Setting Intentions – New Moon Wishes

Rubys Astro Readings "Setting Intentions with the NEW MOON" There's a New Moon on Tues May 15th, which makes this the best time of the Lunar Month to set some powerful intentions aka Wish Lists, around your future goals. Learning how to work with the cycles of the Moon can be a life changing experience. … Continue reading Setting Intentions – New Moon Wishes

Mercury Retrograde Dec 2017

  The last Mercury Retrograde of 2017 will be in effect from December 3rd through December 22nd, 2017. Sometimes the Universe gives us a break even though it doesn't always feel that way. One thing the cosmos always does is create balance. So the energies get slowed down a bit so we can have the … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde Dec 2017


MERCURY ENTERS SCORPIO By Ruby Mercury is in Scorpio from October 17-November 5, 2017. Mental Mercury (the planet that rules over our thoughts & communication) shifts, as it moves into more soul-searching Scorpio. Our communications take a drastic shift from keeping the peace while Mercury was in balancing Libra, and now into pulling out what's … Continue reading MERCURY ENTERS SCORPIO

Full Moon Guide

Full Moon Guide by Ruby “How does the ‘Full Moon’ affect you, and how do you utilize its potent energy?” During a 'Full Moon' you have an opportunity to bring about some positive changes in your life if you use its energy wisely. It either can increase the positive energy around you or it can … Continue reading Full Moon Guide

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