Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

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Full Moon in Taurus

For all the Signs of the Zodiac:

The FULL MOON occurs on Saturday, November 4th, 2017, at 1:23 AM EDT, 12:23 PM CST

This week’s Full Moon occurs late Friday night, early Saturday morning, depending on what part of the world you are in. And it’s in the strong but loving sign of Taurus, which can bring up certain things like: Money, Security, Love, Beauty, Love, and Food, yes I said food, as we love to nurture ourselves and others when the Moon is in good, solid, stabilized Taurus, and therefore food becomes a strong need and desire for some under this energy!

The Full Moon is actually an opposition, when the Sun in Scorpio forms a challenging energy with the Moon in Taurus. This one is also what’s called a “Cazimi” Moon, because it is particularly close to earth, so certain themes will come into play more strong than usual. This energy brings up some issues around filling the voids in our life and what we are lacking.

Do you feel satisfied with what you have and do you have enough of what you need, and do you feel secure? Wondering if you have enough money, love, food, or security can come up during this Full Moon, and the answers will become quite obvious over the weekend.

Full Moons are about balancing out the two opposed forces depending on what Zodiac Sign they are transiting, and we must look at these energies to understand what we need to be doing to work with this energy and not against it. There is the more earthy, practical, peace-loving, and security minded Taurus Moon and than emotional, power hungry, soul-searching, dramatic Sun in Scorpio. The Moon in Taurus wants you to find something that fills an emotional need or void (hence why food can become a stronger desire), but it wants you to do it in a more simplistic way, finding what works for you in this life. While the Sun in Scorpio draws our attentions to what is more deeply psychological and complex, it draws us to solve the mysteries around us. This Full Moon illuminates this conflict between what is physical (Taurus) and transforming (Scorpio).

This energy makes us feel more passionate, in love, and highly creative! This Full Moon’s energy helps us think of the possibilities and helps us learn through our experiences. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Pluto but also Mars, Venus-Mars are the Cosmic Lovers of the Zodiac, so our intimate relationships are highlighted under this powerfully strong Full Moon, and things like our personal comfort and what we value and our sexuality is going to be super strong right now!

The Full Moon is the high point of the Moon cycle, and it is a time when the energies we started during the New Moon come into being. It is a highly emotional time but also a time of romance, relationships, and strong desires.

The Full Moon in Taurus can also be about abundance and helps remind us of what we already have. But there is a strong Venus/Uranus oppostion that will be very close to this Full Moon, and since Venus rules Taurus, this aspect can be quite significant. This is an awakening to what we are lacking in our life and our personal need to find a new way of doing something on our own, and for many of you issues around your personal security may come up, and concerning your work or career, and especially around your love life! Since the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in the sign of sex itself, Scorpio, issues around our sexuality can also show up now. We need to be doing something that helps us to enjoy ourselves and experience pleasure more often on a regular basis.

This Full Moon is also connected with Jupiter and is harmonizing with dreamy Neptune, as they get closer to make a exact beautiful Trine. This is some nice energy folks that emphasizes fertility (not just having babies), imagination, and those ah-ha moments of realizations or epiphanies that are magical! This energy can bring money, sudden windfalls and just random dumb luck!

This brings in a energy of generosity as our compassion and faith are stronger than usual, we are more willing to make personal sacrifices around what it is we believe in, if it’s for the higher good!


“Full Moon Reports”

Rubys Astro Readings
“Full Moon Reports”


For all the Signs of the Zodiac:
The build-up of energy to the Full Moon in Taurus on November 4th has begun!

You’re probably already noticing feel different as these energies merge together for the upcoming Taurus Moon. This particular Full Moon is called a “Cazimi Moon” when the Moon comes very close to the earth.

Times of Full Moon peaking:
1:23 AM Eastern time
12:23 AM Central time
November 3 at 10:23 PM Pacific time

The closer to Earth the Moon gets the stronger the energies are felt, as this intensity affects us on a deep emotional level. You’re probably already feeling it! You might feel nervous, tired, or just anxious and lots of folks don’t sleep as well when the Full Moon starts to form, which can last throughout this weekend.

Our deep emotions are what manifest our life, both good and bad. If we understand it or not! If we are aware of it or not! Therefore, it’s important to keep our energies on a higher vibrational level this week. If we can sustain a somewhat higher vibration within ourselves than our life will reflect just that and we can manifest our goals, wishes, and desires much easier.

Each month the Full Moon helps us find out certain truths and gives us clarity so we can work on specific wishes or desires. It also helps us release and let go of situations, people, or energies to make room for whatever new energies we are trying to manifest in our lives. Full Moons do help create endings in this way and then two weeks later during the New Moon we start planting seeds for something else new to begin, so we’re are always moving energies in and out!

During the Full Moon on November 4th, the Universe is inviting you to work on something specifically! And that all depends on just where the Full Moon is going through your own personal Astrology “Birth Chart”. This tells you what part of your life you should be giving more attention to. If you are looking for more clarity and insight around how this Full Moon is affecting you personally, order a “Full Moon” report with me, just email me at Here or message me on Facebook “How will the Full Moon Affect Me?

I’ll research your Astrology “Birth Chart” and send you back a detailed report along with some extra Personal Horoscope forecasts for November, and I always add a few of what are called your personal Astrological Transits. These are Horoscopes that explain how the planets are affecting you very personally based on your chart information. These are unique and only apply to you!


“Void” Moon

Rubys Astro Readings
“Void” Moon

The Moon has dipped into a “Void” cycle, that started very early this morning. Since will be in this particular energy for the next 24 hours, let’s talk about what a “Void” Moon actually is and how it affects us!

