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“Time To Take A Look Within”- August 2018 Forecast

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August 2018 Forecast
by Ruby

August of 2018 is starting out on an interesting note being smack in the middle of Eclipse Season. The two July Eclipses are behind us now, but there is a third Eclipse – New Moon on August 11 that can change our plans a bit. The atmosphere is still highly charged up by the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27. I will have much more on this later.

But on August 2 we’re dealing with Mars Squaring Uranus! This Square is super powerful and it’s the second one in a series of three, therefore this energy will continue to play out through the end of September. Mars is Retrograde, which causes more frustrations than usual. And with Mars being so close to the planet Earth right now, it’s actually closer than its been in years, so its influence is increased on our lives. This has already brought a lot of fiery energy into our lives, and some folks may feel like they are at a fever pitch! But before you lose your cool, there is a beautiful Trine forming between Jupiter and Neptune that can help us let go of any anger or resentments we have.

Our minds are quite focused on expressing ourselves more directly and effectively, with Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Leo, as we look for attention from others. Under this influence, worrying is definitely boring, because our focus in on enjoying life, need I remind you Mercury is Retrograde, and this means we may be worrying as well, especially about our children and relationships. While Mars Squares Uranus the first past of August, you should be extra careful about acting impulsive. Soon after, there’s a Trine connection between Saturn and surprising Uranus, which makes this an ideal time to make some positive changes in our lives. Check yourself and stay focused, as you slowly work towards your long-term goals. This influence can help keep your mind distracted long enough so you may be calm and even patient, then you can plan out things accordingly.

With so many planets moving backward during the month of August, it certainly can be exhausting and intense feeling at times. There’s Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all Retrograde now, along with Chiron, and soon Uranus will be in Retrograde on August 7. This High Retrograde Season means we are more vulnerable and in a subjective place, as ideas are just being developed. But it can be difficult to be patient with the Sun in Leo pushing us to get into the spotlight!

There’s a partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th that will be visible in Northern Europe and North Eastern Asia. This is the third and final Eclipse of this Eclipse season! The Solar Eclipse will mainly be influenced by a connection being made to Mercury while in Retrograde, the main themes will be around thinking, worrying, self-expression, contemplation, discussions, and debates. Watch what you are expressing and verbalizing during that time.

This New Moon Eclipse in the Sign of Leo on August 11th is conjunct or connecting to the asteroid “Pallas-Athena”, and the planet of ideas and communication, Mercury, which is making a tense Square to Jupiter in Scorpio, she is the speaker of our highest and deepest truth! Pallas-Athena is a warrior goddess and can help us find more peaceful ways to resolve disputes due to her feminine wisdom and ability to see overreaching patterns. Currently, her vision is effectively stronger than Jupiter’s, which is in the sign of Scorpio, so this influence has kept our perspective more closed off than usual.

Back on July 25th Mercury went into Retrograde, and on August 18 Mercury will be out of its Retrograde cycle officially, but we still may have to deal with the AFTER Shadow period for about two weeks, so through the first week of September. This is going to open up many doors of opportunity because now we can sign those contracts and start new jobs, and maybe fall in love with whomever we want, at least until Venus goes Retrograde in October, yea I know lol, but life will get moving once again at the end of August.

There is also a beautiful water Trine between Jupiter and Neptune on August 19th, this will be the third and final meeting in this series. The aspect has helped us find more positive perspectives during a very difficult time with all the planets in Retrograde, it’s promoted spiritual growth and will continue to do so through the end of September, as it allows us to release the past.

The Sun enters the earthy sign of Virgo on the 23rd. This helps us to get more grounded and stable as we prepare for the Full Moon. The Sun in Virgo brings in a more sensible way of thinking, as we are more hands-on, you can greatly benefit over the next month once this starts by living simply and being more practical. The Sun in Virgo will also be harmonizing with Uranus and Saturn which are both in Earth Signs forming an amazing Grand Trine in Earth Signs. Regarding our health, pay special attention to your intestinal and digestive issues because Virgo the Virgin rules these areas of the body.

