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August 9-13

Well, we made it through this last weekend’s crazy energy and Monday’s Eclipse in Aquarius! Lunar Eclipses help folks move onward and upward! And endings bring new beginnings. For many of you, it was a rough ride. There has been a whole lot of folks crossing over as well, which is just what comes with the territory of the Eclipses. And there have been many other famous celebs throughout the years who have passed during Eclipse Seasons, but I have also seen many of my clients also lose their loved ones just recently during this go around. We just lost Glen Campbell on Tuesday and back in 1997 Princess Diana and Mother Theresa both passed during Eclipse time. Also back in 2009 Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett crossed over during Eclipse season. So that’s just to name a few of the stars we lost. I always say Eclipse Season is hard on human beings period. But even though Lunar Eclipses bring endings, they also pave the way for many new beginnings too, which I am seeing all over the place. New Jobs are really popular right now! The Great American Solar Eclipse is on August 21st and this will also be the day of the New Moon in Leo which is a beautiful energy! I suspect many of you will be headed towards unchartered territories and hopefully, you will enjoy some sort of new opportunity.

The Cosmic Energy during the month of August is just off the charts! There’s so much to write about, that us Astrologers are having a hard time keeping up! Mercury is also going Retrograde on August 12, so get prepared because it will be in Retrograde through September 5th.

How about some good news! The Sun is going to be spending the week making beautiful connections with lucky Jupiter! Woohoo! In my state alone, I have already seen tons of lucky lotto winners this last few day, so get out those lucky tickets and numbers and see what happens. Also, the Sun is still in Cancer, and this actually does affect all of us, just as the Sun transits all the different signs of the Zodiac year around, this energy doesn’t just affect Cancers, it has an influence on ALL OF YOU! And the Sun in Cancer is also being visited by loving Venus and dreamy Neptune in a positive aspect now. So Romance is in the air, and it’s a great time to enjoy your home and family.

Tuesday the Moon moved into Pisces and also has been in a nice trine to loving Venus, this is very healing energy that will last for the next few days. Wednesday night, Venus and Mercury are working nicely together, which creates loving thoughts. Money, love, and great conversations can produce good results at this time, so look for those opportunities throughout the week.

Thursday looks to be a little more emotionally tiring, and you may feel some sadness for a minute. There are some cosmic shifts that might interrupt your good vibes, but only if you let it! Don’t allow the sadness to take over and ruin your day, remind yourself that it is only temporary and it will soon pass.Some of the what we are feeling also is the last few months of Saturn’s ride through the sign of Sagittarius, am I going to miss this one! But Saturn is moving through the last degrees of Saturn and many of you are feeling this pretty strongly right now. Saturn is the planet that creates hardships and challenges, it is the stern cosmic teacher of the Zodiac, so it also rewards us for a job well done once we have passed all of its test and lessons. Over the past few years, Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius and some of you have had a whole lot of challenges. Especially, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo, as you have had it rough being in rather tense connections to Saturn. So whenever we are experiencing the last degrees of Saturn, like we are now, the energy is harsher! It is the great teacher or more like the professor, and it pushes its lessons and gives out more homework during this time.

For those of you who were born under the sign of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo, you might notice some higher anxiety and stress throughout August time. You again just have to remind yourself to stay strong and push through whatever lessons Saturn is throwing your way because this won’t last much longer for you!

Meanwhile, Lucky Jupiter is blessing all of us in some way right now. As those especially born under the sign of LIbra can have some exceptionally good luck this month, and even more so for those born in the second week of October. No matter what your Sun Sign maybe these two cosmic forces, Saturn and Jupiter, will be affecting all of us for the new few months.

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We also are moving through Eclipse Season from the Lunar Eclipse and soon we will be feeling the Solar Eclipse’s energy start to build to peak on August 21st, so enjoy the week ahead.

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