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July Monthly Horoscope ~ Eclipse Season




July Monthly Horoscope ~ Eclipse Season

by Ruby

July Monthly Horoscope ~ Eclipse Season
by Ruby

July of 2018 is going to be a month full of surprises, where the second half of 2018’s Eclipses will start to come together, these life-changing cycles arrive July 12 and July 27. So the pace won’t be as slow as it has been (thank goodness), but we are in the middle of Retrograde High Season with five Planets in the Cosmos including Chiron the “Wounded Healer” all in their Retrograde cycles. Throughout July, these planets will be making their backward reversals, and at the end of the month, mental Mercury jumps on the bandwagon also going Retrograde on the 25th. Even though we are ready to move forward, July is once again a time to slow down, retrace your steps and handle any left behind or unfinished business. All month long, energizer Mars, structured Saturn, dreamy Neptune, and transformational Pluto are moving in reverse, which puts our energy and motivation levels down into low gear. And did I mention Chiron the wounded healer as well, yep also Retrograde, to bring up and out all those deep-seated emotional wounds, this can trigger you to relieve some sort of painful experience from your past or at least FEEL the way you did during something that was traumatic or painful, but it’s meant to come up to work through and heal.

Venus the planet that rules over love lives, relationships, and often money enters the sign of Virgo on July 9th, this is a time when we express how we love through practical manners and gestures. So instead of sharing how we are feeling emotionally with the object of our affection, we tend to show our feelings through the actions we take by doing things that make our partners and loved ones happy and feel taken care of. Expect the ones you love to show you how they care for you in the little things they do such as running errands, doing some kind of detailed work, or just making sure they’re around to support you. Under Venus in Virgo love has to make some sort of sense and have a purpose. It’s all about being practical under this influence.

Jupiter is now at a standstill because it will come out of its Retrograde cycle on July 10th, and will continue to move forward in the sign of Scorpio. Our bigger plans could get moving a bit more at this point, we should use this influence to tap into our higher-self to find a space of wealth and spiritual power for the good of all. The shadow side of this cycle is we can become more greedy and lustful looking for wealth and power, which can lead to some folks taking advantage of others. Things like abuse, misuse, ill-treatment & unfair treatment, and oppression will be some of the negative sides of this influence, especially with Jupiter being the sign of the detective of the Zodiac! We can uncover some seriously disturbing truths during this time, so if you have done something wrong you might want to find a way to fix it or the truth will be shown, especially around the time when the Full Moon occurs.

Eclipse Season begins on July 12th, when a New Moon – Partial Solar Eclipse occurs in the sensitive sign of Cancer. This can cause a crisis in your self-esteem, and in your relationships or around an event. The Solar Eclipse is opposing powerful Pluto which is about making a transformation to help better yourself. To evolve your soul so you can live a better experience that’s more satisfying in this life. This transformational energy will be common in our close relationships, so with a close family member, friend, or partner.

Leo Season begins on July 22nd, this is when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo. During this time we will see some folks show their asses plain and simple, with ego trips and battles, but hopefully, it is also going to be a time when people express themselves from the heart in a more authentic way! This influence can help us feel more optimistic and confident, so we can make important contacts and strengthen bonds with our current tribe of folks we care for.

With mental Mercury, the planet of communication turning Retrograde in the sign of Leo from July 25th till August 18th, the drama is going to be quite strong! Mercury also rules over technology and travel, so you already know if you follow my blog posts, Mercury in Retrograde is a very confusing time where we see technical glitches and malfunctions occur all over the place. People tend to get confused easily and forget what they are talking about, so be patient with yourself and others, and if you travel expect delays!

