Astro News with Ruby

ASTRO NEWS By Ruby It's been a busy week on the Astrological front with the Cosmos making some pretty big shifts! There's been a lot of chaos over this last week, and this Sunday another planet is about to make a major move. Pluto, will start moving backward just like Saturn and Jupiter and into … Continue reading Astro News with Ruby

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries April 15, 2018 On Sunday evening, April 15th the New Moon occurs in the Sign of Aries! This means you have an opportunity to tap into your creative and courageous side, so take some time starting now to write your Intentions or Wishes down during this New Moon, and see what … Continue reading New Moon in Aries

St Patrick’s Day New Moon

March NEW MOON by Rubys Readings The NEW MOON will occur early Saturday morning in the sign of Pisces. This energy affects each and every one of us in one way or another no matter what Zodiac Sign you are. This NEW MOON gives us an opportunity to start something new and fresh, as it's … Continue reading St Patrick’s Day New Moon

Halloween Forecast

Rubys Astro Readings Halloween Forecast This Halloween the cosmos is practically underwater with so many planets in water signs! Water symbolizes and influences our emotional state and how we feel. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury are all in the deepest feeling water sign, Scorpio currently, which is the regeneration sign of the Zodiac. This sign … Continue reading Halloween Forecast

Crisis of Faith

Astro Update By Ruby "Crisis of Faith" Adventurous Jupiter is opposing Chiron the wounded healer today in a long-term influence that actually first came together back last November, and will meet again in August. This influence can have us questioning our core beliefs, and we can end up having some sort of crisis of faith. … Continue reading Crisis of Faith

The New Moons Alignments

Astro Alert ⚠ Powerful New Moon Alignments Here's a little more about how the Cosmos is lining up around the New Moon in Leo this weekend. Venus the planet that rules love and relationships and often money is in Retrograde. This energy may have brought back old friendships and relationships to you, over the last … Continue reading The New Moons Alignments

“A Time For Healing”

April 1st 2015 "A Time For Healing" Venus is love ... and Chiron is our emotional wounds, they form a opportune aspect this week that influences the way we heal our emotional wounds, especially around relationships and with our self-worth. Some of us may lose control due to other astrological influences happening now, but it's … Continue reading “A Time For Healing”

‘You Can Heal Yourself’

Tuesday - 'You can heal yourself" Venus/Chiron aspect Once again lovely Venus is involved in an aspect (and has she been a busy lady), this time with the 'Wounded Healer' Chiron. This aspect can sort of have a numbing effect and turn our intimate feelings off. This energy is about moving past the emotional old … Continue reading ‘You Can Heal Yourself’

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