Rubys Astro Readings VENUS ENTERS TAURUS March 31st - April 24th Venus the planet that rules over our sensuality, pleasure, and often finances or money is about to finally shift out of fast-moving Aries and into the more relaxed energy of Taurus! Venus is Taurus's ruling planet as well. This energy affects all of the signs of … Continue reading VENUS ENTERS TAURUS

“A Look Ahead”

  Rubys Astro Readings "A Look Ahead" The Cosmos is shifting and the energies are about to go into a totally different direction. So I thought I would explain what the energies will be like over the next week. Do understand that every planet goes through each sign of the Zodiac at different times, and … Continue reading “A Look Ahead”


    SUN ENTERS AQUARIUS Change Has Arrived! Sun in Aquarius from January 19-February 18 Later today, the SUN shifts gears into strong-minded AQUARIUS through February 18th! This month-long cycle keeps us hungry for knowledge and experience. We now will be looking for new ways to do things, as we search for what feels original … Continue reading SUN ENTERS AQUARIUS

New Moon December 18 2017

New Moon December 18, 2017 New Moon December 18, 2017 By Ruby The Perfect Balance The New Moon in Sagittarius will occur early Monday morning on December 18, 2017, but if you really want to take advantage of this energy then starting Friday evening, December 16, 2017, when the Moon shifts into Sagittarius and starts … Continue reading New Moon December 18 2017

“Venus in Sagittarius”

Venus will shift and join Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius on Saturday. Venus rules over what we value, love, and often our money. Under joyous Sagittarius, we all can feel (no matter what Zodiac sign), like enjoying ourselves, as we have much more courage to play! We also find ourselves feeling much more appreciative … Continue reading “Venus in Sagittarius”

Venus enters Scorpio

Venus enters Scorpio Venus the planet of Love & Money enters the deep shadowy waters of Scorpio today, where it remains until December 1st! This is a time when we explore our love lives and financial connections actually on a deep soul level, as we aren't worried about competition with others so much, as there's … Continue reading Venus enters Scorpio

Rare “Super” Moon Approaching!

Rare “Super” Moon Approaching! By Ruby We are about to witness an amazing rare “Super” Full Moon. The closest it’s been to Earth in 70 years! Even if you normally don’t look at the stars, this is an astrological event you don’t want to miss! The November Full Moon is also called a “Supermoon”, so … Continue reading Rare “Super” Moon Approaching!

“Venus Enters Libra”

Rubys Astro Readings "Venus Enters Libra"   Today, Venus the planet of love and money moves into lovely, charming, and balance-seeking Libra until November 7th. This can be great news for all the signs of the Zodiac! Venus is the planet of LOVE and LIBRA is the sign of partnerships, so together this energy can … Continue reading “Venus Enters Libra”

“The Sacred Union”

  Love Can be Interesting Soon! "The Sacred Union" By Ruby The first part of October is going to be interesting, as the Universe is building up for what's commonly called "The Sacred Union" influence to come to together. The "Cosmic Lovers" Venus and Mars are both in the sign of Virgo. The date this … Continue reading “The Sacred Union”

A Strong Fresh New Start

Ruby's Astro Readings "A Strong Fresh New Start" Change is in the air and something new is about to begin! When a planet shifts into a different Zodiac Sign, that planet has new and fresh energy that is activated. It's whole environment changes and it's back to the beginning, so it's energy is more vital … Continue reading A Strong Fresh New Start


  Rubys Astro Readings NEW MOON DAY!!! Wed, 26th of April The NEW MOON comes together on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 8:16 AM EDT, 7:16 AM CST, 9:16 AM PST, 10:16 MST Happy NEW MOON DAY! The Moon officially became a New Moon in the sign of Taurus this morning, and we get to … Continue reading NEW MOON DAY!

Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde

ASTRO READINGS WITH RUBY The Goddess of Love is turning Retrograde early today, and she will be going backward in the Cosmos through April 15th. Venus in Retrograde can be challenging but also can bring good things once you get through it, but it can be frustrating to get there. This cycle only happens about … Continue reading Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde

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