The Full Moon comes together on July 27th, and will be in the sign of intellectual Aquarius and a Total Lunar Eclipse!
A Lunar Eclipse is a perfectly aligned “Supercharged” Full Moon! When the Earth’s shadow falls between the Sun and the Moon, this is typically the brightest lunation of the month, but it will be shadowed by darkness due to the Eclipse. As the lights go out, our shadows, secrets, and repressed feelings that might have seemed too big or scary to get our attention and expression come alive. Changes that have been occurring sort of behind the scenes and deep within ourselves are brought up and out to deal with first hand, and we can see significant changes and completions.

This Eclipse is highly influenced by Mars now in its Retrograde cycle. This turns this Full Moon into a highly emotionally charged Eclipse. Mars is the planet that rules over our passion, drive, and anger, so it is certainly a time to be cautious as this influence can easily cause reckless actions to be taken, because of another harsh aspect Mars is making to the planet of changes, Uranus during the Full Moon time things can get pretty wild folks! This will also be a strong turning point within the Mars Retrograde cycle and for all of us in one way or another. It is a time to be extremely vigilant and grounded. Think before reacting, think before speaking, don’t let your fuse get lit, because once it does it’s all over with.

Overall, July of 2018 will certainly not be a boring month, so we should take notes around what we want to accomplish but also move cautiously and slowly, as big changes are coming in, but if we pay attention and understand how the planets are influencing our lives, we can better navigate this time and hopefully make it a month to remember for the more positive outcomes. I am aware some of this sounds super scary but remember a few things if you come from your heart in all you do, then you will do much better. And some of these stronger influences just won’t be as harsh to deal with. Learn how to observe life and not always react, this will change the game completely for you!

Have a safe and happy July.





The Energy is Changing!

If you are feeling a little off or strange you could be feeling the ECLIPSE ENERGY already! Often we start to feel them a few weeks prior to them coming together! The energy of an ECLIPSE is strongest during the time before it comes together and it grows by the day.

The BLUE MOON ECLIPSE represents the second of two FULL MOONS in the month of January. This will occur on January 31st, as this FULL MOON is the third in a series of three back to back SUPER FULL MOONS! WOW! That’s a whole lot of energy for us to take on, and this means these FULL MOONS are closer to the earth then the average FULL MOON, so we feel them much more intensely! For this ECLIPSE to be a BLUE MOON and a SUPER MOON both is a very rare event indeed.

This is also special because it is the first BLUE MOON TOTAL ECLIPSE in 150 years! You can’t make this stuff up folks. Wherever this falls in your personal “Astrology Birth Chart” is where you will have some major energy shifts, that can move you through the rest of winter and probably impact your life for the next six months or so. If your interested in reading up more on how the BLUE SUPER MOON ECLIPSE will personally affect you, order a BLUE SUPER MOON REPORT from me, just send me an email or message and ask me, “How will the Blue Moon Eclipse affect me?

To all my Sexy AQUARIUS’S
You guys are going to look pretty good now that both the SUN and VENUS are in the sign of the Waterbearer! Woo-hoo! Enjoy AQUARIUS SEASON and get out there and look for opportunities and make the most of it.

For the rest of the Signs of the Zodiac
Well things might just get even better now if you have been feeling overwhelmed or burdened and having a tough time over the last few weeks, things are slowly finally starting to shift and this weekend it will at the very least start to increasingly get better. Who’s all been sick out there? I know it’s been rough for many of you.

The energy that has been the issue is what’s called a “STELLIUM” of planets in the sign of CAPRICORN, that means more than 3 planets at a time in one SIGN, but at one point there were six planets involved! That’s a whole lot of stuck, grounded energy, that helped us get seriously organized but it became too overwhelming and burdening.

Now that the SUN is moving into the sign of AQUARIUS this weekend, VENUS will already be there and the challenging energy will lighten up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and hope is in sight now! The weather also should finally start to get better and for those folks who can’t seem to shake the colds or flu bugs going around will probably start to feel better as well.

Energy shifts finally are happening!
It’s a good time to get social and hang out with friends and seek out groups of like-minded individuals that you can pal around with. It’s a great weekend for a Reading or to get an Astrology Report done, while this energy is with us.

