“Sun in Sagittarius”


“Sun in Sagittarius”

The Sun enters into the sign of Sagittarius today, so Happy Birthday to all of you Sagittarius! This transit lasts through December 21st. With the Sun in Sagittarius, our focus shifts from the need to make intimate connections with others, to being more focused on having more of an adventure, but it must have some kind of meaning. We want to connect to something larger than what we have during this influence.
While the Sun moves through this fiery mutable sign, we go on adventures to learn more and understand the world around us. Feeling more brave and courageous we want to expand our horizons and head down new and different paths, as our minds are wide open. Our confidence levels can soar now, we can be overly optimistic as we focus more so on the “bigger picture” and our dreams, instead of just the details of our mundane everyday life. However, we tend to overdo things, and can get carried away! This is the perfect time to work on our faith, hope, and future visions under this influence.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is the planet that influences our relationships and often our financial well-being. Venus manifests all aspects of love, money, and worth in our lives. The planet of LOVE is now shifting from soul-searching Scorpio into more optimistic Sagittarius starting October 18th through November 11th. From my vantage point, there’s been a lot of couples breaking up lately because our relationships have been put under a giant magnifying glass while Venus was in Scorpio, over this last month. During that time were led to a strong desire to investigate our close intimate relationships, so we could better understand our partners, and probably have learned some interesting things, and for some folks that meant it was time to move on.

As loving Venus shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius, our romantic encounters shift as well, from being intense to more light-heartened. Venus in Sagittarius is also intense at times since it is a fire sign. This energy is very blunt and to the point, so we have a much more straightforward approach to love and relationships. This is all about feeling love as a whole on a universal level. We are searching for an adventure in love, instead of worrying about our partner’s possible deceit or betrayal, we can relax and be more open-minded, outgoing, energetic, and free. Freedom becomes extremely important in our relationships during this cycle, but our overall attitude towards love is more enthusiastic and hopeful. If anything gets too intense now we seriously can get to down and actually split.

We might experience some sort of sexual liberation while Venus is in Sagittarius, as our walls come down and we are better able to express our sexuality, we are more natural and organic. So we can come on rather strongly to those we love or are interested in. This energy is full of philosophies and ideas, we are looking for others that hold the same truths or beliefs as we do in love. If you’re single, you might become focused on meeting those that share the same spiritual or religious beliefs as you. We’re looking for something exotic and full of adventure in our relationships now, and new relationships will be formed in the most interesting ways during this transition. Venus in Sagittarius energy puts us on a quest for enlightenment in our relationships, as we look to share our beliefs with a partner. This energy can have us exploring our own spirituality, philosophies, and all that is magical within. This means we tend to get very passionate about our beliefs in love and marriage. Many couples will travel and try new things during this time. It can be a wild and crazy time in partnerships, all in the name of love and fun. This energy is about spiritual enlightenment and connecting to one’s higher self, so, of course, you may look for that in a Soul Mate. However, we should be careful to not get overly dogmatic or judgmental while in this energy, especially around what we perceive as others lack in morality.

Venus in Sagittarius energy is all about having fun, it’s an attitude, and relationships are much more light-hearted, optimistic, and adventurous. And for all you single folks, dating can be the same way. Loads of fun! Besides, we are more interested in taking care of business and having a good time, than being burdened down by complicated emotions. It seemingly is just a waste of time, and being upset or sad in our relationships is the exact opposite of fun and a big no-no in this energy. However, we can have too high expectations in any relationship really, and if they fall short, we may end up leaving quickly without much explanation. So think before you make anything permanent during this time.

Venus in Sagittarius energy spreads around a whole lot of laughter and joy because its influence can have us feeling goofy and often raises our vibrational energy, so our sense of humor is aroused. This energy basically just wants us to get the party started, and have an amazing time. So dating can be a whole lot of fun now. Some of you might have a difficult time with sleep during this cycle because our minds are restless and our spirits are traveling out of our bodies into other dimensions, so we can have some amazing dreams.

The shadow side of this energy is we can feel more restless and have difficulty keeping settled down. Our attitude shifts to a more optimistic place, but we can feel “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”, which means we can start searching for something better in intimate relationships. So be careful not to break promises or commitments to your partners and end up cheating emotionally or otherwise. Also if we get upset with relationship issues or feel backed into a corner, this fiery Sagittarius energy can have us come out swinging, our words can be harsh and even brutal. So try really hard to think before you speak from an emotional place.