On August 26th, there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Pisces. The brings fantasy and reality together, the spiritual and the material blend, even though these things are completely opposite of each other, boundaries come down and lines get blurred which means separating one from the other will be difficult.  Because this lovely combination of Pisces energy is creative and magical, this energy will bring in a strong harmonious influence. This Full Moon is a time to take the negative patterns and behaviors and balance ourselves out. The Pisces emphasis on this Full Moon will bring out the need to contemplate and relax.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to find what is totally magical about our lives. We should be tapping into our spiritual self through things like meditation, yoga, spiritual exercises, or anything that helps us balance our mind, body, and spirit together, which will allow our plans and lives to flow much more easily.

Have a great August,

Mars In Retrograde – “A Slow Down”

Rubys Astro Alert
Mars Retrograde in Aquarius
“A Slow Down”
Well here we are folks, yet another planet is going into Retrograde! This time it’s Mars. Unlike when Mercury goes Retrograde, and the world’s electronics tend to go wonky, we will need to pay extra attention to our “actions” because Mars rules over our passions, drive, motivation, and physical movement!
With Mars in Retrograde moving in any direction can be difficult. This is a time when we seem to struggle with getting tasks done or we leave things incomplete. Instead of moving around physically, we tend to travel more mentally. It’s a good time to redo, renovate, and repair things instead of pushing to move forward and taking on new projects!
~Mars will be in its Retrograde cycle from June 26th through August 27th!
The planet Mars moves fast so it only goes Retrograde every two years! It’s probably a good idea to think first before starting anything and when taking certain actions, because this cycle tends to lower our energy levels and can cause frustrations as obstacles come up around whatever we make an effort to get done. Most Astrologers agree that during Mars Retrograde we should be extra cautious and if at all possible avoid activities that are considered to be risky or demanding. Lots of folks end up in minor accidents or fail to judge a situation correctly during this time.
Even during this Planetary cycle, life goes on!
For 11 weeks while Mars is Retrograde, we will have to make important decisions even though it’s not the best time. So for example, if you’re unemployed, you’re going to want to accept a new job offer. During Mars Retro you probably will feel the same lack of energy or vitality in any part of your life your take on. So for this reason alone, it’s not the best time to start anything brand new, whether it’s a job, relationship, (sexual or otherwise) or even an argument. If you’ve already started something before this cycle began, it is time to slow down, cool yourself off, and reassess what you want and desire for now before taking any further action.
It’s also not a great time to enter a sexual relationship, committed or not. But most of us don’t want to be celibate, so you probably won’t be. But if you’re planning any important events make sure to pick a time when the planetary influences are working to your advantage, and for some, the Retrogrades are a better time, but let me point out that it’s rare!! But if you pay attention to the planets or have an Astrologer on hand you’ll learn how different planetary cycles affect you.
The bottom line is while Mars is Retrograde its energy is lacking, and this is the planet of Physical Energy, so this is why starting any “new” sexual relationships are seen as being an issue. It’s doubtful once this cycle is over your desire for someone new will continue, or they might feel differently and you can end up breaking off entirely or worse being “ghosted” by your new lover.
However, it’s actually a good time to figure out what you do want around the parts of our lives that Mars rules over such as what makes you feel passionate, driven, sexual, or angry! Even if you have to wait until after this cycle is over to go after it! This is a highly intense energy, which means it’s a good time to wait things out because most anything you start during this cycle will be short-lived. The Universe might grab your attention and lead you towards someone, but this doesn’t mean you should act on it immediately! Take a step back from starting anything brand-new or making any permanent plans until the end of August when Mars is back on track heading in the right direction once again.
This change in energy isn’t to reach a final destination point, it’s not something that lasts, so we shouldn’t change course or stray too far from our normal routines. This includes starting new jobs or relationships! Even though at first it may seem amazing, later on once Mars is back to normal things can happen. It’s important not to jump or to be impulsive just to be with someone new or start up something completely different. We should take into consideration all the planets that are currently in their Retrograde cycles and how this affects us and our lives.
Timing is important even if you work very hard and feel like you’re prepared to go after what you want to accomplish, but if your timing is off you may not get things done or succeed. So for most of us, it’s best to wait until after Mars goes direct on August 27, and start new things at that time.
It just might be a time that when we must work on adjusting our expectations and calmly moving through our frustrations that get in the way of what it is we really want to accomplish. Therefore, if you have activities you want to start, take a step back and re-consider them first. Take this time to pause and reflect on your life and what your next moves will be, then once Mars is back direct you’ll be ready to go!