JUPITER is connecting to powerful PLUTO currently, this long-term influence will be in the backdrop of our lives through September of 2018, so it will play out and help us grasp different types of spiritual knowledge that we seek out during this time. Look to gain a greater understanding and have those amazing Ah-Ha moments, as this energy is already bringing in strong spiritual awakenings.

Our Saggy friends will not need a whole lot of sleep (when does a Sagittarius sleep anyway?) over the next six weeks once MARS shifts into the fiery sign of Sagittarius, but all of the SIGNS of the ZODIAC will get an extra boost of energy! So wherever Sadge falls in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” (no matter what sign you are it is in there somewhere), you will get a chance to really put forth some great effort and see results, as long as you don’t overdo it!

Pay Attention! – January 27th – MERCURY SQUARES URANUS
This is an influence we need to be careful with, it’s going to stir folks up and our words or the way we communicate can be the biggest issue at that time. Watch your words a few days before this energy comes together on the 27th as misunderstandings are going to be rampant and can lead to arguments. People will say the most shocking things at this time, so if you don’t want to hear it don’t get into it. It is a time when folks just want to complain, so avoid negative or toxic relationships as well, or it can get ugly!

Looking forward to a great rest of Jan of 2018
Have a good one folks



Time for Emotional Breakdowns! 


Rubys Astro Readings
Time for Emotional Breakdowns!
July 2017

For all the Signs of the Zodiac:

This afternoon we are entering into a new chapter with the Sun in Leo, one of self-discovery that can last all the way through the upcoming big Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Emotional breakdowns can occur for the next day while we shift onto this path.

There might be a moment here shortly where you realize you can’t get something you had your heart set on. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever get it. But for right now it’s not going to happen. And this can be around anything, it’s just something your heart wants.

However, this is happening for good reasons, be it timing or whatever. But this influence teaches us what our heart wants and needs are two different things! This means that house or new relationship may not happen right now, no matter how deeply you feel about it. And we just have to accept there are reasons we may not understand yet, but there’s still a reason. Evolving is funny like that, often what we want isn’t what we need to help us on our soul journey through life.

The way to handle this energy is to keep your heart open and don’t allow your mind or ego to make things worse. Because it can make you feel sad, confused, and even depressed! And then you start to focus on what is lacking, and negativity can set in. This takes you on a downward spiral and into the whole why or how you didn’t get something your heart wanted. This can make you angry and temper tantrums can occur. This does not solve your problems, it can drive you crazy and just makes you suffer.

Instead, it’s time to explore your heart and your options. Your heart wants other things that you don’t even know exist yet, things you haven’t even thought of! So it’s up to you to get on board and figure that out. So what’s your next wish or your next heart’s desire? Worrying and over thinking will only block you. But we are in a time where we might have to detach emotionally a little along this path to figure it all out. Patience is key.

There are going to be some challenges along this journey, with mental Mercury’s recent move into practical Virgo. This can have us hyper aware of the details and what we are lacking. So we can be more critical and analytical. If you don’t allow your mind to take over, and work on feeling what it is you want next, you will start to feel much better.

The Sun and Mars are both in Leo now, which means our hearts are strong. We are at the core of learning just how to obtain our hearts desires. This influence can help you get something you want and need. It just might be something different than what you had originally thought.

It’s time to stop thinking about what you don’t have or aren’t getting, and more on how you feel. Over the next few weeks we are detaching from whatever we wanted and by August 7th when the Lunar Eclipse occurs we will have done away with something or someone. It’s a time of letting go and releasing, be it people, things, or situations, as this Eclipse brings about powerful endings. So we may end up having to accept the fact that we aren’t getting something by that time. Then we will start to really work on a new dream and attaching to a new heart’s desire by the Big Solar Eclipse on August 21st because we will know more so what we want again.

