First Quarter Moon

Astro News Moon in Aries


By Ruby
“Last Quarter Moon in Aries”

The Moon has shifted into fiery, fast paced Aries and this should ramp up our energy levels. This influence can help us with setting goals, because we will literally go after them and quickly! It’s a good time to work on new tasks and projects. Also we can be quite impulsive, so make sure to pay attention and avoid mistakes, and hopefully accidents. Moodiness can lead to frustration, so remember to breathe, as tempers can suddenly flare up and full blown tantrums can occur.

Get some exercise and burn off some of this Aries steam. This is the best time to initiate something or start something, so take your ideas and make them into reality…just take one small action that helps you towards your goals. You can feel a strong need for independence, so it can be a good time to break free from certain conditions that aren’t healthy or from people that aren’t good for you. Just make sure it’s what you want before you make it permanent.

This afternoon a Last Quarter Moon occurs, and we can feel the inner conflict around what we think to be true and what really is…we’re still learning what works for us and what doesn’t, so we can start something new during next week’s New Moon. This is not the right time to start any major projects, with the light of the Moon decreasing, as we go into our unconscious mind. It is a good time to finish up whatever we’ve already been working on.

Last Quarter Moon


Nov 3rd – “Last Quarter Moon”

Today what’s called the “Last Quarter Moon” comes together when a tense square between the Sun and the Moon occurs. This energy is tense and can cause a crisis around what we suddenly have learned or understand.

We have been under the light of last week’s Full Moon, and this symbolizes our awareness of something. The Full Moon’s energy has brought out the truth, or what’s been hidden or secret, which can also lead to random Ah-Ha moments. As this knowledge washes over us, we need to decide what we’re going to do next. So start thinking about what’s working and what’s not in your life,¬†and prepare for next week’s New Moon, when a new energy begins once again.

This is a transitional time, and we have something more to do before the next New Moon cycle occurs. More often then not the lessons involved are around letting go. Letting go of people who are unhealthy for us, places or things we don’t need or use, dreams that just aren’t going to happen right now, or certain attitudes or behaviors, juat whatever is holding us back.

It’s not a good time to start any big projects, because of the decreasing light of the New Moon (or Dark Moon) coming in now, we’re in the shift, this energy symbolizes a descent into the unconscious. There’s something we either don’t know or haven’t been made aware of yet. It’s a good time to work on finishing up any details that you didn’t get too during the last New Moon.

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