Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday Pisces”

*For all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac*

“Happy Birthday Pisces”


The Sun is shifting into creative and compassionate Pisces this morning and remains there through March 20th. This energy is about connecting to your spiritual/higher-self, it’s a sensitive, wistful, compassionate time. Our intuition and imagination may be extremely strong!

Boundaries and walls come slowly down, as we feel energetically connected to everything around us. “Pisces Season” is upon us now. It’s important to be kind to yourself and others, surround yourself with loving positive energy.

Remember we’re picking up on everything, so if you’re already a sensitive person or perhaps an Empath, might I suggest being kind, and putting up some sort of spiritual shields to block out everyone else’s emotions. Notice when you are sensing someone else’s feelings rather than your own and don’t attach to them. We’re more aware of the energies around us, we’re like sponges absorbing all of what we experience. We’re more sensitive and emotional during this time, so we tend to express ourselves in more creative spiritual ways.

It’s a good time to dissolve any fears or doubts we’ve been holding on to. It’s best to use this time to practice connecting to our higher-self through spiritual practices and getting involved in creative endeavors. Allow this energy to flow and just be.

Music and energy healing can help us to be more vital, this also helps to raise our personal vibrations. It’s important to take time-outs and listen to our intuition now, if we choose to ignore these feelings or messages, we can become anxiety ridden and easily frustrated.

Our bodies and minds are slowing down now, as Pisces energy is more ethereal feeling, sometimes foggy, and dreamy. To do well in this energy. one should allow things to just be what they are. Be aware of your surroundings and ask yourself what your resisting, and stop

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