Astro Update – End of March

The Cosmic energies have been rather interesting, to say the least, but it’s just a sign of the times. For right now all the planets are moving forward, so we are not totally stuck even though we may feel like it, especially when it comes to defeating the Coronavirus. The planets are actually supporting us now and all of our efforts. But there are still rough times ahead, but just know all the things people are doing to combat this situation is
going to make a difference in time, even if we don’t see any major changes just yet. But if we look at China so far, it is encouraging as folks see starting to do life again with a small degree of normalcy. Even though the US and Italy seem to still be peaking extremely frustrating! However, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it will grow bigger and eventually things will get better! Keep your distance from others
and stay safe.

The strong Saturn-Pluto Conjunction that slowly
started building energy last Winter, and peaked January 12th, was already sounding the alarm that there was going to be some major events taking place
that could disrupt our lives, especially if we didn’t make some changes fast! But it was already too late. We’ve seen what happened in the past when these two heavy-hitting planets tensely squared up in long-term cosmic connections, and one thing it always seems to do is bring about some sort of major illness. This influence restricts us and purges us. Even though Astrologers didn’t know exactly how this influence was going to go down, it’s now grown out of control. But look at all the amazing stories of people helping each other, and all the lives that have been saved as well! It would be such a sad thing if we just focused on the negative and the loss. Yes, we must continue to honor those we have lost, and fight, be a voice for those who are sick now and need our help. Please continue to practice social distancing as we keep being told, at this time it is the only way to combat the Virus! Please stay home as much as possible for the time being.

For now, there are still so many planets in the sign of Capricorn like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon’s South Node Destiny Point. This creates an energy that breaks structures down, everything from businesses to relationships, and our own fears are being brought out psychologically to work through. We are basically being made to rebuild any structures that are weak in any part of our lives, so this can be in our relationships, business, and it can be even about our attitude, as we holding on to outdated beliefs and behaviors. It’s time to make changes and to question yourself. Then we can create more solid foundations. All of this Capricorn energy affects governments, hospitals, schools, and large organizations. The Cosmos is making sure things are restructured and re-organized, and this theme will continue to go on through November of 2020. There will be continued economic shakiness for the rest of the year due to this influence, but it all won’t be necessarily as bad as it is now, but we will have to remain patient to come back from this.

The end result of the COVID-19 Virus outbreak is the economy will be more sustainable, and that means stability at both home and work once folks are back to working and doing life again. There will and have already been many positive things that will come from these challenging times. But for now, while we are in the process of changing the old worn-out structures around us, we should expect challenges when it comes to employment and business. This can continue to be an issue through June at the least. Hopefully, we will return to some sort of normal life but make no mistake, we are forever changed in many ways as well. There also will be some massive changes that start back up again in November, and no one is too sure how it will play out, or if it will be anything like the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction energy we have been dealing with. But I will explain that influence later.

Saturn entered more future-oriented Aquarius March 22nd, this is the age of Aquarius. The song made it seem so much nicer, lol! This is a brand new Karmic path we have landed on, which means each of us individually is affected differently. But no matter what part of our lives are being restructured, one thing is for certain, it’s not started off too easy!

Since we just went through the New Moon energy last week, we should be putting a plan together. One that entails how we can deal better with what is happening in the world right now, and for the next month. Make your plans personal. It’s time to be taking things day by day. And if you Set Intentions or work with the energies of the Moon then start making out plans month to month, or New Moon to New Moon, which is the time of the month we should be focusing on what we want to create or manifest in our lives, as it is the time for new beginnings.

To all you Health Workers of any kind, you are the healers of the world right now! And to all the energy and lightworkers reading this message this is also for you, and to the spiritual teachers, leaders, Psychic’s, and Intuitives. This whole COVID-19 Virus is an opportunity for you to teach and share the knowledge you already have learned with the world. If you are reading this message, remember what you already know, and that whatever information you have to share can be quite valuable to others at this time. It can benefit your life and the lives of so many others. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share online or via social media what your thoughts are. We need all of you more than ever! And thank you for being so brave to help others during this difficult time. We appreciate you so much.

Astrology Notes for the rest of March

March 28 – 30 – The Good Stuff

Finally some good news! This weekend a great time to come up with something innovative, it’s a time when we have many creative ideas and solutions when it comes to making financial gains or money.

Venus Trine Jupiter

This lovely Cosmic pair up brings gifts and can bring in financial gains. So some finally good news around money! This started coming together Friday, and the new stimulus package, (and I realize it’s not nearly enough for so many and doesn’t cover some of the things we need right now, especially medically) it is a start. This can be an especially lucky and abundant time. Some of the Earth-Sun signs like Capricorn and Taurus can be extra lucky during these few days.

Venus Trine Pluto – Love Rules

This is an especially strong time to build trust in already existing relationships and friendships. You can find yourself bonding strongly with someone new as well. We must keep our distance right now, and continue social distancing to stop the Virus, luckily technology is on our side right now. We can chat and text our loved ones. Spend more time in one way or another with the people you love, safely during this time. This is a good energy to reconnect in, as many of you are probably already doing.

March 30 – May 13 – Mars Enters Aquarius

Mars the planet of motivation, drive, sex, and war shifts into the sign of Aquarius. And we are ready to be more social than usual, which is good to help each other. But remember social distancing folks! Take it seriously, it’s a very real thing. There’s going to be a stronger urge than usual to socially interact with others, and our friendships will be more important also. Stay connected however you can just be safe!

This is also a good cycle for humanitarian work to be developed and organized, which we so desperately need. This is not a lazy kind of energy at all, we are more motivated to help each other. This is a time when we can create products or services, or invent something that helps humankind! So get creative and allow those innovative ideas to flow and come to the surface. As they will be strong and should be shared with others.

