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Last Week of March – Astro “Weekly”


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Weekly Update

“Last Week of March”

Today we get an extra boost from the cosmos as the asteroid “Pallas Athena” moves into the sign of Aries to join 4 other planets that are already in this fiery sign. This goddess gives us some gifts with this influence, and that is some inspiration and drive to follow our dreams and fulfill our destiny! You might start to feel excited or inspired to get out and do something different, and your heart may be full once again as your hope is restored.

Intense Relations:
But the big Astrological news of the week is the powerful Jupiter-Pluto Square finally comes together on Thursday, as this energy has been with us all week long and for some folks even over the last two weeks and it’s been rough stuff! This aspect spans nine months and hit us for the first time just last November of 2016, it will complete its series and impact this August.

With Jupiter and Pluto connecting under this harsh energy, you’ll find folks are on a major “POWER TRIP” all over the place, and anyone with a big “ego” might try to push their opinions off on you. So you might have already run into people who want to manipulate, bully, or stir the pot so to speak, as this influence peaks on Thursday. I am putting a Severe Cosmos-Storm Warning out for this sucker folks as it finally blows through one last time today, and then not again until next August. This influence has been affecting us pretty strongly and has pushed and pulled on us to make big changes in our lives. It has certainly been a week folks, so just a heads up to stay out of trouble and harm’s way because this energy is no joke and still might not be entirely done just yet.

Mercury slows down:
On Friday, Mercury moves into slowed-down and more grounding Taurus and you can be a little more logical hopefully and reasonable with your thoughts, ideas, and plans once again. Since we have been under the influence of Mercury in Aries over the last 3 and half weeks and we have been pushing to get our stuff done, are aggression levels have been on high alert! Hopefully, with this shift, we will feel a bit more relaxed and can think straight before getting upset or angry, unless provoked of course as Taurus is the sign of the bull and we can be very stubborn while under this influence and even quite emotional. But at least our thinking slows down.

Relationships & Money:
Also, Venus is still in its Retrograde cycle, so, therefore, it moves back into sensitive Pisces starting this Sunday, and with Neptune involved, secrets can suddenly be revealed and truths exposed. You might experience seeing someone for who they truly are, or someone trying to hide from you, a situation that isn’t too clear about a past, or present relationship.

As Neptune just won’t seem to stop this week, it too joins up with larger than life Jupiter this weekend, but this is a more harmonious connection so this can help us feel inspired and enlightened in some way. Our souls seem to line up with the will of the Universe more so, and this brings on spiritual awareness and those wonderful Ah-Ha moments we so look forward to having! Destiny is knocking folks, right at your door! So get with this energy and work with it and your spiritual path will open.

Weekend Update:
If you don’t understand or know exactly how to get on a path that fulfills your soul destiny, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to have a session with me, contact me here on Facebook or email me at healingruby@yahoo.com and I will help you figure out exactly what path you should be heading down and how to connect to your soul and spiritual path better.

So if you can make the time to do something that enhances your spirituality this weekend, then I highly suggest you get to it! You will more than likely get the answers you so desperately seek.


Evolve! Jupiter/Pluto Square

There is a tense long-term square between Jupiter and Pluto that’s starting to form together now that is extremely powerful. This is the first connection of three in a series, that runs all the way through August of 2017! And we have already witnessed what this powerful energy can do thus far.

Jupiter is about growth, expansion, excess, and benefits.
Pluto is about power, transformation, struggle, and obstacles.
With this connection, Jupiter is under great stress and is in a challenging connection with Pluto.

We actually just got out from under a long-term aspect between the Sun and powerful Pluto that played a big role in our lives through most of 2016! But it looks like Pluto is back once again and this time it’s challenging larger than life Jupiter. Even though the Election is over, Pluto’s influence brings about strong power struggles as we are experiencing now. Pluto rules over hidden agendas and often revenge. All the tension and arguing is living proof of just how this aspect is already affecting us and what it can do! There won’t be any easy solutions now. The United States and the World are under deep psychotherapy through August of 2017!

Pluto’s energy brings about a purging of the deeper, darker more negative side of humanity. So we are made to deal with our shadow-self under this influence, and the most difficult issues that we might be refusing to deal with or that have been kept repressed or hidden. This influence is now in our face and we haven’t a choice but to deal with these issues or suffer some consequences.

