June Full Moon


For all the Signs of the Zodiac:

Starting early Saturday morning the Moon shifts into more optimistic, sunny Sagittarius, and will grow until it becomes FULL early in the morning on Monday, June 17th at 3:31 AM CST, 4:31 AM EDT, 2:31 AM MDT, and 1:31 AM PST!

A Full Moon is when the Sun in Gemini (this month) is directly the opposite of the Moon in Sagittarius (this month), and this is a rather naturally impulsive kind of energy, that can have us feeling scattered and all over the place, so things can be quite unpredictable! 

This is such an awesome time as we get the whole weekend to celebrate this glorious Full Moon energy, and hopefully, you will do some energy work, and SET INTENTIONS or make out WISH LISTS that are more so about letting go of what is no longer working or serving you in life. This is strong and potent energy to celebrate and enjoy with this Full Moon being in “the life of the party,” sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon forms under the mutable, changeable sign of Sagittarius, alongside expansive Jupiter, so we must expect some sort of changes to naturally occur, as this is a time to seek out new activities and explore different areas of life, and hopefully, we find something that provides fulfillment. 

When the Moon is traveling through the sign of Sagittarius, you might feel like the “grass is greener” on the other side of whatever it is you are giving attention too! You may feel like “jumping ship” from your regular routines or doing something different like learning a new language. The lessons of Sagittarius energy no matter your “Sun Sign” is to be more hopeful, optimistic, and adventurous. This energy helps all of us learn how to “live life out loud” and to believe in the possibilities. We can feel more free-spirited and express ourselves more openly under the Moon in Sagittarius. And this energy is definitely one where we “tell it like it is!”

We are more motivated to seek out the truth in this energy and go after a new vision, as we go on new adventures even if it’s just ones playing in our minds, which in turn can help us feel more calm and content. The details aren’t as important as seeing “the whole picture” is now.

Spontaneity is key to enjoying this energy because planning ahead limits the adventure that we want to have and that’s just boring! We generally prefer to go with the wind and just “Wing It” in the Sagittarian energy.

Since the Moon reflects and is attuned to our deeper emotions, we may also be quite sensitive to being judged or criticized for our behavior, so we may shy away from others and hide, so that can’t see who we truly are. But with both Jupiter and the Moon being in more open-minded Sagittarius, it may prove challenging to hide anything under this Full Moon, as all around this is a strong time for Truth! This adds more spark to an already strong emotional firey energy! Any feelings that get stirred up during this time, are going to be so strong that we may feel like a pot of boiling water and have to express ourselves no matter the consequences. 

We’re more likely to overdo things and express ourselves a little too much during this time. Sagittarius energy is about the process of self-discovery and finding something new and exciting. So we tend to not think first and can say “out loud” exactly what we are thinking and sometimes end up “putting our foot in our mouth!”

The following activities are generally favored during the Moon in Sagittarius; adventures, unplanned activities, travel, higher education and learning, publishing projects, advertising, sports, and physical activity!

There also is a current T-Square energy with a Jupiter-Neptune Square coming together during this Full Moon. So even if we don’t understand the motivations of others, we need to make it a point to connect to our hearts and show empathy when faced with the truth. Dealing with obstacles and setbacks can cause frustrations, which can lead us into negative thinking like the Universe is beating us up! Instead, view them as lessons in true Sagittarius fashion and be more optimistic about your experiences instead, see them as character building to help us to become masters!

Full Moon Madness is upon us folks!

Pay attention as June’s Full Moon comes together Monday morning, so this weekend can be full of some weird but strong energies and experiences. Make sure to remember the Full Moon causes a physical reaction that usually provokes an emotional response that can affect all of us! It just depends on how we learn to handle the energy or don’t. There’s always going to be the ones who don’t handle it well and may act out and get wild under this Full Moon energy, so expect for some people to just act out of character. Otherwise, enjoy this time and celebrate this glorious illumination. 

Happy Full Moon,

June Astrology Forecast


June Astrology Forecast
Happy June!

June is here folks and is full of some very powerful cosmic energies, as the Universe wants to show us the reality of our situations.

There’s a very powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius, and a few other planetary shifts happening during the month of June, and this may provide us with the truth in some way. And there is finally some rather nice aspects coming together this month that can bring in some positive energy! And we so need it, so I thought I would help you make sense of it all.

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 20th which marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a turning point and a shift in the energies right also when the New Moon comes together. And this puts us in a new season. We get to explore new and different parts of our lives, so get prepared and ready for an exciting month that will be filled with fun, love affairs, and also some serious reality checks.