Mars Direct 

June 29th 

“Mars Direct!”

Have you been feeling stuck in certain areas of your life over the last few months? Has it felt like you just can’t get the momentum you once could? This is because Mars has been Retrograde since April 17th, and our physical movement has been held back. Today Mars goes direct into what’s called a “station” cycle, which means it’s stopped for now to go the right way again! But with that being said, we’re all not going to feel our physical energy come right back or get certain things in our lives moving again right away. I know, heavy sigh! First we have to wait out Mars Shadow or ‘Station” period just like we do with the other planets when they are Retrograde. Except this cycle is a bit longer, as Mars “Station” period runs through August 22nd!

However, slowly but surely things will get moving once again and at least we’re on the right track again. So let’s talk about the next few months during Mars “Station” cycle. We will feel Mars energy much stronger over the next few months, so we might become easily agitated or worse angered. Mars is in Scorpio currently, so it can be just downright brutal and chaotic. Our physical energy might feel zapped or drained at times. And our deep fears around power, our own personal power are being toyed with by this energy. 

The good news is over the coming weeks we will feel like our enthusiasm for certain projects is back again, and we can at least plan on moving forward eventually! Baby Steps! Any projects that have been stalled will get moving and we also will feel our confidence start to return, which makes us feel more assertive. Be open minded as new and more clear information will show up and change the game around recent decisions or projects we started before Mars went Retrograde! Just take things slow for awhile and don’t rush, keep an open mind and heart and soon enough will finally start to feel like ourselves again. 



*Back to School*


Wednesday – Astro News
by Ruby
“Back to School”

The Moon remains in Cancer all day and evening long, this keeps us feeling sensitive, emotional, and intense. This particular time with the Moon in the sign of the Crab seems to have been especially exhausting for many of you, and it’s even made some folks feel quite sad, emotional and depressed! More than likely it’s potent side effects are due to so many planets going into Retrograde now or already in their Retrograde phases. So pay attention and please read and share my blogs, I will help guide you through this energy.

Here’s the cosmic stew currently brewing…Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto will all be Retrograde by late next week. This energy is slowing us down and is bringing up lots of exciting and harsh lessons both. As we get used to so many planets in Retro. over the next few weeks, we may feel confused as situations and people may not make sense. Stay Flexible!! Remain calm, don’t over think and worry. Focus instead on the blessings you already have, and be grateful. If you can remain in that space in your heart, you’ll get through the fog.

And let’s not forget about the “messenger” of the Zodiac, Mercury, who is already in the “Shadow” phase before it goes Retro. on the 28th! Yea I’m sorry for lack of better words, but Mercury in Retro always just pisses me off! Yes I said it, and I meant it! If you aren’t already experiencing electronical glitches and breakdowns, consider yourself very lucky! Mercury in Retrograde is extremely annoying for most, but I must admit it also has some good affects, like it helps bring in the truth and gives us the opportunity to get obsessively organized with just about anything in our life. So Re-think, Re-learn, Re-view, Re-visit and Research during this time, do anything starting with the word “Re” and you’re good. Plan ahead and cleanse yourself and clean out your closets now! That’s what we’re supposed to be doing during Mercury in Retro. Do Not focus on the mess right now, focus on your heart, and again the love you have for yourself and life, and if you can’t find any, then you know your first lesson in all this energy, “Learn How To Love Yourself”

There’s a whole lot of planets in Fire Signs (Aries and Sagittarius) still as well, which is just heating up this Cosmic stew. So let’s think about this energy for a moment. We’re slowed down by the Retrogrades now, but maybe feeling impulsive…and maybe a little confused. The people around us aren’t quite making sense, and we’re fired up to move and take action. It’s a little crazy to be honest out there right now. We don’t know whether we should move forward like we want to or if we should stay still!