Full Moon June 2016


Full Moon
June 20th, 2016

A Full Moon comes together early Monday morning, around 6am CST, and 7am EDT, in the last degree of Sagittarius. Last month’s Full Moon was also in Sagittarius. A Full Moon is the Moons cycles highest peak, and it create a fertile energy and helps end things that aren’t working for us! We usually feel more intuitive during the Full Moon, with wild dreams and psychic visions. We can have sudden random Ah-Ha moments that we should really pay attention to and even investigate. The light of the Full Moon illuminates the truth, so it’s going from the unconscious to the conscious mind, it’s being made aware of things we either didn’t know or underrated yet.

A Full Moon is actually one of the most tense aspects between the Moon and the Sun every month, so just for one more day the Sun is in Gemini, and we must look at Gemini traits, even though the Sun actually slides right into the garage of its own home sign and shifts into Cancer this evening.

The Sun in Gemini has been pushing us to think more logically, while the Moon in Sagittarius has us going more with our gut instincts and intuition, our way of thinking is outside the box! Sagittarius energy shifts our focus onto the possibilities and helps us find meaning to situations. While the Sun in Gemini’s influence has us feeling quite comfortable in our immediate environment. Sagittarius grabs us and says, “get out go beyond this world.” Ideally during a Full Moon we should be focusing on creating a balance between the Sun and and Moons energies, this is exactly what the Full Moon invites us to do.

This Full Moon has us expressing ourselves and wants us to pay attention to how we communicate, and our attitude and just too listen to our sense of adventure. It’s going to be challenging to keep our feelings to ourselves, because the Full Moon is the peak of the Lunar cycles, it’s the boiling pot of water that must overflow, and our emotions must be released now. Some situations are now coming to a complete end, which always means there’s a New Beginning around the corner. There can be this push, or urgency to announce our feelings, to finally close down a situation, or to finalize something.

The Full Moon comes together the same day as the Summer Solstice, and around the time of Mercury’s opposition to Saturn and Square to Neptune. There can be harsh words, disappointments, criticism, misunderstandings, and folks trying to predict what others are saying before they say it. The Full Moons normal influence tends to be more about expressing how we feel, but we should be careful about what we are saying and how we are saying it. Other people’s opinions of us tend to be more negative during this time, and this can be frustrating, but others harsh criticism can also push us to improve ourselves.

Mars Retrograde 2016

“Mars Retrograde 2016”



The Mars Retrograde Cycle starts April 17th and runs through June 29th. This energy is an opportunity for you to find success and healing in some area of your life. But for some folks this still can be a pretty rocky time. Especially with Saturn and Jupiter already in Retrograde, and Pluto and Mercury also going into Retrograde in late April! This certainly can be a different kind of energy that we’ve really never dealt with before…with so many planets in Retrograde at once! Retrogrades lessons definitely can be a leaning experience for all of us.

I’ve already wrote a blog about Saturn in Retrograde and how it truly impacts all of us, so head over to:
to learn all about how this cycle is affecting you and will through August 13th! And I will be writing a seperate blog for each planet’s Retrograde cycle, so keep reading to learn more about the upcoming Retrograde cycles. Check out my Notes or head over to my blog at to read more.

But this blog is about Mars in Retrograde:

Mars Retrograde in your personal Astrology “Birth Chart,” causes situations that often demand for you to stick up for yourself. Mars in your chart shows you just what area of you life you are most driven in, where you have stamina and motivation. Due to the fact that Mars is in different parts of each of our charts, it could affect any part of your life from your work zone, love life or around your children. It also shows you what is most sexy or passionate to you, so what turns you on sexually!

When Mars is direct and moving the right way and/or is in more harmonious aspects with the other planets, it gives you the motivation you need. But when Mars is Retrograde or is in challenging aspects, it can cause you to feel frustrated or challenged in some way. This can leave you feeling vulnerable and even victimized. Mars in Retrograde can show you just what part of your life it’s affecting, as it brings up repeated situations, so you’ll make changes to fix them. Then the lessons won’t continue, because then you’ve healed some part of yourself.

