Sun Enters Taurus 

Rubys Astro Readings Thurs April 19th Sun Enters Taurus   For all the Zodiac Signs: The Sun enters the sign of Taurus here shortly! This transit will last through May 20th! While the Sun is in the sign of the Bull we are more methodical, sensual, and receptive. The most active you might feel during … Continue reading Sun Enters Taurus 


  Rubys Astro Readings NEW MOON DAY!!! Wed, 26th of April The NEW MOON comes together on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 8:16 AM EDT, 7:16 AM CST, 9:16 AM PST, 10:16 MST Happy NEW MOON DAY! The Moon officially became a New Moon in the sign of Taurus this morning, and we get to … Continue reading NEW MOON DAY!

Sun enters Taurus

Wed 19th "Sun enters Taurus" For all the Zodiac Signs;   Happy birthday, Taurus! The Sun's energy has shifted now from more adventurous Aries into practical, grounded, and stable Taurus. This is a major slowdown in energy with mental Mercury also in Taurus. Mercury influences our thinking and overall mindset. It's important to be patient … Continue reading Sun enters Taurus

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