So here’s what ya should be doing during this time…I want you to simply Breathe!! As often as you need to right now, just take a deep breath and take a moment, then just take another very long deep breathe in, close your eyes and slowly exhale. Ah there don’t you feel better already? Keep practicing this, it’s that simple. My advice today and over the next few weeks is to Breathe, everytime you feel bad, if you’re confused, scared, or feeling out of control, I want you to remember to BREATHE!

The main thing to know during a Retrograde phase, is thats it’s time to be taking each planets lessons inward and do some serious spiritual work! We can literally transform ourselves, as many of my clients through different situations are already going through it, This energy may be difficult to navigate at times but it can help you do some serious healing, which will help make your life better in one area or many. The choice is yours really, and if your suffering from high-anxiety, depression, or a loss of any kind please seek help, don’t be silent, you’re not alone!

It’s best to hold off on starting anything brand-new right now, as we are standing on very shaky ground. Try to wait at least until you feel more adapted to the energies, and if you have no choice but to do something new, that’s ok, life has to go on if we like it or not. Amazing, transformational things are happening now, visualize your hopes, dreams and wishes now, stay positive and keep climbing!

Pay attention and save this Blog Post or Share it, to remind yourself over the coming months what you need to do to deal with all this energy. Be the eye of the storm and remain calm. Let the Cosmos Retrogrades show you what you need to work on and do the Work, no excuses now, it’s time for us to all go back to school and learn what we need to know to evolve, heal, learn, and grow.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

Mars Retrograde 2016

“Mars Retrograde 2016”



The Mars Retrograde Cycle starts April 17th and runs through June 29th. This energy is an opportunity for you to find success and healing in some area of your life. But for some folks this still can be a pretty rocky time. Especially with Saturn and Jupiter already in Retrograde, and Pluto and Mercury also going into Retrograde in late April! This certainly can be a different kind of energy that we’ve really never dealt with before…with so many planets in Retrograde at once! Retrogrades lessons definitely can be a leaning experience for all of us.

I’ve already wrote a blog about Saturn in Retrograde and how it truly impacts all of us, so head over to:
to learn all about how this cycle is affecting you and will through August 13th! And I will be writing a seperate blog for each planet’s Retrograde cycle, so keep reading to learn more about the upcoming Retrograde cycles. Check out my Notes or head over to my blog at to read more.

But this blog is about Mars in Retrograde:

Mars Retrograde in your personal Astrology “Birth Chart,” causes situations that often demand for you to stick up for yourself. Mars in your chart shows you just what area of you life you are most driven in, where you have stamina and motivation. Due to the fact that Mars is in different parts of each of our charts, it could affect any part of your life from your work zone, love life or around your children. It also shows you what is most sexy or passionate to you, so what turns you on sexually!

When Mars is direct and moving the right way and/or is in more harmonious aspects with the other planets, it gives you the motivation you need. But when Mars is Retrograde or is in challenging aspects, it can cause you to feel frustrated or challenged in some way. This can leave you feeling vulnerable and even victimized. Mars in Retrograde can show you just what part of your life it’s affecting, as it brings up repeated situations, so you’ll make changes to fix them. Then the lessons won’t continue, because then you’ve healed some part of yourself.

Mars is in Sagittarius during this Retrograde cycle and begins doing the backstroke on April 17th, so all you Saggitarius folks will feel it’s affects the strongest. But this aspect affects each and every one of us in some way, because we all have Sagittarius in our Astro. “Birth Charts”. Mars in Retrograde can cause you to make sudden, quick, and irrational decisions that you’ll regret later. For example you could have it out with a partner and suddenly out of anger, break it off, or get mad at a co-worker and quit your job. Only later to discover you regret your decision and may not be able to get your partner back, or get that same position at your job back. In other words don’t do something you’ll regret later. Try to think before Reacting!