Mars is in Sagittarius during this Retrograde cycle and begins doing the backstroke on April 17th, so all you Saggitarius folks will feel it’s affects the strongest. But this aspect affects each and every one of us in some way, because we all have Sagittarius in our Astro. “Birth Charts”. Mars in Retrograde can cause you to make sudden, quick, and irrational decisions that you’ll regret later. For example you could have it out with a partner and suddenly out of anger, break it off, or get mad at a co-worker and quit your job. Only later to discover you regret your decision and may not be able to get your partner back, or get that same position at your job back. In other words don’t do something you’ll regret later. Try to think before Reacting!

Mars side affects are always quick and often rash, it is nicknamed “THE PLANET OF WAR,” for a reason… once it’s influence has you angry you can explode like a firecracker and BOOM! Then it’s too late to turn back whatever chaos you caused. The key to making it though this Retro. period without losing your temper or cool, is to learn what areas of your life Mars Retrograde will be influencing, so you can be proactive and keep things calmer in that department and remain aware of this energy, and then hopefully you can heal something instead.

DO NOT START ANY ARGUMENTS NOW! (unless you’re being victimized or abused by someone and need to break free) this energy certainly at one point will give you the courage to finally leave a situation, if it’s been bad or unhealthy for you. Otherwise, any battles or power struggles that you start during Mars in Retrograde will probably lead you to defeat. These battles really can’t be won, and there is never any winners in a war! So remain aware and stop yourself from acting on impulse and from making any sudden moves, without thinking about your consequences first. Make no rash actions from April 17th thru June 29th. This energy can lead you to arguments that can frankly be embarrassing, and also may cause loss in some way.

It’s best to find out what area exactly Mars is in, in your own personal Astro “Birth Chart”, then you can work on keeping that part of your life positive, by being more focused on keeping the peace and work on making it better. No matter what part of your life this Mars in Retrograde cycle affects, one great way to keep yourself together is too practice regular exercise, (this includes lots of sex, like we needed an excuse), funny as that might sound, any physical exercise or movement will help you burn off that extra energy, so you can keep yourself peaceful and leveled, it also balances out your hormones and can help you keep your cool and remain more calm.

If you start to notice funny pains in your body, especially your back (without any other major injury), this is usually a good indication that there’s some repressed anger you’re still holding onto, and often this runs deep emotionally for us. You may not even be aware of it. But that’s why your body is experiencing pain, it is trying to tell you that something emotionally isn’t ok! You just simply need to find positive ways to release this energy, again perhaps through exercise, or energy work of some kind like Reiki or Massage, which can also be quite helpful.

Here’s a little more information.

During the Mars in Retrograde cycle be sure to think things through before taking any actions. There might be situations or events that bring up and out some kind of problem, these problems have usually been ignored or simply not dealt with. It’s important to pay attention if this happens, so if you feel angry, frustrated, or pushed… that you don’t overreact! Certainly, stand up for yourself if need be, but do not start a battle unless it’s absolutely necessary. Take some deep breathes and work on controlling your anger, hopefully by the time Mars is direct again in late June you might come to terms with these problems and have made some positive changes.

When planets go Retrograde the Universe gets up close and personal with you around the area of your life that planet is transiting. So it pulls you through certain lessons to better understand its messages. You are getting a second chance to experience that lesson during this Mars Retrograde cycle, and perhaps through different people and situations. But this is to help fix something once and for all. So this can seriously help heal some part of your soul. Once you’ve made the changes you’re supposed to, that issue is fixed, and you’ll no longer experience the lesson. And this helps you move forward again.

The biggest obstacle that Mars in Retrograde can bring to you, is how it’s influence causes feelings of frustration and anger. Which means you can make rash decisions and take impulsive actions. It’s important to slow down during this period and not to make any important decisions while you’re angry.

I’m sure I will be hearing from many of my clients during this Retrograde time, and they will be on the edge and upset, and perhaps talking about getting a divorce or quitting a job. But Wait! SLOW DOWN! It can get CRAZY when Mars energy is influencing you in this way. Meditate, and ask yourself, “what’s my lesson about this situation?” “What can I learn from this situation?” Even if you have to scream out loud at first, then you might start to feel it and ask the Universe or you’re higher-self exactly what’s going on. Answers always come soon after we feel like we’ve broke down.

~One point past I quit, is always Breakthrough!