Mars Moves into Cancer – JUNE 4th

Mars will start to reign itself in for the time being after it shifts into more insular, sensitive Cancer. This is an opportunity for us to change things up as Mars is the planet that motivates us, it can be also inspiring and influences our drive and passions. So our focus also will shift to something different and new. We get a chance to see just how much we have changed and grown in a certain area of our lives that we really haven’t visited in a few years now, as Mars will be activating this part of our personal Astrology Birth Chart, we can see what we have accomplished in that areas of our life now through this energy! This strong energy will be part of our lives for the next six weeks, so get ready and again get prepared now to see what can be happening next.

Jupiter Stops to Move out of RETROGRADE- JUNE 9th

If you have been keeping up with Astrology at all this year you know that another planet moving out of Retrograde and forward again is great news! Over the last 5 months we have been feeling pretty stuck with Jupiter in Retrograde, and since Jupiter is known as the “great benefactor”, good luck can now be yours as this planet is going to be moving forward once again! Between now and mid-October you could be especially lucky in one specific area of your life. So figure out which part of your Astro Birth Chart Venus is flying through and give that energy a little bit of a push and see what happens. This is amazingly powerful and positive energy that can help make some people’s dreams come true!

Full “STRAWBERRY” Moon – JUNE 9th

This month we will see a very special Full Moon come together, it can reveal what path you are supposed to be heading down and what part of your life you should be focusing on the most over the next 28 days. For many folks, this Full Moon can bring in a reality check around your relationships or some sort of financial dealings you are involved in.

That Full Moon day is going to be very off or different and even bizarre in some ways, the energy that day is also just going to be wild feeling, but a more like foggy kind of wild LOL. So for those of you who are in the most healthy relationships may experience some strange encounters with your partners, and things can get blown way out of proportion, as Full Moon’s often do. For those of you who have rocky or just bad relationships, it can be a time filled with mistrust, cheating, broken promises, and just disrespect of each other.

But if you had some issues in May with someone or if there were problems with your finances, you will have an opportunity to make changes during this Full Moon, it is a turning point because it causes crisis (as all Full Moon’s tend to do), but this helps us make a decision that restores balance and helps with resolution. The energy of this Full Moon is transformational and can promote healing.

The Karmic North Node of Fate in Leo makes a Grand Trine with this Full Moon in Sagittarius and this brings forth Karma into the decisions you might just have to make during this Full Moon.

Neptune goes Retrograde on June 16th

Really as much as this might be that moment where you are scratching your head saying, “Another planet is going into Retrograde?”, especially if you are a Pisces or have a lot of transits in your Astro Birth Chart with Neptune involved. But again this transit affects each and every one of us, and can actually be a good thing but we just don’t realize it yet. One thing most Astrologers seem to agree on this month is if you keep your mind and heart open and get prepared you can manifest something amazing!

Neptune takes us out of reality when it’s going forward or at its normal pace, therefore we don’t always see things as clearly under its influence, so when it goes Retrograde it is believed the “Rose-Colored Glasses” come off and we see things more clearly, as those little things you might have missed suddenly are just there. The truth and secrets seem to come out during this phase as well, so we tend to see situations more for what they actually are. So whatever area of your personal “Astro” Birth Chart, Neptune is affecting is where you will see some interesting revelations and some folks might get to see a dream come true!

New Moon in Cancer – JUNE 23rd and Summer Solstice

This New Moon like all of them is about New Beginnings, but since this occurs right after the Summer Solstice, it is especially about NEW BEGINNINGS in a big, huge way! So of course “Setting Intentions” around what energy you would like to see next come into your life can go extremely well, this energy is about calling in your wishes, dreams, and deepest desires. This is a bold, potent, courageous New Moon that can help us to create and manifest as we make up new paths or change the course of our destiny with the Universe. Exciting!!

Just know that not all of these connections will affect everyone in the same way. Some of you will be very lucky with Jupiter’s influence while others will feel the other energies coming in even more strong, like that Full “Strawberry” Moon! It just depends really on where these planets fall in your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart.” Hopefully, you’ll have a wonderful month, that’s one for the record books. And there might be more challenges for some of you, but forewarned is forearmed! And knowledge is power, so I do hope this information helps you!

If we know ahead of time just what part of our lives these energies are going to affect through our own personal “Astro Birth Chart”, then we can be prepared and learn a whole lot more. So I am doing “ONE QUESTION” Readings based on your chart, and giving you the top ones that you should be focusing on during June of 2017. ┬áTo purchase a Report just order your Question with me via Facebook Messenger or Email me at

Have a wonderful month!

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