Mars side affects are always quick and often rash, it is nicknamed “THE PLANET OF WAR,” for a reason… once it’s influence has you angry you can explode like a firecracker and BOOM! Then it’s too late to turn back whatever chaos you caused. The key to making it though this Retro. period without losing your temper or cool, is to learn what areas of your life Mars Retrograde will be influencing, so you can be proactive and keep things calmer in that department and remain aware of this energy, and then hopefully you can heal something instead.

DO NOT START ANY ARGUMENTS NOW! (unless you’re being victimized or abused by someone and need to break free) this energy certainly at one point will give you the courage to finally leave a situation, if it’s been bad or unhealthy for you. Otherwise, any battles or power struggles that you start during Mars in Retrograde will probably lead you to defeat. These battles really can’t be won, and there is never any winners in a war! So remain aware and stop yourself from acting on impulse and from making any sudden moves, without thinking about your consequences first. Make no rash actions from April 17th thru June 29th. This energy can lead you to arguments that can frankly be embarrassing, and also may cause loss in some way.

It’s best to find out what area exactly Mars is in, in your own personal Astro “Birth Chart”, then you can work on keeping that part of your life positive, by being more focused on keeping the peace and work on making it better. No matter what part of your life this Mars in Retrograde cycle affects, one great way to keep yourself together is too practice regular exercise, (this includes lots of sex, like we needed an excuse), funny as that might sound, any physical exercise or movement will help you burn off that extra energy, so you can keep yourself peaceful and leveled, it also balances out your hormones and can help you keep your cool and remain more calm.

If you start to notice funny pains in your body, especially your back (without any other major injury), this is usually a good indication that there’s some repressed anger you’re still holding onto, and often this runs deep emotionally for us. You may not even be aware of it. But that’s why your body is experiencing pain, it is trying to tell you that something emotionally isn’t ok! You just simply need to find positive ways to release this energy, again perhaps through exercise, or energy work of some kind like Reiki or Massage, which can also be quite helpful.

Here’s a little more information.

During the Mars in Retrograde cycle be sure to think things through before taking any actions. There might be situations or events that bring up and out some kind of problem, these problems have usually been ignored or simply not dealt with. It’s important to pay attention if this happens, so if you feel angry, frustrated, or pushed… that you don’t overreact! Certainly, stand up for yourself if need be, but do not start a battle unless it’s absolutely necessary. Take some deep breathes and work on controlling your anger, hopefully by the time Mars is direct again in late June you might come to terms with these problems and have made some positive changes.

When planets go Retrograde the Universe gets up close and personal with you around the area of your life that planet is transiting. So it pulls you through certain lessons to better understand its messages. You are getting a second chance to experience that lesson during this Mars Retrograde cycle, and perhaps through different people and situations. But this is to help fix something once and for all. So this can seriously help heal some part of your soul. Once you’ve made the changes you’re supposed to, that issue is fixed, and you’ll no longer experience the lesson. And this helps you move forward again.

The biggest obstacle that Mars in Retrograde can bring to you, is how it’s influence causes feelings of frustration and anger. Which means you can make rash decisions and take impulsive actions. It’s important to slow down during this period and not to make any important decisions while you’re angry.

I’m sure I will be hearing from many of my clients during this Retrograde time, and they will be on the edge and upset, and perhaps talking about getting a divorce or quitting a job. But Wait! SLOW DOWN! It can get CRAZY when Mars energy is influencing you in this way. Meditate, and ask yourself, “what’s my lesson about this situation?” “What can I learn from this situation?” Even if you have to scream out loud at first, then you might start to feel it and ask the Universe or you’re higher-self exactly what’s going on. Answers always come soon after we feel like we’ve broke down.

~One point past I quit, is always Breakthrough!

