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Neptune Retrograde – “See through the Illusions”


Neptune Retrograde
By Ruby

“See through the Illusions”
With so many planets now in what’s called “Retrograde” Cycles, things are going to be strange, off, and confusing! The planets currently involved are Saturn, Jupiter, and soon Neptune and Mars will join them going into their own backstroke Retrograde periods. Then in the first week of July Chiron, the “wounded healer” will also enter its Retro phase, which is a whole different story to explain another day.

We are already starting to see folks resurface from our past and some of them will be our ex’s! Please remember just because they’ve come back around isn’t necessarily a sign from the Cosmos that you are destined to be together, it simply can be there’s something you need to say or feel from them. Some of you might have to deal with someone that was more of a feminine influence in your life from your past at one point, and this person can cause you some problems, so be wary if someone you know comes back around and is a woman, or has taken care of you in some maternal manner.

Unfortunately, we are already in some sort of Astrological portal where lots of folks decide to leave the planet and crossover. So you will see or hear of many stars, officials, and entertainers passing. We went through this cycle years ago where lots of famous folks seemed to check out, and then we experienced a shorter version of this same energy last year when we lost so many famous folks like Prince. So through the beginning of September, you will probably hear more sad news about famous people making their transition. I should also mention this can affect locally famous people as well. Keep in mind sometimes being famous just means being very popular among your peers.

The other issue is there’s a strong rise of suicides happening. Sigh. With Neptune going Retrograde, this energy can be experienced so deeply that its influence makes some folks not only want to escape but it pulls on them to leave or get out of this physical reality in some way. The shadow side of Neptune’s traits are illusions, dreams, escapism, denial, and its influence often is associated with addiction like drug overdoses!

Neptune Retrograde begins June 18th!
But we are already in the “Shadow Period” which just means the planet is slowing down to go Retrograde, so this energy is clearly already affecting us. So let’s focus on this period and the spiritual journey we should be on during this time.

Neptune Retrograde starts June 18 and runs through November 24. During this time we should focus more on working together towards common goals, this will help bring in better more positive energies. This is a wonderful time for Spiritual Growth, no matter what your beliefs may be! Neptune rules over our spirit and spiritual journey in this life, and our spiritual growth and expansion.

This particular influence is designed by the Cosmos so you’ll take a time out from your busy life and focus more so on your spiritual journey, to find out truths and expand yourself spiritually. You don’t have to be involved in a spiritual quest the whole time Neptune is in Retrograde, but it’s highly recommended that you do something to connect with your spiritual self. Some examples of this would be taking classes that promote healing of the spirit, be it through meditation, energy healing, perhaps journaling exercises, or taking a yoga class. These really are just a few examples of the many ways you can connect to your spirit or higher self!

A Neptune Retrograde phase can be a serious wake-up call. It tears down the illusions and deceptions that you have formed in your life and that has perhaps made your vision cloudy. Fantasies will be magnified during this time. Life is certainly about to get real folks, and the reality you realize leads to breakthroughs. If you’ve been lying to yourself about something this Retrograde cycle can help you see the truth.

A client I know had been struggling to stay in a relationship with a married man for nearly four years, when she went through her last Neptune Retrograde, he actually went back to his wife for good, and she realized there would be no divorce after all, there was never a secure relationship in the future with him.

Another client of mine realized he wasn’t going to get a promotion he had been wanting from the small family-owned company he had worked at for years. He was looked over and that was a tough blow. But Neptune Retrograde helped him see this company would never come through and promote him because he came across an email from the boss that they were only promoting their family members, which he wasn’t. The further you are from the truth the bigger the messages will be.

Neptune’s Retrograde phase is going to bring some challenges and this can make you feel bad about yourself. It’s the worst time to have a pity party, however, and actually feeling bad can cause some folks to get too depressed and make very dangerous choices as we’ve already seen, as there’s a very thin line between what’s real and illusion during this time. And as we try to escape our current reality these lines can be blurred and we can slip and do things we never would normally do.