It’s extremely important during this time, or as it’s called “Eclipse Season”, that you are kind and gentle on yourself. You can feel isolated and abandoned in some way, as you detach yourself from one dream and attach to a new one. As you feel this energy more, it’s important to ask yourself what it is your heart truly wants next. Just don’t expect an answer right away, this is a process. And it probably won’t all come together over night. Look to the Universe for signs and messages along the way to help guide you on this new journey.

Attn: Anyone who is feeling depressed or unwell, or who has been through some major trauma, try to focus on the small stuff and taking one step at a time. Please talk to someone about how you’re feeling, there’s always someone who’s willing to listen. Focus on what makes you happy and what you feel grateful for. If you’re reading this don’t give up, please!

This cycle of the Sun in Leo with the Eclipses brings forth something new and exciting for us, and it can be something that’s really good for our soul’s purpose. So hang in there folks.


Leo New Moon 


New Moon in Leo

Rubys Astro Readings

Leo New Moon 
“The Beginning”

Rare and Exciting Energy!

There are actually two New Moons in Leo over the course of the next month, which is actually quite unusual. All planets move by degrees that go from 0 to 29, and these two New Moons are very interesting indeed, because the first one that forms on July 23rd is at 0 Degrees and the second one on Aug. 21st is at 29 Degrees, so we have New Beginnings and Endings, and then a massive Solar Eclipse comes together as well on August 21st.

New Moons represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle, this particular New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are both in Leo, and conjunct each other, so they work together to create an amazing rare energy that represents New Beginnings coming into our lives.

This New Moon represents all things Leo, so we should be focusing on some new ways to make certain parts of our lives better, like the romance in our relationships and in the relationships we have with our children, but also how we use our creativity and around any hobbies we do. This Leo energy also helps us to build up our self-confidence and pride we have in ourselves. so work on loving yourself some more.

The upcoming New Moon’s influence runs right through the August 21st very powerful Solar Eclipse! The best time to create a strong new beginning or a new project is during the first two weeks right after it comes together. Which means this energy runs right until the Lunar Eclipse on Aug. 7th. It’s something you don’t want to miss out on, so be sure to not ignore this one and “Set Intentions” or make out “Wish Lists”, and write down what it is you want to have shown up in your life starting this Sunday, and then get out there and take actions between now and August 7th to make it happen.

This New Moon reveals some interesting info. like it can help you connect to your Spirit Guides, Higher Power, Angels, or whatever you spiritually connect too. It also tends to bring out family secrets, therefore it can create challenges within the family. On the positive side, this energy does also create the space for us to reconnect with loved ones and family. So if you are going to meet up with any family over the next few months, just be aware that skeletons can come falling out of the closet! And make sure those secrets don’t catch you off guard.

The Universe is already sending out messages about what the August 21st Solar Eclipse is going to bring into your life, so pay attention and watch for signs and symbols, and maybe jot them down somewhere to review later as we get closer to the actual Eclipse.

There is also some less favorable tense energy with this New Moon coming together. Being with or around anyone who is even remotely annoying or frustrating can really send you over the edge, with so many planets in Leo right now we can be driven crazy quite quickly as our nerves are easily rattled. Due to feeling more easily irritated we can let the small things get to us. Also, watch your temper, it’s all too easy to lose your cool and end up telling folks off in true Leo fashion, Ya know that’s Lions Roar! And others might actually realize how easily annoyed you are getting and take it personally and then feelings can get hurt.

Don’t worry as there are some major positive vibes coming off this New Moon mostly, and you have some powerful energy to create and manifest some really good energy in your life, as we’ll be in this energy for awhile with another New Moon in Leo in August! This is a powerful time folks! These two New Moon’s in Leo are an opportunity to ask for what you want twice around!

