessive with our partners, and others depending on the situation. As the shadow side to this energy is we can treat our loved ones as if they were objects that we own or want to own.

Venus in Taurus looks financially for solid ground, so in money we are more practical, as we only feel comfortable with long-lasting investments. We hold on to our possessions very strongly now and want to protect or defend what we own. This includes all property like our intellectual property on Social Media as well.

~Ruby #rubysreadings

How to be “Productive” during Mercury in Retrograde


“How to be Productive during Mercury in Retrograde”

By Ruby

Have you noticed your electronics breaking down or glitching out, are you struggling with misunderstandings or having communication issues with people? Has your Wifi, computer, smartphone, and any associated technologies been acting just weird lately? Then there’s a very good chance you have been experiencing the affects of “Mercury in Retrograde.” Mercury is the plant that governs over communication, travel, and often electronics, and when it’s in a Retrograde cycle or appears to be moving backwards, things can go a little haywire here on planet Earth!

Remember throughout this article I will be referring to Mercury in Retrograde as Mercury Rx. Rx is the actual symbol used in Astrology for “Retrograde,” and it helps me shorten this down a bit.

I have been writing about what not to do during a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle for many years now. And even though I believe strongly in the advice I give, especially about how we shouldn’t be signing contracts at this time or making any long distance travel plans. It just seems to get to the point where I’m constantly telling this negative story, which is a drag. And isn’t exactly helping anyone, now is it? Each “Mercury in Rx” cycle lasts for 3 weeks and that’s not including the “Shadow Phases”, which are before and after a Mercury in Rx cycle. Each shadow phase last three weeks as well. So that makes Mercury in Rx a nearly two month event! We have to get something positive out of this!

Being born during a Mercury in Rx cycle myself, I really understand its affects on a deeper level. I’ve had my fair share of Mercury Rx moments over the years, and I could go on and on! In some ways I live in this electronical glitchy world full of misunderstandings and little mishaps all the time. Therefore I am used to it, but still thoroughly annoyed by it. But with all of that being said, I have also learned that “Energy Follows Thought” bottom line, no matter what the Cosmos is doing. I have proven to myself time and time again that if you focus on what it is you really want, you can ride the waves of any negative astrological influence and come out of it with something more positive. Not to say that if you make a list of what to do that you won’t have issues, because what ever part of your Astro “Birth Chart” Mercury Rx is transiting is the part of your life it will affect, and with this particular aspect there’s not a lot you can do to detour it. But you can learn how to work with it, and benefit from it!

Since I became aware of Mercury and it’s Retrograde cycles at a very young age, I have also learned a great deal about how to align my energy better with the Cosmos, to seek and find balance. I thought I would shed some light on how one can be productive during a Mercury in Rx cycle. So instead of explaining what not to do during this time, let’s focus on the progress we can make!

Astrologers are constantly explaining how during this cycle, communication is broken down… well that made me think about when something or someone is broken down, it’s an opportunity to rebuild the energy back up again, to align better with one’s soul path in life. Which means perhaps all the things glitching out or not working, or the misunderstandings that seem to come along with Mercury in Rx, are being brought to us for a reason, for a higher purpose. Maybe to help us understand something we otherwise may not notice, and to bring us clarity! But you maybe asking, how when certain devices break down like our DVD players or our Wifi stops working, (happens everytime to my household) do these annoyances have any meaning or substance spiritually? The answer is simple, Mercury is telling you to Unplug, it’s time to get Quiet and stop the constant chatter, and to get away from the movement that is our lives nowadays. Listen to your higher-self, or your spirit! And no it’s not conducive to be unplugged and miss work and runaway from the world eveytime Mercury Goes into Retrograde, I get it! But it does mean you can take a Vacation for even a day or two and simply unplug from the outside noise. If that’s just impossible to do during this time, than take just 30 mins a day and unplug, go meditate and recharge your own personal batteries.

Sometimes we have to start over to achieve our goals, and in Mercury Rx that should be the rule… it’s time to not get bent all out of shape and frustrated and realize this is a time to re-work, re-do, re-learn, and do research. Don’t feel badly, trust me I can sympathize as I have already mentioned, I was born during a Mercury in Rx cycle and I have learned throughout the years once I do something, to do it again! Everytime I redo whatever it might be, it always comes out better. Just ask my second husband! Yes, I had to even redo marriage! But that’s the extreme example. The bottom line is it can be very frustrating for those who aren’t used to it, to have to redo everything all the time, but take my advice during Mercury in RX, it is the best thing you can do.