March 31 – Mars Conjuncts Saturn

This connection is more difficult at times. Stay away from social media and the news on this day! Don’t let the negative thoughts take over and bring you down. It’s more important than ever to raise your vibrations and to keep grounded, this helps us keep things calmer if possible, which can assist us in saving lives, and keeping people more stabilized as we go through this strong time of loss.

Hang in there folks, we are all in this together. And stay safe and be well. Love & Light ~Ruby

Rubys Readings

September’s Monthly Forecast

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Rubys Astro Readings
For All Zodiac Signs
September of 2018 is the time to check on all your work and get organized since we’ve been under so much heavy Retrograde (backward) energy. I know this is a long article, but I had to share all the excitement, and what a month this is going to be folks, as we start off slow moving, but there are such strong shifts that start to move us forward again, you may be in a completely different place in one or more areas of your life by the end of the year under all these changes! The “Heavy Retrograde Season” energy is coming unraveled now and many of the planets that have held us back and stifled our forward movement while in Retrograde are going to be moving forward once again by the end of the month. So get ready big changes are coming! Get excited and start planning your next big move.
We start out the month with a long-term Jupiter/Saturn aspect on September 3rd, this connection comes just in time to help us focus on getting to work without taking any shortcuts, so more then likely taking an easier path won’t help you to sidestep any of your responsibilities for the first week of the month. This is the time to rebuild and restructure our lives, work, and business goals. Breathe new life into old projects and maybe wait until the New Moon on the 9th to start anything totally brand-new. Do the legwork and take steps to help you get where you want, but if you push or overdo things now you might just hit a brick wall and get quite frustrated! Many of you will feel quite overwhelmed this month as you try to get things back on track again, but that’s due to jumping so fast, one step at a time folks!
Mercury and Mars just went forward again and out of their Retrograde cycles in August, and on September 6th Saturn also goes forward and out of Retrograde! This is a big deal and will be felt in a deep way. There have been six planets in their Retrograde cycles all summer long, so many of you have felt stuck in one or more areas of your life. But all the frustration and delays are about to come to an end folks when Karmic Saturn finally comes out of Retrograde! This energy is already slowing us back down again as it gets ready for this shift, so you may feel tired or worn out, and are questioning your health right now, but really it’s just this energy zapping you. Saturn’s energy, when slowed down, can feel heavy and like you have a weight on your shoulders. It’s important now to set boundaries and work on saying “No” to the things you don’t want, or to what’s not working for you anymore, including any promises or commitments you’ve outgrown.
Saturn freshly out of Retrograde on the 6th will also make a beautiful “Grand Trine” with Mercury and Uranus. This is the Cosmic boost we are needing, as it helps raise our motivation levels to go after our goals. And it brings in some amazing opportunities we can chase down! Saturn is known as the planet of Karmic Debt so it can help us take out the trash and clean up some of the messes that the “High Retrograde” Season caused that started last April. A whole lot of folks will finally start to see progress and positive changes through the end of the year despite any Retrograde slow-downs.
There’s a magical New Moon coming together September 9th, in the sign of service, Virgo. If you are intuitive, Psychic, or sensitive, you may feel this energy strong! This time around the Sun and Moon are well aspected by powerful Pluto and lucky Jupiter. So pay attention, all healers, light workers, or spiritual warriors as special gifts are coming soon! There’s some seriously lucky energy brewing now and you might be feeling like something is coming, but you just can’t put your finger on it, and you may just end up in the right place at the right time, and something special might be happening very soon over the days leading up to this glorious New Moon. Some folks will just feel especially good from this influence and things will fall into place, finally! It’s about time.
Also, let me not fail to mention this New Moon is also going to be in a tense opposition to foggy Neptune, this influence may just put us in the right place to be of help or service to someone else! The Universe is calling out all healers and lightworkers of the world to do some serious work from the heart, so we must continue to lift others up during this time. Pay extra close attention to any opportunities that present themselves to be helpful or of service to someone who needs you! It’s important and not only helps those in need but also helps us balance our own Karmic Debt out, but more importantly healing others always in return helps heal you!
We have already been working on eliminating what is blocking us, and removing obstacles in our way. But when mentally curious Mercury makes a connection to Venus in Scorpio on September 9th, the energies shift once again, especially around our love life! The process of getting rid of stuff will continue for the next month. I don’t know about you but I have been hit by this a few weeks ago and have been organizing everything! And with Mercury now out of Retrograde, it is just that much easier to get things in order.
Venus will enter Scorpio also on the 9th and this will be a time of intensity, passion, and commitment in our relationships, and around our financial affairs. This is conveniently perfect timing with Fall right around the corner, as the mistress herself moves into sultry Venus, and any skeletons in your romantic closets can come out so we can be more secretive about both money and love. This influence can bring intimate encounters with someone sexy, magnetic, and maybe even irresistible. This can tie the bonds between lovers and friends on a soul level, and also is a time of healing and transformation in our relationships!
Starting September 12th will be a good time to make important decisions, negotiations, and commitments when Jupiter makes a nice connection to powerful Pluto. Under these energies, we can actually have successful business meetings, especially if they are involving investments or real estate. While in this powerful energy we are able to nurture our ambitions. It’s a favorable time for the law, business, and commerce. Plus we might enjoy increased influence and insight now, as this energy helps restore our faith and hope, and opens us up to the possibilities! You might notice a deeper, stronger desire to make your mark out in the world, so you’ll give more time and energy to help yourself and others. This motivates us to go after some personal or professional goals! You might feel the nudge from this alignment to do something to better yourself, it’s time for some self-help really! Problems get solved more easily at this time, especially ones that have been around for a while. Sudden resources or opportunities show up that we missed out on before.
The Sun Enters The Zodiac Sign of Libra on September 22nd, and this sets the tone for the next three months. This is our Autumnal Equinox. On that day we will experience equal hours of daylight and darkness. While under the Sun in Libra we will strive to keep some sort of balance and greater equilibrium for the next 28 days or so. Our relationships will also become of great interest and focus from September 22nd through October 23rd, but we can struggle with how to handle our relationships with Venus in Scorpio now. It’s going to take real balance to feel comfortable with our love lives.
The Full Moon comes together on September 24th in the sign of Aries! This is going to be a strong, potent Full Moon that serves as a reminder to consider if you’re taking care of yourself and the people in your close relationships or partnerships, equally. But this also can bring up issues about our leadership skills, and our abilities to initiate the changes that we need. While under this lunation, it makes a tense square to stern Saturn, so things may feel heavy or even draining once again during this Full Moon, but this is short lived. This can produce the energy of blocks and restrictions, so it can feel harsh as we are being served with reality checks. But we will show the Universe and prove to ourselves just how tough, resilient, and persistent we can be.
On the 25th, Chiron the “Wounded Healer” moves back into the sign of sensitive Pisces while in Retrograde, it was in this sign for years prior, but then it will go back into Aries later until finally going out of Retrograde on December 8th. This Retrograde cycle is all about taking the time to assess your mental and physical well-being. If you are not choosing to deal with any health or mental problems you might be experiencing during this time, they can become a bigger issue. Don’t ignore your body, listen to it! Chiron is trying to show you what’s wrong so you can heal something. Chiron is always about learning how to live with and through pain, so it wants you to deal with your emotional trauma and let go of your suffering.
Pluto will also turn direct from its Retrograde cycle on the 30th, this will be an intense shift folks! Weeks prior expect to feel perhaps more sensitive about the roles you play and what you have power and control over, and what you don’t! This shift can make us hyper-focused around our ambitions, as there is a strong pull or need to feel empowered by something in our daily lives. Over the coming weeks and months, the power to make deep changes in our lives becomes more evident and direct. We are more likely to start making big and necessary changes as we don’t feel as held back as we have while Pluto was in Retrograde over the last several months. So this is yet another powerful influence in September that motivates us to get moving and make changes!
September of 2018 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting month, with all these planets shifting and moving forward once again, you to should be able to move towards your dreams, plans, and goals that were kept on hold since last spring. Success is in the air, and this energy opens things back up! As we walk and then run through these cosmic doors, a bunch of you will feel more ambitious, so you’ll be able to achieve some of your goals over the next few months, especially around your work or career. But watch for pitfalls, there’s an awful lot of shifts and we may not be as ready as we feel just yet to make major changes! This is a month to stick to doing what is expected of you and see what good stuff you can draw in. So allow some things to just play out and see what happens at first, then follow the good feeling stuff.
Have a Happy September!


