Astro News with Ruby

ASTRO NEWS By Ruby It's been a busy week on the Astrological front with the Cosmos making some pretty big shifts! There's been a lot of chaos over this last week, and this Sunday another planet is about to make a major move. Pluto, will start moving backward just like Saturn and Jupiter and into … Continue reading Astro News with Ruby

Saturn Goes Retrograde – and it’s a pretty big deal! 

Saturn Goes Retrograde - and it's a pretty big deal! April 17th, 2018 By Ruby Saturn Goes Retrograde - and it's a pretty big deal! April 17th, 2018 By Ruby Nowadays, it's become common knowledge to understand to some degree what Mercury in Retrograde is all about, but what you might not know is all … Continue reading Saturn Goes Retrograde – and it’s a pretty big deal! 

Look Ahead Forecast – Special Edition

Rubys Astro Readings Look Ahead Forecast - Special Edition by Ruby   This coming Week will be a very busy time for the Cosmos! On August 26, loving Venus moves into bolder Leo. So all you Leo Sun or Rising Signs can really shine for the next three weeks in this energy, get out there … Continue reading Look Ahead Forecast – Special Edition

“Saturn Direct”- A Wake-Up Call

Friday, August 25th "Saturn Direct"- A Wake-Up Call For all the Signs of the Zodiac!! The Universe is sending out some pretty strong messages right now, and they're all about taking care of your responsibilities, so get your head out of the clouds and set those goals you have back down to planet Earth now. … Continue reading “Saturn Direct”- A Wake-Up Call

After Eclispe Season

August 2017 "After Eclipse Season"  Well, here we are finally folks, a few days after the "Great American Solar Eclipse!" That really got intense, right? And I've already written so much about it in this last week, that I have decided to move on to something else for now, but if you are still interested … Continue reading After Eclispe Season

Retrograde Brigade

Rubys Astro Reading Thurs 6th "Retrograde Brigade" Feeling sad, dragged down, exhausted, or depressed lately? Well, it's probably due to all the Planets headed into Retrograde currently! Somber Saturn is about to join Venus and Jupiter, and soon enough MERCURY who is going Retrograde, and will continue to travel through what appears to backward motion … Continue reading Retrograde Brigade

Saturn Retrograde – 2017

Rubys Astro Readings Saturn Retrograde by Ruby The Karmic teacher of the zodiac, Saturn, will turn Retrograde on April 6th and continue moving backward until August 25th. Saturn's slowdown gives us a moment to adjust and fine tune certain parts of our lives so we can make sure the structures we hold dear are solid … Continue reading Saturn Retrograde – 2017

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