December Full Moon


December 6th – Full Moon Update
“Long Nights Moon”

The Full Moon has come together and it’s energies will be felt for the next few days! This Moon is in scattered but curious Gemini, which has us thinking logically. But also the Sun is in opposition to the Moon, and with the Sun currently in Sagittarius this takes our thinking way out to far away places and on amazing adventures. It’s best during this Full Moon to find a balance between the need to adapt to your immediate surroundings and how to explore your dreams and have that amazing adventure, even if it’s just in your mind or close to home. The truth is important in this energy, which is perfect since the Full Moon is all about allowing the truth to be shown. Ask yourself what truth do you need the Full Moon to light up…so that you may make your next move based on facts. It’s also a good time to ask yourself how you can be happy in the here and now, but also have those adventures you so desire.

This is the right energy to release what is no longer working for us or serving us. During the Full Moon we often experience an energy shift.”
What to Release under a Full Moon:
* Lower energies
* Negative patterns or bad habits
* Unhealthy situations or relationships

This particular Full Moon in Gemini is about communicating and expressing ones self! This energy has been building up for the last week and has stirred up our emotions, but now we must release them and let those feelings out! This is the best time to set some Full Moon intentions. (Read “Setting Intentions” Blog to learn more.) Over the next few weeks we will understand more how this all relates to our lives, if you already haven’t figured it out. This gives us time to download information from this Full Moon energy, and even more clarity can be realized.

The Full Moons energy helps us to see the truth as I mentioned, but if we stay aware and pay attention it may illuminate the paths we need to be heading down… to obtain what we truly want. Now is the time for the “Intentions” that were set during the New Moon on November 22nd to form and present themselves. If you didn’t consciously set intentions at that time, then what you were thinking or feeling will come into being, in one way or another.

The Full Moon is always a highly emotional time and this one highlights our relationships and romance. The big bright Full Moon shines in the night sky and symbolizes what needs to be illuminated in our own lives. Our feelings are raw and emotional, and you may feel like your going to burst … because this energy is bringing all those emotions up, and we suddenly may be made aware of how we feel about certain situations. That’s why it’s a good time to let out these feelings and simply express ourselves. But do so with caution, because how we’re expressing ourselves isn’t usually very rational during a Full Moon.

Mercury the messenger planet rules Gemini and is aligned with the Sun at the time the Full Moon comes together. This charges the energy with communication and we’re full of ideas even more so. So read, take notes and do research, you might be amazed at what you can discover during the Full Moon!

Mercury Retrograde Over


July 1st – Mercury Retrograde Over
“Moving forward, almost? “

Early this morning the planet Mercury, which is still in Gemini, finally starts moving forward again, after it’s 3 week-long Retrograde phase. It’s certainly been a very powerful Retrograde, but I feel that’s because it spent some of its time in its home sign of Gemini, which was just an over abundance of scattered energy. Many have expressed to me their frustrations, as they’ve suffered all the common annoyances and glitches that come with a Mercury in Retrograde phase.

I noticed clients had a lot of issues with Water and flooding this time (even me personally,) which is often a side effect of a “Mercury in Retrograde” phase.

Mercury is the planet that rules the way we think and express ourselves. When it’s going backwards or appears to be, and is in Retrograde, we tend to see things from our past and have lots of annoying glitches with electronics and travel. Misunderstandings have been plentiful these last 3 weeks.
But we now can get back on track again, just allow Mercury to get back to normal, as we’re now in what’s called the “shadow period,” this takes about two weeks! During this time the energy can still seem confusing… and annoying electronic glitches and miscommunication can still happen.

It’s best to stay open-minded, and pay attention to any situations or deep feelings, that are showing up in your life now. It might be time to deal with these issues again.

But we are now slowly going to shift our focus back towards the world around us, and we should be able to receive new information, and have new perspectives to share.

Did you learn anything meaningful in the past 3 weeks? Do you know what should be worked on in your life concerning your home, family, or with the way you communicate.

As Mercury slowly gets back to normal by July 9th, and leaves its “Shadow Phase” communications and travel should get back to normal again, slowly! ~Ruby

“A Change in Perspective”

“A Change in Perspective”
Mercury Moves into Gemini


Mercury is the planet of communication, it influences how we express ourselves and rules our lower mind. It’s stirring things up once again, due to its retrograde phase and has now entered curious, fast talking, often scattered Gemini until July 13th.