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn


Pluto starts its reverse movement into Retrograde on April 22nd and runs through September 30th! Pluto Retrograde isn’t as glitchy as Mercury or Saturn in Retrograde, so you may hardly notice it unless you work with a lot of people and know their deeper emotional issues. But you will recognize it more so on a deep psychological level within yourself if you’re aware of your feelings and get in touch with your soul purpose. The planet of deep analysis normally takes us more inward, but in Retrograde it becomes a journey into hidden realms we may not have dealt with, so the feelings we’ve been holding on to or repressing can come out in the open.

Pluto Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn can be beneficial, if we are observant and pay close attention to any unconscious patterns or behaviors that motivate our actions, then we can change or break them. Pluto is all about power so authority figures or anyone who represents authority, and those anyone who has power over us may catch our attention, or we suddenly are on their radar, so we may have to be careful and follow the rules for now, especially with Saturn the “Authority Figure” or “Father” of the Zodiac also in Retrograde!

During the end of April be extra cautious for tempers and hot-heads, as Mars and Pluto make a challenging but powerful connection on April 26th. This energy will be even stronger because of Pluto coming to a standstill just days prior.

Pluto Retrograde is like Saturn, so it has a regular cycle every year that lasts for five months, as it makes an opposition to the Sun. Outer planets just affect us in a very different way then the inner planets. The effects are more subtle at first until we move past this cycle and can look back in hindsight, and then we realize just how this time might have been life-changing in some way! Perspective is always an issue when planets are Retrograde, remember, so even though Pluto in Retrograde isn’t probably causing you strange technical glitches or annoyances it still makes its presence known in a sneaky sort of stealth kind of way. When Pluto goes Retrograde it’s a good time to reflect on how we are doing with changes and our soul transformation.

Pluto Retrograde is a time of reflection on power and control in your life. If there are people who are trying to control or manipulate you then now is the perfect time to let them go! If you’ve been too controlling of others or situations then it’s time to stop it and change your behavior! This is not a time to abuse any kind of power you have over others, so avoid power trips, and make this a time for eliminating.

Themes that seem to repeat and events that are almost fated will help you reinforce which of your controlling habits, addictions, compulsions, or prejudices now must be eliminated, or Pluto will make these issues more relevant, so it feels like a giant spotlight gets shined on the problem to be analyzed and reviewed very intensely, but again you may not even be aware of it until it’s over with. What isn’t working, like poor health, an attitude that is hateful or that causes suffering may be burned away now, released and offered up to the Universe. What’s left and what is working will be more clear and enhanced into pure energy.

Relationships are going to go through a strong period of adjustment during Pluto’s Retrograde cycle. There will be more love, and sharing, and more folks standing together for their lives’ causes. It’s a good time to keep a low profile as privacy can be your strongest tool during this time. It’s a time to dissolve, so do it with dignity and respect.

In your relationships, you might have been controlling, possibly holding on too tight and smothering your partner. It’s time to stop because you need to start letting go. If you have been compulsive or obsessive about food, drugs, or sex and it’s taken over your life, then certain events may actually force you to turn it around and gain control over it. Basically, the more destructive your behavior the more extreme your cycle of detoxing and withdrawal might be during this cycle. For example, if you just stopped doing something cold turkey, Pluto Retrograde makes it a very intense process.

