Mercury Goes Direct Day!


Happy Mercury goes direct day!
by ~Ruby

Mercury in Retrograde is officially “Over” and is finally turned direct and is at a complete stop or halt, but… do not jump and start anything brand-new just yet! This is a not time for endings, conclusions, or resolutions, not just yet. Communications, electronic glitches, and miscommunications will slowly come to a halt over the next few weeks, but it’s really one day at a time. Mercury is also involved in a couple of longer term transits that make things a little rough this week.

Mercury rules over our communications and how we think and how we process information. Have you noticed how confused everyone has been over the three weeks? Mercury has been going backward (Retrograde) for the last three weeks now and caused some serious frustrations, but this energy also has helped many of us discover important truths. The past might have shown up in one way or another and helped us see things in a different way.

Now is the time to wrap up old business and then soon we can start fresh again. If you really want to be out of the “Shadow” period of Mercury in Retrograde and leave no room for errors, then safely I would say start new projects in two weeks around Feb. when the “New Moon” occurs. It will be a great time to start new beginnings on may levels, and we will be able to focus and see much more clearly.

You might be curious about what to do now if you shouldn’t start anything new. Mercury is paused in the cosmos and our thoughts might be feeling stuck… so it’s a great time to take all the truths and information you’ve gathered during Mercury’s Retrograde phase and start planning out goals, clearing out spaces on all levels, and preparing for your future success story! This Retrograde phase gave us an opportunity to really review our lives from a different perspective, think about what you have learned during its Rx phase and soon enough you’ll be able to start new projects.

Hopefully over the next week or so whatever we encountered during Mercury in Retrogrades cycle should begin to clear up. But starting today the energies are going to come on very strong and can flood us with information that’s hard to make sense of. May I highly suggest to not make any major decisions just yet, as our way of thinking maybe still off and there’s information we haven’t made sense of that’s going to continue to come in over these next few weeks, just give it time to all go back to normal. ~Ruby

Full Moon in Leo


Full Moon in Leo
by ~Ruby

Saturday evening around 7:45pm CST this month’s Full Moon comes together in loving, dramatic Leo. I use lot of interesting words in my blogs to describe each sign and planet, to help you understand that each sign and planet have their very own unique traits, and how their energy is influencing all of us. So with that being said, we can be more dramatic now, but also very loving and passionate with the Moon in Leo. Full Moons usually bring up issues around relationships, but not just with our lovers, but also with our friends, families, co-workers and ourselves…especially this Full Moon, because it’s in Leo, which is represented by the Sun, which is about the “Self”, so this Full Moon wants us to learn more about the relationship we have with ourselves and how to accept who you are.

A Full Moon is actually a tense opposition between the Sun and Moon, so we are put on a journey of self-discovery now and need find balance between the Sun in Aquarius traits and the Moon in Leo traits. Over the next few weeks you can be put into situations that help make you aware of the balance you need to strike between these two energies. This Aquarius/Leo polarity is where we focus. Let me break this down even more to help make sense of it all.

Aquarius energy is all about the future-visions you hold, and the equality you seek…it reminds you in order to be strong and unified with others you must find inner-strength in being alone first. Leo energy on the other hand is all about our individual-self and how we express ourselves, our creativity, and the connections you make with others, also it’s about how you connect to your heart and find your inner happiness.

This Full Moon is a reminder for everyone, that they have their own power to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small, especially if we join together…then your inner light will get even stronger, as there is truly power in numbers. If you want to see the world shift into something better (Aquarius), each of us must do our own part and share our unique special gifts (Leo). This is how you work with the energies you need to balance during this months Full Moon.

It’s time to own who you are and walk along your own personal journey, because life’s too damn short to be wasted on things you aren’t deeply passionate about. Like the Leo energy we’re under, get out there and express yourself fully. Leo is about having no regrets once you leave this place, so quit playing it safe and just existing in life and get out there and make your mark and live.

During this Full Moon you might be feeling the push to go out of your comfort zones, and also acknowledge that you’re not alone, but that we all are in this together. If you get out of your comfort zones or quit playing it safe you might have to deal with some uncomfortable energy, but just for a little bit.

