Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn April 22nd ~Ruby   Pluto starts its reverse movement into Retrograde on April 22nd and runs through September 30th! Pluto Retrograde isn't as glitchy as Mercury or Saturn in Retrograde, so you may hardly notice it unless you work with a lot of people and know their deeper emotional issues. But … Continue reading Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Daily Update – A Turning Point!

  Monday, Jan 8th Daily Update - A Turning Point! For all the Signs of the ZODIAC: The MOON remains in more pleasing, charming LIBRA all day long, so we tend to be more kind to others and even accommodating. The COSMOS is throwing some seriously strong energies together now and we're just trying to … Continue reading Daily Update – A Turning Point!

“Pluto Goes Direct! – Where is your Power?”

Rubys Astro Readings Thursday, Sept 27 "Pluto Goes Direct! - Where is your Power?" Have you been depressed and feeling powerless, well you should read more to learn why! Get ready folks because here we go, literally! Since April 20th, we have been in a deep place of processing about where we have power and … Continue reading “Pluto Goes Direct! – Where is your Power?”

“New “Super” Moon Day”

Rubys Astro Readings Thurs, May 25th "New "Super" Moon Day"   The Moon is in Gemini and goes into a NEW MOON CYCLE on May 25, 2017, at 3:45 PM EDT and 2:45 PM CST and 12:44 PM PST   A New "Super" Moon comes together in the sign of mentally active Gemini today, this … Continue reading “New “Super” Moon Day”

Pluto Retrograde

Rubys Astro Readings "Personal Power" Contrary to popular belief the planet Pluto affects our lives and even though it's far away in the cosmos, it's a very powerful force to be reckoned with indeed and takes us through major psychological transformations and powerful resurrections while we are here on this journey. So even though the scientist argue … Continue reading Pluto Retrograde

Evolve! Jupiter/Pluto Square

There is a tense long-term square between Jupiter and Pluto that's starting to form together now that is extremely powerful. This is the first connection of three in a series, that runs all the way through August of 2017! And we have already witnessed what this powerful energy can do thus far. Jupiter is about … Continue reading Evolve! Jupiter/Pluto Square

“Something to Believe In”

Rubys Astro Readings "Something to Believe In" King Neptune, the planet that rules spirituality and is finally coming out of its Retrograde cycle. And it's been a mess, it's been very disorienting and confusing energy as we get used to it going back to its normal pace. You might have noticed over the last several … Continue reading “Something to Believe In”

Growing Pains 

Ruby Astro Readings Mon. Nov. 7th "Growing Pains" There's some very powerful energy coming together today, as the Sun makes yet another strong connection to powerful Pluto in a long-term aspect. Pluto teaches us lessons around how to own our personal power. If you are put in any position of power, how do you use it? Do … Continue reading Growing Pains 

Nov 16 – Astro Update

November of 16 - Astrological Update by Ruby  During the month of November, we get a chance to transform something and this can help us make a stronger than usual connection to our higher self or spiritual self. For the next three weeks, the Sun in Scorpio will influence us strongly. This gives us a … Continue reading Nov 16 – Astro Update

Powerful Messages 

​Rubys Astro Readings Thurs. Nov.3rd "Powerful Messages" There's some powerful words and thoughts going around today! I mentioned this influence briefly in yesterday's blog, about how we are under a fairly harmonious, but powerful influence between Mercury/Pluto. This affects us mostly on a psychological level! Our conversations and way of thinking are deeper than usual, … Continue reading Powerful Messages 

Scorpio Season 

​Rubys Astro Readings "Sun in Scorpio" Oct 22nd, 2016 The Sun shifts into transformational, mysterious Scorpio tonight and "Scorpio Season" begins. This runs through November 21st. Saturday night the sign known for being the most dark, symbolically and otherwise, the most mysterious, the zodiac sign that explores the soul comes into the light of the … Continue reading Scorpio Season 

Weekly “Astro” Update – Mars/Pluto

Rubys Astro Readings Weekly Astrology Update There's a lot of energy going on over this next month that could be beneficial if used wisely. It's important to take actions that are more positive because the energies have been very unstable since last Sunday's Full Moon. You may be feeling off balance, confused, and your visions … Continue reading Weekly “Astro” Update – Mars/Pluto

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