Mars in Aries

Mars shift into fiery Aries!

Mars the planet that rules over our motivation, physical actions, assertive drive, ambition, passion, war, and sexual drive shifts signs on June 26, 2020, into more fast-paced, impulsive Aries all the way through January 6th, 2021. That is a really long time for Mars to be in one sign. Its extended stay in trailblazing Aries is due to its upcoming Retrograde phase, which starts on Sept. 9th and runs through Nov. 13th.

Mars is exceptionally comfortable in its home sign of Aries, as it’s ruler naturally. Our energy levels are stronger than usual, and we are more spontaneous, forward-looking, and bolder, and courageous under its influence, as it tends to get things moving so we are more active and confident. If we just follow our instincts, we can get things done super fast and precisely.

As Mars shifts into Aries this week, you’ll notice a definite surge in energy, motivation, and initiative. You don’t need anyone else to light that fire under you to get you going when Mars is transiting Aries. Talk about the ultimate self-starter. With this competitive, entrepreneurial energy in the sky, you will definitely want to begin a personal project. In addition to the remarkable energizer battery of Mars in Aries, you will also notice plenty of courage and fighting spirit. You will not back down from anything or anyone! Just remember, neither will others so expect an argument or a fight if there’s a situation you and someone else butt heads over. At least it will be an honest battle, though as Mars in Aries is not going to allow us to hide anything especially, our agendas.

After all, Mars is the planet of war, anger, and challenges, especially in its own sign of Aries the Warrior! So it tends to cause tension, restlessness, and anxiety for some. However, this also can be a very positive influence that gives us lots of energy. But we must be careful not to lose our cool. We have a strong competitive spirit as our goal is to win! But what are you battling for.? What are you winning in the end? Is it worth it? You are going to need to ask yourself these questions, as this influence can help us stay on task and motivated, but it also can cause impulsive behavior that can get people all fired up over much of nothing! Like things haven’t been heated-up enough out there! This energy could really make protests explode even more so, however with the Virus spreading like wildfire again, we are made to stay in once again, so we are going to need ways to get this energy out, so we don’t let it turn into anger.

Mars in Aries gives us a warrior-like attitude, therefore, its influence can spark up debates and discussions where we feel compelled to share our opinions and defend ourselves. Social media has already been exploding due to our current ongoing circumstances, so many of you will be sharing your frustrations, and there will be more arguing, of course. But remember, ask yourself if it’s worth it or not first.

When it comes to your sex life, expect a boost in libido. With Mars in Aries, we want immediate gratification and will do whatever it takes to get our needs met. There’s so much dynamic energy around this placement that you may wonder if there’s anything to worry about. Well, as with any planetary alignment, there’s a positive expression and a not so positive one. When Mars in Aries shines its light, we become fearless warriors or innovative pioneers. When it’s operating in the shadow, however, we can be rash, impatient, and selfish.

The darker side of Mars being in the sign of Aries is that we can sometimes be impatient, arrogant, impulsive, and self-centered! But if we can remember to take time out’s and not let our tempers get lit up so fast, as we can also be more authentic, enthusiastic, and straightforward. But we can also be quite narcissistic and not think of others as much, so don’t expect folks to be so worried about your “feelings”, as this is a time when we think ahead, and we are not as worried about the past. This can be challenging with the Sun and mental Mercury both in the sign of Cancer through the end of July! The sign of Cancer is all about being sensitive and worrying about other folk’s feelings, so the polar opposite of Aries and Mars, both. So we can feel pushed and pulled or even just reminded that we should care, but at the same time, we may not be feeling it!

If we pay attention and harness this Mars in Aries energy, we can be so productive and get so much done. Just remember people tend to take impulsive actions during this time, so often there are mistakes, mishaps, and accidents. It may take a week or so to get used to this energy, so we need to be a little extra careful, and take some extra precautions to stay safe, as some people are going to get more easily frustrated and aggressive under its influence. If we can take on a strategic kind of attitude, we can plan ahead and get things done in ways we never thought of, we have to be mindful and remember to not react without thinking things through first, which is always the most difficult challenge with Mars in Aries. Under the tense and frustrating energy we have already been dealing with due to COVID and the rioting, we must work extra hard to keep our cool and make sure that things remain calm, otherwise, it could be a bigger mess than we are already in.

Stay Safe & Be Well,


Mercury in Aries

Astro Readings by Ruby
“Talking Out Loud”

Mercury in Aries

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, expression, and our thinking process, and it is shifting gears today as it moves into quick thinking Aries, where it will stay until March 31st. Decisions can be made very quickly in this very fast paced, impulsive energy. Aries teaches all of us no matter your Sun Sign that we can lead and are quick to work on any new ideas or projects we might have. So our thoughts and ideas can be pioneering, as we come up with new things to do and say and we want to be first to know things!

Our way of thinking is quick and spontaneous, and so is the way we talk and communicate. We tend to speak directly in this energy, as we can be more bold and assertive with Mercury in Aries. We don’t have the patience for mulling over ideas, as the decisions we do make now are often driven by our need for instant gratification! We can be more quick, direct, and candid in our conversations, and some folks might think we even sound crude at times. This is a more aggressive kind of energy, especially if you come across other folks who oppose or argue about your opinions or ideas. And you might think they will just accept your opinions at first, but when you realize they don’t you can feel frustrated and angry. We’re more sensitive and defensive under this influence because we are attached to our ideas. So think before you speak or make that Facebook post! Ha!

Details can become an issue because even though we will pay extra close attention to them if we really need to focus, but we are moving so much more quickly under the Mercury in Aries energy that we refuse to listen to others more often and immediately dismiss what we think is irrelevant. Only to discover later we missed important or prudent information. But our charm and style can get us through.

When we express ourselves we can be much more straightforward, and even if you’re normally shy you might just tell someone exactly what you think during this cycle! Those of you who already express themselves out loud should try to rein it in and be careful to not go all wild and crazy or you can lose friendships or hurt someone you care for.

This is a great time to start something new because we aren’t attached to worn-out, older, outdated ideas, and generally speaking we adopt a different more fiery, enthusiastic kind of attitude. New projects and ideas are taken head on now with strong enthusiasm. It’s all too easy to have our hands in many different pots, as we start new projects and jump around to each of them before finishing. We can always feel or seem busy under Mercury in Aries. We might be on one path mentally towards a goal to suddenly change our mind or opinions, especially if something sounds more appealing, new, or exciting.

 If anyone expresses some sort of criticism or negative feedback we can take it extremely personal now. But we are not afraid of a challenge or fight if the need arises, especially if it’s a mental showdown. We can be more intelligent but also more idealistic, and if we get excited about something we can promote it strongly because we are full of energy and are highly motivated now. But overall we are more fun and enthusiastic, which can be highly infectious.

With the Sun currently in Pisces through March 20th, you may wonder why folks seem agitated or frustrated, as we can come off as harsh and impatient. Because decisions are made so quickly, you may not understand why others sort of stay on the fence around your ideas, and don’t work with you as easily. So it’s a good time to keep working on communication and playing fair and try to be patient.


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