Grand Cross

June’s New Moon in Cancer

Friday – New Moon in Cancer






The New Moon will come exact early Friday morning, and aligns with the Sun in Cancer, and this begins the New Moon Cycle. With the Moon and Sun both being in sensitive, private Cancer we’re looking for something that has meaning, while creating something that provides us emotional security and safety. We experience our world in a more deep, emotional way in this energy. This should be a pretty emotional New Moon.

Cancer is the first Water sign of the Zodiac. The water element represents our Emotions, and water has to move and flow or it backs up and can cause blocks. We must work on our emotional body, and let our feelings out in a healthy way. Allow your emotions to flow out of you. If we don’t allow our spiritual bodies to release these emotions, we can get stuck and even sick. Disease is always about emotions being stuck in the body, no matter how it manifests physically. Choosing not to do so can lower your vibrations, and then illness can set in. Research your emotions and work on what needs healing.

Water being the key element here, again represents our emotions. We know what our emotions are doing by how we “feel.” Many of us are learning still how to work with our own feelings, as it’s become more acceptable over the years. Our feelings tell us very important information. If you tap into them, you’ll know what you need. This can help keep you stay healthy, both emotionally and Spiritually.
The problem is when we don’t listen to our feelings, we end up relying on others to control how we live, and get distracted from our true Soul messages, this can cause us to get lost in unhealthy activities, like eating too much or drug and alcohol abuse.

This New Moon is happening during the very “last phase” of the “Grand Cross” energy between Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and this time the Sun in Cancer. There will be a huge shift in mid-July, as this energy falls away. Pay attention to your feelings and open your spiritual heart to embrace this more than welcome new energy.

Finally, this New Moon is about being able to change and mature. Change is very scary for some, even if it’s familiar feeling. We’re letting go of our old beliefs that are keeping us held down from living our full potential. It’s important to nurture yourself, so that we can make changes over the next few weeks in a healthy way. It’s all about the sign of Cancer this go around, and that’s about self-care and nurturing oneself!

The New Moon is the best time to “Set Intentions” for each months Moon cycle. Intentions setting is best done tonight or Friday evening and never during a “Void” of course Moon. ~Ruby

Mars/Uranus Opposition

Wednesday – “Change Is Coming”
Mars/Uranus opposition




Mars the planet of War, and Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises… have been building up slowly in a tense meeting.  We’ve been feeling this since mid June, and it comes together or exact as it is called in Astrology, today… it will remain strong through next week however, until around July 3rd.
This aspect is part of the “Grand Cross” energy I’ve been discussing off an on since April. Being impulsive is natural in this energy, our urges are stronger than usual. Unexpected events and situations seem to happen with this transit. We can have powerful sudden flashes of insight that are strong, especially when there connected to others.
Stay grounded and don’t forget to breathe.
Our need to be independent is very strong, this can cut us off from our intuition, especially with Mercury the messenger in Retrograde (cuts off our connection to the divine messages we might be used to getting, and from our higher-self!) but if you choose to get silent and go within more often, you’ll notice there’s a different way to hear or listen to your messages now.
Therefore, this energy can have us going in a whole different direction then what we thought. It’s our strange unusual behavior that might throw others off. This can provoke others and cause emotional confrontations and conflicts!
Act courageous and balance yourself enough to still move forward. Success isn’t always based on what others think… no approval is needed!! Just remember you’re not alone on this planet for a reason, as we need each other to achieve goals and make changes. But co-dependent behavior isn’t going to help you.
This energy can be quite potent, so take advantage of it and be productive, work smarter not harder. Staying physically active can help you let off some steam and get rid of the tension that has been building all week. If you haven’t noticed the news this last few weeks the world has been quite violent, with bizarre twists and turns.
Mars aligned with Uranus back in March of 2013, do try to remember what you started around that time. Because now those wishes, or projects are manifesting and might have to be worked on. Ask yourself what situations have come up, ones that you were trying to finish or manifest.
Also just so ya know this “Grand Cross” energy is about to break apart in mid July,  and we should see things calm back down again, but there will be a huge shift! We’re of course all hoping this is for the better… but I’m just not to sure yet which way this will go.  Jupiter will also be moving into fun-loving, dramatic Leo, so hope will be restored, but just make sure to not overdo, anything.  Mercury in mid July will also finally come out of its Retrograde phase, which has been noticeably strong this go around for many. So hang in there and let’s create a more joyful, peaceful experience for all of us. ~Ruby

