Mars in Scorpio

Mars Enters Scorpio

Mars enters the sign of Scorpio today and will transit this sign until January 3rd. In Scorpio, Mars is driven and focused on getting what it wants. With Mars shifting into the sign of Scorpio it can be easier to assert yourself in the actions you take. So you can feel more driven and focused to get things done. This is a time when we are more strong-willed, passionate, and resilient.

But we also can go deep into our feelings, and at times we need space to think and process the depths of our emotions, so we can experience some sort of lesson and learn more about our own personal power. This can be a strong time to transform something in your life around your physical well-being, and/or sex life.

Once you are on a mission it can be very difficult for anyone to stop you during this time. Our focus and drive are strong, as we go after what we want! You can feel obsessed with getting to the bottom of a problem, especially if you are frustrated or angry about it. And you might be more interested in revenge, and we all know what a bad idea that can be! Yes, really!

This is a time when we can be fascinated and can get caught up with what others tend to repress, so things that have been hidden, kept secret, denied, or ignored can come out to experience and understand better. The truth will come out once again and be exposed, especially in the actions you take or if you are provoked or angry. Temper, Temper, be mindful about how you communicate with others, you could come off a bit too honest and really hurt someone’s feelings.

If you need to be more assertive, the energy will help you to be more direct, without worrying about apologies. It’s a good time for getting organized, as this energy can give you the drive to declutter your office or storage areas around the house. Mars in Scorpio is a time when we dig deeper and enjoy getting rid of anything old or outdated. We are just simply clearing the energies out to bring in something new, which can be healing. So throw out those old photo albums of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or get rid of anything that’s holding onto the energy from your past negative experiences. Throw it out, it’s time to let go and move forward!

We don’t want to avoid important issues now. Because we are kind of attracted to chaos and crisis which go hand in hand with Mars in Scorpio. We see the problem areas in our life as transformative and it can be exciting emotionally. There’s a point that you may feel better about feeling extreme emotions than nothing at all, as our normal everyday life and routines just are unsatisfying during this time.


Mars in Scorpio


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Thurs, Dec 7
Mars in Scorpio

Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio starting December 9, 2017, through January 26, 2018. In Scorpio, Mars drives us to stay focused on getting exactly what we want. Under this influence, we are persistent, strong, and determined. There’s a strong desire to experience our emotions on deeper levels, and to take it to the limit to reach the surface of life in order to explore these deeper levels of our human existence is going to be powerful folks!

Stay busy working on solving the little mysteries in life, as we search for ways to get the bottom of problems. Especially other people’s issues, because it helps us feel satisfied and can bring feelings of contentment. Fake or false anything won’t do, as we’re searching for what’s real and authentic. All that is hidden, taboo, secret, or suppressed interests us.

We are more interested in important issues now. And in some ways, we are attracted to the chaos in life and crisis, as we see this as an opportunity to transform and be emotionally excited. We’re interested more in feeling extreme emotions than nothing at all, as just living to survive and walk the middle road isn’t going to work, it doesn’t support how emotionally intense we can feel right now and is unsatisfying!

The shadow or darker side to Mars transiting the sign of Scorpio is we can feel more agitated, aggressive, and unconscious events can trigger anger, traumas, and memories. We may feel misunderstood or judged by others we trust. And we may not get all the alone time we need, as relationships can feel more restraining or suffocating. There also will be issues for some folks in their relationship with this influence, and around sex, betrayal & cheating, and also suicide.


Happy New Moon Friday 

Rubys Astro Reading


September 30th, 2016,

A NEW MOON in Libra comes together Friday evening, September 30th, 2016, at 7:11 PM CST and 8:11 PM EDT.


A NEW MOON represents a New Cycle that is ushered in by the comos and creates new beginnings. The best time to Set Intentions or make a Wish List of some kind is tonight through Saturday late night or very early Sunday morning. If you don’t understand what this means, click here to learn more SETTING INTENTIONS WITH THE NEW MOON

There’s been a lot of media coverage out there over this NEW MOON, so lets just get the facts straight:

  • NEW MOONS ARE ALSO CALLED “DARK MOONS,” because they give off the lowest light during a calendar month.
  • This NEW MOON is also called the “BLACK MOON,” because it is the second NEW MOON in one month.
    It is a rare celestial event that only happens approximately once ever 32 months.
  • A BLUE MOON is two FULL MOONS in a months time.