So if you feel bad please talk to someone, anyone, just reach out and don’t allow yourself to get sucked into this energy. And remember one point past “I Quit”, is always breakthrough!! Which means in simple terms most folks who have tried to commit suicide and weren’t successful will tell you they realized that their problems could and would get better!

Use this Neptune Retrograde time for the better, for spiritual growth and expansion. Get involved with other folks in things like metaphysics, Astrology, and energy healing. Tap into your higher-self and maybe take some spiritual or cosmic classes.

If you’re not too sure what you can do to tap into your spirituality, your Astrology Birth Chart can show you what part Neptune Retrograde will be cruising through this time around, and what part of your life it will be affecting. If you would like a Reading on how this Neptune in Retrograde will affect you and learn how to follow your own spiritual journey that’s suited just to your own needs. Order a One Question Reading from me. (this is a service and does cost.)
I will do the necessary research and tell you all about your Neptune Retrograde experience and your spiritual journey.

For now, these Readings are by phone only and are not Reports.

June Monthly Update


June Monthly Update
By Ruby

June will be quite an active month with lots of planets entering their Retrograde cycles. This is going to really slow things down folks. First, off Mars, the planet that helps motivate us goes Retro on the 26th, and both Jupiter and Saturn are already in their Retrograde cycles, therefore change is a strong factor in the June Forecast.
Also, Neptune, the planet of spirit and dreams is starting to slow down as it gets ready for its Retrograde cycle on June 18th, this can be a wake-up call, where we have an opportunity to see where reality has been distorted by our own ideals. The truth of what’s really been going on just might surprise you.
On June 13th, the New Moon in curious Gemini give us a chance to plant some seeds of change, and this puts our focus more so on how the power of our thoughts, words, and ideas shape our reality! This energy can help teach you that the way to shift your circumstances is to view your problems from a new or different perspective. Under this Gemini energy, we get the opportunity to see just how this works! We have a chance to use these Gemini energies to view many different perspectives all at one time and gain a greater understanding of how we think or view our lives and situations.
If you feel like you are in a rut or stuck in some way in your life, you can allow this New Moon energy to help you, by taking some time to pause and reflect on your thoughts about what’s been happening and to make necessary changes to your life. Maybe these actions will lead to new and improved outcomes.
On June 15th we will have to deal with mental Mercury’s opposition or connection to Saturn, this means we may have to make some sort of new commitment towards our responsibilities, or an important decision¬†will need to be made at this time around what we are supposed to be doing. With Mercury in the sign of the crab, Cancer, many of you will have to make these decisions around your family or other close relations, home, or real estate. Actually, this Mercury/Saturn energy can help us think much more realistically about our current circumstances. But it also can cause some of you to feel extremely negative or overly critical, cynical, or judgemental in your thinking. It will be important during this time to make sure and not react without really thinking things through first.
The Sun will shift from chatty Gemini, the information collector of the Zodiac, into more withdrawn Cancer on the 21st, which also marks the Summer Solstice. This symbolizes our need to plant roots and to figure out just where we belong in this world, but the Cosmos may not be as cooperative as we would like, and we can feel moody and pensive during this time.
There also is an opposition between the “Cosmic Lovers” of the Zodiac, Venus, and Mars at this time. This energy can churn up our emotional state around what we desire or what we feel we are lacking in our lives, and this is mainly in our intimate relationships. This can cause your resentments to rear their ugly head, but that just means to watch how you treat your partners, loved ones, and close friends. Watch also for a lack of appreciation around what you have to do in life. Be grateful!
The Full Moon on June 27th can be a very strong dramatic turning point for us, as it is in Capricorn, the sign of completion and consequences, and is ruled by rule-maker Saturn. This Moon is closely joining Saturn the “Lord of Karma” during this time, and this can mean this lunation can have a strong sobering tone to it, so many folks might not feel quite like celebrating like usual under the Full Moon energy. But I say CELEBRATE anyway, there are many other Cosmic Connections happening which we can feel grateful for. This energy can help us gain clarity on our priorities and helps us realign with the energies of what is most meaningful to us in life. Which in turn, can help us focus on our jobs, relationships, and other pressing issues that need our attention.
All in all, June seems to be shaping up to help us see what we are supposed to be working towards, while we gain a very realistic view around the things we are doing in life. This can help us get ourselves more organized and right with what matters, and even though it may not be the most fun month of 2018, it can help us concentrate just enough on our responsibilities so we can play and enjoy our lives more so in the months to come.
Have A Good Month, Folks!

