Mars in Leo

June Astrology

Hiya folks, I have been absent for the last 3 weeks, I’ve been taking care of me. But I’m back and sharing important information all about the Astrology of June 2021! 😉

Stay Safe & Be Well ~Ruby

June Astrology

July Super “Black” New Moon

For All Zodiac Signs

On Wednesday, July 31st and Thursday, August 1st for some time zones, a powerful Super “Black” New Moon in the sign of Leo occurs.

The NEW MOON times are as follows.

Pacific Time, July 31 at 8:11 PM
Eastern Time, July 31 at 11:11 PM
Central Time, July 31 at 10:11 PM
Mountain Time, July 31 at 9:11 PM

Under the “Black” New Moon energy we all have an opportunity to tap into this strong, potent, and courageous Leo the Lion energy.

  • A Black Moon is the name of a second New Moon in one calendar month. For some folks this New Moon will occur on August 1st, but it’s still a Black Moon since it occurs so close to the end of the month. 
  • This Black Moon is a Super Moon this time around, and so it’s literally closer to Earth, so the tides and anything made of water here on planet Earth is affected by the Moon’s vibrational pull at this time.

This is an excellent time to think about our future goals. And all the characteristics of the sign that Leo represents. With the Moon and Sun both in the sign of Leo, there’s a double dose of Lion’s energy to work with. And add that Mars and Venus are also in the sign of Leo currently, and we have an abundance of this energy to tap into. We should be focusing our energy into the following things like enhancing our love life, as this is a time for romance, but also creative endeavors, andrelationships with our lovers, family members, and children.

Some things we should be working on for the next month are as followed.

  • Building up our self-confidence and pride in ourselves.  
  • Taking pride in ourselves as unique individuals.
  • Assuming responsibility for ourselves and our lives.
  • Putting our heart into all that we do, by giving of ourselves and being more warm and generous with others.

We should meditate and focus on the characteristics of this strong-willed, loving Fire Sign of the Zodiac, as we all have the sign of Leo somewhere in our Personal Astrology “Birth Chart.” Try to incorporate the following positive traits of the Sign of Leo into your life and personality.

  • Being Proud and showing Pride. 
  • Generosity, helping others for no reason. 
  • Hospitable, receiving or treating guests or strangers warmly and generously.
  • Caring and Warm towards others. 
  • Authoritative
  • Active
  • Open your heart. 

Over the next several days we should be able to improve certain parts of our lives, as this is a time to awaken your “inner child” and discover ways to creatively express yourself. We have a golden opportunity under all this potent Leo energy to make some significant changes to our lives that can benefit us long after this New Moon occurs. 

With the Sun and Moon in Leo squaring Uranus during the New Moon it’s important to watch yourself for acting on impulse, or for abruptly making changes or just rebelling. The desire to change and improve things around our romantic and personal life is strong, and we can be quite creative when doing so. So this can be a time of courage as we are more than ready for progress. And with Jupiter in a beautiful Trine to this New Moon we can certainly make some magic happen, just pay attention and be cautious. 

As this New Moon occurs in Leo, we are being shown how to lead our own lives. Each of us possess the power to take control of our lives, so we must take charge in any situation and make important decisions that will help us in the future. Follow your intuition, as you know what’s best for you! No one knows you better than you! Take some time to yourself and get comfy with your pack, and do what makes your heart happy. Don’t beat yourself up about what you think you should be doing, and allow the truth of who you are to set you free. Trust yourself and be authentic in all you do. Leo energy rules over the heart of any matter, which makes this the best time to work with the energies that are ruled by the heart. 

Setting Intentions with the New Moon

I cannot stress enough just how important it is this time around to do the work and Set Intentions or make out Wish Lists under this powerful, rare Super “Black” New Moon. Especially, since we have just dealt with so much life-changing transformational energy. This is the time to make some new plans and set some goals to help you bring in new beginnings and rewards, don’t worry about how big or small they are as in two week from now when the next Full Moon occurs you should start to see something begin. Just simply write it all down, and read it and than FEEL IT! Then since Leo is a Fire Sign many like to burn up what they have written and send the energies off to the Universe in hopes it will bring us what we have asked for.

