2017 A New Year!

A New Year!
And your New Year’s Resolutions
By Ruby


The general attitude about 2016 is that it was a very bad year, and with all of the celebs deaths alone it has been very difficult. Many of my clients have lost loved ones this year as well, so it’s been quite disheartening. 2016 has been a year full of challenges and endings for many folks. But 2017 is predicted to be a much happier overall healthier year! Let’s look at this more closely. The Numerology of 2016 equals to a Number 9 year, which is a year of endings, restrictions, and even death. This is the reason why there have seen so many folks crossing over these last few weeks, it is the Number 9 energy coming to a close. This energy is pushing souls to make their transition as we get closer to the end of this cycle. It seemed over the past week nearly every day we have had to say farewell to a beloved celebrity.

A soul knows what it is here to do and experience, such as the case with Carrie Fisher’s passing last week and her mother, legendary actress Debbie Reynold’s. Debbie’s last words before her death were that she wanted to be with Carrie. A mother and daughter soul mate relationship who clearly held a special relationship in this world and in eternity. It’s bittersweet but is an example of how the Souls purpose plays itself out. Who knows now what these two will do together in the afterlife, we probably will never know but one thing is for certain it’s important that they do it together!

This year has been a heavy Karmic year, as many folks have expressed to me just how challenging it has been. There’s a shift coming, a change! The good news is that 2017 is a Number 1 Year, a year of new beginnings, which gives us hope and a renewed perspective. So it’s time to leave the past behind, let go of your disappointments and think about what it is you really want for 2017! I really am looking forward to what 2017 has in store for me and all of you, and I am making personal goals a priority for the coming year.

Why don’t New Year’s resolutions work!
One way for an Astrologer to see how your year is going to go is to look at a person’s personal Natal Chart at the very beginning of the year, to see where the best aspects of the year are going to be for success. As the Cosmos moves it interacts with the planetary energy you were born under and creates opportunities, opposition, good fortune, and challenges. Knowing this information can help you make out your Resolution List/Wish List! It’s much easier to stick with goals and plans in the area of your life where the Universe is already working with you, helping you create what you want rather than having you climb an uphill battle trying to create something the energies aren’t supporting.

If you would like to know what your personal Astrology chart looks like for 2017, and I can also help you with a personal Resolutions List, order a “One Question Reading” with me, just ask me, “What should I be manifesting in 2017?” Why waste all that time and energy on something that may not develop properly? Instead, place your efforts on the areas of your life that the Universe can help bring you the most success in return. Happy New Year!


New Year’s Resolutions and Timing

New Year’s¬†Resolutions and Timing
By Ruby


The best time to make a New Year’s Resolution this year is not on New Year’s Day, instead, there are two wonderful days where the energy lines up just perfectly to make wishes or set intentions for a successful 2017. Often many New Year’s resolutions fail because of the time that they are made, energy is everything people and so is timing. It’s also important to understand what specific resolutions align with your own personal destiny. In other words, some wishes or resolutions are going to work for you better this year due to the energy the cosmos is throwing around then they did last year. We have to match up what energy the cosmos is throwing out there with what it is we want.
There are two days that seem to look the most promising. First December 29th on the actual New Moon! Now usually this one will only work if you have a made a resolution before, and the reason I say this is because we are right smack in the middle of a Mercury in Retrograde cycle. Therefore it’s not a good time to start something brand spanking new, but you can have a do-over or redo around whatever you wish or with a resolution that you might have made in the past. How many of you have asked or set your focus on losing weight for example? If you have and that’s on your list again, then my suggestion is to try it again on the 29th, especially if you haven’t been very successful, it just might be the timing of it all. Whatever you might have set your sights on as a resolution prior can be attempted again on the 29th. This is a great day and is perfect energy to make those New Years Wishes or resolutions.
The next day after the 29th to set some resolutions or intentions is on January 27th, this is on the day of the first New Moon of 2017. Since Mercury (the planet that rules how we think) will be out of Retrograde and moving forward again at that time, you can set some new resolutions for the first time of the year! New Moons are the best time of the month to set intentions under. If you can stick to whatever you are wishing for and keep your commitments for the two weeks until the Full Moon in either Jan or Feb you should see some kind of success. So take the time you need on one or both of these dates to Set Resolutions.
Something we should try to figure out is just what type of resolution will be the most promising and will align up with our own personal destiny in 2017. So if you would like to know what your best or luckiest New Years 2017 resolutions will be, order a “ONE QUESTION READING with me by clicking the link here¬†and send me a message or email asking, “What should be my New Years Resolution for 2017?” ( Please know this payment will only be for the New Years Special and this report will be delivered by email only, any other questions are subject to fees)
Happy Resolution Setting
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