Full Moon in Scorpio

Rubys Astro Readings April 2018 "Full Moon in Scorpio" The Full Moon is in Scorpio this month and occurs on Sunday, April 29th, at 7:58 PM Central & 8:58 PM Eastern. In Astrology, Full Moons are oppositions between the Sun and Moon. This energy is tense and challenging, but also exciting and captivating. It's a … Continue reading Full Moon in Scorpio

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio March 8, 2018 by Ruby   Jupiter enters its Retrograde phase on March 8, 2018, in the sign of Scorpio until July 10th. While Jupiter is Retrograde we should be reviewing our visions, ideals, and belief system. Jupiter is the planet of luck that brings blessings, good fortune, opportunities and more. … Continue reading Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio

New Moon Nov. 18th

New Moon Nov. 18th, 2017 in Scorpio Central Time - November 18, 5:42 AM Eastern Time - November 18, 6.42 AM. Pacific Time - November 18th, 3:42 AM Mountain Time - November 18, 4:42AM The New Moon occurs on November 18th in the sign of Scorpio, which gives us the power to regenerate not only … Continue reading New Moon Nov. 18th

“Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON”

November 18th, 2017 There's a New Moon occurring in Scorpio, Friday, November 18th, which makes this the best time of the month to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little magic! *Setting Intentions* During a New Moon cycle, we should be asking the Universe for new beginnings, … Continue reading “Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON”

Venus enters Scorpio

Venus enters Scorpio Venus the planet of Love & Money enters the deep shadowy waters of Scorpio today, where it remains until December 1st! This is a time when we explore our love lives and financial connections actually on a deep soul level, as we aren't worried about competition with others so much, as there's … Continue reading Venus enters Scorpio


Rubys Astro Readings "SUN ENTERS SCORPIO" Sun is in Scorpio from October 23-November 21 (This update is for all of the signs of the Zodiac!) Scorpio's key phrase is "I desire”, so with the Sun in Scorpio, we can all take on the traits of this deeply soulful, sexy, and mysterious sign. This is a … Continue reading SUN ENTERS SCORPIO

Full Moon in Aries 

Full Moon in Aries  October 2017 The Full Moon each month is when we hit an emotional peak, so our emotions are running high and hot during this one folks! On October 5th, the Full Moon in Aries comes together, Aries is a fire sign that's associated with passion, anger, and overall intensity! And the Full … Continue reading Full Moon in Aries 

Growing Pains 

Ruby Astro Readings Mon. Nov. 7th "Growing Pains" There's some very powerful energy coming together today, as the Sun makes yet another strong connection to powerful Pluto in a long-term aspect. Pluto teaches us lessons around how to own our personal power. If you are put in any position of power, how do you use it? Do … Continue reading Growing Pains 

Powerful Messages 

​Rubys Astro Readings Thurs. Nov.3rd "Powerful Messages" There's some powerful words and thoughts going around today! I mentioned this influence briefly in yesterday's blog, about how we are under a fairly harmonious, but powerful influence between Mercury/Pluto. This affects us mostly on a psychological level! Our conversations and way of thinking are deeper than usual, … Continue reading Powerful Messages 

“Cazimi” New Moon

"Cazimi" New Moon Oct 30th "Feeling Lucky"     For all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac: October's New Moon is special and potent, and it comes together on the day before Halloween, Sunday, Oct. 30th, around Noon time. This is believed to be one of the strongest New Moon's of the entire year to create … Continue reading “Cazimi” New Moon

Scorpio Season 

​Rubys Astro Readings "Sun in Scorpio" Oct 22nd, 2016 The Sun shifts into transformational, mysterious Scorpio tonight and "Scorpio Season" begins. This runs through November 21st. Saturday night the sign known for being the most dark, symbolically and otherwise, the most mysterious, the zodiac sign that explores the soul comes into the light of the … Continue reading Scorpio Season 

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius Venus is the planet that influences our relationships and often our financial well-being. Venus manifests all aspects of love, money, and worth in our lives. The planet of LOVE is now shifting from soul-searching Scorpio into more optimistic Sagittarius starting October 18th through November 11th. From my vantage point, there's been a … Continue reading Venus in Sagittarius

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