  • NEW MOONS are when the SUN is Conjunct the MOON. A new moon is the moment when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, meaning that the Sun and Earth are on the opposite sides of the Moon.
    so is considered in Astrology to be a harmonious energy?
  • This NEW MOON is in the sign of LIBRA astrologically, NOT SCORPIO! 
  • On Friday 30th the sky will be darker than normal making it the perfect time for stargazing as the stars will appear far brighter on this night due to the absence of the moon’s glow.

During this NEW MOON we should commit some time to setting some personal goals that we would like to achieve in our life. Our focus should be on all the traits of LIBRA, (yes no matter your Sun Sign, we all have LIBRA in our personal Astrology Charts) This helps you learn how to work with this energy and create something new and improved.

This NEW MOON brings in a fresh, creative energy into our lives, and even more importantly into our relationships.
Since the NEW MOON, the SUN and lucky JUPITER are all in the sign of LIBRA, our RELATIONSHIPS are the main focus! This energy brings in new optimism and opportunities. Folks can be kinder and more supportive towards one another. LIBRA being the sign of partnerships is why relationships are so important under this NEW MOON. VENUS the planet of love is in passionate Scorpio now and is in a very sexy connection with dreamy NEPTUNE in senstive PISCES, this brings a element of spirituality and helps soulful connections be made with others. 
This cycle helps us to re-balance our close personal relationships. These energies coming together are trying to teach us how we should be seeing our partners both in love and in business as TEAM PLAYERS, rather than opponents or even worse enemies.

Negotiations can go very well and can be quite effective during this time, because we can more easily assert or express what it is we need in ways that don’t offend or upset others. This energy gives us the opportunity to see how it is to work with others and negotiate in such a way that we are not compromising our own needs. This is about holding your ground firmly and getting what you need but doing in a graciously. 
LIBRA energy is also abut making peaceful resolutions with those around us in our everyday lives. It’s time to establish a sense of order and balance in our life, and recognize just how valuable partnerships are to us. LIBRA energy shows us how we can bring opposites together, which can be very beneficial. This is going to take a real commitment and effort on your part, to work on the fine act of balancing that can bring peace and restore harmony. This NEW MOON is making a powerful connection to optimistic JUPITER, and this can remind us that there is always hope for the future, especially when we allow ourselves to rise to the highest vibration and version of who we are….that is found just within us.

“The BLACK NEW MOON brings with it a mysterious dark impression due to it being in the shade, however, it is a highly positive influence that will draw out our intuitive, perceptive qualities as well as encouraging us to bravely embrace our weaknesses and unlock our strengths.”
However, this NEW MOON is also squaring fiery MARS and angry PLUTO, which can cause serious resistance and power struggles.

The energies have been quite dark at times out there lately, and you might be feeling confused and suffering emotionally in some way. PLUTO’s involvement means hard deep transformational lessons for some of you. Due to PLUTO coming out of Retrograde last week, we are learning not only how to grow and mature, but how to EVOLVE! This is what is needed and required of us right now, but it has been very painful indeed for some of you. It is possible to get annoyed and rash by the smallest annoyances today, and if you get too negative this energy can cause confrontations. STAY POSITIVE! Luckily, the SUN and NEW MOON are playing nice with SATURN in SAGITTARIUS, and this helps us to be more disciplined and play fair. Therefore, you can balance out your emotional needs with the needs of others, especially around your work obligations. 
The month of September has been a time of releasing and letting go, this NEW MOON’S energy is giving us the final push in the right direction, finally! It gives us courage, confidence and willpower to sever ties with anything or anyone that has been causing us problems. It helps us to walk away from what is causing unnecessary prolonged emotional pain, and take back or reclaim our own personal power. October’s energetic cycle will help us bring in new and dynamic things, but mainly will help us steer away from what is negative for us, be it situations or people that have been cluttering up our lives. It will be a month of redirection as we are put onto a clear more productive pathway.