Venus/Pluto “Major Transformation”


Venus/Pluto Aspect
Monday though Friday
“Major Transformation ”

Venus represents love and money, Pluto is about transformation and ones personal power. This aspect connects the recently formed “Grand Cross” between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The Universe is demanding we grow and evolve.

A “Grand Cross” creates tension and calls on us to change in big ways, especially when it’s in Cardinal Signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) like the one we’ve been in. Keep your hearts and minds open, don’t be stubborn now, it’s time for change again! Act from your heart, don’t allow fear to run the show! Get creative when solving problems, move towards the energy of peace not war.

Venus is about our relationships and what we value, and many will see major upheaval and transformation in these areas during this cycle. With Pluto being involved, any kind of socializing can be way more intense! We’re in search of a higher meaning in our partnerships, we’re being asked by the Universe to go deep into our emotions in this energy.

Lots of changes in the air when it comes to our finances and relationships, (trust me I’m seeing it everywhere!) We’ve been slowly heating up below the surface for quite a while now, and if it hasn’t already exploded, it just might now, for some this might get downright disruptive! Make it a point to empower others rather than tear them down. We can be quite obsessive with the commitments we in, concerning both people and money.

Pluto is often felt through a partner or loved one, through manipulation or controlling behavior. Let go of your negative attachments to them, don’t resist change. The time is now to let go of any destructive connections you might be involved in. Focus on evolving within these relationships or forgiving them.

We can feel the need to be very physically connected to our partners, this aspect can be experienced through some sexual tension. We want to feel Love on a physical level. Stick to your guns about what you really want in a relationship, so you can find someone who fits all of who you are. Do not start a relationship with a stranger just because you’re afraid to be alone! Work on discovering a partner through trust, love, and intimacy, your worth it! Be true to yourself, and be worth the time it takes for a partner to discover who you are. While you’re waiting to meet the right person, keep focusing on the positive. ~Ruby

Mars squares Jupiter

Mars/Jupiter square off in a tense aspect



This aspect is one part of the “Grand Cross” energy I’ve been discussing. (Read my blog “Grand Cross”….. to learn more.)

This aspect can be challenging with unsettling Mars and expansive Jupiter involved. We must keep peace and harmony with any connections we have. This energy can stir our emotions up and put us on a quest, one that has us demanding to know the truth. But at what cost is the question? We’re looking for the truth in a very deep way, about who we are and our roles in this life. We want substance and Meaning! This can be a strong energy that affects our relationships and friendships both.

The trick is to find the answers you seek, the truth, the meaning…and do it in a peaceful, harmonious way! Not risking too much unless it’s unhealthy, and still maybe giving it a few days to think about, before making any major changes. Instead taking some time to sort out all these intense emotions were feeling. Then the Cross can actually be healing, it just depends on how you handle it!

We’re restless and need our freedom, and our independence. This energy demands that we take some space, but it can make you feel backed up in a corner. We suddenly feel inspired and want something more, something bigger and exciting, a new adventure. There’s never enough with this energy, the knowledge, the power, our partnerships aren’t enough. We don’t know when to stop, pushing our agenda! Take a break, and get out of your own box long enough to gain a broader perspective, gain clarity about your situation by giving it space.

This actually can be a very playful time, full of jokes and humor. Lots of smilies and laughter in the madness, sort of speak. We’re testing our limits to see how far we can go, but sometimes we can go too far! We can overdo just about anything and give up to much of ourselves. Don’t over extend yourself and make promises you later can’t keep. Because we are overly optimistic and feel like Superman or Woman, make sure and check your actual energy levels, or you can become drained.