Time of Retrogrades



“Time of Retrogrades”

This is what is being called in Astrology as “a time of Retrogrades,” because there are about to be 5 planets in Retrograde, after Mercury goes Retrograde on the 28th. Therefore it’s important to make adjustments, especially around any overly high expectations you’ve created. Don’t be stubborn and close-minded, and don’t blame everyone around you for misunderstandings. There’s no logic to this energy most of the time, it is confusing and a hot mess even sometimes, and that is no one’s fault…nearly every part of our lives is being affected by a planet in Retrograde right now. This means mistakes are going to happen. So try to be more understanding and forgiving! Remember we all are affected by these energies.

The one planet who is off the hook right now during the “Retrogrades” is Venus, her loveliness rules over love, relationships and often money. Venus has entered a challenging connection to fuzzy Neptune, which really can throw us off in our relationships! The focus should be more on what we need or expect in our relationships. This influence can have us feeling quite amazing, so just make sure that you take those rose-colored glasses off from time to time and see what’s real, or at least understand what you’re seeing might just be an illusion based on what you really want to see.

Our strong desire for instant gratification under this influence can cause some issues around seeing the details, we can easily miss things including red flags in relationships or around money endeavors. Impulsive as we might feel, we should make the effort not to purchase anything important, or to commit to a new relationship…at least until the fog has sort of lifted! Be a little or a lot more cautious than usual, especially with your word, agreements or commitments, and dream away instead. Use this powerful energy to visualize what you want in your life! Keep your head in the clouds but don’t float down here and do anything silly or permenant just yet, give it a day or so! ~Ruby

Astro News – Wednesday 20th



Astro News
Wednesday – April 20th
by Ruby

The Moon remains in the balancing act of the Zodiac, Libra all day! So our focus should be on keeping our relationships balanced, and being peaceful with others. But the way this energy works isn’t always so easy going! In fact, there can be some serious arguments as a direct result, but these disagreements are a learning experience, aren’t they, nevertheless.

The Moon is getting bright now and will be completely Full soon. It’s time to make sudden but necessary changes to our plans if need be. Energy anyone? Do you have any? If not, find a way to get some and Don’t Give Up! Keep those fears and negative thoughts at bay, and don’t let them keep you from your plans. It’s time to achieve the goals you’ve envisioned. Keep your mind open and stay flexible no matter what lessons might show up today!

There’s some tense energy between the Sun and Saturn today, this can make you feel blocked and off with certain folks. You may feel like you’re dragged down or in a funk today, and everyone seems to have lost their sense of humor. Boredom can set in when performing normal daily routines, or put in similar circumstances with familiar faces. Don’t allow this influence to make you feel discouraged, it’s just a waste of time and energy. Many of you will look for ways to satisfy your strong need for some excitement. Perhaps by hanging out with new people and in different situations, this influence actually can motivate you and make you feel like getting things done and taking care of business.

