Sun in Virgo

After Eclispe Season

August 2017
“After Eclipse Season” 

Well, here we are finally folks, a few days after the “Great American Solar Eclipse!” That really got intense, right? And I’ve already written so much about it in this last week, that I have decided to move on to something else for now, but if you are still interested in reading about how the Eclipse energy is affecting you, please head over to my Notes Page on Facebook or my WordPress Website at rubysreadings and learn just how this energy will be with us for days, weeks, and possibly even months to come.

Let’s chat about the other Cosmic Connections coming together this week, they are quite potent and can affect our life’s journey and destiny.

Saturn the “Lord of Karma” turns direct and out of its 5 months long Retrograde phase on August 25th. This energy has not been helping matters much, as it has weighed us down for so long now, and probably added to the heavy energy that came with that Solar Eclipse on Monday.

Now that Saturn is coming out of Retrograde we need to be paying attention to what signs and messages the Universe is sending because they are trying to tell us it is time now to move forward in some way. So how will that apply to your life?

Saturn rules over how we choose to take on our responsibilities, work, destiny, and Karma! So if you’ve been feeling stuck, tested, or challenged in any certain area of your life, it’s probably due to Saturn being Retrograde since April 6th, 2017, as it has really been holding us back. And with Saturn’s forward movement, it’s time for some big rewards to show up for all our hard work and past challenges. You might have had some serious frustrations, but this energy will give you the boost you really need.

This energy is going to cause some major shifts in energy that can snow something finally go your way, and with Saturn turning directly this coming week, the Cosmos is going to help us focus again to move forward.

To learn what area of your life will get this huge boost of energy and just what part of your life you can be most effective, order a “One Question Reading” with me, and ask me How’s my Saturn Helping Me? (this is a purchase and a service, so it is NOT free)

On August 24th there some good energy that helps us release any pent-up energy you have been holding on to. So make sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, to do some serious energy work! This is the right time to work on clearing energy and cleansing yourself. If you have learned how to do any kind of energy work this is the time to use those techniques because they can be quite effective.

On August 25th, the Sun will make a nice trine to Juno, the Goddess of Marriage or Partnerships. For those of you who have been suffering from any kind of relationship problems, (and I know many of you who have), this can be the shift you so desperately need. If you have been having a hard time in your current relationship, this aspect can help you renew your commitments and make some serious positive changes.

This can start as early as the 24th, and on the 27th when Mercury also trines Juno, it will be a good day to have that serious one on one conversation about how to fix or make your relationship work again. If you have recently broken it off with someone, this also can be a good time to work on getting back together again, if that’s what you really want.

On August 27th there’s a rare amazing energy coming together, it’s one of the most awesome Astrological aspects we get to experience this year. A strong harmonious connection between optimistic Jupiter and structured Saturn. It’s been nearly 13 yrs since these two have met in this beautiful way, and it won’t happen again for another 6 yrs! When these two heavy hitting planets come together in harmony we can see much success. Do something that is proactive in regards to your personal and professional goals. This is the perfect time to make something big happen!


Sun in Virgo


For All the Signs of the Zodiac:
“Happy Birthday” to all my Virgo’s out there!”

It’s the first day of a new Astrological month, as the Sun enters the harvest sign of Virgo this afternoon, where it will remain for the next month, through September 22nd.

This energy affects all of the Signs of the Zodiac, as we all have Virgo, like every other sign, in on our own personal Astrology Birth Charts!

Under the influence of the Sun in Virgo, it’s time to take care of practical concerns. There can be a lot of unnecessary stress from worrying and thinking about any unfinished business we might have so we can become stressed out if we don’t tend to the details of our daily lives. Details are everything under the influence of Virgo!

This is a great time to get organized, and for doing work involving the details, and communicating at our jobs or about our careers. But we also maybe more reserved with our deeper feelings during this time.

However, there can be some issues that throw a monkey wrench in our plans to get organized, and that is mentally active Mercury, one of Virgo’s ruling planets is still in its Retrograde cycle through September 5th. This means the energies slow down even more, unlike when the Sun was in Leo these last few weeks. Which means the Sun and Moon are going to be both in Virgo.

We aren’t as confident or as willing to be flexible. So there can be more misunderstandings and a lot of you might feel like you can’t concentrate or stay as focused. We just have to ride this out for the next week, when Mercury shifts into more confident Leo. The best thing we can do is take our time and continue to really pay attention to what we communicate to others.


Feeling Good Yet?

Astro Readings
“Weekend Update”
Feb 11 & 12


Good morning, are you feeling good yet? A Full Moon “Lunar Eclipse” in Leo just occured last night. But the Moon has just shifted into the sign of more detailed Virgo. So technically the Moon is pretty much full for the weekend, so even though the cosmos is providing a huge dose of optimism now some of you may still feel a little off and just might display lunatic-like behavior. We are at a huge turning point in our lives now, so you can make some big changes and feel supercharged about it when you do. It’s not a time to sit still, it’s time make things happen, so what are you waiting on!

Are you feeling good now?
We are due for a little luck now, finally huh!!

With the Moon in more reserved Virgo we feel the need to get organized and detailed. This energy is all about helping others no matter your Sun Sign. You might be feeling like making new plans and goals, because you now will get behind them fully. You also may be feeling pretty confident and as if you can “take on the world” today, well that is due to the Sun and mighty Jupiter making a sweet connection in the cosmos, this is some of the good stuff folks!

