May 2018 Monthly Horoscope


May 2018 Monthly Horoscope
by Ruby

April was a seriously intense month on the Astrological front and this was reflected in our everyday lives. The planetary shifts we have experienced have been transformational, but there is more to come now as we begin 1, and hopefully, these energies will be more on the calmer side.

The powerful Full Moon in Scorpio is slowly breaking apart now but was one of the most intense Full Moon’s of 2018. And with so many planets going in and out of Retrograde (backward) like Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto we are feeling it! The odd part is we are feeling this energy more internally, due to the planets that are Retrograde, and many of you aren’t choosing to express how you’re feeling. Do what you can to express your emotions during this highly emotionally charged time.

The first week of May might seem almost quiet once the Full Moon energy breaks apart, but the New Moon in Taurus on May 15th can be a catalyst that brings in major changes in our personal relationship with our physical reality. The weeks ahead will likely be some of the most important moments of 2018.

The New Moon comes together on May 15th, 2018! Just hours after the Sun and Moon connect, the New Moon occurs. And on the same day, Uranus the planet of change, chaos, and liberation also changes signs for the first time since 1942, into the sign of Taurus, this starts on May 15th and goes until November 6th!

Uranus is the planet of high vibrational energy and revolution, so as you can imagine having Uranus so active on the day of the New Moon is a pretty big deal. Note: this will affect all the signs, and not just Aries and Taurus!

Many of you are already experiencing the effects of Uranus’s shift into Taurus and may not even realize it. The first of the Earth Signs, Taurus represents our basic survival needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and money. Since Uranus has been in the Sign of Aries for so long now, it helped to create that spark as it’s fire breathed new life into all sorts of situations and projects. But the sign of Taurus helps to sustain life, so themes around manifesting, building, and farming and anything earthy will be our primary focus now. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus also favors anything beautiful, pleasurable, and sensual. We are not just here to exist or be of service under Uranus in Taurus like we have been doing all these years with Uranus in Aries. Under the sign symbolized by the Bull, Taurus, we are here to live in Earth’s beauty and abundance of nature and to give and receive.

The Sign of Taurus is very much associated with the planet Earth, and since our human existence is literally hurting our home planet, we will see this reflected back to us so we can heal. Therefore, Uranus’s entry into Taurus can be dramatic, mostly because this happens just a few hours after the New Moon comes together.

So other planetary connections will be triggered, and one of those connections can create some serious volatile energy right around the time when the New Moon makes a tense Square to aggressive Mars in Capricorn, while Uranus is the very last degree of Aries, and this is right before it’s shift into Taurus, and that is a very strong placement and time. So make sure to be careful about how you react to folks from May 13th through 17th, because sometimes it’s just not worth a reaction at all.

Uranus stays in the sign of Taurus until November 6, 2018, which gives us some time to get things settled back down, and work on grounding!

Then Uranus actually goes Retrograde and throws itself back in the sign of fiery Aries on November 7th through March 6th, 2019, so we already know how to handle Uranus in Aries, but in Retrograde it’s a whole new story. The urge to start fresh and break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, and to totally redesign an area of our lives (or even our personalities), and to gain freedom through independence is strong with Uranus in Aries. I will explain that more as we get closer to that time.

Uranus finally will re-enter Taurus on March 7th, 2019, for a seven-year journey that won’t end until April 26, 2026. Whatever events or changes that are caused by Uranus in Taurus were probably already started a long time ago.

On May 16th, Mars enters emotionally detached Aquarius, through August 12, this can be a bit unforgiving and aggressive energy. It’s also a dynamic yet erratic energy, we can try to achieve our goals but in a very impulsive manner, and our anger levels can be a bit impersonal. However, we are less concerned with personal power and are more team-players, and cooperative during this time. We are highly attracted to unconventional methods and tend to approach problems more with our minds, as we feel more detached from our emotions.