Even the planet Mercury itself is going backwards through a house in your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart” right now and a certain sign of the zodiac, and therefore is backtracking to help you learn and understand something you’ve probably already done or been through before. You have to take steps back during Mercury in Rx to move forward.

Here is my list to help remind me and all of you, what we can do that actually works for us during “Mercury in Retrograde.”

How to be Productive during Mercury in Retrograde:

REWORK SCHEDULES: Take a look at your schedule and ask: What’s working or not? Be flexible during this phase, and just know you may have to change your game plan. Think about letting go of any responsibilities that aren’t yours or that aren’t working for you.

DECLUTTER: It’s right after the Holidays, so many of us are clearing out old junk anyway, but during a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle is the best time to get into your closet, basement, shed or attic and rid of what you don’t use anymore. I mean go through everything, even old junk drawers and make sure and recycle. Remember when you get rid of old stuff, you are getting rid of the old energy as well, and making room for new fresh energy to come in…which can bring in new beginnings.

REVISIT: If there’s any friends or family that you haven’t contacted in a long time for whatever reason, now is the time to make amends and open your heart up to healing. Working on these relationships can help heal old wounds. Which is beneficial to your spiritual evolvement. Catch up with old friends, go have coffee or meet up for dinner. Just make sure the people you choose to revisit are not dysfunctional or abusive.

SELF-CARE: It’s important to take care of yourself during this cycle, so working on self-care can be very helpful. Take it easy and make sure to eat right, exercise and move more. Spend less time being plugged into the net or social media if at all possible. Start some sort of new routine that benefits you and your well-being.

CHANGE THE ENERGY: Time to change the energies up in your life, add some nice candles to your home… to help burn off old energies and invite new energy in. Put some color in your home and redecorate with pictures that make you feel good. Add fresh flowers, burn new candles and burn some incense.  Bless and release the old energy that’s been in your home or office, and bring in a hugger vibrational energy. There’s many different ways to go about this. Just try it, you’ll see and feel the difference.

BE FLEXIBLE: This is very important so I am going to repeat it again, allow the energies to flow around you and stop trying to control everything, write a letter and let the Universe know what you’re trying to create in your life, and then sit back and relax. Just follow what feels natural and don’t fight, argue, or push.

REINVENT: Take some time to think about your past successes and bring new light to them, enjoy what you have created in your life, instead of trying to constantly manifest something new and different. Make sure to reuse what’s in your home and repurpose whatever you can, perhaps some DYI projects should be on the agenda during this period.

REWORK AND REDO: If you left any projects that you had started and never finished, behind, work on them again. Work on anything you feel passionate about, but this time finish them and enjoy what you have done. If there’s something you just couldn’t get done or get through, now is the time to redo it and fix it! “Mercury in Retrograde cycles tend to really help us finish up old business.

ORGANIZE: Do you have 3000 pics on your phone or computer just hanging around, this is a great time to organize your life. I like to organize my emails, pictures and just everything on my computer and smartphone or tablet during “Mercury in Retrograde.” Take the time to organize your world in anyway possible. Use this energy to make something creative perhaps as well.

REMEMBER: Connect to your past in some way, watch old videos of your family, wedding or any life event that was happy memory. Check out old high school pictures of friends and just simply reflect and reminisce about the old days, fill your heart up with memories and simply feel gratitude for the time you had with them. Connecting to positive energies will help you feel good, and can help you move forward in your life.


Mercury in Taurus


Mercury in Taurus
A mental slowdown

Mercury the planet that rules our minds, the way we think, talk, and how we express ourselves is shifting into the sign of The Bull, Taurus, today! Where it will stay through June 12th due to Mercury’s upcoming Retrograde cycle. Mercury in Taurus helps us stay more grounded, our way of thinking is more slowed down, we can be more down to earth and practical.

It’s easier to use some good old fashioned common sense now, as we tend to be more realistic with Mercury in Taurus. Multi-tasking isn’t preferred with this influence, it’s more about sticking to one task at a time. We would rather be around what’s familiar, and use what’s worked for us before. So our thinking isn’t around bringing in what’s new so much, it’s more about what’s really happening in the here and now.