The Sun is going to help all of us shine today, so expect a whole bunch of Ah-Ha moments to occur. Some folks might feel so good that they will be just feeling “lucky to be alive today!” This energy encourages us to expand your knowledge and power, we are more ready to grow and impress. This energy can affect any area of your life really, so it might be a business deal or around a friendship or even a love relationship. It doesn’t matter what part of your life it does affect really, it will be a welcome change forsure. Even if this energy just gives you a better attitude in some way, take advantage of it!

You might definitely be more than ready to step it up a notch now and move things to the next level, so go for it. Now please do remember not everything in life will be perfect, but many of you will feel happier than you have in quite awhile. This energy produces confidence and optimism and therefore our enthusiasm runs very high throughout the weekend, as cooperation is in the air today!

Have a great weekend.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 

Rubys Astro Readings

September 16th, 2016


A potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs around 2pm CST, 3pm EST today in the sign of Pisces.

This is the kind of energy that creates sudden realizations, epiphanies and Ah-ha moments. Eclipse Season” provides all kinds of excitement with sudden twists and turning points, some good and some not so good! But this particular Eclipse seems to be affecting more of our issues related around our work and how we help or are of service others, due to the Sun in Virgo.

This Lunar Eclipse energy has pushed many of you to deal with what isn’t working in your life or what is missing. With the Sun in Virgo we should be thinking about what we use to get through our day-to-day lives, what tools and techniques. And with the Moon in Pisces we should be thinking about how we nurture our Spiritual Self. It’s all about balancing the two energies. Does your work fulfill your Soul or does it make you miserable? Think about what you can start doing in small practical ways to make yourself happy and get on your Souls Path in this lifetime. This Eclipse helps us figure out our destiny in this life! Are you fulfilling yours? Neglecting either one of these energies around our work and spirit, can cause chaos in our lives!

Just like during any Full Moon our Dreams have been extremely vivid, especially being in dreamy Pisces. (Mine have been so clear and real feeling!) Take notes about your dreams now and also any kind of special visions, insights or deep feelings you may have. The best way to know they are special is when you have those sudden quick visions or feelings. This is the time when secrets are revealed and the truth is shown, even if they lie within ourselves. Some of us will feel a “calling” of sorts to do something new over the next six months, so pay extra close attention to the signs or messages the Cosmos is trying to send you.

You might notice how tired or drained you are feeling, it’s important to get rest throughout “Eclipse Season.” Don’t neglect your spirit in this energy, make sure to take some extra time by doing things that recharge you and connect you to your spiritual-self. Things like meditation, yoga, or just writing in a journal can help. Write about your hopes, wishes, dreams and even complaints. Ask and write down what you would like to focus on next in your life….do you want a new job or to stay at your current job is a good example. Write your heart out and visualize it, it really does make a huge difference. Especially right now with the Moon in Pisces, because our imagination is strong!

This energy can assist you in opening up your heart to feel, which helps you work on issues of trust and faith better. We l are tapped into the Cosmos right now, we are plugged into the matrix! Therefore use this energy to manifest what it is you really desire.

Also fiery Mars has been busy this week stirring up our passions and tempers. Finally, Mars is playing nice and is forming a harmonious connection to Uranus the planet that reveals, the planet that gives us amazing Messages and Ah-ha moments directly from the Universe! This helps us feel free to experiment with our new found information and ideas, as we can start to see our progress and make positive changes to get on our true Souls Path! ~Happy Full Moon 




The Sun enters Virgo 

Monday, Aug 22nd

Happy Birthday to all my Virgo’s!!

The Sun will enter more earthy, yet idealistic Virgo today, this runs through September 22nd. It’s time to get serious and more focused, as this energy can prove to be quite interesting, because Mercury (the way we think an express ourselves) is also in its own sign of Virgo for an extended stay, due to its upcoming Retrograde cycle. Which by the way means communication break down in all forms, so this influence can cause simple misunderstandings, but we also may experience weird little computer and electronic glitches.

Have you noticed Mercury in Retrogrades affects yet! Because it’s trying to get us to unplug long enough to sit still and just simply be, it wants us to slow down and depend on our logic and intuition, and not just go by what a computer says. Take some time over the next 4 weeks and take a day off from being online if at possible, you’ll be glad you did. It will cleanse your soul. 

With the Sun in Virgo we are extremely aware and focused on the details, so try not to get to critical or analyze things to much….I dare ya! With so many strong planets in this one sign, we really should be focusing on our work and what we do in our lives for others. It’s also a good time to start paying more attention to your health.

This is the perfect time to look at your dreams and ambitions and make some headway. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing to go to school or if you’re planning some kind of a entirely new adventure, this energy gives us the best work ethic. While the Sun and Mercury are both in Virgo you can make significant forward movement towards your goals. You do have goals right? Well even if they are only in your head how about trying to write them down and making some future plans with Pen and Paper or even on your smartphone, 

The focus shifts now towards working on the little details of our everyday lives. It’s time to take care of practical matters first. So tweak your routines and schedules, to see just how you can be more efficient. If this doesn’t sound like to much fun, it sure can help free your time up in your future. So take care of these things now, and later you’ll be able to have some real fun again, because you will have more time. 

The is cycle is ideal to get organized in and do some serious clearing work in…be it energy or physical, I say do clearing in both! Some good places to focus on is your work, health, and daily routines. Lay the groundwork down now to help you build something more secure in the long run. 



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