Sun in Pisces

Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo
By Ruby


Sunday, March 12th the Moon grows Full in the sign of Virgo at 22 degrees.
This affects all of us no matter what your Zodiac sign may be!

The upcoming Full Moon in Virgo will have an important impact on all of us, as many other planets are aspecting it in big ways. But Full Moons always reveal things and often bring endings and completion into our lives. Full Moons can be felt as they build up in energy usually at least a few days prior.

The Full Moon being in Virgo rules over the mind, invoking deep thoughts, focus, and analyzation. This isn’t the time to be sketchy or vague when goal setting or planning. People tend to be more restless and emotional during this cycle. It’s important to remember other folks may be acting out more than usual and you can feel more excited, intense, ambitious, over-emotional, intuitive, depressed, or act out of the ordinary, which brings out annoyances and issues for all of us. This particular Full Moon in Virgo is about keeping our standards high as it teaches all of us how to make mature decisions, that will help us out in the long run. It’s time to act like a GROWN UP folks and take responsibility for your words and actions. Or the Universe just might put you in situations where you have no choice! Make a plan to set intentions or work on letting go of what is no longer working in your life, as this is a time to LET GO!

Saturday the Moon energy will be felt quite strong. But on Sunday it will be extremely strong as it comes completely together, especially during the evening through early Monday morning. And then Monday it will go back to being felt strong again. By Wednesday this energy will calm way done and move away. Remember the FULL MOON is when the Sun and the Moon make a very tense connection with each other, so of course, you can feel funny, off, and just strange. Not to mention a whole lot of folks don’t sleep and dreams can be just wild, as the cosmos relays the truth during Full Moons so you might learn things you didn’t know now both good and not so good. This energy is felt on a deep emotional level by all living beings or otherwise, so its pull is strong on us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Expect this Full Moon to send out some very important messages your way. One of them might be due to Mental Mercury’s connection to wounded healer Chiron, this can help you understand an old emotional wound from this life or even perhaps a past life, so your healing can begin.

Powerful Pluto’s awesome connection to this Full Moon can reveal a deeply soulful message that helps you understand a part of your personality that needs some healing.

And finally, wherever this Full Moon falls in your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart” is where your focus should be over next month or until the next Full Moon. This Full Moon is a good time to get work done, both in this physical reality and within your soul.

If you’d like to purchase a “Full Moon Mini Report” and find out what messages the Universe is trying to convey to you during this Full Moon cycle, order a “One Question Reading” by me, and ask me “What are my Full Moon messages?” and I will do the research and send you an email full of all kinds of information, like where your focus should be over the next month, and how to heal yourself from your heart on out and what part of you can now be healed.
Happy Blessed Full Moon

“Happy Birthday Pisces”

*For all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac*

“Happy Birthday Pisces”


The Sun is shifting into creative and compassionate Pisces this morning and remains there through March 20th. This energy is about connecting to your spiritual/higher-self, it’s a sensitive, wistful, compassionate time. Our intuition and imagination may be extremely strong!

Boundaries and walls come slowly down, as we feel energetically connected to everything around us. “Pisces Season” is upon us now. It’s important to be kind to yourself and others, surround yourself with loving positive energy.

Remember we’re picking up on everything, so if you’re already a sensitive person or perhaps an Empath, might I suggest being kind, and putting up some sort of spiritual shields to block out everyone else’s emotions. Notice when you are sensing someone else’s feelings rather than your own and don’t attach to them. We’re more aware of the energies around us, we’re like sponges absorbing all of what we experience. We’re more sensitive and emotional during this time, so we tend to express ourselves in more creative spiritual ways.

It’s a good time to dissolve any fears or doubts we’ve been holding on to. It’s best to use this time to practice connecting to our higher-self through spiritual practices and getting involved in creative endeavors. Allow this energy to flow and just be.

Music and energy healing can help us to be more vital, this also helps to raise our personal vibrations. It’s important to take time-outs and listen to our intuition now, if we choose to ignore these feelings or messages, we can become anxiety ridden and easily frustrated.

Our bodies and minds are slowing down now, as Pisces energy is more ethereal feeling, sometimes foggy, and dreamy. To do well in this energy. one should allow things to just be what they are. Be aware of your surroundings and ask yourself what your resisting, and stop

Sun in Pisces


“Sun in Pisces”
with ~Ruby

The Sun has now changed signs from freedom loving, detached Aquarius into more creative, compassionate Pisces, where it remains through March 20th. We become made more aware of how we are connected to everyone and everything around us. We’re able to pick up on all the energies around us and soak in that energy like a sponge, but this can make us more sensitive and emotional.

A connection needs to be made to our higher-self. This is a time of healing! Our imagination and intuition are very strong. We’re plugged into everything around us, because the veils between the physical world and spiritual realms have dissolved. As these boundaries come down we must make sure to “shield” ourselves spiritually and physically. We become very vulnerable in this energy. It’s very easy for those of us with an “empathic” nature to pickup on others issues and emotions, as we struggle to differentiate between what we’re feeling and who those emotions belong to. Notice when you are sensing someone else’s feelings rather than your own.

It’s important with the Moon in Pisces to surround yourself with kind, loving energy. This time is best spent tapping into your spirit or higher-self, (no matter how we go about it) and get involved in creative projects. Work on letting go of any fears or doubts that are being held onto … because your feelings tend to flow more easily. Allow this energy to just be what it is!

We are drawn towards what’s creative and spiritual, and we should be expressing ourselves now. Music and energy healing gives us vitality and raise our personal vibration. It’s a good time to slow down and listen to our intuition, if we ignore our feelings and the messages the Universe is trying to relay, we can end up feeling more anxious and somewhat frustrated. But in some ways the world slows down with the Sun in Pisces, and our bodies might be telling us to simply take our time. Learn the art of patience, it can be so valuable. Slow down.

The best way to handle this energy and use it to your advantage, is to just “allow“, things to be what they are. Be aware of what you are resisting, take life moment by moment under the Pisces Sun, and make some space between you and others, again allow things to simply just be.

This energy will affect all of us but especially Pisces and Leo Sun and Rising signs, these signs will feel more confident and playful over the next four weeks. And for all the Leo’s out there, if you allow the energies to just be what they are, and let people be who they are…right or wrong, and situations to just again be what they are, things can go well. Your vitality will depend on how well you do this, so it’s time to take that roar down to a purr for awhile and chill out!
~Ruby #rubysreadings

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