Halloween Forecast

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Halloween Forecast


This Halloween the cosmos is practically underwater with so many planets in water signs! Water symbolizes and influences our emotional state and how we feel. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury are all in the deepest feeling water sign, Scorpio currently, which is the regeneration sign of the Zodiac. This sign represents life, death, & rebirth. So these kind of issues are coming up in many people’s lives right now and will continue throughout the month.

All this intense Scorpio energy at any time (not just during Halloween) can bring up a soulful deeply psychological conversation, and studies, metaphysical and occult studies, and highlights the truth if you haven’t already noticed with the currently #metoo movement exploding and the JFK files being released!

Halloween is related to many different holidays like the “Day of the Dead”, “All Saints Day”, “Samhain” and “All Hallows Eve”, all of these special occasions mark and commemorate our dearly departed. And with so many planets currently in Scorpio, which is the sign that represents all things Halloween. It sure to be the perfect cosmic vibe to set the tone for a most spooky, paranormal kind of Halloween.

Also, the Moon in will be in watery Pisces and is hanging close to the wounded healer, Chiron around Halloween, which brings in even more supernatural activity, but also it’s a good time for healing and strong psychic abilities. This enchanted energy enhances our intuition and Psychic Abilities, (a great time to get a Reading with me.) as our senses and intuitive gifts are on point!

Therefore, we can feel quite emotional as emotions run very high and we can catch some serious ‘feels’ during this time, as our reactions are more based on feelings rather than logic. This is a time when we can be sappy and sentimental, as our thoughts take us back to memories of folks from our past. There’s a strong psychic connection to others during this time, so empaths and sensitives will really be feeling this energy, as the veils between this world and other realms are extremely thin if even existent.

This is a time when there are many different kinds of celebrations to honor our ancestors. But this is also a time when the season of fall/autumn moves into the season of winter. When all things in the Northern Hemisphere must end or die off to be reborn again, and this represents our lives in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways! We should not be at all afraid of endings and in letting go. Beginnings and endings go hand in hand. They always go together. Don’t get stuck around the “What if’s“ and be afraid. Endings are a natural part of life, and we should not fear them because they represent the beginning of something new.

One thing is for sure the Astrological energy for Halloween will certainly be very ethereal and foggy feeling. So stay safe and have a magical Halloween!


Love Horoscopes for Fall 2015


Love Horoscope Fall of 2015

Wouldn’t it be nice to know we could count on the one we love? Fall of 2015 has a strong energy to help us along in our romantic relationships, we have a strong since of duty and loyalty to the object of our affection.

With the “Cosmic Lovers” Venus and Mars both in sensitive Virgo this Fall, we tend to think of our lovers needs first before our own. Our focus becomes on how to make our partners feel loved and taken care of. It’s the little actions we take that prove our love and commitment in this energy. We might see things like our partners making dinner, cleaning up the house while we’re away, and foot massages being offered. Those are just a few examples of how we might express our love in this energy.

This is a time where we show how we care about each other through our actions. But it’s more about taking care of our partners, it’s not so much big grand displays of affection…but the little things that really matter. The romance might come alive in this energy, as we feel like breaking out the wine and sitting by the fire together. We tend to want to help our partners out by taking care of those little daily chores and tasks that keep our lives running smoothly.

Mars enters Virgo on September 24th and stays there through November 12th, then Venus enters Virgo on October 8th through November 8th. What’s all that mean?


So when these two come together in such a loyal, earthy, practical sign such as Virgo. We can feel nostalgic and sentimental with our partners. We feel a sense of being home with the ones we love, we’re loyal and want to serve those that have committed to us.

Take note that the best days for love this fall are on September 23rd, when Venus trines Pluto when the planet of love meets the planet of transformation. Then on October 25th, loving Venus and happy-go-lucky Jupiter come together. That’s lucky in love! Another day that love seems to be in the air is November 2nd, when Venus and Mars come together harmoniously…which happens in Virgo, and this can be a sexy kinda of energy, because Virgo is an earth sign anyway.

Relationships become more important in little ways this fall, if we take into consideration that a supportive Lunar Eclipse in Aries, falls on September 27th. Take note Eclipses are always powerful new beginnings, and Aries fire likes to initiate new energy! Perfect for renewals in relationships or for starting new relationships all together. This energy can help us realize if we’re tired of being alone and single, it can help get us out and finally begin dating those that are more suited to who we are. We might just finally be ready to date again or make long-term commitments during the New Moon in Libra (that’s new beginnings in the sign of balance and relationships, and often love) on October, 12th.

It’s important to remember that we should be cautious around how we communicate with our lovers, from Sept. 17th through Oct 9th, while Mercury is in Retrograde in Libra. Don’t let this worry you, especially if you are in a strong relationship already. Just make sure and be clear in what you say and how you say it! After that, it much more harmonious for the rest of Fall of 2015 in our relationships. This is a great time to grow and deepen your bonds with your partner.

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