~Pluto’s energy can be profound and will do what it needs to, to transform dark to light!

Pluto often is represented by the Phoenix, and as the Phoenix rises from it the ashes, is how it transforms us, which you may not realize at first, but you’ll know because you’ll feel it! Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn for now, and Pluto represents destruction, making order out of chaos, it helps to clear obstacles, detox, resurrect! Capricorn is the builder of the Zodiac, it likes to renovate. Together they restore and enhance with the very best materials and devices that modern times has to offer! Sustainability is what they represent. Capricorn is the Father, so he is dedicated, powerful, responsible, and stable! Also, Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet, so these energies will truly help us be productive, at least for those of you who put forth the effort. Intuition will be very strong, work will be focused right at the critical points where things need to get fixed or done.


Daily Update – A Turning Point!



Monday, Jan 8th
Daily Update – A Turning Point!

For all the Signs of the ZODIAC:

The MOON remains in more pleasing, charming LIBRA all day long, so we tend to be more kind to others and even accommodating. The COSMOS is throwing some seriously strong energies together now and we’re just trying to balance it all! There might be challenges, but in this energy, we tend to be more cautious and open-minded. Acting like grown-ups helps conflicts get solved more easily.

Also today, the “LAST QUARTER MOON” phase comes together, this is a somewhat tense energy actually and you may feel irritable and frustrated by it so anxieties can run high! We need some sort of release under this energy, feeling like we should take action now!

The planets connecting over the next several days are helping us attract a lot of opportunities!

The SUN is aligning with creative VENUS and is favorable with expansive JUPITER, and ambitious MARS is favorable with transforming PLUTO! WOW! We’re so plugged into the UNIVERSE right now folks, that many of you have been experiencing a strong connection to your dreams, they are more clear, vivid, and symbolic than usual. Messages, signs, and symbols are all over the place right now!

So much energy is being poured into our projects and relationships now that we’re more energetic, passionate and resourceful! It’s easy to make new friendships now, and for starting new projects, and finding new jobs or making career changes. We’re seeking and gaining attention and we like it! Our unique qualities and special gifts are being noticed and discovered if we put ourselves out there, as we show the world we mean business now.

Under this manifesting energy, we go after what and who we want, as we can attract things in a balanced way and can be highly successful now. Goals may seem ambitious but they are very doable now, as standards are high.

This influence has everyone feeling especially sociable, generous, and more tolerant! Relationships are going through it, as some are ending or hitting rough patches, as we notice what we want to change about each other, but also this is mirror-mirror on the wall energy, so basically whatever bothers us about our partners is showing up to help us change something also within ourselves! The intensity of these planetary connections is pushing us to make major changes in how we feel and do our relationships now, this is a major turning point for us, as we are taking actions more than ever now.

This is a very important time for relationships and business, as we can experience major changes in this life-changing energy!

An amazing time for business owners, this is beautiful energy for marketing, promotion, publishing, and advertising of all kinds. Our business sense is strong and we’re particularly good with money, as we have a better and deeper understanding around our business finances, and are on point and know what to do or not to do, our logic and intuition are meeting up and syncing together quite nicely.

Many of you are feeling like gaining control over your lives during this time, but you also want to grow, excel, and advance in some way. Don’t focus on what you have not done, now is the time to be ambitious and make important changes.


“Pluto Goes Direct! – Where is your Power?”

Rubys Astro Readings
Thursday, Sept 27


“Pluto Goes Direct! – Where is your Power?”

Have you been depressed and feeling powerless, well you should read more to learn why! Get ready folks because here we go, literally!

Since April 20th, we have been in a deep place of processing about where we have power and what we have control over. As transformational Pluto in Capricorn steadies itself out and goes direct from Retrograde today, this gives us the chance to make some solid, long-lasting changes.

Since Pluto holds immense power and Capricorn is all about structure, these two combined energies can cause things to get a bit volatile, so be careful folks, this can be over the most ridiculous things, as we adjust to Pluto moving forward again.

However, for now, our focus shifts to the powerless areas of our lives and teaches us just how to gain control of them with this commanding Pluto-Capricorn combo. The good things in our life are going to be released to us now. It’s time to learn how to let go and disengage from what isn’t working any longer and experience the freedom that comes from gaining closure from the past!

You can feel this energy, as it opens doors that help us choose the life we really want to live. Now, slowly but surely over the coming weeks, we will be able to make deep changes in our lives without having to overthink or so deeply process things first. This actually helps us get things done because we’re able to take things naturally into our own hands and make any necessary changes.


“New “Super” Moon Day”