This influence actually does have a positive effect as well. It gives us the energy to chase our ambitions and make important changes to end things that aren’t working for us anymore. If you have any unfinished business or projects to wrap up, now is the time to get them done and completed.

Karma comes about quick and swiftly for those folks who have chosen to either misuse or abuse their power! The karmic debt will be paid by many, so it’s a good time to redeem yourself in some way if need be and make things right! Relationships and partnerships can also get hit pretty hard under this influence. There can be power struggles among lovers, family, close friends, and business partners. Some folks will have to deal with issues around money, joint resources, inheritances, and other people’s money.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square peaks on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, so it’s important to be aware of just how powerful this connection is and how it might affect you. It will take a few weeks for this energy to sort of calm back down, but keep in mind it’s a long-term aspect, so whatever it starts will have to run its course. And then it will come back together again two more times through August of 2017!

*Cancer Sun Signs, pay attention!*
*Those born (June 21st – July 22nd) need to understand this connection can be a thorn in your side. You may have to stand up for yourself and what you truly believe in during this time. Anyone who is close to a Cancer might want to remind themselves that their crab maybe extra moody and tense during this time. If things get to be too overwhelming to deal with, take a step away and breathe! Allow them to do what they need to. You may have to give in a little with them for now, but if you care about them then it’s worth it! Right?*

Also take note that the United States is considered in astrology to be a Sun Sign Cancer! Wow huh! America is going through it now! First with all the election tension, and now continued with the one group who holds the most “Power” over the people, our government! It’s pretty evident that this country is under great strain and tension right now, no matter what side of the fence you are on, we all are experiencing this energy as a nation.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square can cause feelings of being blocked or restricted in some way. Folks can suddenly decide to block you from expanding your ideas or reaching your goals, during this cycle. Even though this can be a difficult time, there is another astrological connection that comes together just one week after Thanksgiving, involving Jupiter once again and authoritative Saturn. This influence ushers in a more positive energy that can help clean up some of the mess the Jupiter/Pluto Square has caused. In the meanwhile, through the end of November, there may be tensions in our relationships, as they can be tested quite strongly. Some will be faced with making very difficult decisions that require determination to get through. There can be just one person within a relationship who seems to give in and up, for the sake of keeping the relationship together in the long-run. Sacrifice and forgiveness are very important during this time.

No matter what part of your personal Astrology “Birth Chart” the Jupiter/Pluto Square is cruising through, it will affect some area of your life! The key to success is in the knowing of just which part, then you are better able to deal with whatever challenges might come your way.

How to get through the Jupiter/Pluto Square: Here is a list of what seems to be the areas of our lives most affected by this influence.

Work or place of employment; the following issues might come up.

– Misuse of Power
– Change in Ranks – a new supervisor or manager comes in
– Ego’s inflated and out of control
– Setbacks and/or obstacles that hold you back
– Not able to move forward in your career
– Feeling stuck or stagnate at work
– Being blocked from reaching full potential or growth
– People in positions of power taking advantage of other employees, like bosses, clients,         and co-workers
– Taking on too much responsibility
– Overwhelmed with work
– Other employees passing their work or responsibilities off on you.

The best way to handle issues involving your work or career;

– Be open to new ideas around your work or career.
– Perhaps look for new work or different job
– Disconnect from work related issues, if you stay at your job.
– Go to work, get paid, go home during this time, change of attitude.
– Remember this won’t last for too long
– Choose battles wisely

Intimate Relationship Issues; this energy can really affect all our relationships, so we must be careful of the following.

– Stress
– Partners jumping to conclusions
– Questioning each other’s motives
– Feelings of anger and jealousy
– Hurting your partner in some way
– Power struggles
– Fighting for independence within the relationship
– Unrealistic Expectations around your partner
– Old wounds and past relationship issues being brought back up

Remedies to keep our relationships good:

– Listen to your partner
– Let your partner be heard
– Communication
– Don’t be rude or mean
– No ignoring the issues or each other
– Do not disconnect from each other emotionally
– Get space if needed

Health issues that may come from this aspect are as follows;

– Issues with fatigue
– Feeling ran down and unmotivated
– Irritability
– Anxiety
– Unusual feelings of Frustration or Anger

Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy;

– Get plenty of rest
– Take time to yourself to relax
– Meditation
– Support Adrenal Glands

All astrological aspects or connections have both a positive and negative affect on us, some are more challenging and others more harmonious. With lucky Jupiter involved in this particular aspect, we should look to what the bigger picture is in regards to whatever situation we are thrown into. This Square can bring out the best and worst in us, as we have just started to experience its influence. (The US elections have been very much affected by this energy.) It’s been rough stuff for some of you already! Focus on the higher purpose and what lessons this square is trying to teach you. With these particular planets involved, the Universe is trying to get you to make some much-needed changes in your life, so this influence will shake you up to make sure you get it done. But this aspect can teach some very valuable lessons.