The Sun drifts into Gemini’s quick-witted and alert presence for a month starting on May 20, making you intensely curious to learn new things. Expand upon the knowledge base you tapped into earlier in the month or learn something totally new. You can be quite the quick study of this energy. Everyone is going to feel this energy, so life might move extremely fast, take a lot of notes during this time and learn to take breaks.

A beautiful Jupiter-Neptune Trine comes exact on the 25th of May, this is the major planetary influence this month and lasts from May 10 to June 12. This encourages hope, generosity, and a sense of community spirit. You may start seeking out a spiritual quest to find the truth during this time. There are going to be many destined encounters with teachers and light-workers of all kinds, like Guru’s, Priests, Psychic’s, and Healers. Someone might even come to you for spiritual guidance. Enlightenment comes through dreams, visions, meditation, and deep spiritual pursuits. It will be more difficult to ignore the sick, poor, and needy during this time, as we are reminded that we are here to take care of each other! As your morals or standards vibrate higher, you will want to find ways to do selfless acts to helps those that need you. Animal and environmental charities will be on our radar even more so than usual. There will be more interest in human rights and refugees, and other innocent victims of war and greed, as social justice will be more important.

Some folks may feel a strong urge to get creative and find an outlet for their enthusiasm through music, dance, art, or theater. Following our dreams for success without having to sacrifice our ego or material possessions is part of this influence, and being wealthy or famous might not be what makes you truly feel happy and content. Romance will be strong and love will be in the air during this time, as others can find you extremely attractive!

On May 29th the Full Moon comes together in the sign of Sagittarius, this energy is all about the adventure or journey! It opens up the greater truths and everything we need to explore our personal freedom. The Sun in Gemini will be opposing the Moon in Sagittarius so our minds will be lit up, as the fiery Sagittarius Moon illuminates our souls wisdom, and helps bring forward information we know on a deep cellular and soul level, it’s the info we carry in our DNA we are talking about here, including past life memories, it is the information we carry deep in our hearts and in our bodies. This very special lunation inspires us to seek a higher perspective on our life’s path, which opens doors to new possibilities and helps us create our future!

Just a little side note:

A special point in the Cosmos is going to be activated on the day the New Moon comes together, this is all about feminine wisdom and power! If you thought the New Women’s movement had peaked with #metoo or #timesup, think again! May is a good time to think about your place in this world as a woman or if you are a man, around the woman you love and support, and your feminine side. Ask yourself where you want to be! If you’re not feeling inspired by life, then now is the time to do something about that and perhaps join a cause that supports your beliefs of course.

“Hard Lessons”


Uranus/Pluto Square
“Hard Lessons”

With the Uranus/Pluto Square moving slowly apart now, it takes the super intense energy we’ve been in with it, and with “Eclipse Season” finally over… the month of May should be much more pleasant. I’ve waited a very long time to write those words. We’re finally experiencing a shift away from the Squares energy, and I believe the New Moon in Aries in April was just the beginning. Yay, finally!

Technically, the New Moon in Aries is over, but some believe its energies were so potent, that it could be felt for up to six months after it came exact, and this Moon was all about “New Beginnings.” So if you would even take a second to close your eyes, and perhaps think about “setting some intentions” with the Universe. Connect to your heart and ask, write, chant, pray (whatever it is you do) for “PEACE”. It’s going to take many of us to ban together and help the world sort of lick its wounds from such an intense “Astrological Event” like the Uranus/Pluto Square. This larger than life transits influence has hung over us for over 3 and half years now.

Let’s explore the influence these two powerful planets brought. Some people seem to believe that the world has grown cold, hard, and darker… when in all actuality those words describe Pluto’s traits. We’ve been in the darker shadow of its influence for a very long time, (and they claim Pluto isn’t a planet, ha!) But Pluto’s lessons can very be hard to take, because it’s focused on our power; how to have your own power, how to take ahold of power, how not to run from power, and certainly how not to abuse it!