Stay focused on your future goals and plans, because you may easily become side tracked. You can feel quite fearless in this energy anyway! Get out and do something fun that stimulates your senses! With so many planets in Retrograde right now most of us are in deep thought, around how to transform something deep within ourselves. The Universe is sending out messages that show you exactly what part of your life you should be working on, just by making some simple changes, be it personal or business. Now is the time! The Moon symbolizes our great light within, and is lighting up the way to meet our full potential! ~Ruby

*Back to School*



Wednesday – Astro News
by Ruby
“Back to School”

The Moon remains in Cancer all day and evening long, this keeps us feeling sensitive, emotional, and intense. This particular time with the Moon in the sign of the Crab seems to have been especially exhausting for many of you, and it’s even made some folks feel quite sad, emotional and depressed! More than likely it’s potent side effects are due to so many planets going into Retrograde now or already in their Retrograde phases. So pay attention and please read and share my blogs, I will help guide you through this energy.

Here’s the cosmic stew currently brewing…Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto will all be Retrograde by late next week. This energy is slowing us down and is bringing up lots of exciting and harsh lessons both. As we get used to so many planets in Retro. over the next few weeks, we may feel confused as situations and people may not make sense. Stay Flexible!! Remain calm, don’t over think and worry. Focus instead on the blessings you already have, and be grateful. If you can remain in that space in your heart, you’ll get through the fog.

And let’s not forget about the “messenger” of the Zodiac, Mercury, who is already in the “Shadow” phase before it goes Retro. on the 28th! Yea I’m sorry for lack of better words, but Mercury in Retro always just pisses me off! Yes I said it, and I meant it! If you aren’t already experiencing electronical glitches and breakdowns, consider yourself very lucky! Mercury in Retrograde is extremely annoying for most, but I must admit it also has some good affects, like it helps bring in the truth and gives us the opportunity to get obsessively organized with just about anything in our life. So Re-think, Re-learn, Re-view, Re-visit and Research during this time, do anything starting with the word “Re” and you’re good. Plan ahead and cleanse yourself and clean out your closets now! That’s what we’re supposed to be doing during Mercury in Retro. Do Not focus on the mess right now, focus on your heart, and again the love you have for yourself and life, and if you can’t find any, then you know your first lesson in all this energy, “Learn How To Love Yourself”

There’s a whole lot of planets in Fire Signs (Aries and Sagittarius) still as well, which is just heating up this Cosmic stew. So let’s think about this energy for a moment. We’re slowed down by the Retrogrades now, but maybe feeling impulsive…and maybe a little confused. The people around us aren’t quite making sense, and we’re fired up to move and take action. It’s a little crazy to be honest out there right now. We don’t know whether we should move forward like we want to or if we should stay still!

So here’s what ya should be doing during this time…I want you to simply Breathe!! As often as you need to right now, just take a deep breath and take a moment, then just take another very long deep breathe in, close your eyes and slowly exhale. Ah there don’t you feel better already? Keep practicing this, it’s that simple. My advice today and over the next few weeks is to Breathe, everytime you feel bad, if you’re confused, scared, or feeling out of control, I want you to remember to BREATHE!

The main thing to know during a Retrograde phase, is thats it’s time to be taking each planets lessons inward and do some serious spiritual work! We can literally transform ourselves, as many of my clients through different situations are already going through it, This energy may be difficult to navigate at times but it can help you do some serious healing, which will help make your life better in one area or many. The choice is yours really, and if your suffering from high-anxiety, depression, or a loss of any kind please seek help, don’t be silent, you’re not alone!

It’s best to hold off on starting anything brand-new right now, as we are standing on very shaky ground. Try to wait at least until you feel more adapted to the energies, and if you have no choice but to do something new, that’s ok, life has to go on if we like it or not. Amazing, transformational things are happening now, visualize your hopes, dreams and wishes now, stay positive and keep climbing!

Pay attention and save this Blog Post or Share it, to remind yourself over the coming months what you need to do to deal with all this energy. Be the eye of the storm and remain calm. Let the Cosmos Retrogrades show you what you need to work on and do the Work, no excuses now, it’s time for us to all go back to school and learn what we need to know to evolve, heal, learn, and grow.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

Saturn Retrograde



*Astro Alert*
“Saturn Retrograde”

Saturn the “Planet of Karma” or the “God of Time”, has slowed down now to prepare for its 5 month long Retrograde phase in Sagittarius through August 2nd, it will then shift back into Scorpio (you’ll remember this energy, because Saturn was in Scorpio for quite a long time in 2014.)