But we also can be very direct and communicate more deliberately or in a manner that is “in your face”, but with raw emotion. This can either be an amazing experience where we learn just how people love and care for us, or it can be rough at times, especially if we should become emotional or upset, than the gloves are off and we can not only speak our truth, but we will back it up with opinions that make perfect sense to us at the time! This can cause hurt feelings. Our thoughts can be more narrow, conservative and harsh if we are challenged.

Taurus is led by whatever pleases the senses, so with Mercury in this sign we will want to be near the things that please and comfort us. We can be drawn to what feels good or what brings us pleasure more so than usual! Hmmm lol.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Astro Forecast
By Ruby

The Moon remains in earthy, sensual Taurus this Valentine’s Day. Taurus energy is all about doing what pleasurable, so this energy is about being comfortable, and perhaps eating and drinking good food and wine. It’s the perfect day to take the object of your affection out to a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner, or meet up with friends and family to celebrate the day of LOVE! You can feel more indulgent then usual under the Taurus Moon energy, so be careful not to overeat or drink too much. Or you could end up spending Monday feeling lousy. But overall today has pretty good energy.

Let’s talk about the other energies influencing us now, and here’s a interesting tidbit…some of you might be hearing or even seeing a love from the past in a vary random way over the next month. So heads up, don’t be surprised if you ex calls or shows up to discuss how they regret ever breaking up! This is a Number “9” Year in numerology, so that means ghosts from our past may try to come back in one way or another. Some of them really want a second chance at a relationship…this is a good time to reignite that old spark. If luck will have it and you stay together in a relationship past the upcoming “Eclipse Season, then you just might have a real fighting chance.

The New Moons energy is now moving out, and it’s likely that there’s a lot of new relationships underway. So it can be uncomfortable to go out on a first date on Valentine’s Day, so if you’re asked, I say go for it, we are in the year of the “Fire Monkey” now in Chinese Astrology…which means taking a chance or a risk will bring success. New Moons are the best time to start something new and a new love can develop or re-develop rather quickly over Valentine’s Day weekend.

For those of you who are already involved in a committed relationship, it will be just as romantic to have a nice dinner at home for Valentine’s Day, under this Taurus Moon energy. As Taurus energy is great for staying in where you are most comfortable, home is where the heart is this weekend. If you’re Single this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get depressed watching all the couples celebrate, but today isn’t just about couples…it’s a day to celebrate “LOVE” with anyone in all its forms. So do something for you! Also celebrate with the special people in your life, and let them know just how important and special they are to you. Express your feelings for them in some way, be it family, friends, co-workers, or any group that might support you. Let’s also not forget our pets who are such special companions, and their unconditional love for us, they too deserve some special treats on this day of love! 

Valentine’s Day is the only day out of the entire year that we dedicate towards “Love!” Since so many folks are operating, thinking, talking, and showing actions around love, this affects the collective consciousness that we all share as a whole. This energy raises our vibration and has us connecting on a higher frequency then usual, because it’s coming from the “Heart.” All the actions we’re taking around love, all the focus and attention we’re giving to it, through our sentiments, cards, and just expressions of love for one another, makes this energy quite strong and powerful. This helps us vibrate on a much higher level then usual, that we all are tapping into it. So take some time in one way or another this weekend to connect into this amazing energy through your heart…meditate on it and feel it! Love truly can heal everything. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

“Happy Birthday” Taurus

Monday – Astro Alert
“Happy Birthday” Taurus


The Sun shifts from fast-paced, fiery Aries into more slowed down, peaceful Taurus today… where it stays until May 21st. So over the next four weeks our focus shifts on to what physically pleasures us, as we have a deep need for comfort and consistency. The Sun in Taurus is here to remind us how we should slow down from time to time, and enjoy life.

It’s easier to meet new goals realistically, because we’re more grounded and consistent. We should really take this time to focus on what’s most important to us. During this time think about what you value most. How do you feel about yourself?

Leo and Taurus Sun Signs will be most affected by this transit. Taurus will feel generally good and confident, perhaps even a bit playful over the next four weeks. Leo’s vitality will slow down and you might indulge even more into the physical and material pleasures of life.


Mercury in Taurus


*Astro Alert*

Later Tuesday, Mercury the planet that influences the way we talk, think and communicate, will shift from lively, fast-paced Aries to steady, passive Taurus, where it stays until April 30th.

Over the next two weeks our way of thinking will slow down, and be more grounded, stable and solid… We’re looking for realistic conversations, as fantasies just won’t do and common sense is very important. We can be very direct in the way we communicate and matter of fact. We should think about what their saying, so not to come off to pushy or strong-willed when expressing ourselves.

