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“Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON”



“Setting Intentions w/ the NEW MOON”
October 19th, 2017


There’s a New Moon occurring in Libra, Thursday, October 19th, which makes this the best time of the month to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little magic!


The Moon goes into the Void cycle around 2pm CST and 3pm EST Thursday afternoon, but it won’t switch signs until around 8:45pm CST and 9:45pm EST, and then will move into Taurus!


*Setting Intentions*

During a New Moon cycle, we should be asking the Universe for new beginnings, by planting seeds of intention from our heart and getting in touch with our higher-self. It’s a good time to be grateful for what we have and work on manifesting what energy we want to come in next. What I mean by that is we can create whatever it is we desire, such as a better life, more money, happiness, love, it doesn’t really matter, but we have to do some things to make it really happen. And no not everything you want is going to just magically appear. But at least you’ll be placed on the right path towards your destination!


By “Setting Intentions” with the energy of the New Moon, you’ve made it clear to the Universe what path you’d like to begin heading down and that’s a start. Then the energies will begin to line up to get you there.


The intentions that are set during a New Moon will set you on the right path towards your desires. The New Moon is a magical time of beginnings when you can recharge goals or set new ones. During the New Moon, we often experience an “energy shift.”


Here are some ideas on what to Manifest under a New Moon:


1. Get clear about something you want and write it down.


2. Share your intention with someone in a supportive way, and who will be encouraging.


3. Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention.


4. Acknowledge that you did what you said you would, and then take the next step.


So have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your higher power, God, Source, Guides, Angels, etc), and ask the New Moons energy to help illuminate the path that leads you towards your deepest desires. Simply ask to be led to what you’re choosing to manifest. Remember to be patient and simply allow the time needed, things don’t always happen right away, but we can get taken down certain paths to find our way to what it is we’re looking for… and sometimes magic just happens.


What if you don’t know how to “Set Intentions” under the New Moon?

Follow the Steps below to learn how:

Step One: Clear your sacred space

Clear the energy of the area or room you’re using to do New Moon work in. You’ll simply be calling in some positive energy to work with. Burn some sage or Incense and clear the energies. Next close your eyes and breathe deeply … and call upon your guides, Angels, or higher power in and ask to have your sacred space cleared, and then to fill it up with the energy of love and light. Never leave energy empty, always fill it with something once you’ve cleared it.


Step Two: Set the atmosphere

Set the mood for your “New Moon” Ritual and again burn some special incense, light some candles (and colors of candles do have different energies and meanings), play some music that helps you feel spirituality connected. This can be very different for everyone. Just makes sure to use whatever colors or tools that make you feel calm, centered, happy, and peaceful.

Step Three: Setting Your Intentions-Making Wishes with the Moon

You’re going to need a notebook, paper, or a journal and something to write with. Think about where you’re going to do all this work at, because we create an energy vortex wherever we sit or sleep. This is mainly why you feel so good in your favorite chair, because it’s comfortable and feels safe and secure, but also because you have created an energy vortex in that spot.

Now write what energy you’d like the Universe to bring in. Simply write your deepest desires, wishes, and questions. Think about what energy you’re trying to manifest or create. Write a letter, like as if you are talking to an old friend. Think about what energy you’re trying to bring into your life and be detailed.

As you’re doing this work and setting your intentions, here are some helpful questions you can think about … for example; ask what you’re choosing or what changes you would like to see in your life? What are you or should you be calling in? How do you feel about what is happening in your life now, and what do you want to create? Think about your long-term goals and future and what you’d like that to look like over the next month. Be careful about focusing on the how, why, and when of your goals, focus more on what it is you’re wanting and how you want to feel. Let the Universe take care of the rest.

Step Four: Visualize

It’s time to visualize what you’ve written. Close your eyes and take long deep breaths, so in your nose and out your mouth. See the energy of your heart center, that’s in the middle of your chest (not your pumping heart) but your spiritual heart or commonly referred to as the “Heart Chakra.” Visualize yourself in what you’re trying to create or manifest. For example; see yourself living in that new home, falling in love with that Soul-Mate, driving that new car. Just don’t think it, make sure and FEEL IT as if you were really experiencing what you’re visualizing.

Allow the Universe to show you which paths to follow over the next 30 days, and then allow the New Moon to light up those paths that you are supposed to be going down, so you may bring in what you truly desire, and let go of what you don’t want, it’s not serving your higher good and it’s blocking you from your desires.


Love and Luck! 

Rubys Astro Readings

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion is finally shifting signs after nearly a year of being in VIRGO. Financial stability is usually an issue in one way or another, and the energy of prosperity just like anything else in this life tends to run in cycles. This fall some energy will be building up that seriously can bring in the energy of wealth. Jupiter shifts into LIBRA on September 9th, and brings with it some opportunities to build prosperity!

Jupiter has been in the sign of Virgo for nearly a year now, which has brought us opportunities around our work and health. Jupiter represents abundance, growth, expansion and luck. Once it shifts into LIBRA, here in the next few days, it really can help many of you expand your pocket books and personal wealth. LIBRA is actually ruled by VENUS which rules over Love and Money.

If we look at the planet Jupiter and the sign of LIBRA, these combined energies actually will kick off a lucky period for love, (for some folks.) This energy can help bring together Soul Mates and strong Spiritual Partners, so there’s going to be some serious romance in the air this year! Otherwise if you meet someone who really makes your heart flutter, but they are not the marrying type, this can be more of a “fun nice to have meet you” kind of affair, but it will change you and be something special and memorable! This influence will more than likely start quite a busy Wedding Season for 16/17. This energy also can help pair up perfect business partnerships, that can do some pretty amazing work together and become quite successful.