Wherever Mars in Retrograde is in your personal Astro “Birth Chart” is the area of your life that will not move quickly for the next several months. There’s absolutely no sense in pushing these issues, but there’s probably a bigger reason to be paying attention to this area of your life. Stop and smell the roses. Because that is where you can make the biggest changes that hopefully lead you to something better once this Retrograde cycle is complete.

If you don’t know where or how Mars will affect you during this Retrograde cycle, you can simply *Purchase* a “One Question” Reading and ask me, “How will Mars Retrograde affect me?” and I will do the research and look at your chart, and tell you where you need to keep calm and can expect things to slow down. I will also discuss exactly what part of you life you should not be jumping to conclusions in. Hopefully this can help you avoid mistakes and mishaps, and you can learn something and heal.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

Venus moves into Sagittarius


Astro Alert 
Venus in Sagittarius
December 30th – January 23rd

The planet Venus rules over our relationships and often our money, it changes signs from seductive, soul searching Scorpio into adventurous, quick moving Sagittarius early today. This helps us to feel more social again after being hidden in deeper, sensual Scorpio for awhile now. So get ready the adventures in love begin now, this isn’t just about our relationships with lovers or partners, it’s also about the relationship you have with yourself. How exciting has your life been?… well it certainly can pick up the pace now as this energy can help you to really enjoy life again if you choose to explore your passions and take some risks. We’re more inclined to connect to people that are different from ourselves, people with different backgrounds and upbringing. We’re off to explore new things, so if you’re single…dating can get very interesting during this time. We are looking for an adventure in our love life and in social settings with others. This energy is hot…with Sagittarius being a fire sign. It can be downright exotic! Whew, make it fun!

With Venus in Sagittarius we are more then willing to take some risks with others, and we can express ourselves and what’s on our mind quite bluntly too! Be careful to think before you speak over these next three and half weeks. Yes, keeping our mouths shut seems to be the theme this week, even though most will have difficulty with it. But Sagittarius energy is very to the point, and we can easily say what’s on our mind and hurt others feelings, when that really isn’t our intention, so think about what your going to say before you communicate or express yourself.

We need to somehow have an adventure with our partners or ourselves… so maybe take a trip, as getting away from our normal everyday rountines can help us heal and feel better about our life, and open our hearts and minds. Sagittarius energy is very spiritual actually and can help us also learn how to connect again to our spirit and the Universe, so that’s another way to gain a new perspective… just by going through your heart, just close your eyes and get connected again to your spirit and feel the energy and the possibilities! Get out there and explore life with Venus in Sagittarius, it can be just the breath of fresh air you’ve been needing. ~Ruby

Mercury in Sagittarius


Mercury the planet that rules communication and information has been in more mysterious, but highly communicative Scorpio for quite awhile. Today mental Mercury switches gears once again and shifts into more adventurous Sagittarius, where it will transit until December 9th.

While Mercury was in Scorpio, our way of thinking was more deep and focused within ourselves, we spent a lot of time researching our deeper emotions, and our souls path. With Mercury in Sagittarius, the energy is lighter and our thinking process shifts into looking outside ourselves again, and at the whole picture. We are more focused on the details but not to precise with information.

Mercury being in Sagittarius can be a double-edged sword, simply because we’re way more open-minded and feel the need to learn a wide range of topics, but we can take it too far and get lost. We also tend to say “exactly” what is on our minds, without giving much thought or consideration to those around us. It seems to just come out of us, no matter how we’re expressing ourselves. Usually, unless provoked we don’t mean any harm or want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that’s exactly what seems to happen.

Our ideals are sought after, our thinking is optimistic and our faith once again increases. Why? Because we simply believe again! Therefore, since we feel more able to believe things outside of ourselves again, we’re also easier to persuade. Balance is very important in this energy, as what’s fair or not seems to be most concerning now. Lots of checks and balances going on in our minds. Just enjoy the energy, but think before you speak if it all possible or it can get quite aggressive.

New Moon in Sagittarius


Saturday – New Moon Update
“Create your future”

Early this morning the New Moon comes together in optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius, and we’re looking for something different, bigger, truthful and honest!

It’s a great time to start new projects, especially if it involves travel or exploring new territory! It’s important to remember if you change your thoughts, you literally change the world around you. We manifest from the inside out. So take a look around and see things differently, and gain a fresh new perspective in this Sagittarius energy.
This energy is about taking action and moving forward, in our minds and with our bodies. Physical movement can help us gain that new perspective I’m talking about. This energy will definitely try and lead us down new paths and into new directions. Be mindful and ask the Universe for what you want, to ensure your heading down the right path.