Not knowing when to say ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ can cause problems. Remember, to balance your need to find the truth in all your emotional relationships, but to do it peacefully. Take Care of Yourself!! Most importantly, look at how you’re going to start taking care of yourself first!!

Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014


The month of April has been such a busy time astrologically. Now it’s crunch time with the “Cardinal Grand Cross” coming together April 23rd, The planets involved in the Cross are Uranus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. That’s a whole lot of energy going on! It may feel intense and scary. Some are expressing how they can’t take the intensity anymore, cuz it feels like somethings gotta give or blow. Take a deep breath, this is almost over, the majority of us will survive this.

The main complaint going around is physical pain and exhaustion. It’s been like we’re runned down and then hyper, and anxiety ridden all within minutes. If you’re a sensitive person by nature you can be feeling this energy pretty strongly. You may be experiencing a wide range of emotions and physical pain, that has no explanation. Please understand you’re not alone, many of us already went through some kind of adversity. This is almost over! Many of us also have already went thru the phase of the weird pains and high anxiety and are now over it and making things happen, so this isn’t going to hit everyone at the same time. I do feel however most of us have experienced the worst part of it thus far. In May we should really start to feel like our biggest challenges are behind us!

“Because all the aspects in a Grand Cross are considered difficult aspects, the Grand Cross is seen as a source of extreme tension whereby various aspects of the personality (represented by the planets) are working at cross purposes that serve to nullify each other. This pulls the native in many directions, ultimately leading to indecisiveness and an inability to produce concrete achievements. It is said to take extraordinary effort to overcome the conflicts in a Grand Cross.”  wiki

A Cardinal Grand Cross causes challenges and blocks us from meeting our goals, simply because we’re overdoing it.
It feels like too much is being demanded of us, when we’re already trying to do too much… this leaves us feeling defeated and we get little accomplished.
The purpose of the Cross is to help us grow and evolve, and it helps assist us in the shifts happening, it’s here to help us change something in our lives. Changes are being made drastically to how we do life, as letting go of what no longer is working for us is very important now so that we can have our deeper desires. Most of us will feel like we’re being pushed in all different directions, and as if something big is coming and like we should be paying attention. That is true, it’s here now…something big is happening and we must try really hard to be aware or conscious of these changes. The biggest challenge is staying focused and calm, anxiety seems to be the number one side effect of the “Cross” pattern.

Breathing, centering, shielding from outside energies and grounding are highly advised. This is a time for major breakthroughs, which usually starts with a breakdown. Remember “One point past I quit, is always breakthrough.”  It’s important to be honest with ourselves…if we lie or choose denial we won’t get the lesson. So what’s the point to experiencing all this drama? I know I don’t want to do this again, just to get it…and I doubt many of you do either!

This blog is a gentle reminder to be kind and compassionate to others and yourself. We can be brave and make this Grand Cross energy work for us, don’t be a victim to its energy! Some are choosing to take advantage of this energy instead and making it work for them, by creating a new beginning. It’s important to take one moment at a time if need be. Work on allowing this energy to just be what it is, and rise within you. Be an observer of your life, don’t push or force your way through this energy…little will get done that way. Operate from a place of love, don’t allow fear to take control. This Cross can be very beneficial if you use it to your advantage, understand it’s not a good time to work with people or to make deep connections, because we’re trying to do too much and we can bite off more than we can chew. You can feel anxious and overwhelmed if you are constantly trying to make others happy, including yourself. Do yourself a favor and take a break, let go of the control (cuz really you don’t have any…you just have been taught you do.) Surrendering is Control!

Remind yourself that we’re all going through this together, and be mature. Don’t take what others are doing the wrong way or to personal. Many of us have been super busy and under lots of stress, but we’ll move past this energy. Listen to your Soul and be in that space, don’t allow fear to take control, be brave! Be more in control by allowing yourself to be human, remember the beauty of who you are and those around you! Were in the middle of something big and amazing with the Cardinal Grand Cross! ~Ruby

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”
― Robertson Davies

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