Rubys Astro Readings

Thurs, May 25th
“New “Super” Moon Day”
The Moon is in Gemini and goes into a NEW MOON CYCLE on May 25, 2017, at 3:45 PM EDT and 2:45 PM CST and 12:44 PM PST
A New “Super” Moon comes together in the sign of mentally active Gemini today, this can be a very powerful influence that we get to bask in all the way through Friday night or very early Saturday morning. If you’re a Gemini or not, it doesn’t matter, as all the signs of the Zodiac will be able to tap into this amazing energy and push their dreams forward!
This is a new cycle that creates “New Beginnings”, a New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon meet up and make a powerfully strong harmonious connection that generally is favorable. And both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini this month, which is full of gifts and challenges both but is extremely potent due to being a “Super” New Moon, which means it’s a very powerful energy to create the wishes you desire the most and to actually produce results.
The New Moon always has a theme and represents the duality between the Sun and Moon, and the zodiac signs they are currently in, which means we have to figure our how to balance these two energies. Since we are already in a place of balancing out our emotions or feelings and thoughts, we can learn how to sync them together. This is the key to success under the New Moon in Gemini.
Gemini energy is all about how we communicate with others! So how are your social skills these days? Learn how to listen when others are talking to you, and not just listening to reply. Take in other folks viewpoints, and hear them out and their opinions. It’s important to remember in life to intently listen to others, you can learn an awful lot. This is a good cycle to learn how to communicate in a more friendly way without being rude or threatening.
This New Moon’s energy may be felt quite intensely, this can cause over thinking, worrying, and stress! Don’t waste your time or energy on worrying about things that you cannot change. Don’t allow your mind to go off to scattered and in too many different directions, it’s a time to FOCUS, and you may have to redirect yourself over and over again, but that’s ok, focus on the work and tasks at hand and think positive thoughts about everything and everyone.
This New Moon energy is a great opportunity to make some serious changes in your life and to start something new and fresh!
Under this potent Gemini energy, we have the chance to make some seriously important changes in our lives. It’s time to stop and breathe more deeply and celebrate how your mind takes in all the information the Universe sends you.
Because this New Moon is all about the sign of Gemini and its lessons we must look at the way Gemini energy rules over how we think, communicate, express ourselves, and how it rules our way of thinking, and how we process information. It is very important this week that we SPEAK of what we want or choose in a positive manner and that we hold those higher vibrational thoughts! Don’t allow negative thinking to sort of take away from your positive mindset. Don’t let fear or doubt challenge you or your wishes.
If you think negative thoughts, say something to take them back by replacing them with something positive and be crystal clear, remember right now especially with the Sun and Moon in Gemini, what we say, do, and think holds tremendous power. Then just repeat the wish you made again, it’s not so easy to retrain your mind, but it can be done, and personally, I just pause and clear my mind before I speak, that is has helped me truly manifest many things in my life.
Mastering your thoughts is worth the work because it helps you master your life. Everything we see and all that happens in our lives is a direct result of our manifesting, be it good, bad, or indifferent in one way or another, aware or unaware it was all created in some way by you! Thoughts hold energy, so use raw energy of this New Moon to make the changes in your life around what you think and manifest.
Be very clear with your intentions during this New Moon!
Both Mercury and Venus are in their own Signs right now, and this is a great strong, potent energy to harness and to be used for rituals or manifesting work. This New Moon cycle also has some strong astrological challenges coming in with it, however, there is a tense connection coming together now between Mars and Saturn. This combo means roadblocks and obstacles are in our way and can break us down before we can get moving forward, so it takes a whole lot of effort on our part (like climbing a brick wall at times), and we must use whatever skills we have to achieve what we want.
In Astrology, as in life, it’s important to understand the nature of the challenges we are facing, to better understand the gifts we each possess that will help us overcome these challenges.
Have a Happy New Moon!

Pluto Retrograde


Rubys Astro Readings

“Personal Power”
Contrary to popular belief the planet Pluto affects our lives and even though it’s far away in the cosmos, it’s a very powerful force to be reckoned with indeed and takes us through major psychological transformations and powerful resurrections while we are here on this journey. So even though the scientist argue if Pluto is big enough to be considered a “Planet”, most Astrologers agree that its influence is significant and a powerful part of who we are!
Pluto is completely still at this time and will turn RETROGRADE TODAY all the way through September 27th. So yes folks, that’s yet another planet going into its Retrograde cycle to add to the list along with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. And Venus just came out of her Retro cycle a few days ago, but she is till quite testy trying to get back to normal, which is affecting relationships in a big bad way right now!
Pluto’s influence is a seriously intense complex energy, and we might feel this sort of heaviness while under this influence over the coming months. Pluto Retro cycle runs all the way through September 28th so we will go through a process of learning how we use or abuse our own personal power! It might actually be easier for some folks because they may not be as power hungry for control during this time, and will be less in touch with their own power and choose to ignore it during this cycle.
Pluto’s Retrograde cycle is a process of growth that teaches us to hold onto our personal power, but some folks will attempt to steal your power during this cycle! Remember you can’t lose your power, but it can be taken, so it’s up to you to not give it away! Hopefully, you will come to this realization during this cycle. There might be circumstances that arise that force us to fight those who attempt to take our power or lessen our self-worth in some way, but you will get stronger and can feel empowered by the time this cycle is over when Pluto moves forward once again.
Also, remember that when you release your past emotional wounds or trauma, you will raise your vibration and any old energy will die off allowing new more positive energy to flow in. This newer energy can bring about changes that are rough along with tests and challenges, but it also provides us with new opportunities for growth and harmony once the challenges are over.

Evolve! Jupiter/Pluto Square

There is a tense long-term square between Jupiter and Pluto that’s starting to form together now that is extremely powerful. This is the first connection of three in a series, that runs all the way through August of 2017! And we have already witnessed what this powerful energy can do thus far.

Jupiter is about growth, expansion, excess, and benefits.
Pluto is about power, transformation, struggle, and obstacles.
With this connection, Jupiter is under great stress and is in a challenging connection with Pluto.

We actually just got out from under a long-term aspect between the Sun and powerful Pluto that played a big role in our lives through most of 2016! But it looks like Pluto is back once again and this time it’s challenging larger than life Jupiter. Even though the Election is over, Pluto’s influence brings about strong power struggles as we are experiencing now. Pluto rules over hidden agendas and often revenge. All the tension and arguing is living proof of just how this aspect is already affecting us and what it can do! There won’t be any easy solutions now. The United States and the World are under deep psychotherapy through August of 2017!

Pluto’s energy brings about a purging of the deeper, darker more negative side of humanity. So we are made to deal with our shadow-self under this influence, and the most difficult issues that we might be refusing to deal with or that have been kept repressed or hidden. This influence is now in our face and we haven’t a choice but to deal with these issues or suffer some consequences.

This influence actually does have a positive effect as well. It gives us the energy to chase our ambitions and make important changes to end things that aren’t working for us anymore. If you have any unfinished business or projects to wrap up, now is the time to get them done and completed.