The lesson this New Moon in Leo is trying to teach us is about taking more pride in who we are as unique individuals, and taking more responsibility for what we do in our lives, and being able to give of ourselves in a kind, warm, and generous way. This New Moon is an excellent time to meditate on the traits of Leo energy, like how we express ourselves and being more proud, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, and open-hearted! All of these traits can be part of your own personality no matter what your Zodiac Sun Sign may be. This energy for the next two New Moons is in Leo so we can learn an awful lot if we try. We all have Leo somewhere in our Astrology Birth Charts, take this next month to improve that area of your life. It’s time to wake up the inner-child within yourself and find better ways to express your creativity and yourself.

There’s also a strong connection between fiery Mars and shocking Uranus that will come together during a big event with a rare Total Solar Eclipse soon! It’s probably not a great idea to get involved in anything risky or remotely dangerous as this energy builds up through this next month. This is Eclipse Season folks and our lives are fragile, so don’t break major rules or be in places that are crime ridden. Just pay attention to your surroundings and be observant.

This energy is extremely powerful, so if you’d like to prepare yourself and learn exactly just what part of your life you should be focusing on during this New Moon, please purchase a “One Question Reading” here, just message me and ask me, “What’s my New Moon” information. I will do the research for you and tell just where this New Moon will be in your own personal Astrology Birth Chart and what new beginnings it’s bringing into your life, be it love, money, health, or whatever the case maybe.

The next month is going to be full of potential and it’s a powerful time. Let’s start Eclipse Season off right with some clear goals to make sure our intentions line up with our destiny!


Astro Readings
by Ruby

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming!


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is almost here folks! This connection is already growing and those who are sensitive, empathic, or psychic are probably feeling it!

There’s lots of good luck coming in around this week’s Eclipse in Leo. The Sun in Aquarius makes a fortunate trine to Jupiter in Libra. This energy creates good luck, financial opportunities, and growth on both personal and professional levels. This lucky energy starts to peak around Friday the 11th but the best days are actually Feb. 9th and Feb. 10th the actual day of the Eclipse. If you follow my blogs you will see that Friday’s Eclipse is in Leo, which is a good day for gambling, business dealings, and shopping. So jot that day down on your calendar and make sure and set a reminder with it, so that you don’t forget to do something that involves drawing in good luck. In fact, the next two Eclipses are both considered to be highly lucky for all kinds of reasons, and the next Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26th, and it packs a very emotionally powerful punch.

This week’s powerful Eclipse is at 22 degrees Leo, this influence can create exciting events, unexpected opportunities, and breakthroughs, as some folks will experience some kind of random out of the blue event that can be life changing!

It’s nice to be able to write about the good aspects and share happy news for once. Yes, there are some more challenging energies also coming in around us at this time, but I feel the more fortunate cosmic lineup will outweigh all the more challenging stressful energy to the most part. But life is not perfect, unfortunately so some of you will have challenges during this lucky period. But we must enjoy the good things in life.

Celebrations are on the horizon and some of you will have something big happen over the next few weeks. The rest of you will be able to at the very least enjoy a nice weekend filled with fun events, with the playful Leo Moon running the show, it’s all about having fun. The Eclipse energy actually can continue for the next 3 months from the day it comes together, and sometimes we get a little sneak peak a few days prior to the Eclipse. So you might get lucky later on, or already have.

“If there is any kind of meeting, business, perhaps a medical event, or just anything important to you, try to schedule it for the 9th or the 10th of February.”

The February Eclipses are some of the luckiest connections we have seen in a long time. So wherever they fall in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart”, is where you will see opportunity, happiness, and growth, and this energy can last even longer than just this month, it can actually last for the next 3 months for some of you. Once Mars hits the Eclipse points this summer, it also can come back up again.

As they say, knowledge is power, so if know exactly what part of your life this Eclipse energy will be affecting, it could provide that LUCKY BREAK. So purchase a paid “One Question Reading” from me, and I will do the research with your personal Astrology Chart to help you know just what area of your life you should be focusing on to the get the most out of it. If you choose to work with these energies and put yourself in a position of receiving, you can benefit more than others from this lucky lineup!