For the next four weeks our way of thinking changes, along with our perspective. Mercury is the energy of communication and life’s going to speed up for most. Anything to do with our mental abilities is going to come front and center. We stay busy working on projects that require Mental stamina, such as talking, writing, and keeping up with latest news and information. This will be a time of learning and studying! Mental challenges, can be strong. We can be more curious and social, and very intellectually stimulated.

With Mercury being in Retrograde, we’re being invited to revisit our past and go over our past wounds, especially with Chiron the ‘wounded healer‘ also going Retrograde. So you may notice signs, messages, strange occurrences, visions, dreams, and just the energy of your past showing back up in one way or another. It’s happening so you can HEAL! Our past is showing up to deal with once more, so we can release the energy for good. If you choose to do so, your healing can be quite miraculous.

For the first few weeks of Mercury in Gemini we tend to explore out world more privately, with our intuition. It’s a good time to rethink, rewrite, reconnect, and communicate again, what needs to be said. This energy can keep us so busy that we get runned down, so pace yourself. Listen to your higher-self, and your inner voice. Make sure and take breaks and allow yourself to see the bigger picture from time to time.  ~Ruby

Mercury in Gemini


Mercury in Cancer then Gemini? – until June 17th

Mercury changes signs from protective, nurturing Cancer into more curious, quick-witted Gemini. But there’s going to be a different pattern this transit will follow, due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde phase… it will journey into Cancer until June 17th and then moves back into Gemini until July 13th. It will then come out of retrograde and move forward out of Gemini and back into Cancer, that second time threw Cancer will last until July 31st. Woah right LOL!

So let’s put this into perspective, when Mercury shifts into Cancer we are looking for what’s more real and authentic, we take all the information we receive on a deeper level, everything that is thought or said..we go by instinct more. We are more interested in what affects us personally, but also were interested in our loved ones. Our thoughts will be analyzed by our emotions, so it’s going to be difficult to be objective. It’s a good time to figure out who you really are, and if your feelings and thoughts are really lining up with that vision. ~Ruby

Happy Birthday Gemini

Happy Birthday Gemini – May 20th – June 21st 



The Sun changes signs from steady, down to earth Taurus into versatile, fast thinking Gemini. We feel like expressing ourselves in this energy, we’re more interested in collecting and sharing information. We’re also more flexible, because we have so many different things to be interested in. Change comes easier for us during this time, so adapting to new or different situations is also better, besides were to curious not to try to understand our messages or clues. All of this can make us extremely social.

Because our minds are so active, we enjoy anything that is mentally stimulating. Good intellectual conversation is very enjoyable. But if we choose to not use our minds, we can get bored quite easily. Some may seem not as reliable, because we’re always changing our minds We become observers, but also prefer to keep our conversations more light and airy!

Also the Gemini Sun creates a very nervous, scattered energy, as our minds are constantly seeking out a way to connect to something. With that being said, if you’re a sensitive person by nature or an empathy, might I suggest remembering to ground and shield daily…that is if you don’t already! We must acknowledge there’s a lot more nervous energy in the air, this can easily get us irritated. If your feeling everyone else’s tension, it can become very uncomfortable!

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini

Wednesday – Mercury in Gemini
“Talk, Talk, Talk”

Mercury the planet of communication, expression, speaking, writing and travel… is shifting out of slowed-down, steady Taurus and into active, curious, scattered Gemini for the next three weeks or until May 29th!

During the very intense, rental departed ‘Grand Cross’ energy, Mercury was in Taurus. This helped us maintain some mental stability, during a very stressful time. Our thoughts have shifted now and our minds are curious, our communications will get more active as we engage in understanding the process we have recently come through.

Communication is going to really pick up speed. Therefore, anything to do with our thinking process, or that is mental, so basically our minds, will be moving full steam ahead.

We’re interested in keeping up to date with all the latest information happening, and this being the information age…it’s going to be quite busy. Lots of talking and loads of gossip going on! In this Gemini energy we can also be over-talkative, and scattered, simply because our thoughts are in so many projects!

We can also go into retreat mode, as Gemini often does…. with long periods of silence. So make sure and find a balance between when you should talk and when you should be just thinking, planning, or organizing.

To take advantage of this energy make sure and study, learn, be social and curious. Do whatever challenges you mentally! Because later it will have meaning. #rubysreadings

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