The New Moon in Sagittarius main message is… it’s ok to have a space within yourself that still respects old traditional ways of doing things. But it’s important to not struggle and repeat history, by doing things the old way, if it didn’t work for you once before then it’s time to try something new.

Practice compassion with yourself, in other words give yourself a break! Some good questions to ask the Universe if you plan on “Setting Intentions” (best energy is Saturday for New Moon work)
Why are you here this go round? Where are you going in life? What beliefs do you hold on to, that don’t work for you anymore? What do you believe now, and what do you know to be true? What should you trust in and where should you take a leap of faith at?

The New Moon holds the best energy to “set intentions” in, it’s a very powerful time. Intentions are best done right after the New Moon comes exact, but not when the Moon shifts into the ‘Void” of Course phase. So this month that would be Saturday morning through Sunday evening.

“Blessed New Moon”

Illusions of Love



Venus square Neptune
“Illusions in love”

Venus governs love and relationships, and sometimes money. Neptune represents our dreams, spirituality and illusions. This tense aspect can cause irresponsible behavior and bring problems to our relationships, and it’s here through this weekend. We’re in a illusion and can find love in the wrong place or person. Financial and legal issues are possible, as this energy causes mental fogginess and confusion. Our confident attitude is over the top and can cause our dreams of love to come crashing down.

Venus is much more upbeat in Sagittarius normally, but with it squaring against Neptune in it’s own sign of Pisces, we can feel like we’re in a dream and can’t wake up. In relationships deep emotional issues can become the topic of discussion in relationships. The visions we hold now about love and money can simply be unattainable. This can cause us to feel let down, and a sense of loss, pain and even grief can take ahold, especially with our partners or with someone we trust.

With Venus in Sagittarius we seem to have a very optimistic view on love, but during this time don’t rely on optimism alone. We’re not thinking realistically and distractions are everywhere. Don’t be naive and give your heart away to the wrong person that later you could resent. Those dreams and fantasies you have aren’t going to probably happen right now. The same rules apply to our finances, pay attention and be careful. Avoid financial dealings with people you don’t trust. Don’t do business with anyone far away during this time, and if you run your own business try to wait until next week.

Even though Venus in Sagittarius can lighten up the mood in our relationships and social lives, relationships aren’t what they appear to be right now, because not everything has been revealed yet. Despite our optimism we can end up with a underlying sense of sadness…. a place were we feel like we’ve lost hope and faith. It’s important not to drown your sorrows through alcohol or drugs, Neptune’s shadow side is often escape through addiction. Let your intuition be your guide to figure what’s real and what’s false. There’s also some bizarre spiritual experiences happening during this time, as our dreams can be wild and very symbolic. The Universe is trying to tell you something, but it’s coming in all foggy and fuzzy in this energy. Keep paying attention!

Full Moon on Friday the 13th


Full Moon in Sagittarius – Thursday/Friday Morning

“Balance your Heart and Mind”

The Moon turns full tonight/early Friday morning in fiery, adventurous Sagittarius. For the next two weeks we’re deeply searching for balance, so it’s the best time
to find ways to align your world. Full Moons are very emotional energy, were everything is just bigger, both good and bad. With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, this energy is about balancing our minds and our hearts…then you can find new possibilities!

Balance is this Full Moons keyword. Our minds are being influenced by the Sun in Gemini, and with the Moon in Sagittarius we search for the bigger truth… so use your lower mind to expand your awarness, and see what your new possibilities are.
It’s important to do something differently, so go on a different path, or try something unique and random. That’s how to find the answers and balance the energies.
Sagittarius is about  the adventure, and Gemini helps us to be social and learn from others. Balance!

For the next two weeks we’re really, deeply looking for balance. This is the best time to seek out ways to align your world. Balance is exactly what this Full Moon is all about; with our minds being influenced by the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius influencing us to search for a bigger truth. It’s important to get out and do things differently than what you’re used to. That’s the only way you’re going to find ways to balance the energies. More than likely you’re not going to find the answers in any familiar environments, which is so Sagittarius! But the Gemini Sun will help you to interact with others and be social, so you can learn and share knowledge, which is so Gemini! See how that works, lol.

