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For July 8th, 2017The Full Moon in Capricorn is building to come together Saturday night/Sunday morning, depending on what part of the world you live in, but lots of folks are already feeling this pumped up intensely heated energy!

Here’s what’s coming over the next few days. Recently we have been feeling the intensity of the Mars in Cancer opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and we are still feeling this intense energy even though it’s already peaked. But now powerful Pluto will make another tense square to the upcoming Full Moon and Jupiter both. So the SUN and the MOON will be in exact opposition to one another! There’s a sense or a feeling that something needs to be changed but we may hesitate. We can feel vulnerable and hold ourselves back from healing ourselves, this is a mistake if you do, and if we end up resorting to anger under this energy we can really be set off! Allow yourself to release these old feelings and problems and take a time out, meditate, or simply walk away from any discord.

After all of that, the Moon will also get into a tense opposition with fiery Mars, ya now the planet of aggression, so the bottom line folks are things are getting heated up out there and can be extremely emotional, and this might be one of the most hectic and intense weeks we have of the year! If you consider yourself to be an Empath or a highly sensitive person than you probably are already picking up on this intense energy.

So expect for emotions to run high and to be intense folks! It’s all about how you react or don’t, and if you choose to react and let this energy make you upset, you could suffer some serious consequences for your actions! It’s important to stay focused on one thing or project at a time if you can. This helps keep us busy so we don’t become unhinged or go off! Do not let your emotions run you or get the better of you, and try not to start arguments with other people or get dragged into their drama, especially with expressive Mercury now in confident Leo! Because if you do overreact to something over the weekend, you could pay the price because it could have long-lasting effects and you may not be able to take back what you say or do or fix what you break for a very long time.

Just a heads up folks and I am not trying to scare people here, but there can be lifelong regrets around the actions we decide to take under this influence, so it’s wise to be cautious starting today through Monday morning. Because we are under a violent energy coming off the Pluto/Mars connection as well as the Full Moon! So don’t go where there is fire and you won’t get burned so to speak, or don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Stay away from dangerous places and people, avoid anywhere you feel is a direct threat to your safety. More than likely you’ll be safe but lots of folks need to be cautious especially Saturday night and Sunday evening. A Pluto/Moon and Mars mixture can create violence and discord among even the most harmonious people.

Now moving forward, let’s look at the positive energies these influences will bring into the mix! Yes, there is some amazing transformational stuff happening as well, because Pluto is such a force to be reckoned with that it’s also known for causing major transformations. This influence reminds me of the “Rising of the Phoenix” story, where someone has literally hit rock bottom in a situation and then resurrects themselves to come back stronger and rise above their problems, so if we use this energy for the higher good it can help us achieve so much when working on changing our life in some way. That means making your intentions with the Universe known and crystal clear!

Everything mostly about this Full Moon is surrounded by what’s called Cardinal Signs energy, which is all about starting something brand new, fresh, and new beginnings. So take some time this weekend to make out a wish list and set intentions with the Full Moon energy to whatever your higher power maybe and see what you can manifest. For most of you practicing this ritual will be well worth your time because there is also some beautiful energy coming together right along this most intense Full Moon!


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