I invite you under this glorious Full Moon in Leo Saturday/Sunday to get quiet and to make out a list of questions to yourself and the Universe (or your higher-self, Angels, Guides, the God of your knowing) and set some intentions, and plant some energetic seeds. For more info about how exactly to do this energetic ritual…please click the link here…

Here are some questions you should be asking: Where can my voice be heard?
How can I make small steps for others to see my vision for the future? Where can I use my special gifts. What is my role at this time in my life? And remember no matter how much you actually do of this or not, taking some action is the step in the right direction, no matter how big or small it is. It’s never too late to make a difference to yourself and others. ~Ruby

Is 2016 a Bad Year?


Is 2016 a Bad Year ?

Many folks are asking why so many people, pets, actors and such are crossing over this last few weeks. It seems terrible when something unexpected happens, especially death. Just over the last few weeks I’ve known a few people and pets myself personally who have crossed over, so it’s been sad on many levels.

But we must remember the Numerology of 2016 when reduced down is a 9, so both globally and universally we are in a year of Endings. It is a year of Karma coming back around for better or worse. Karma does NOT mean you pay for all the bad you did in life or from past lives! Karma is the energy around us…it’s bad, good and indifferent, it’s the energy that comes back around and takes over for reasons sometimes we don’t understand. The word Karma is used incorrectly all the time nowadays, it does not always mean to be punished, Karma doesn’t have to be a negative entity. It’s the energy we are drawing to us either consciously or unconsciously at all times. That doesn’t mean everyone will die or lose something this year…simply put Karma is actually life lessons in my opinion, and what you put out does come back, but often life lessons don’t seem fair. But that’s a whole different conversation for another time.

For many folks that means 2016 is a time to move forward, and hopefully to bigger and better things. Those that have transitioned over recently have finished their life lessons here or soul contracts. It was their time to go home. And for those of you who are going through other major changes right now, a better solution is around the corner for you, and different opportunities will show up, just remember you may have to take a risk to make things work for you or to grab opportunities as they come in.

Again, don’t be afraid that this is a Number 9 Year… 2016 it’s about Endings and New Beginnings. We as Astrologers can only speculate exactly what gateway has been opened for so many people to cross-over through, but my bet would be that Mars being in Scorpio has something to do with it. There’s also a major planetary alignment lining up involving a whole bunch of planets on the 20th, this too might be what’s opened up a special gateway for people to transition over. Even if we’re not exactly sure why these deaths keep happening, one thing I feel very strongly about is when lots of people choose to leave the planet at once, it’s because there’s major change happening, which usually means we’re evolving in a very big way right now. So they had to leave here to do very important work that we don’t understand.

For now I offer my condolences to those of you who have lost someone important this year. Just know after a crisis usually something good will show up in one way or another. And for anyone suffering just remember we have to be in the dark to see the Stars!

There’s also two Grand Trines (good energy) happening this week which is a rare occurrence, so things can be a bit easier than last week. Just over the last day or so there’s a Grand Trine in stable Earth Signs coming together, so you should be able to accomplish a great deal despite Mercury being in Retrograde. We can be very practical, logical and methodical.

The next Trine is on Friday in water signs, and everyone can feel quite Psychic for the week. This will be a very dreamy week, probably starting Wednesday as this influence starts to pull together and helps us tap into our intuition. But for those of you who are highly sensitive or of a empathic nature, you may feel highly emotional and over sensitive, so protect your energy from those that seem like they’re on a power trip. Shields Up! But overall you should enjoy this energy more then anything. Remember it’s always about making the best of things also. ~Ruby

Mars in Scorpio


Astro Alert
Mars in Scorpio
By ~Ruby

(This astrological influence affects all the signs of the Zodiac! It’s not just for Sun in Scorpio people.)

Mars shifts into emotionally deep, soul-searching Scorpio this morning. It’s influence can have us feeling more cunning, stealth, covert, and playing protector to who we’re emotionally attached to…it helps us to be masterminds, we now will play to win! Mars is strong in Scorpio! It’s the planet that rules our actions, assertion, will, bravery, and brutality…it’s raw pure energy!

Mars has been in more graceful Libra and has helped us play diplomat for awhile now, in Libra it was all about learning how to fight fair. But with Mars now in Scorpio, life simply isn’t fair. Tense situations are black or white in this energy, as Scorpio energy says, “pick one side or the other.” It’s easier to accept challenges and make changes now, because our concentration and willpower is strong, and frankly, stepping on other people’s toes doesn’t bother us as much as it should, not if we are doing it to survive.