Sagittarius’s influence teaches us to look at the big picture and helps us to have a larger perspective. It helps us to look beyond the details, or whatever we believe we already know. The Sagittarius Moon is about what we’ve learned along the way in our personal experiences and the wisdom we have gained. Gemini wants us to be connected to our more immediate environment and use our minds for sharing information, because we can process very quickly and learn fast!

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is currently in “Retrograde,” and in Cancer……and is also in trine with Neptune in Pisces. This helps us to pay attention to that little voice inside of us – and work on having better relationships with the Universe – because it’s all about learning how to hear our intuition with our minds. It’s time to pay attention to the balance between your heart and mind again!

Ask yourself, during this Full Moon, how to communicate. How is that inner voice working for you, is it in your favor or your worst critic? ~Ruby

Approaching Full Moon – “Angels Among Us”

Wednesday – ‘approaching Full Moon’
“Angels Among Us”

The Moon’s shift earlier today into fiery Sagittarius, is the beginning of the energy that builds into a ‘Full Moon’, late Thursday night/early Friday morning around Midnight. This also happens to be on a Friday the 13th! How fun is that?

I love it, only because I see the number 13 as very lucky. In Numerology (the study of the symbolism of numbers) the number 13 is broken down into 4, and fours are totally the Angelic Realm to me. That’s my total positive spin on the whole unlucky number 13 thing. That means that the Angels are with us on a 13th of any day, and yes even the ohh so dreaded Friday the 13th! If you’re feeling scared or fearful, and are just nervous about this Friday the 13th, why not try just visualizing the Angels surrounding you, protecting you and blessing you with what you truly desire. I will have much more later, about all this upcoming energy, posted right here on my blogs and over on my Facebook page. ~Ruby

Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday the 13th!!

Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday the 13th!!

Get ready for a Full Moon in Sagittarius Thursday/Friday night around midnight into Friday the 13th!! It maybe intense, out there. I will have much more on this Wednesday! ~Ruby

Sun enters Sagittarius

Sun enters Sagittarius

Sun enters Sagittarius, wanna know if this is going to help us feel better?

We’ve had a rough month, it’s been hard living life so deeply with Mercury, Saturn, Moon’s North Node, and the Sun in Scorpio. We’ve been observers and researchers, as we secretly have been dealing with some serious darker stuff emotionally.

This Full Moon in Taurus seemed to really expose our more vulnerable side, as it tested our patience which taught us to grow and evolve…but for some that was kicking and screaming. But with Mercury now direct or back to normal, many of us learned how to fix mistakes and misunderstandings, with our thinking a little more clear.

These last few weeks alone have been intense, but you’ll notice a shift coming on Thursday. When the Sun shifts from the deeper waters of Scorpio, into the more lighter energy of Sagittarius. Over the next four weeks during this transit we will come out of the shadows and into the light, as the Sun asks us to come play in its warmth.

We’ll feel safe roaming and looking for adventures, with the Sun in Sagittarius.
We feel free in this energy and our hopefulness is restored. We’re now able to see our opportunities, as we work on expansion.

While taking this carefree trip we have to first rid of what holds us down. If you remain attached to emotional, mental, physical, or material burdens it’s going to drag you down, so let go of all that junk! Free yourself of these problems and live in the present moment. Sagittarius energy is about the future, make things simple and honest.. don’t take that baggage with you, or you could miss out.

Will be more curious and daring to go out and search and wander unfamiliar territory. We feel free and can shine as we escape from our fears, they were just an illusion. Next week you’ll notice how some of your fears melt away, because you realize they’re not the reality anymore.

The Sun in Sagittarius helps us see why we exist again. This helps us to trust in the Universe and creates a space to believe in something. We become the light that guides us towards a happier life for ourselves and others both. We are going to be full of shiny more happy energy that will help us enjoy people and situations. We’re full of new ideas and philosophies, this can help us to grow. Our confidence gives us courage and conviction to take the lead, this puts us on new paths to new journeys in our life. We will want to get out and explore the world.

This opens the doors to amazing opportunities that are all things Sagittarian.
Like travel, higher learning, spiritual journey’s, school, books and reading, foreign places and things, religion and philosophy, dreams and Ah-ha moments.
Some of you will take a new journey, that’s focused on what the true meaning of life is, as you gain more knowledge of what your sense of purpose looks like. ~Ruby

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