Sun Square Neptune

Weekend Update~Twilight Zone


We should be feeling fiery and as if we can take on the world, and at times we might…with fire signs ruling the weekend as the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon in Leo. But we’re also dealing with a tense transit that will be exact tomorrow, that’s the energy of the Sun Squaring Neptune as it slowly creeps in, (and of course right when I plan on cleaning up the house for the Holidays *sigh.) This energy started slowly building on Thursday and will come to its peak Sunday and end by Monday.

When the Sun Squares Neptune you might feel like you here but sort of out of your body. Trying to be grounded can prove to be difficult, it’s as if something is preventing you from being completely present. You can’t put your finger on it, because it’s an uneasy feeling that can’t really be defined. You can feel totally spaced out and suddenly realize you forgot to go somewhere or do something. Many might even think they are sick, but again can’t put their finger on what is wrong. If you choose to back out on your responsibilities your going to have to do them later and it can be problematic. I should know I have the Sun Square Neptune in my Natal Chart (the chart that shows all the planets and transits you are born under.) Take it from me who has too much experience with this transit, push yourself to do the things you need to do, make lots of lists and take naps or breaks, but make sure you get up and do them, even if it feels like your hitting a brick wall, cuz it probably will.

A very lengthy “Void” of Course Moon starts early Sunday morning and lasts until Monday morning, this is going to add even more weird, dreamy, sort of lost energy to the rest of our weekend. Try to avoid explaining yourself or going after details, because you might forget them later anyway. This energy can be confusing, especially when it comes to communicating, add the “Void” Moon energy and it really can be quite frustrating for everyone. Also the Moon is currently Squaring Mercury and then on to Saturn, yet more tense transits that causes us to feel very stuck and as if we’re not moving, and tired. So now what you ask, read on…

What seems to be saving grace tonight is Saturn the control freak is getting softened up by lovely Venus, it’s not the best energy but hey it helps, as they build up to meet again a few more times over the next 8 weeks in what’s called a Sextile. It can make one feel a bit better in all this Neptunian energy. We must ground and center ourselves during this time, and be self-disciplined enough to offset falling into a different realm or dimension. If we handle this energy right we can be quite creative, as our spirits soar…might I suggest going on a Spiritual journey this weekend because it could be fascinating. #rubysreadings

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