Karma comes about quick and swiftly for those folks who have chosen to either misuse or abuse their power! The karmic debt will be paid by many, so it’s a good time to redeem yourself in some way if need be and make things right! Relationships and partnerships can also get hit pretty hard under this influence. There can be power struggles among lovers, family, close friends, and business partners. Some folks will have to deal with issues around money, joint resources, inheritances, and other people’s money.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square peaks on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, so it’s important to be aware of just how powerful this connection is and how it might affect you. It will take a few weeks for this energy to sort of calm back down, but keep in mind it’s a long-term aspect, so whatever it starts will have to run its course. And then it will come back together again two more times through August of 2017!

*Cancer Sun Signs, pay attention!*
*Those born (June 21st – July 22nd) need to understand this connection can be a thorn in your side. You may have to stand up for yourself and what you truly believe in during this time. Anyone who is close to a Cancer might want to remind themselves that their crab maybe extra moody and tense during this time. If things get to be too overwhelming to deal with, take a step away and breathe! Allow them to do what they need to. You may have to give in a little with them for now, but if you care about them then it’s worth it! Right?*

Also take note that the United States is considered in astrology to be a Sun Sign Cancer! Wow huh! America is going through it now! First with all the election tension, and now continued with the one group who holds the most “Power” over the people, our government! It’s pretty evident that this country is under great strain and tension right now, no matter what side of the fence you are on, we all are experiencing this energy as a nation.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square can cause feelings of being blocked or restricted in some way. Folks can suddenly decide to block you from expanding your ideas or reaching your goals, during this cycle. Even though this can be a difficult time, there is another astrological connection that comes together just one week after Thanksgiving, involving Jupiter once again and authoritative Saturn. This influence ushers in a more positive energy that can help clean up some of the mess the Jupiter/Pluto Square has caused. In the meanwhile, through the end of November, there may be tensions in our relationships, as they can be tested quite strongly. Some will be faced with making very difficult decisions that require determination to get through. There can be just one person within a relationship who seems to give in and up, for the sake of keeping the relationship together in the long-run. Sacrifice and forgiveness are very important during this time.

No matter what part of your personal Astrology “Birth Chart” the Jupiter/Pluto Square is cruising through, it will affect some area of your life! The key to success is in the knowing of just which part, then you are better able to deal with whatever challenges might come your way.

How to get through the Jupiter/Pluto Square: Here is a list of what seems to be the areas of our lives most affected by this influence.

Work or place of employment; the following issues might come up.

– Misuse of Power
– Change in Ranks – a new supervisor or manager comes in
– Ego’s inflated and out of control
– Setbacks and/or obstacles that hold you back
– Not able to move forward in your career
– Feeling stuck or stagnate at work
– Being blocked from reaching full potential or growth
– People in positions of power taking advantage of other employees, like bosses, clients,         and co-workers
– Taking on too much responsibility
– Overwhelmed with work
– Other employees passing their work or responsibilities off on you.

The best way to handle issues involving your work or career;

– Be open to new ideas around your work or career.
– Perhaps look for new work or different job
– Disconnect from work related issues, if you stay at your job.
– Go to work, get paid, go home during this time, change of attitude.
– Remember this won’t last for too long
– Choose battles wisely

Intimate Relationship Issues; this energy can really affect all our relationships, so we must be careful of the following.

– Stress
– Partners jumping to conclusions
– Questioning each other’s motives
– Feelings of anger and jealousy
– Hurting your partner in some way
– Power struggles
– Fighting for independence within the relationship
– Unrealistic Expectations around your partner
– Old wounds and past relationship issues being brought back up

Remedies to keep our relationships good:

– Listen to your partner
– Let your partner be heard
– Communication
– Don’t be rude or mean
– No ignoring the issues or each other
– Do not disconnect from each other emotionally
– Get space if needed

Health issues that may come from this aspect are as follows;

– Issues with fatigue
– Feeling ran down and unmotivated
– Irritability
– Anxiety
– Unusual feelings of Frustration or Anger

Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy;

– Get plenty of rest
– Take time to yourself to relax
– Meditation
– Support Adrenal Glands

All astrological aspects or connections have both a positive and negative affect on us, some are more challenging and others more harmonious. With lucky Jupiter involved in this particular aspect, we should look to what the bigger picture is in regards to whatever situation we are thrown into. This Square can bring out the best and worst in us, as we have just started to experience its influence. (The US elections have been very much affected by this energy.) It’s been rough stuff for some of you already! Focus on the higher purpose and what lessons this square is trying to teach you. With these particular planets involved, the Universe is trying to get you to make some much-needed changes in your life, so this influence will shake you up to make sure you get it done. But this aspect can teach some very valuable lessons.

It’s important that we look towards the light at the end of the “astrological” tunnel now because we won’t be under this energy forever! This energy has already begun and will run its course at least through November, and do remember whatever issues it brings out will have to be dealt with or you may have even more problems, so deal with the issues that come up during this time. The most important thing we can do now is to focus on just how we choose to handle the lessons that come our way. Be kind, open-minded, and respectful in all that you do and you’ll get through this time much more easily! Don’t fight it, Deal with it!

The Jupiter/Pluto Square is so strong that it can actually help us, and we may feel more passionate and driven. So take this opportunity to chase dreams and goals. It can bring in an energy that’s more hopeful, as we can feel enthusiastic once again about our lives. It gets our blood pumping! Especially, if you do something in a big way, that’s more meaningful. Our relationships can grow and evolve due to the lessons this energy dishes out. And finally, remember all of this is part of our growing pains world we are in right now, and it can be kind of scary and extremely stressful, just like being a teenager! Evolving and growing up is never easy but it’s worth it!

“Something to Believe In”

Rubys Astro Readings
“Something to Believe In”

King Neptune, the planet that rules spirituality and is finally coming out of its Retrograde cycle. And it’s been a mess, it’s been very disorienting and confusing energy as we get used to it going back to its normal pace. You might have noticed over the last several months as Neptune was in Retrograde, you felt disconnected or lost your faith or spirituality! That connection isn’t lost, we just couldn’t connect the same while Neptune was in Retrograde, however, that’s about to change this weekend, and I for one can hardly wait!

