Sun in Cancer

Summer Solstice & The Sun In Cancer

The Summer Solstice & The Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer begins in the North with the Sumer Solstice on June 20, 2020, when the days and nights are equal in length in light and dark.

With the Summer Solstice arriving the Sun also shifts into the protective, sensitive sign of Cancer. The Solstices are important because they open doorways of energy that has become known as the Summer and Winter Seasons, and these special days hold some magical energies we can use to manifest what we want in our lives. The Sun will remain in Cancer until July 22, 2020.

While the Sun is in Cancer for the next month we are more focused on family time, and the days begin to grow longer which is good for making memories. This sign influence means we tend to stick close to home as we have a stronger need for security with our home and family.

Eclipses tend to bring out the truth, as the things that are hidden, repressed, secret, or unknown are revealed. This is a great vibe for teamwork even with the Sun in more private Cancer. If our expectations are unreliable or unrealistic than we will probably be let down. Keep yourself grounded and in your thoughts strong and in reality, it is for the best during this time. With Mercury in Retrograde this time around, this might be more challenging than usual.

The Cancer energies aren’t always as sensitive as people portray it to be, we can also feel quite ambitious like the other Cardinal signs, so we are more tenacious about reaching our business and professional goals. It’s important to take care of your social obligations, as all your activities outside of your home will be more successful when you have a strong and solid family and home base to fall back on. This helps keep everything on schedule.

When the Sun’s in Cancer, our thoughts naturally turn inward. This is a great time to reach out to loved ones that feel safe, and perhaps plan a very low-key get-together, or maybe finish up any home projects you’ve been needing to get done. We are looking for safety and protection around what we are creating, so we want to surround ourselves with what is secure and familiar.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so we can become a bit lunatic-like under its influence, especially if we are worn down, emotionally hurt, lonely, or overwhelmed. Our moods can go up and down rather quickly,
so for the next month, we become more intimate with the waxing and waning of the Moon and all her phases.

Our everyday lives are experienced on a much deeper emotional level with the Sun in Cancer, (no matter your sign.) This is a time when we can worry more about our emotional security, so we are naturally more concerned with the things that affect us personally. Even if we are interested in what’s happening in the world, we tend to want to protect and nurture those that are close to home more so than usual.

Cancer is the Zodiac Sign of the Mother, which is representative of water, so things like coziness, closeness, emotional bonding, (or bondage, hehe!) are experienced with more depth at this time. This can be quite evident in our everyday lives, as we can be more reactive and impulsive when it comes to our emotional connections with people and places.

This is a highly emotional time in if itself, and depending upon how the other planets in the Cosmos are connecting to the Moon and Sun of course. But our initial reaction is usually to take the road less traveled with the Sun in Cancer. We will do whatever it takes to not be exposed because we tend to feel more vulnerable, including sidestepping direct confrontation, unless of course, we are doing the confronting. So if we lose control we can get a little crazy.

This charged up emotional energy tends to trigger some of our most tender spots, so we can become illogical if we get frustrated or feel picked on. It’s just best to not let yourself go there, as our emotions take the wheel for the next month. It can prove difficult to be objective or as open-minded during this time, as we can be a bit pessimistic in our way of thinking, (especially, with Mercury in Retrograde as well). It’s helpful to work at keeping those thoughts more positive, and we may have to really work at it at times.

We are tapped into the realm of Cancer with the Sun is in this sensitive sign for the next month. So we are at our most powerful when using the power of emotion, with people and our experiences. This gives these are connections more depth and meaning that come from the heart which is good practice for us to learn anyway. Work on being more kind and compassionate while the Sun is in Cancer.

Enjoy your Summer and Happy Birthday all my beautiful Crabs people, Cancers!

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Happy 4th of July New Moon 


Astro News 

Happy 4th of July!

July looks to be shaping up to have some awesome energy, and it’s especially a good time for doing inner spiritual-work. With the Sun in Cancer for most of the month and the New Moon also in Cancer on the 4th of July, we can create some serious magic. Our personal life will take precedent over our professional life. So expect some fireworks throughout the entire month.
Did you know the New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in their most harmonious astrological meeting together, and with both the Sun and Moon in sensitive Cancer, this particular New Moon is potent!
Mercury rules our thoughts and Venus rules our feelings, and these two heavy hitting planets are very close to this New Moon and are opposite Pluto, which represents the end and beginning of something. There seems to be circumstances beyond our control right now that really can put the pressure on. This forces us to explain ourselves, hold our ground, or stick up for ourselves to our friends, family, and anyone we’re close to. But every other planet (that we already know about) is making some important aspects to this New Moon in Cancer. So the bottom line is our passions, feelings, and empthy will be running at a very high level of intensity! This energy sort of helps us embrace those that need us the most. So we can help if needed.
Monday is when the New Moon occurs, which happens to be on the 4th of July here in the states, which is very symbolic. It occurs at 7:02 am EST and 6:02 am CST. So you can Set your Intentions” starting Sunday when the Moon switches into Cancer… until the Moon goes “Void” late Monday night, early Tuesday morning around 1:30 am CST…. Ask the Universe for what you want in life over the next 30 days.
The New Moon is a good time to start things. But July 6th, 8th and the 9th also hold some amazing energy. This New Moon is the best time to make wishes around home, family and relationships and in any estate dealings. This is also a good time to put your home on the market or to make an offer on a new place, through the 9th.
With the Sun and Moon both in emotional Cancer, this particular New Moon is creating a whole lot of energy. Also Mars is in watery Scorpio right now and Neptune is in fellow water sign of Pisces, this causes us to feel exceptionally intuitive. So if you’ve been having vivid dreams while sleeping you know why! But you should still take some notes about your dreams and figure out what messages the Universe is trying to give you.
America is celebrating its birthday this Monday, and anyone who’s birthday falls on the day of the New Moon can experience exciting things in their Solar Year ahead! So it being America’s birthday this go around, it should be a intersting time, especially with the presidential election this November.
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