Click Here to Order your Report today:

(this is only for a “One Question Reading” about the Lunar Eclipse. If you have other questions about a different Reading please email or message me first before making a payment at healingruby@yahoo.com)
Lots of luck to all of you. 😉

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 


Rubys Astro Readings

September 16th, 2016


A potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs around 2pm CST, 3pm EST today in the sign of Pisces.

This is the kind of energy that creates sudden realizations, epiphanies and Ah-ha moments. Eclipse Season” provides all kinds of excitement with sudden twists and turning points, some good and some not so good! But this particular Eclipse seems to be affecting more of our issues related around our work and how we help or are of service others, due to the Sun in Virgo.

This Lunar Eclipse energy has pushed many of you to deal with what isn’t working in your life or what is missing. With the Sun in Virgo we should be thinking about what we use to get through our day-to-day lives, what tools and techniques. And with the Moon in Pisces we should be thinking about how we nurture our Spiritual Self. It’s all about balancing the two energies. Does your work fulfill your Soul or does it make you miserable? Think about what you can start doing in small practical ways to make yourself happy and get on your Souls Path in this lifetime. This Eclipse helps us figure out our destiny in this life! Are you fulfilling yours? Neglecting either one of these energies around our work and spirit, can cause chaos in our lives!

Just like during any Full Moon our Dreams have been extremely vivid, especially being in dreamy Pisces. (Mine have been so clear and real feeling!) Take notes about your dreams now and also any kind of special visions, insights or deep feelings you may have. The best way to know they are special is when you have those sudden quick visions or feelings. This is the time when secrets are revealed and the truth is shown, even if they lie within ourselves. Some of us will feel a “calling” of sorts to do something new over the next six months, so pay extra close attention to the signs or messages the Cosmos is trying to send you.

You might notice how tired or drained you are feeling, it’s important to get rest throughout “Eclipse Season.” Don’t neglect your spirit in this energy, make sure to take some extra time by doing things that recharge you and connect you to your spiritual-self. Things like meditation, yoga, or just writing in a journal can help. Write about your hopes, wishes, dreams and even complaints. Ask and write down what you would like to focus on next in your life….do you want a new job or to stay at your current job is a good example. Write your heart out and visualize it, it really does make a huge difference. Especially right now with the Moon in Pisces, because our imagination is strong!

This energy can assist you in opening up your heart to feel, which helps you work on issues of trust and faith better. We l are tapped into the Cosmos right now, we are plugged into the matrix! Therefore use this energy to manifest what it is you really desire.

Also fiery Mars has been busy this week stirring up our passions and tempers. Finally, Mars is playing nice and is forming a harmonious connection to Uranus the planet that reveals, the planet that gives us amazing Messages and Ah-ha moments directly from the Universe! This helps us feel free to experiment with our new found information and ideas, as we can start to see our progress and make positive changes to get on our true Souls Path! ~Happy Full Moon 




September 16 Full Moon Eclipse 


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Ruby

September 2016

The “Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse” in Pisces is on Friday, September 16th at 3pm EST and 2pm CST. This Eclipse is going to be quite intense due to its involvement with Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo, and Mars in Sagittarius, and then “wounded healer” Chiron, which is also Retrograde in Pisces. Whew that’s a mouthful huh, well actually in Astrology it really is, so let me break this down for you and make sense of it all.

Eclipses cause crisis and bring strong endings and new beginnings. This Eclipse is in Pisces which can help us to release something, and Full Moon’s are all about letting go! Pisces is also the sign of goodbyes, releasing or letting go. So you know what you need to do during this Eclipse! This Eclipse Season started back on July 29th, and a lot has happened since then. There’s been a lot of break-ups and people leaving jobs, but I’m also starting to see the other half who are meeting new lovers and getting new jobs…with a little help from our friends Jupiter and Venus both now in Libra, read all about that here…
Jupiter in Libra, this is a good thing!