“The Void-of-course period of the Moon is a period of time from the moment the Moon makes the last contact with any planet in the current Sign of the Zodiac, and until it enters the next sign.”
According to most Astrologers, most activities shouldn’t be started during a “Void” of course Moon cycle. New endeavors that get started at this time just don’t seem to pan out, or work out to our liking, or they need some serious adjustments later for them to meet any success. Therefore, if at all possible, we should hold off on going out for that job interview, or that first date, or starting that new business or project, and so forth, “because nothing will happen,” during a “Void” Moon cycle.
During a “Void” Moon you should not sign a contract, make plans, close a deal, or start a project. Basically, anything which you want to have a concrete real-world result should not be started, signed or sealed. If you do, these things will never get off the ground, never materialize, have to be re-done, or have so many problems and setbacks as to be useless anyhow.
In Horary Astrology, in which a person asks a question and then the Astrologer draws a chart of that moment in order to find an answer, if the Moon is “Void” of Course, we generally consider that “nothing will come of the matter”.
“So it looks like the “Void” of course periods were given to us as a time for those little stories which we don’t want to be written into the books of our lives. They are a little bit like little stickers with a few words which you can stick somewhere in a book – they are there, and not there at the same time.”
Tips: If you want to share some kind of news that is shocking in any way or drop a bombshell, and yet have fewer repercussions, in the long run, do it during the “Void” of Course Moon. Or if there is something that needs to be done or said and you just want fewer consequences around your actions, it’s believed to do it under a “Void” of Course Moon.
What is a Void Moon Good for?
– Finishing up projects that have already begun before the Void, of course, Moon.
– Taking inventory, making to-do lists, and finding lost objects.
– Editing, refining, and reviewing.
– Social events with established friends and family.
– Rest and sleep will be more peaceful during the “Void” of course, Moon.
– Getting rid of excess.
What activities should be avoided during the Void Moon?
– Meeting new people or with those, you might want a long-term relationship with.
– Job interviews, presentations of new ideas
– Making important, large purchases (items bought now may not be used, might not turn out as expected, etc.)
– Beginning new projects, launching a new business or starting a new job.

“Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon

“Setting Intentions” with the Full Moon
by Ruby



This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. To bless and release whatever you need to let go of, and do away with, and what doesn’t serve you. The intentions that are set during a “Full Moon” will set you on the right path towards your hopes, wishes, and desires,

During the full moon we often experience an energy shift. So we must release the old energies to be open for the new energies that will be coming in.

What to Release under a Full Moon:
* Lower energies
* Negative patterns or bad habits
* Unhealthy situations or relationships

Have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your higher power, Guides, Angels, etc), and ask the “Full Moon” to help illuminate the path that leads you towards your deepest desires. Simply ask to be led to what you’re choosing to manifest. Remember to allow the time needed for your guides to light the way, it doesn’t always happen right away, but sometimes magic happens and it does. The “Full Moon” illuminates and is symbolic for seeing what’s been hidden, secret, tucked away or suppressed.

What if you don’t know how to “Set Intentions” under the “Full Moon.” 
Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step One: Clear your Sacred Space

Clear the energy of the area or room you’re using to do Full Moon work in. You are simply calling in some positive energy to work with. Burn some Sage or Incense and clear the energies. Next, close your eyes and breathe deeply …and call your Guides, Angels, or higher-power in and ask to have your sacred space cleared of any negative energy, and then to fill it up with the energy of love and light. (Never leave energy empty, always fill it with something once you’ve cleared it.)

Step Two: Set the Atmosphere

Set the mood for your “Full Moon” Ritual and again burn some special incense, light some candles (colors do have different meanings) and play some music that helps you feel spirituality connected. This can be very different for everyone. Just makes sure to use whatever tools or colors that make you feel calm, happy, and peaceful.

Step Three: Setting Intentions

You’re going to need a notebook, paper, or a journal and something to write with. Think about where you’re going to perform your energy work at. Because we create an energy vortex wherever we sit or sleep or do spiritual work! This is why you feel so comfortable in your favorite chair, not only because it feels safe and secure, but also because you have created an energy vortex in that spot or space.

Next, you will write what energy you’d like the Universe to bring in and remove both. Simply write your deepest desires, wishes, and questions down. Think about what energy you’re trying to let go of and release. Write your letter like as if you were talking to an old friend. Think about what energy you’re trying to push out of your life, and what energy you’re trying to bring in, and be detailed but don’t go overboard. Don’t forget to leave room for the energies to shift, change and mold what you’re creating. Sometimes these things take time, but you also may want to learn how to hear the messages or receive signs from the Universe, usually it’s a very subtle energy.

As you’re doing this work and setting your intentions, here’s some helpful questions you can think about … for example; Ask for what you are choosing to come into your life and what changes you would like to see happen? What are you or should you be letting go of? How do you feel about what is happening in your life now? What do you want to release? Think about your long-term goals and future, and what energy you’d like to create over the coming months.

Step Four: Visualize what you’re Creating

Now you’re going to visualize what you have written. First get comfortable again, preferably in the same place and read what you wrote. Close your eyes and take long deep breaths, in your nose and out your mouth. See the energy of your heart center, that’s in the middle of your chest (not your pumping heart) but your spiritual heart or commonly referred to as the “Heart Chakra.” Visualize yourself in what you’re trying to create or manifest. For example; see yourself living in that new home, falling in love with that great Soul-Mate, driving that new car. Don’t just think about it, now make sure and “FEEL IT,” as if you were really experiencing what you’re visualizing. So if it makes you laugh, cry, scream or whatever, then go with it.

Allow the Universe to show you what path to follow over the next 30 days, and let the Full Moon light up the way! Hopefully, you’ll at least be put on a path towards what you truly desire, all while letting go of what you don’t need anymore.
Happy Blessed Moon

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