It’s important that we look towards the light at the end of the “astrological” tunnel now because we won’t be under this energy forever! This energy has already begun and will run its course at least through November, and do remember whatever issues it brings out will have to be dealt with or you may have even more problems, so deal with the issues that come up during this time. The most important thing we can do now is to focus on just how we choose to handle the lessons that come our way. Be kind, open-minded, and respectful in all that you do and you’ll get through this time much more easily! Don’t fight it, Deal with it!

The Jupiter/Pluto Square is so strong that it can actually help us, and we may feel more passionate and driven. So take this opportunity to chase dreams and goals. It can bring in an energy that’s more hopeful, as we can feel enthusiastic once again about our lives. It gets our blood pumping! Especially, if you do something in a big way, that’s more meaningful. Our relationships can grow and evolve due to the lessons this energy dishes out. And finally, remember all of this is part of our growing pains world we are in right now, and it can be kind of scary and extremely stressful, just like being a teenager! Evolving and growing up is never easy but it’s worth it!

“Something to Believe In”

Rubys Astro Readings
“Something to Believe In”

King Neptune, the planet that rules spirituality and is finally coming out of its Retrograde cycle. And it’s been a mess, it’s been very disorienting and confusing energy as we get used to it going back to its normal pace. You might have noticed over the last several months as Neptune was in Retrograde, you felt disconnected or lost your faith or spirituality! That connection isn’t lost, we just couldn’t connect the same while Neptune was in Retrograde, however, that’s about to change this weekend, and I for one can hardly wait!

This influence will have you questioning your spirituality and faith! This is putting a lot of foggy energy out there and things aren’t exactly as they appear to be. It’s a good time to ask yourself some questions concerning your spirituality. What do you believe in nowadays, in this moment? What exactly is your faith? Now don’t comment and tell me, because faith can be a loaded word. And I feel that is your own private relationship with the Universe, it’s just for you. Just take some time this week to think about exactly what it is you believe in and find a way to reconnect to it! We need something to believe in right now.

Besides Neptune’s weirdness, we are also playing out the whole Jupiter/Pluto Square’s energy as of now! This connection is building up energy now, (read all about this very important Astrological connection on my page and blog later today.) and it can be extremely intense as we are already seeing, it’s a game changer!

In this cosmic stew, we seem to have made some sort of split! It’s male against female, good versus bad, the whole Ying and Yan energy really playing out. We are stuck in this strange world of polarity that’s forced us to take sides in one way or another! It’s like are you iPhone or Android, or Team Edward or Jacob? But in all seriousness this isn’t a joke by any means…it’s very important business, which is Pluto in action! People are at each other throats, and they are angry and rightfully so.

And since Neptune is involved we seem to have entered into some sort of alternative reality, it reminds me of the whole “Upside Down” theory for all my fellow Netflix TV show, “Stranger Things” Fans! We are seriously down the Rabbit Hole now. Please try to remember the lessons these planets are trying to teach you are all about striking some sort of balance, and perhaps ideally merging together harmoniously one day! As this energy brings out the really bad dark stuff that was always there but was just somewhat hidden for a very long time. This tension is very real and it’s affecting every one of us in some way!

As the strong Jupiter/Pluto Square influence peaks on Thanksgiving Day, (fun times, but not really!) it will continue to bring up and out the tension, it’s a purging. Just don’t allow it to make space for you and your families or friends you love. For whatever reason, these connections are influencing us now, but with Pluto involved its all about learning your shadow self, the dark side of who you are at your core! Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, to me, this is all happening so we will grow up spiritually speaking and EVOLVE! And I’m fairly certain there’s a lot more I don’t know that deeper Astrology can explain about all of this. But that doesn’t mean I like it or feel any less pain from it than you do.

These are growing pains, my friends, it’s always about the lessons we must learn to change things, if we like it or not! We are part of the planets and stars and are always changing with them. Unfortunately, if you feel uncomfortable than you are probably truly learning more than you realize!


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