Uranus is about shocks, surprises, and gives direct messages from the Universe…it breaks-down and rebuilds structures that are no longer working in one way or another, and brings us amazing insight, so we often have those Ah-Ha moments from its influence. Put these two heavy hitting planets in a tense Square, that is not happy, and that’s the kind of energy we’ve been in, and with the planet of the underworld or darker Pluto, this has been some rough stuff. Being under this constant state of intense pressure was like living in a boiling pot of water, that had to release steam or fade out. Let me not fail to mention all the other astrological influences that came and went over these last 3 a half years, that also caused major upheaval and change…and meet up with the Square’s energies and just wow. And we wonder why it’s been so dark and rough during this times…but we cannot forget the revolutions that have also taken place around the world. It’s absolutely fascinating just how much we’ve evolved since 2012! Go ahead and Google “revolutions” around the world since 2012. And that’s just on a global level, that doesn’t even begin to depict what someone in my line of work hears on a daily basis, and just how many of you had to take on lessons of breakdown in one way or another, in a very close personal way.

Let me just state that my clients are some pretty amazing, strong individuals, who have taken on the most hard Lessons in life under this transits influence and yet they still try to do so much for others. From my vantage point they are amazing and inspiring human beings full of love and compassion, despite all of their heartache, they continue to do good for others. (I do believe it’s time for me to write a book.)

The issue now is that many of us are in the process of rebuilding the structures that fell apart during this long-term transit, and it affected all of us differently, from our marriages (committed relationships,) jobs, careers, friendships, finances and health…most of us had some form of major breakdown in someway.

Now what do we do? Well technically this transit isn’t even totally done, and some say it’s effects will go on for years to come, due to the fact that whatever the Square began, it must finish! But the constant pushing and pulling of energy, or the Square’s contractions are officially over! And that makes this influence way less harsh…. at least that’s how I see it.

The bottom line is that we should be thinking about what we’ve been holding on to that is no longer working for us, because these “structures” had to be shattered or broken down and some might continue to be reshaped for many years to come. The illusions have to almost be destroyed, so we can step out of the “Matrix” sort of speak and finally move forward in the truth, and then begin to rebuild the structures that have been broken down.

Now, I know for some it makes no sense as to why these bad things had to happen. But as they say “sometimes bad things happen for good reasons,” And I know you would say, but to be forced into a divorce, or let go from a job, or suffer a great loss still is very hard to understand. But on a soul-level these nasty lessons have happened, so it is claimed, for our “Souls Evolution,”, and most of these issues we’ve been involved in had to do with how we handle our own personal “Power.” Again that doesn’t mean we didn’t suffer to get there, because in this particular energy, that’s how we had to learn, and with Pluto involved there’s really no other way, like it or not! Not that we even can begin to understand why we had to endure such hard “Lessons.” Souls are funny like that, so I’ve learned “Reading” and working with clients for over twenty years. The one thing to know is when it comes to lessons of the Soul, it’s usually not from a logical space, I mean not one bit. So 1 + 1 does not equal 2, not on a Soul Level! It’s usually so deep, we don’t even understand most of the time why in this human body, on this amazing planet we have to endure such challenging lessons. So “no, you’re not going crazy,” many people believe that everything happens for a reason. And in this case we will go with that statement.

One thing remains clear, the Universe set the Uranus/Pluto Square up for some very important reasons, but it might be years down the road until we can really fully understand the deeper meaning to this whole thing… its repercussions and blessings both. Some of us don’t probably even care, and most of us are just thankful it’s moving away now. I for one couldn’t be happier, so much that I wrote this long blog on a whim.

Just try to remember everyday, to close your eyes for a second and ask for “PEACE”, so we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and develop our world in a much more harmonious manner, now that we’re finally moving away from the Square’s energy. If you’re reading this, you have survived the challenging, tense Uranus-Pluto Square from 2012-2015, and you’re still here. Let’s make is a better place to live now, and share the knowledge we’ve gained and see our possibilities. So that future generations can enjoy their time here on this planet.


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