This New Moon also brings in the start of a New Lunar Cycle, and this new energy comes after a series of very potent and transformative Eclipses in July. This new energy can help us calm down and work with any emotional wounds, changes, or transformations the July Eclipses may have brought up. If the Eclipses brought about some sort of change in your life, than this “Black” New Moon can help you handle whatever issues you have been dealing with, so you can begin to finally think about what to do next from a whole new perspective, and hopefully find some solid solutions. 

Under the influence of the “Black” New Moon, the Cosmos will usher in New Beginnings that so many of us have been wishing and hoping for, however, we are going to have to take things slow at first and give these new energies time to work their mojo! Especially, with mental Mercury coming out of it’s Retrograde cycle on the same day as the New Moon.

New Moons bring things to us like “moths to a flame”, so if you are aware or woke it’s a great time to Set Intentions with the Universe, just by simply making out some Wish Lists. With all this new energy coming in now and the effects of Mercury’s Retrograde after-Shadow period, you may have to do some soul-searching first to think about what intentions you really want to set for your future plans. We all have changed a little if we understand it or not, but we can feel it! As the Eclipses have now raised our vibrational energies, and this transformation requires us to make sure our intentions line-up together with this new energy. 

This New Moon is a great inspiration, and this is the time to think about what we want to bring into our lives next. But we must be patient, take the time to allow ourselves to simply be, and tune our hearts into the energy of the Cosmos to match up with the energy of our true soul journey! Then will be better able to take this new energy and manifest what we truly desire next in to happen in our lives.  

Have an amazing, blessed New Moon, 



Rubys Astro Readings
Thurs. July 20

Mars is known for being the planet that helps motivate us, its influence gives us drive and physical stamina. It also rules over our passion and aggression and is often called the “God of War.” Mars is switching from more emotionally sensitive Cancer into more outwardly strong Leo starting July 20th and stays there through September 5th.

While Mars is in Leo, we tend to get a boost of confidence and can feel more proud and strong. Our goals are important as we become more spirited to go after what we want. Even though contrary to popular belief Leo energy isn’t always loud and aggressive, especially when it comes to communicating about how we are feeling. But Leo energy is aggressive when provoked or angry, and Mar rules over our tempers, so our nerves are more easily rattled at this time. Learn how to breathe and walk away if you feel your “Inner Roar” about to come out. But we can be quite demanding and snappy if we are messed with or feel agitated.

Under this Leo energy all of us no matter whatever Zodiac sign maybe tend to feel more direct and self-assured, and we also do desire a little more drama or attention. When going after our goals we tend to not focus so much on the details because we just want to get things done. Convenience is very important during this time, and more so than usual while going after what we want.

Leo energy is always ruled by the heart so people will passionately go after and fight for what they want in their heart. And this energy can make our sex drive extremely strong. So have fun! And exercise can be extremely important during this time, it helps tame the fiery nature this energy seems to bring out in all of us.


Mars in Leo

“Mars in Leo”


As the Cosmos continues on with “Leo Season” (many planets in the sign of Leo.) Mars the planet of passion, aggression, and war, is shifting from protective, emotional, play-it-safe Cancer and into fun-loving, risk-taking Leo, where it will remains until Sept. 24th.

Over the next six and half weeks we will feel a strong need to be creative in some way. This is a very vital position for Mars, and our passions can run high, and so does our desire, we’re more strong-willed and can be enthusiastic during this time.

So for the next six and half weeks we can enjoy being a little spontaneous, while taking risks. Our egos get associated with the actions we take. Anything we do is with pride, we are looking for admiration and acknowledgement! Become an inspiration to those around you, by moving forward towards your own personal goals, especially if we connect to our hearts first… and listen and feel the support from the Universe guiding us along.

Remember Leo energy is about following your heart so basically go by your gut instincts, not your logic. Logic isn’t always the right way, it’s just usually the safe way! How boring is that!

Anyone with Leo Sun, Moon, Rising or Mars signs and Aries Sun and Mars signs will feel especially energized during this transit, and your passion will be strong. Make sure and get some physical exercise all my dear lions and rams, it’s going to be active! ~Ruby


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