This NEW MOON’S lesson is learning how to be more gracious while we negotiate in such a way that helps us keep peace and restore harmony, this is going to be extra important and challenging. But this is how we can have more successful relationships and grow from the process. ~Happy Blessed NEW MOON~



Mars Direct 

June 29th 

“Mars Direct!”

Have you been feeling stuck in certain areas of your life over the last few months? Has it felt like you just can’t get the momentum you once could? This is because Mars has been Retrograde since April 17th, and our physical movement has been held back. Today Mars goes direct into what’s called a “station” cycle, which means it’s stopped for now to go the right way again! But with that being said, we’re all not going to feel our physical energy come right back or get certain things in our lives moving again right away. I know, heavy sigh! First we have to wait out Mars Shadow or ‘Station” period just like we do with the other planets when they are Retrograde. Except this cycle is a bit longer, as Mars “Station” period runs through August 22nd!

However, slowly but surely things will get moving once again and at least we’re on the right track again. So let’s talk about the next few months during Mars “Station” cycle. We will feel Mars energy much stronger over the next few months, so we might become easily agitated or worse angered. Mars is in Scorpio currently, so it can be just downright brutal and chaotic. Our physical energy might feel zapped or drained at times. And our deep fears around power, our own personal power are being toyed with by this energy. 

The good news is over the coming weeks we will feel like our enthusiasm for certain projects is back again, and we can at least plan on moving forward eventually! Baby Steps! Any projects that have been stalled will get moving and we also will feel our confidence start to return, which makes us feel more assertive. Be open minded as new and more clear information will show up and change the game around recent decisions or projects we started before Mars went Retrograde! Just take things slow for awhile and don’t rush, keep an open mind and heart and soon enough will finally start to feel like ourselves again. 



Mars in Scorpio


Astro Alert
Mars in Scorpio
By ~Ruby

(This astrological influence affects all the signs of the Zodiac! It’s not just for Sun in Scorpio people.)

Mars shifts into emotionally deep, soul-searching Scorpio this morning. It’s influence can have us feeling more cunning, stealth, covert, and playing protector to who we’re emotionally attached to…it helps us to be masterminds, we now will play to win! Mars is strong in Scorpio! It’s the planet that rules our actions, assertion, will, bravery, and brutality…it’s raw pure energy!

Mars has been in more graceful Libra and has helped us play diplomat for awhile now, in Libra it was all about learning how to fight fair. But with Mars now in Scorpio, life simply isn’t fair. Tense situations are black or white in this energy, as Scorpio energy says, “pick one side or the other.” It’s easier to accept challenges and make changes now, because our concentration and willpower is strong, and frankly, stepping on other people’s toes doesn’t bother us as much as it should, not if we are doing it to survive.

We rely heavily on our gut instincts as Scorpio energy is very Psychic, we can see though others and their bullshit to be honest. We can be more manipulative and secretly expose others and the truth, and if we don’t agree with someone…we’ll probably never tell them, instead we work behind the scenes making it more difficult for them or oppose them…all while seeming cool and calm on the outside, but feeling totally indifferent on the inside.

Mars in Scorpio is the undercover lover and extremely potent sexually, so we tend to feel more sexy and work at making our fantasies come alive… so we can be attracted sexually to what’s considered taboo…like watching others surrender their bodies in one way or another. Our sex appeal is extremely strong with Mars in Scorpio energy, it’s provocative and can help bring us out of the closet sexually speaking!

Mars in Scorpio can keep us quite driven, as its influence can have us testing others and ourselves, as we can make up all kinds of rules and goals just for our own personal satisfaction once we have mastered them. Our instinct to survive is very strong, due to Scorpio being the sign of transformation. In this energy we understand and respect the fact that we all have to die to live or move on, so we’re not scared to push limits and cross boundaries. But we’ll more then likely tip-toe over them and make sure no one is watching! This energy keeps us from feeling guilty because we embrace our own animal nature! Mars runs through March 5th in Scorpio, so get in touch with your own personal power and transform yourself!

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