Mercury in Taurus can get interesting as it seems to enhance our senses, and things like colors, smells and touch can be especially strong. The reality of a situation, and the facts are what matter now, we don’t have time to try to think outside the box as much.

We’re lead and drawn to what brings us pleasure. We have a no-nonsense way of approaching problems, our thoughts are more down to earth and often practical during this time.

We can simplify our life by paying attention to one thing at a time, and by staying focused. We learn best when shown how to do things. Answers that are basic and practical make more sense over the next few weeks. It’s easier for us to process information if it pertains to what we could do with it. Be-careful not to be narrow-minded, to conservative or stubborn while Mercury is in Taurus.


Venus in Taurus


“Venus in Taurus”

Venus influences love, relationships and money and has been in more fiery, fast- paced Aries. But today she shifts into more steady, comfortable and sensual Taurus, where she will remain until April 11th. This energy helps us to slow down and not put our wants and needs first. Venus in Taurus is sensual, content and even a little possessive. We seek security and value longevity.

Heat up the crockpot and buy some wine, because we are looking for ways to nurture our loved ones, and this is often done with food when Taurus energy is involved. With Venus moving into this sign for the next 3 and half weeks, we want to share delicious food and express our sensuality! Our appetite for pleasure is strong. Go simple, organic and natural in this energy.

Taurus is about pleasing the senses, so we enjoy physical acts of love and romance, immensely! Venus in Taurus energy looks for what’s practical, solid, and long-lasting, because Taurus energy is about being in the present moment and acknowledging our blessings.

The shadow side of this aspect is we can be extremely possessive, and end up treating our partners like an object that we own or want to own. We may end up holding onto or collecting material possessions… rather then letting them go.

Financially, we’re going to be taking it nice and easy and can be extremely careful in our dealings. We’re not easily talked into taking risks, we just would assume spend our money on what pleases us, like having a Psychic Reading, massage or a nice meal.

Full Moon in Taurus

Thursday – Full Moon in Taurus


There’s a Full Moon in Taurus that comes together later this afternoon. With the Sun already in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus, it’s time for balance. So we must look at both the characteristics of Scorpio and Taurus to understand just what kind of balance we should be focusing on.

Scorpio energy is about connecting to your passions in a deep way, and being able to overcome your fears and letting go of anything you’re emotionally attached to. It’s also about learning how to accept who you are, all of who you are! This forces us to be real and in our power.

Then we have Taurus energy, which is all about being comfortable here in the physical world, so with our bodies, money, and our own personal values. In this energy we learn how our power is within the beauty of who we are, and what makes us happy! Staying steady and working on our self-esteem can help us manifest what we truly desire.

Having a healthy attitude about your self-worth is so important, and no matter how many material possessions you own or how much money you make is not going to fix that. So work on what’s most important to you, and ask yourself under this glorious Full Moon what makes you happy. Are you working to survive or do you love what you do for a living? Is the relationship your in make you happy or does it bring you Joy, or do you feel even more alone?

If we choose to take responsibility and act from our hearts while being honest and real, most people will forgive us for our mistakes. It’s important to stand up for yourself and be who you are. This Full Moon is about going a step further and maturing enough to repair your relationships. Imagine yourself feeling more confident and how that would enable you to let go of what isn’t working for you. What values do you hold dear and which ones do you need to change, so that you can have healthy, real relationship with yourself and others.


Mercury in Taurus

Mercury moves into Taurus –  April 23rd until May 7th

The mental energy is shifting into more grounded Taurus, and has left fast-moving Aries. We still can be a bit dramatic, but more emotional.

For the next two weeks, our thinking will shift over to what’s realistic, we’re more down to earth in our conversations. We seem somewhat calm, as we speak the facts, there’s no sugar-coating words with Taurus energy!

We’re in touch with our senses, which helps us to feel our words, as our thoughts come more from the heart. Our way of thinking is more grounded, except perhaps in loving relationships, we can get mushy!

Our senses are extra sharp, we’re drawn to the beauty of our world, both inside and out. It’s easy to read ‘Souls’ in this energy. Using common sense will actually just come more naturally. Our ideas are very practical and useful at this time. When it comes to making decisions we are no-nonsense.

We can process information easier if we’re seeing it or doing it, we need proof! We’re hands on, so we learn best if we can see what we’re supposed to be doing first. We need to have solid answers. Just stick to step by step instructions.


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