New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries April 15, 2018 On Sunday evening, April 15th the New Moon occurs in the Sign of Aries! This means you have an opportunity to tap into your creative and courageous side, so take some time starting now to write your Intentions or Wishes down during this New Moon, and see what … Continue reading New Moon in Aries


Rubys Astro Readings MERCURY TURNS DIRECT!! By Ruby Mercury is leaving its Retrograde cycle, finally! Can I get a HOORAY!! Heavy Deep Sigh! And exhale, haha Mentally strong Mercury, the planet that rules over our way of thinking, communication, and forward movement is finally turning direct this morning, from being Retrograde (backward) since August 12th. … Continue reading MERCURY TURNS DIRECT!!

Look Ahead Forecast – Special Edition

Rubys Astro Readings Look Ahead Forecast - Special Edition by Ruby   This coming Week will be a very busy time for the Cosmos! On August 26, loving Venus moves into bolder Leo. So all you Leo Sun or Rising Signs can really shine for the next three weeks in this energy, get out there … Continue reading Look Ahead Forecast – Special Edition

MERCURY Goes Direct! 

Happy Mercury Goes Direct!  by Ruby Mercury in Retrograde is finally turning direct today, YAY! If you don't follow Astrology, then maybe you should at least read this! Did you experience the energies feeling off and slowed down, and end up feeling somewhat frustrated and confused over the last month or so? Well, Mercury in … Continue reading MERCURY Goes Direct! 

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