It may feel like our long-term goals are way out of reach and like we’re at a standstill. It’s important to be flexible and open-minded around your frustrations, especially over the weekend and through Monday. Take a deep breath when you can and as often as you need to. If you can think about your commitments in a mature, level headed way… you’ll feel more positive about life.

During this cycle we can get clear about what we’re truly committed to, or not, and just how we’re living out our lives. Get ready to take a long look in the mirror, as we get in touch with our beliefs over the next five months. The energy is slowing way down and we’ll be forced to evaluate our lives and sort of stop to pay attention more. so this can be a very positive energy if you look and appreciate what blessings you do have.

Saturn is about reality and dealing with the mundane part of life, the here and now.  It’s time to be more practical and deal fully with our responsibilities, and take on any consequences for our past actions. Saturn represents the structures we hold, the commitments we have made, and what we have to do in the physical world to survive. We must acknowledge the laws of the physical world, being we live in it. So we must learn how to play “by the book” which will make our lives easier over these next 5 months.

Saturn influences physical time as well. Saturn guides us like a father figure and helps us to grow up and mature. It’s lessons helps us to accept the limitations that are put on us throughout different stages of our life. There’s also lessons about how to set healthy boundaries with others. This energy is all about building something solid for our future, and if you haven’t taking some responsibility in certain areas of your life, then Saturn will make it more clear where you should be during its Retrograde phase.

Saturn is the Cosmic Teacher and he will have a class for each of us during this Retrograde cycle. So think about what lessons he wants you to learn over the next five months. Where should you be taking full responsibility in your life? If you’re not sure what part of your life your being asked to look at… think about what you should be handling more maturely. What should you be committing to?

Face your Fears


Tuesday – “Face your Fears”
Pluto “Station” from Retrograde

Powerful Pluto has been Retrograde for the last 5-months. This energy is helping us to change, but it’s been a path of waking through some tough lessons to get that change. Many of us our in major transformations right now. Pluto is moving slowly back to its normal pace from being retrograde through Sept 28th. During its station period as its called, the energy of Pluto is intensified.

Pluto is all about learning how to be the light in order to see through the dark! And many of us have had some darker experiences over these last five months. But this transforms us, and helps us to understand that nothing on this earth is forever. Because death is not a ending on any level, it always brings us to a new SW which is Pluto’s message to us.

Pluto is stationed through October 2nd, when it goes back to its regular speed, so we can feel quite uncomfortable during this time. This has affected each of us in a unique and different way. It just depends on where Pluto lands in your own personal natal chart, as to what part of your life it’s been reconstructing.

Pluto’s brings us messages on a deep Soul Level. Pluto give us challenges so that we can discover how to work our own personal power, so usually it’s lessons are no walk in the park. This energy can empower us, this teaches us how to find our deepest passions and go after them.  But sometimes things need to be tore down or destroyed, so that we can rebuild and make something better.

Pluto also represents our own personal transformation, as we grow and evolve. It helps us to deal with endings, so we may have new beginnings. This energy shows us how to see the darker side of life as a gift. This teaches us how to use our inner light. It’s about the death and re-birth process for us.

Pluto is going to get to the truth of the matter on a deep soul level, as it removes what’s no longer working for us, and replaces that with something different or new, something that matches with our deep desires and soul path. If we resist the deep changes Pluto brings in, we can suffer… but if we allow the process to happen we can move forward and feel empowered.

Look deeply at the problems that are up in your face over the next few weeks or so. Pay attention to what’s no longer working in your life, ask what’s off or unbalanced. If your choosing to work with Pluto more Spiritually, then ask yourself the following questions… What am I not letting go of out of fear? What fears, habits or behaviors are stopping me from being in control? This energy is about taking on your fears and figuring out your strengths, hence feeling your own power!