We rely heavily on our gut instincts as Scorpio energy is very Psychic, we can see though others and their bullshit to be honest. We can be more manipulative and secretly expose others and the truth, and if we don’t agree with someone…we’ll probably never tell them, instead we work behind the scenes making it more difficult for them or oppose them…all while seeming cool and calm on the outside, but feeling totally indifferent on the inside.

Mars in Scorpio is the undercover lover and extremely potent sexually, so we tend to feel more sexy and work at making our fantasies come alive… so we can be attracted sexually to what’s considered taboo…like watching others surrender their bodies in one way or another. Our sex appeal is extremely strong with Mars in Scorpio energy, it’s provocative and can help bring us out of the closet sexually speaking!

Mars in Scorpio can keep us quite driven, as its influence can have us testing others and ourselves, as we can make up all kinds of rules and goals just for our own personal satisfaction once we have mastered them. Our instinct to survive is very strong, due to Scorpio being the sign of transformation. In this energy we understand and respect the fact that we all have to die to live or move on, so we’re not scared to push limits and cross boundaries. But we’ll more then likely tip-toe over them and make sure no one is watching! This energy keeps us from feeling guilty because we embrace our own animal nature! Mars runs through March 5th in Scorpio, so get in touch with your own personal power and transform yourself!

Mercury In Retrograde


Thursday – New Years Eve 
Mercury Retrograde “Station”

Mercury the planet that rules over communication, expression and travel is slowing down now to go into its Retrograde cycle on January 5th! Many folks have already been experiencing the annoying electronic glitches and miscommunication Mercury in Retrograde brings. But there’s more to Mercury’s lessons then just feeling annoyed. I know you’re shaking your head right now.

Mercury will be in Retrograde for 3 and half weeks and there’s lessons to be learned during this time. Mercury is also known as the trickster of the Zodiac and will fool you…if you allow it too! Mercury rules the lower mind, so don’t allow it to trip you up…as it makes things seem different then they actually are. Watch out for illusions!

On a more positive note, as we go into the “station” period of this aspect we can begin to work on organizing our life in big ways, it’s time to work on projects left undone, and is good for researching ways to fix problems. Also the “Truth” seems to come out during a Mercury in Retrograde phase, so ask the Universe to show you the truth around what you’re needing to know. It just might get interesting!

Over the next 9 days, until Jan. 9th we’ll need to be extra patient with others and ourselves. Especially around communicating and transportation, and its associated technologies. This isn’t a good time to really start anything brand-new, especially if it contains any new information that needs to be processed. We need to stick to what we’ve been doing and work on situations that have already been happening.

During this station period we can experience delays and there can be misunderstandings, as the energy can feel stuck, paused, stagnant and just off. It’s important to give yourself some extra time when getting ready to go anywhere or traveling.

Take into consideration that our minds and thoughts are ruled by Mercury, and it has come to a stop and is preparing to basically go backwards, for the next three and half weeks. This affects all of us, if you understand it or not. It can be hard for some and not to bad for others, depending on where it lands in your own personal Natal Chart.

Understand people are going to be confused or so it seems, which can lead to frustrating circumstances, be prepared and pay attention to help clear up any misunderstandings that do happen. Acting out and losing your cool will not help you now, as every one of us are affected by this energy! The phone might accidently hang up or not even work, your car might suddenly breakdown, your plane ride might get delayed. Don’t look to lay blame on someone if one of these things happen, it’s not about fault. It’s about using your mind to find creative ways out of situations, it’s challenging energy but it’s also resourceful and great for organizing your world in.

Also we may learn the truth about, well just about anything, as there is lots of ways to handle this astrological influence, and I’ve got them all written down, so keep reading my Blogs and we will get through this together. I’m strongly affected by Mercury in Retrograde as its very predominate in my own personal Natal Chart, and I was born during a Mercury in Retrograde cycle! Sigh. I’m here to help you understand it and work through it. It’s in your best interest to stay positive and patient now and hopefully you’ll come out unscathed and maybe even learn a few things. ~Ruby 

Venus moves into Sagittarius


Astro Alert 
Venus in Sagittarius
December 30th – January 23rd

The planet Venus rules over our relationships and often our money, it changes signs from seductive, soul searching Scorpio into adventurous, quick moving Sagittarius early today. This helps us to feel more social again after being hidden in deeper, sensual Scorpio for awhile now. So get ready the adventures in love begin now, this isn’t just about our relationships with lovers or partners, it’s also about the relationship you have with yourself. How exciting has your life been?… well it certainly can pick up the pace now as this energy can help you to really enjoy life again if you choose to explore your passions and take some risks. We’re more inclined to connect to people that are different from ourselves, people with different backgrounds and upbringing. We’re off to explore new things, so if you’re single…dating can get very interesting during this time. We are looking for an adventure in our love life and in social settings with others. This energy is hot…with Sagittarius being a fire sign. It can be downright exotic! Whew, make it fun!