Wherever Mars in Retrograde is in your personal Astro “Birth Chart” is the area of your life that will not move quickly for the next several months. There’s absolutely no sense in pushing these issues, but there’s probably a bigger reason to be paying attention to this area of your life. Stop and smell the roses. Because that is where you can make the biggest changes that hopefully lead you to something better once this Retrograde cycle is complete.

If you don’t know where or how Mars will affect you during this Retrograde cycle, you can simply *Purchase* a “One Question” Reading and ask me, “How will Mars Retrograde affect me?” and I will do the research and look at your chart, and tell you where you need to keep calm and can expect things to slow down. I will also discuss exactly what part of you life you should not be jumping to conclusions in. Hopefully this can help you avoid mistakes and mishaps, and you can learn something and heal.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

A Time of Retrogrades


“A time of Retrogrades”
by Ruby

January is a time for reflection and review as so many planets are either already in Retrograde or about to be, this is when a plant appears to be moving backwards in the sky, but it’s influence on us also changes a bit as we feel it more internally.

With two planets already in Retrograde, Mercury and Jupiter, we all should get a opportunity to revisit some “Karmic Lessons” and finish up some old business.

Mercury in Retrograde:
Mercury turned Retrograde yesterday (go here to learn more, and will stay there through Jan. 25th. This three week period is a time to review things in our life and to learn by doing things over and over. The Universe actually gives us the chance to slow down and double check everything, if we like it or not. This is not a time for new beginnings, it’s really more about renewal and taking your time, so only schedule in about half of what you normally do. Anything that’s started during a Mercury in RX cycle may not last or work out as planned. It’s not a time to buy a new car or computer as Mercury rules over anything with a motor basically. Give yourself more time to travel and expect delays just to be prepared. Use this time to re-examine your life, do things like refinance your home, reschedule appointments, edit your books or blogs, anything that starts with RE is where your focus should be.

Jupiter Retrograde:
Jupiter the planet that motivates us and creates expansion is in Virgo and turns Retrograde on the 7th. So wherever you have Virgo in your chart is where you get a chance to review that part of your life. Virgo rules over our health and physical healing, so this is a good time to safeguard your health so you don’t catch any viruses going around, and to work on healing practices. Health issues we havent totally fixed might come up, this period give us a chance to work on them.

Virgo energy also pertains to the work we do, so this can be a positive period to review your daily work habits and career path too. The top New Year resolutions are always around getting healthy and our work. So if you’ve been waiting on something to materialize, it may take time now as our progress feels slowed down during Jupiter in Retrograde. It’s just an opportunity to really go over it all thoroughly and then you won’t have to worry about it hopefully again, or for a very long time. Remember we are being delayed not denied during a Retrograde cycle.

Mars Retrograde (Astro Tip):
Also Mars the planet of action will be going into Retrograde in April. This won’t be a great time to start anything new, but it will be a perfect time to put a game plan together to insure success for the next two years! Mars Retro runs through the end of June. During this three month period we should focus on what we need and want from our life, it’s a good time to plan out your goals in a powerful way. If you use this time wisely, your goals can manifest over the next few years! Dreams can literally come into being.

Since April through June will be a time of planning and making up strategies, we’re not suppose to act on our ideas until we have a solid plan and after Mars is back to normal in June. This can look like updating resumes, contacting people and networking, studying, and learning, putting legal papers together, seeking new relationships, outlining ideas, and writing out plans and goals…. these are just a few examples of what you can do during the Mars Retro cycle. If you don’t take this opportunity to pre-plan your success, it might feel like your constantly playing catch up or are two steps behind for awhile.

Wherever Mars falls in your Astrological Natal Chart is where you’ll get the chance to lay the foundation for your personal success story. It’s different for each of us!

If you’d like to know more info on this, Order a “One Question Reading” with me about 2016 and I will look at your Chart and give you some ideas about your own “Mars in Retrograde” plan. I will also include a “affirmation” you can say and write down to help you manifest your goals during that time frame. Just message, email, or text me to order your “One Question/Mars Reading”

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