Eclipses are often explained to be much like a portal, with doors closing and opening. They also send us important updates just like a smart phone, which are unconscious downloads of information we need so we can evolve as a whole. By the way really understanding the downloads takes some time.

This Lunar Eclipse moves with the South Node in Pisces. which is considered to be a Karmic point in Astrology, and this means there’s something we need to release or let go of now. This energy represents an area of your life that needs clearing. If you are already feeling tired and drained, then it is more than likely the Eclipse showing you what you need to shift in your life. And because Mars is so closely involved in this Eclipse energy, if you need a clue of what this shift should be around in your life than look to what is making you the most angry or frustrated this week! If you can figure out what is draining you than you will figure out what needs to go or be changed.

This Eclipse brings information and a knowingness that you feel from within yourself, so you know something needs to change but may not be to sure what’s actually ahead. At this point it is probably more clear what you are leaving behind. For example you could be walking out of a long-term relationship and have no clue to who your next partner is or even when you will meet them. But irregardless it is time now to let go of what isn’t making you happy and what doesn’t line up with your Soul’s Path.

Because this Full Moon is in Pisces we often end up having very detailed, intense dreams, and I can’t express just how vivid my dreams have been this week. Pay close attention to what messages your dreams are trying to convey to you this week and into next. Also be sure to take notes about your dreams right away if at all possible, so you can look up all the symbolism involved and those meanings. If you need some help and your dream is pretty lengthy I do Dream Analysis for a small fee, so just email or message me and let me know. I am glad to be of service.

It’s also important to look at your very own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” to see what area of your life this Eclipse is passing through and how it is affecting your life. If you are not entirely to sure, I am doing “One Question Readings” on this topic, so purchase a Reading with me by email and just ask me, “How will the Eclipse affect my life?”

This Eclipse is connecting to passionate, hot-headed Mars which can make you feel frustrated to say the least and tired, so make sure to get lots of rest and don’t over do it this week, and that means even with work or important errands, above anything else Take it Easy. There’s a lot of Karmic changes happening during this time, and adjustments need to be made now. These influences are helping you to let go and get rid of what isn’t basically meant to be anymore in your life. So you may experience fated events that can cause major changes in your life, but they are necessary to balance and adjust your Soul’s Path. These aspects can cause your emotions to run very high and some relationships to be challenged. It’s important to be kind to everyone you meet this coming week and throughout next. Even though being kind should just be the rule, it is very important to do so this week. Some folks can be difficult to deal with but I want you to be nice, some folks might even throw major temper tantrums, but I want you to be nice! Even if you don’t know them yes you got it be nice…the bottom line is what we put out to anyone is what comes back around, if you don’t want to deal with negative or nasty energy than put out positive vibes so that energy can come back to you!

Also do be careful for accidents this week, and with Mars squaring this Moon we need to watch ourselves for arguments. Just know folks need to vent right now and blow off some steam, so be a friend and listen if you can. Also with the Sun squaring fiery Mars this week, some folks are going to be acting, moving and doing things way to fast and not paying attention, it is important to remember to Think Before You Act while we’re in this energy.

“Eclipses bring strong Endings and New Beginnings”

This Eclipse acting as a Portal will help you release what you don’t need in your life and what isn’t matching your Soul’s path anymore, thus creating the space for what you do need to show up. Even if you aren’t to sure what that is or looks like just yet. This can be the most frustrating part of Eclipse Season for folks, and that is because you may know what has to go now in your life or what you need to let go of, but have no clue what is next and what is coming, it is a very vulnerable place to be and can be scary even. Eclipses take something away to bring in something new, and more often than not it is better for us and sometimes it’s even better than we could have imagined!

Remember this “Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse” is as strong as three Full Moons they say, and it’s already proved to be a highly charged emotional week, stay grounded and don’t allow other folks to drag you into their drama. This can be a very rewarding and exciting time if you can stay focused.

Blessed Full Moon