With Venus in Sagittarius we are more then willing to take some risks with others, and we can express ourselves and what’s on our mind quite bluntly too! Be careful to think before you speak over these next three and half weeks. Yes, keeping our mouths shut seems to be the theme this week, even though most will have difficulty with it. But Sagittarius energy is very to the point, and we can easily say what’s on our mind and hurt others feelings, when that really isn’t our intention, so think about what your going to say before you communicate or express yourself.

We need to somehow have an adventure with our partners or ourselves… so maybe take a trip, as getting away from our normal everyday rountines can help us heal and feel better about our life, and open our hearts and minds. Sagittarius energy is very spiritual actually and can help us also learn how to connect again to our spirit and the Universe, so that’s another way to gain a new perspective… just by going through your heart, just close your eyes and get connected again to your spirit and feel the energy and the possibilities! Get out there and explore life with Venus in Sagittarius, it can be just the breath of fresh air you’ve been needing. ~Ruby

Love Horoscopes for Fall 2015


Love Horoscope Fall of 2015

Wouldn’t it be nice to know we could count on the one we love? Fall of 2015 has a strong energy to help us along in our romantic relationships, we have a strong since of duty and loyalty to the object of our affection.

With the “Cosmic Lovers” Venus and Mars both in sensitive Virgo this Fall, we tend to think of our lovers needs first before our own. Our focus becomes on how to make our partners feel loved and taken care of. It’s the little actions we take that prove our love and commitment in this energy. We might see things like our partners making dinner, cleaning up the house while we’re away, and foot massages being offered. Those are just a few examples of how we might express our love in this energy.

This is a time where we show how we care about each other through our actions. But it’s more about taking care of our partners, it’s not so much big grand displays of affection…but the little things that really matter. The romance might come alive in this energy, as we feel like breaking out the wine and sitting by the fire together. We tend to want to help our partners out by taking care of those little daily chores and tasks that keep our lives running smoothly.

Mars enters Virgo on September 24th and stays there through November 12th, then Venus enters Virgo on October 8th through November 8th. What’s all that mean?


So when these two come together in such a loyal, earthy, practical sign such as Virgo. We can feel nostalgic and sentimental with our partners. We feel a sense of being home with the ones we love, we’re loyal and want to serve those that have committed to us.

Take note that the best days for love this fall are on September 23rd, when Venus trines Pluto when the planet of love meets the planet of transformation. Then on October 25th, loving Venus and happy-go-lucky Jupiter come together. That’s lucky in love! Another day that love seems to be in the air is November 2nd, when Venus and Mars come together harmoniously…which happens in Virgo, and this can be a sexy kinda of energy, because Virgo is an earth sign anyway.

Relationships become more important in little ways this fall, if we take into consideration that a supportive Lunar Eclipse in Aries, falls on September 27th. Take note Eclipses are always powerful new beginnings, and Aries fire likes to initiate new energy! Perfect for renewals in relationships or for starting new relationships all together. This energy can help us realize if we’re tired of being alone and single, it can help get us out and finally begin dating those that are more suited to who we are. We might just finally be ready to date again or make long-term commitments during the New Moon in Libra (that’s new beginnings in the sign of balance and relationships, and often love) on October, 12th.

It’s important to remember that we should be cautious around how we communicate with our lovers, from Sept. 17th through Oct 9th, while Mercury is in Retrograde in Libra. Don’t let this worry you, especially if you are in a strong relationship already. Just make sure and be clear in what you say and how you say it! After that, it much more harmonious for the rest of Fall of 2015 in our relationships. This is a great time to grow and deepen your bonds with your partner.

The “Evening Star” is going where?

Did you know that Venus is referred to as “The Evening Star”, but soon it will no longer be… after January 2014 it will be called “The Morning Star.” In the meantime Venus will be glowing brighter in the sky more than ever and it’ll be closer to the earth (finally it’s for real not a scam, unlike all those clips we see on Facebook) follow the link below to read more!


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