Mercury in Libra

Mercury Enters Libra

Mercury shifts into the sign of the scales, Libra, today, this aspect is from September 21 – October 9.
This will have us thinking about the patterns we follow in our relationships. but our relationships will be of the utmost importance.
Our thoughts tend to lighten up a bit when Mercury is in Libra. The positive vibes of this influence help us feel more friendly and diplomatic with others, so it’s a good time to think of ways to improve your negotiation skills. However, it is equally just as important to not be false out of fear of not keeping the peace. Under this energy, we do tend to shy away from any kind of conflict unless we are starting something. It can also be difficult when we must assert ourselves, we can be easily accommodating and take others opinions as fact, there can be a fear of looking like the bad guy and we don’t like others thinking of us negatively.
Our minds are more rational during this time so we can be fair. However, this energy can have you changing your mind quite a bit, because you can see both sides to any given situation or story now. It can be a challenge just to make a quick decision, because you may end up just sitting around pondering what you have seen or heard. However, this is a good time to take into consideration other folks points of view, as we more inclined to arrive at a fair and equal judgment or conclusions.
Even though under this Libra energy, the sign of diplomacy we prefer to create harmony without too much static, do not let that prevent you from dealing with the real issues and getting down and dirty about it if you have to. Libra energy can help us observe the world around us and study other people and their behaviors, so a good mystery can be extremely intriguing during this time.
So what does Mercury in Libra mean for you and your relationships? Oh, it means a lot! Libra is the sign of relationships, it rules over our one-on-one relationships and partnerships of all kinds. We can learn more of the truth around our relationships and what really is going on. If you’ve had any problems or tension with close friends, partners, or business partnerships this phase can help you get down to what is really causing any problems. Because you can finally figure out some of these issues, and possibly fix a broken or be done, so at least you won’t be stuck anymore. This is a great time to work on fixing the patterns of co-dependency as well because it can be toxic!
Even though Libra is the sign of diplomacy and prefers to create harmony without too much static, don’t let that prevent you from dealing with the real issues and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty about it if you have to.

Mercury Enters Libra


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“Mercury enters Libra”

The planet Mercury rules over how we think and the way we process information, it has been in the sign of Virgo for an extended amount of time due to Mercury’s last Retrograde cycle, under normal circumstances this was a positive energy that helped us really take the time to sort out the details of our lives. However, it has been slowing us down for too long and we need a shift like with any of the Signs of the Zodiac, (too much of a good thing.) Today Mercury shifts gears and comes up for air and into harmony-seeking Libra, through Oct 17th.

This breath of fresh air means we tend to think more rationally, especially in our relationships. And it’s a good time to resolve any recent conflicts, arguments, or misunderstandings as the communication planet enters peaceful Libra, this energy is here to teach us all how to just get along. Libra is the peace-maker of the Zodiac and Mercury is the communicator, so with the world in so much turmoil over the last few months, this could really help some things get better. Some folks will just be more willing to apologize, make amends, or extend some sort of peaceful resolutions.

We can be diplomatic and friendly, as we strive to be fairer. It’s the time to think about working on your negotiation skills as we are better at seeing both sides to situations. Under this influence we also may be indecisive due to seeing the whole picture so much more clearly, (especially with the Sun also now in Libra). It may be a struggle just making up our minds.

We can get a bit carried away trying to accommodate others especially our partners, but we want to keep balance, harmony, and peace. However, this can be a good time to consider the other side or others points of views. This is a wonderful time to get together with friends and attend something fun.


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