This influence will have you questioning your spirituality and faith! This is putting a lot of foggy energy out there and things aren’t exactly as they appear to be. It’s a good time to ask yourself some questions concerning your spirituality. What do you believe in nowadays, in this moment? What exactly is your faith? Now don’t comment and tell me, because faith can be a loaded word. And I feel that is your own private relationship with the Universe, it’s just for you. Just take some time this week to think about exactly what it is you believe in and find a way to reconnect to it! We need something to believe in right now.

Besides Neptune’s weirdness, we are also playing out the whole Jupiter/Pluto Square’s energy as of now! This connection is building up energy now, (read all about this very important Astrological connection on my page and blog later today.) and it can be extremely intense as we are already seeing, it’s a game changer!

In this cosmic stew, we seem to have made some sort of split! It’s male against female, good versus bad, the whole Ying and Yan energy really playing out. We are stuck in this strange world of polarity that’s forced us to take sides in one way or another! It’s like are you iPhone or Android, or Team Edward or Jacob? But in all seriousness this isn’t a joke by any means…it’s very important business, which is Pluto in action! People are at each other throats, and they are angry and rightfully so.

And since Neptune is involved we seem to have entered into some sort of alternative reality, it reminds me of the whole “Upside Down” theory for all my fellow Netflix TV show, “Stranger Things” Fans! We are seriously down the Rabbit Hole now. Please try to remember the lessons these planets are trying to teach you are all about striking some sort of balance, and perhaps ideally merging together harmoniously one day! As this energy brings out the really bad dark stuff that was always there but was just somewhat hidden for a very long time. This tension is very real and it’s affecting every one of us in some way!

As the strong Jupiter/Pluto Square influence peaks on Thanksgiving Day, (fun times, but not really!) it will continue to bring up and out the tension, it’s a purging. Just don’t allow it to make space for you and your families or friends you love. For whatever reason, these connections are influencing us now, but with Pluto involved its all about learning your shadow self, the dark side of who you are at your core! Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, to me, this is all happening so we will grow up spiritually speaking and EVOLVE! And I’m fairly certain there’s a lot more I don’t know that deeper Astrology can explain about all of this. But that doesn’t mean I like it or feel any less pain from it than you do.

These are growing pains, my friends, it’s always about the lessons we must learn to change things, if we like it or not! We are part of the planets and stars and are always changing with them. Unfortunately, if you feel uncomfortable than you are probably truly learning more than you realize!


Growing Pains 

Ruby Astro Readings
Mon. Nov. 7th
“Growing Pains”

There’s some very powerful energy coming together today, as the Sun makes yet another strong connection to powerful Pluto in a long-term aspect. Pluto teaches us lessons around how to own our personal power. If you are put in any position of power, how do you use it? Do you help yourself and others? Or do you abuse it and manipulate to get what you want? And this aspect comes together right on the eve of the US elections, that isn’t just a coincidence, no way because the one way you can own your power is to get out and Vote!

The Sun and Pluto connection started back in January of this year, so maybe think back to what issues started back then to know how far you’ve come. The connection being made today is the last hurdle sort of speak under this very powerful influence, we are at the finish line, finally! Especially since this aspect was felt for part of that time while Pluto was in Retrograde, that was really hard for so many folks.

2016 has been a rough year indeed, but even though it’s been difficult for so many of you, just remember we have been going through some some serious growing pains this year, and we’ve been experiencing evolution. But ya know what? That’s what it takes to grow and evolve, a little bit of pain is just part of the process. Everyone has experienced this energy in some way this year, be it a little or a lot of pain. There is an opportunity now to rebuild and redo projects and to work on something and change it. So if you want to start a new job, ask someone to marry you, start a new diet or quit smoking, this is a great time to begin.

This powerful influence can help us to be very resourceful, we can feel very strong and confident about getting through obstacles and taking on challenges, and really this might be felt throughout the rest of the year. We are seeing it everywhere, in so many things globally, the world is being restructured now, we just have to make sure it’s for what’s in the highest good for all of us, that’s no easy task! But people are speaking up and telling their truth now, more so than we have ever seen. They are taking back their power!

We should look forward to 2017 with a new fresh perspective, and remember sometimes we have to be reminded just how incredibly powerful we are, and how the Sun-Pluto connection came along to remind us of just that. Have you learned in 2016 just how powerful you are?

Nov 16 – Astro Update

November of 16 – Astrological Update

by Ruby


 During the month of November, we get a chance to transform something and this can help us make a stronger than usual connection to our higher self or spiritual self. For the next three weeks, the Sun in Scorpio will influence us strongly. This gives us a chance to continue breaking down whatever isn’t working in our lives, so that we may rebuild it later and hopefully make something better and solid for the future. We just might even get a second chance at something, a do-over if you will. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

It’s a great time to try some daily affirmations around what you are trying to let go of or what isn’t working  for you anymore. Take some time to ask the Universe to help you release the old and let some better energy in to take its place. So create this space for something or someone better to come along!
There are some strong, potent and intense cosmic influences coming together this month that we should pay extra attention too. Here’s a rundown for now, and I will have more details as we get closer to each influence. Scorpio energy is at its strongest during November, (for all of the signs of the zodiac) and it will be intense at times as our intuition can be very strong.

