New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries April 15, 2018 On Sunday evening, April 15th the New Moon occurs in the Sign of Aries! This means you have an opportunity to tap into your creative and courageous side, so take some time starting now to write your Intentions or Wishes down during this New Moon, and see what … Continue reading New Moon in Aries

Sun in Aries

The Sun is changing signs from emotional, sensitive Pisces to faster-moving, fiery Aries on March 20th where it stays through April 19th. In Aries, the energy is more enthusiastic and spontaneous. There's a strong desire to conquer in this energy, as we tend to bounce back much more quickly and can be brave, pioneering, and … Continue reading Sun in Aries

“Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON”

  "Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON" October 19th, 2017   There's a New Moon occurring in Libra, Thursday, October 19th, which makes this the best time of the month to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little magic!   The Moon goes into the Void cycle … Continue reading “Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON”

Full Moon in Aries 

Full Moon in Aries  October 2017 The Full Moon each month is when we hit an emotional peak, so our emotions are running high and hot during this one folks! On October 5th, the Full Moon in Aries comes together, Aries is a fire sign that's associated with passion, anger, and overall intensity! And the Full … Continue reading Full Moon in Aries 

Setting Intentions with the New Moon

"Setting Intentions with the New Moon" By Rubys Readings There’s a New Moon occurring Sunday morning, which makes this the best time to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little Magic! "A New Moon occurs Sunday morning so starting Saturday evening through Tuesday early morning is the … Continue reading Setting Intentions with the New Moon

Leo New Moon 

Rubys Astro Readings Leo New Moon  "The Beginning" Rare and Exciting Energy! There are actually two New Moons in Leo over the course of the next month, which is actually quite unusual. All planets move by degrees that go from 0 to 29, and these two New Moons are very interesting indeed, because the first … Continue reading Leo New Moon 

FULL MOON Approaching!

Rubys Astro Readings FULL MOON  For July 8th, 2017The Full Moon in Capricorn is building to come together Saturday night/Sunday morning, depending on what part of the world you live in, but lots of folks are already feeling this pumped up intensely heated energy! Here's what's coming over the next few days. Recently we have … Continue reading FULL MOON Approaching!

A Strong Fresh New Start

Ruby's Astro Readings "A Strong Fresh New Start" Change is in the air and something new is about to begin! When a planet shifts into a different Zodiac Sign, that planet has new and fresh energy that is activated. It's whole environment changes and it's back to the beginning, so it's energy is more vital … Continue reading A Strong Fresh New Start

Setting Intentions under the New Moon

Rubys Astro Readings New Moon Thursday! Setting Intentions under the New Moon The days following a New Moon phase are auspicious. The actual day of the New Moon the Balsamic or dark Moon period marks the beginning point when the heavens shift from dark to light. On the following days, magic is in the air … Continue reading Setting Intentions under the New Moon

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 16

NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE There's a powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse in 19 degrees of Pisces on March 8th, 2016 at 7:54pm CST. This energy is very potent due to it being a Solar Eclipse, with both the Moon and the Sun currently in healing, sensitive Pisces, along with two other major planets...that would make four planets in … Continue reading New Moon/Solar Eclipse 16

New “Super” Moon/Solar Eclipse/Spring Equinox

New "Super" Moon/Solar Eclipse/Spring Equinox Friday early in the morning the Moon aligns with the Sun in Pisces and marks the beginning of both a "Super" New Moon cycle and a Total Solar Eclipse. This energy is extremely powerful, as the New Moon brings forth new information for us to download and a huge shift, … Continue reading New “Super” Moon/Solar Eclipse/Spring Equinox

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