The upcoming Eclipses in August/September will bring in a repeat of some kind of energy that happened 19 yrs ago in your life. So many of you are actually staring a “New Love” cycle this Fall that continues for the next 19 years. Wow! How Exciting!

Jupiter will transit in LIBRA from September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017, and LIBRA energy is all about balancing out our lives. Jupiter is about exploration, expansion and taking lucky strides in life to get ahead, which means lots of folks are going to fall in love pretty hard and fast! One thing is forsure this energy can help create some much needed peace in our relationships and partnerships. LIBRA energy brings us a strong desire to create peace and balance. There can be more focus and appreciation for things that are beautiful, we can see more random acts of kindness and lovely gestures being made towards one another.

This influence can also help us balance out our Karmic Debt, so what comes around will definitely go around, what is right and wrong mean more in this energy. What is fair is the main theme. Justice will be served with Jupiter in Libra.


Weekly Astro Update


Astro News
Mid-Week Update
By Ruby

This week looks pretty good, especially concerning anything financial or when making meaningful connections. There’s a lot of strong and lucky financial days this week and into the weekend. So make sure and to do any kind of Law of Attractions or energy work to draw money in under this lucky cosmic influence.

Signs from the Universe

Are you getting signs from the Universe? Start watching for signs and symbols this week. With the Spring Eclipses just around the corner, the Universe is all ready to send out some serious personal messages about changes that are taking places in our lives. There are two Eclipses coming, the Solar Eclipse in Pisces and a Lunar Eclipse in Libra in March. We should be getting strong messages about what changes need to take place in our life and what opportunities await. Eclipses are Wild Cards yet to be played, they bring in much needed changes even if we can’t appreciate it at this time.

For some folks, these Eclipses could bring pressure on the job, so you might feel like looking for new work. And sometimes a new relationship develops under this influence. You really just never know what to expect exactly but you can tell what area of life the changes will occur in, if you follow astrology. But for now stay aware of the signs, they may be subtle messages or not so subtle, between now and the 22nd of February.

This week seems to hold some pretty lucky days, so I would suggest you do something positive to move your intentions forward during this week. Make contacts, phone calls, and build connections. Reach out to people this week under these Astrological Influences as they tend to fall in your favor around money and work! If you’re starting a new project it’s a great time to promote it or get it off the ground. If you’re wanting to apply for a loan, to school, for a new job or business license go for it this week as it can go extremely well.

Starting tonight pay attention to your dreams, as you might dream extra heavy and vivid. These dreams can have strong hidden messages and meanings of some kind. Even bad or scary dreams can be actually a good omen, look for the symbolism always in your dreams. Be mindful of what your subconscious mind is trying to express this week, as there are important messages coming through. Some folks might dream about deceased loved ones during this period too. This is just one way they can connect and spend time with you. Positive energy is available in so many ways right now, to all of you who make it a point to go after it this week.

Thursday and Friday you may take the initiative to start a new project. You can also have sudden visions or Psychic insight, as thoughts of a predictive nature can be sudden and random. These may be messages from your Angels and or Spirit Guides to get something done, so go for it! You are being divinely guided, so if these visions suddenly pop into your head just know you are being shown and inspired to try something new. ~Ruby

“Will your luck change?”

“Will your luck change?”
July 23rd thru 27th Astro.


The Astrology this year has been needless to say complicated and harsh for so many. Tuesday was a major turning point in the Cosmos, as this week’s energies started out on a much more positive note.

The Sun and optimistic Jupiter both moved into the sign of Leo! Leo is the sign of pleasure and love, it’s a very flirtatious energy. Leo is the actor or actress of the Zodiac. For all us zodiac signs this energy will provide some opportunities to have fun, take trips, see amazing performances, and work on new creative projects.

July 24th, Thursday … Jupiter and the Sun meet in the same degree in the sign of Leo. This is considered by many Astrologers to be an amazing day! But Wednesday you can still take advantage of the great energy going on, perhaps initiate something you need extra luck with! The stars are on your side. If you pursue a dream or goal when Jupiter is meeting up in Leo, it can come true! Both Jupiter and Leo love risk-taking. So if you dare to jump, you can be rewarded. Apply for that job you’ve been wanting, look at that home you’d like to buy, test drive that car you love. Tell the people you care for just how you feel, because Leo is represented by the “Heart”, and if you can afford it, go buy some lottery tickets. Because in this Leo energy, Leo loves to play to win, and this affects all of us!

The Sun and Jupiter’s meeting on July 24th is quite impressive looking! Many Astrologers are considering this time to be the best days of the year! This energy is strong and can be amazing … The stars influence our lives, it’s up to us to take advantage of it!

Venus and Neptune meet up on July 24th indicating great opportunities in loving relationships. While Mercury and Saturn also want to get a piece of the action. We want to communicate our “Big plans” for our future. It’s a good time to share your ideas and do some brainstorming about your plans. Make some stuff happen! No matter where you are, take advantage of this energy and use it to “Ask” for what you want!!

On Friday – July, 25th, Mars the action planet shifts from Libra into Scorpio, which makes it feel more efficient.
While Mars was in Libra (since December of 2013,) the emphasis was on relationships with others. But Mars in Scorpio will be much more intense, especially when it comes to our sexual relationships, our desires, … if anyone has a secret love affair going on, it can get quite steamy! Mars is in Scorpio until September 13th! This should be a sizzling ending to our summer.

The week ends with a New Moon in Leo on July 26th. This is a good time for second chances. Focus on creativity, fertility, and children, all are Leo qualities. Create ways to get out and have fun, go with what’s pleasurable.

In conjunction with the New Moon we have yet another chance to start something new, and see results within 6 months by early February 2015. Neptune, Venus, and Saturn are involved and this energy is fantastic, it creates opportunities to build something strong, that’s kept well into the future. This week couldn’t end any better. ~Ruby

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