Mars moves into Aquarius
Taurus “SUPER” Full Moon rare event
Neptune Goes Direct From Retrograde
Jupiter squares Pluto
Sagittarius “New” Moon

This Weekend Nov. 4th – 6th, is when lovely Venus makes a connection to stimulating Uranus. It’s just a rule of thumb to “expect the unexpected” when the planet Uranus is involved. This connection brings in love and money in a more positive often surprising way. Some of you could end up getting quite lucky around either one, this energy makes this weekend rather exciting and fun! Committed lovers could come together strong this weekend, and all you single folks could potentially meet a new romance very randomly, sort of out of the blue.
Once every couple of years an exciting connection occurs when fiery, action-packed Mars shifts into the sign of Aquarius! This energy will come together November 8th. Even though this can put us at a crossroads, it also can be an exhilarating and exciting time! Over the next 6 weeks, one area of your life will be lit up by Mars and will become very active. There can be a situation where you will have to make an important decision, as this energy starts to manifest very quickly, so let this play itself out and hang on for the ride!
If we pay attention to where Aquarius falls in our own personal “Astrology Birth Charts”, we can know exactly what area of our lives this influence will affect, therefore this helps us know what areas of our lives to focus on and accomplish what we can. This energy starts Nov. 8th and runs through mid-December. For example, if this aspect falls in the area of your career then you need to focus on making changes and start updating your resume during this time. The shift will be felt by all of us, and you will get a chance to get on a new path if you choose over the next six weeks, depending on what part of your life this energy is affecting.
Every couple of years no matter what your zodiac sign happens to be, you’ll get a chance to follow a new path, and maybe make a wish come true. All of your hard work can finally pay off in one specific area of your life. The part of your personal “Astrology Birth Charts” that is ruled by Aquarius is where you’ll be most affected, so this is going to be different for everyone. This can create new job opportunities for some, and others might meet someone special and start a new romantic relationship, and for some, this is the perfect time to lose weight and to work on getting healthier. Stay focused and don’t scatter your energy all over the place this month. Take one thing or issue on at a time and you’ll get rewarded by the Universe for all your efforts over this next six weeks!
If you aren’t too sure where your focus should be this month, you can purchase a “One Question” Reading and just ask me “Where’s my focus supposed to be during Mars in Aquarius?” I will do the research for you, with your personal “Astrology Chart” and get back to you via email. And if you read this you can ask ONE “Second Question” for 1/2 off, only if you purchase them together. (One Question Readings can only be about ONE specific topic.)
Also, Venus the planet of love will be shifting into earthy, self-sufficient Capricorn for about 3 weeks on the 11th. This can bring good relationship Karma for all you Capricorn’s out there! So get out and mingle this month.
There are three main astrological influences coming into play this month that we should look at.
First off, on November 18th an important connection between spiritual Neptune and the South Node (our destiny) comes together. You might want to save this date on your calendar because this energy can affect us profoundly! This aspect can create great things in our lives or cause us some problems, depending on what you learn and do with the info you receive. Things will be very different as our perception is almost altered around this time. Something might happen that forces you to look at a person or situation in a whole new light, so your opinions may change as well.
As these planets get stimulated again, it’s a good time to think about changing direction in some area of your life. We’ve already been feeling this strong intense energy as Jupiter opposes Uranus, and makes a tense connection to Pluto creating a T-square! This is extremely tense energy, and many of us are being pushed by it all ready to change something in our lives and stand up for what we believe in! This is strong in the US now, and will continue to build and get stronger through next week, what an amazing, exciting time to be alive on this planet!
The strongest part of these energies coming together will be on Thanksgiving Day when powerful Pluto connects to larger than life Jupiter! This is a powerful connection and energy that is put forth. But it can show us what to expect for 2017. It’s time to let go of old ways of doing things and release old family patterns, and this can bring out some issues among family members on Turkey Day, so know what upsets you and triggers you and avoid those that can set you off!
The Universe’s message to us for November of 2016 is it is time for Transformation, it’s time to evolve and evolution isn’t easy, in fact, it is quite painful in my opinion, growing sometimes hurts and is full of lessons, so if you like it or not this is the path we have been set on now, this is our destiny! So get on board and create the changes you want to see happen on the planet, don’t sit this out and let things just happen to you, because that would imply you are a victim, and no one likes being a victim to anything.
I will continue to write and explain these cosmic influences in detail for you, breaking down one or more aspects at a time, so you can better understand what they mean and how they will be affecting you! But for now, this weekend can be exciting and fun, so enjoy it!

Powerful Messages 

​Rubys Astro Readings

Thurs. Nov.3rd

“Powerful Messages”
There’s some powerful words and thoughts going around today! I mentioned this influence briefly in yesterday’s blog, about how we are under a fairly harmonious, but powerful influence between Mercury/Pluto. This affects us mostly on a psychological level! Our conversations and way of thinking are deeper than usual, more meaningful, and investigative! This energy helps us to better understand something deeply in our lives, and has us searching like never before. We can certainly learn more and end up researching like mad to figure it all out, some of this might be important and some not so much…it really depends on what grabs your attention. You could be working in one moment and suddenly digging all over the internet about the latest health remedy for your sinuses, to only realize it’s been a few hours since you began your crazed search. So keep in mind it’s important not to get to obsessed in this energy, cuz it is very easy to do!  This energy also helps us to be stealth in how we learn and understand things, so we tend to be more quiet and strategic in all that we do today, especially when making important decisions.
This influence also affects our communication and we can have some profound conversations, because this is a great time to think way beyond what we normally do, especially with the Moon in Sagittarius, the sky’s the limit! With Mercury in Scorpio which translates to “deeper thinking”, the theme is going to be more Scorpio like in our attitude and in our perspective today, so we think more deeply like I said, but we are also more superstitious, mysterious, and obsessive.
This is also a time when “Big Time Secrets” can be leaked, (which we are seeing all over the place.) Pluto likes to help detoxify us and as it hooks up with Mercury the ultimate authority in communication, and Pluto is in Capricorn which is business of any kind, so we get lots of junk coming up and out! Again the elections are strongly being affected by this. This influence can bring out powerful messages, and understanding that some of the messages going around aren’t going to be what we want to hear is important now, because sometimes that is the most important stuff to know!



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