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2018 – The Year of the Earth Dog


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Happy Chinese New Year!
2018 – The Year of the Earth Dog

The Solar Eclipse also marks the time for the Chinese New Year for 2018, and this is the year of the Earth Dog. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year includes being honest, taking responsibility seriously, fairness and equality themes, and exposing things that have been hidden.

The Year of the Dog in the Chinese Lunar Calendar starts this Saturday, February 17th.

The Dog is the Eleventh animal in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac Signs, those who are born in the Year of the Dog include the folks who came into the world in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006 – and also those born this year 2018, and those who will be born in 2030 in the 12-year cycle of the Zodiac.

In Chinese Astrology, each Zodiac year (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) is not just associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements, which are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The year 2018 meets the element of Earth and so 2018 is an Earth Dog Year!

According to Chinese Horoscopes predictions, the Year of the Earth Dog in 2018 is going to be a good year in all its aspects. Fresh and refreshed, the Earth Dog will accelerate the initiation of bringing in new things.

While the Year of the Earth Dog will be generally a good year for finances for many of you no matter your Zodiac Sign, however, you might want to pay special attention to your health this year. The year 2018 is an ideal time to start eating healthy, so it’s also a good time to take on new exercise programs or sports and work on getting rid of bad or unhealthy habits.

The Year of the Earth Dog will also bring many big changes economically and this can signify growth. But on the other hand, there could also be adjustments in the economy, especially in stock markets. So it’s a good time to be cautious about your investments in 2018.

The year 2018 will also be a time when new business opportunities that are created have the potential to go well financially. Cash flow should actually increase and its the right time to build up your reputation or social status around your work or business.

Therefore, 2018 is a good time to enjoy life and be social, so attend parties, social functions, and weddings. Also, the Year of the Earth Dog can bring more luck to both already existing marriages and ones that happen this year. The ruling number in 2018, so the Year of the Earth Dog is 9. The number 9 is considered lucky in Chinese Astrology, as it holds the energy of longevity, abundance, and prosperity for all the signs of the Zodiac.

The story of the Dog in Chinese Astrology is quite interesting, as the dog is considered to be man’s best friend who understands the human spirit and obeys its master, wealthy or poor. The Chinese regard this as an auspicious animal. So if a dog happens to randomly show up at your house, this is considered a symbol of good fortune to come. The invincible God Erlang in Chinese legends used a loyal wolfhound to help him capture monsters.

So at the stroke of midnight make sure and make a Wish to help usher in the spirit of good health, wealth, and prosperity!


Year of the Fire Rooster

Year of the Fire Rooster
By Ruby


On January 27, 2017, the Chinese Zodiac will shift once again from the intense “Year of the Monkey” into the meticulous “Year of the Fire Rooster.” The Fire Rooster will bring a whole new and different energy. “Wake Up,” says the Fire Rooster! The Rooster is sounding the alarm for all us to be more alert and aware, hear it crowing!
Honestly, the world is in great need of healing, and that means lots of love needs to be spread around. So when you think of a Rooster you don’t think happy, loving thoughts. Rooster energy is hot-tempered, self-entitled, selfish, and arrogant, but don’t dismay because even though Rooster energy is about folks showing off, if we can look past the facade, this energy isn’t competitive or tricky like the Fire Monkey energy we just coming out of. Now in 2017, people will start to play and fight fair again, all the name calling and slinging mud isn’t worth it, especially when it comes at a price like losing friendships and personal relationships.
Those born under the Chinese astrology sign of the Rooster.
The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
(But if your birthday happens to fall in January or February, you should Google your year of birth, because the Chinese New Year always starts on the day of the New Moon, and this date changes annually.)
Remember everything I am describing is for all the Sun signs of the Zodiac, as the Chinese Astrological signs change each year, the traits of whatever animal represents the year will affect all of us in different ways. So I have outlined below the energy that the Fire Rooster will bring in for all of us in 2017.
Hard Work will bring success!
Yes, good old-fashioned hard work is the name of the game while we are under the energy of the feathered, Rooster, its flair rules the roost this year. The Rooster rises with the Sun, so get an earlier start to your day and change up your routine. Create some kind of morning ritual and start to take better care of yourself. Also be more mindful of your money! This isn’t a year to rush ahead without a solid plan in place. It’s important to make good habits and exercise will help keep you productive during uncertain times.
Beware: This can be a year of power plays and inflated egos. You are going to need to make it very clear to who is in charge of whatever group projects you are involved in. Even if some folks have more authority than others, this year is all about playing fair. If you’re in charge, don’t be the one who sits around telling everyone else what to do, make sure and be the kind of leader who also gets out there and busts his ass along with the rest of the crew. And don’t be the constant critique as well, especially around others who are in a place of power over you. All squawk and no action won’t go well in this energy.
The Year of the Fire Rooster is a good time for any joint or group ventures. So get a group of like-minded folks together and gather your resources. Fire Rooster energy is thrifty and financially strict, so we will see some pretty large cuts in government spending to get the national debt under control. There will be lots of back taxes collected as new strategies will be made around recouping old debts.
Get your flirt on!
If you are in a relationship or not, this year with the feisty Fire Rooster energy love will be more flirty, showy, and hot! This energy can turn the shyest of folks into a shameless flirt who loves attention. So let yourself be a little bit more flamboyant as you push to get under the spotlight, and strut your stuff through the henhouse! If we can take away all the complicated gender roles out of the equation because it doesn’t matter what your romantic preferences are this energy helps to excite and arouse folks. It’s flashy, tacky, tatty, and loud towards love and sex. The feisty Fire Rooster is a shameless flirt who loves getting attention. So allow yourself to be out there when courting the object of your affection. Don’t mistake Rooster swagger for the real deal, however, sometimes all that teasing and flirting is just for the fun of it also.
Fashion will be bright and loud.
The Rooster loves to be noticed, so get out your feathers. Big entertainers like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Britney Spears are all born under the Chinese sign of the Rooster. This is a return to the 1970’s in fashion like bell bottoms, button downs with big collars and wild patterns, a little Vegas style with bodysuits maybe, and glitter everywhere….all of this could return in its own way in the colorful Rooster year.
Men are highlighted this year.
In 2016 Monkey minded men and women have now faded away, we hope, and you may be feeling sort of confused about 2017 being the Year of the Fire Rooster because it is considered male and this energy is more ego-based and a bit cocky. But remember a Rooster always protects its hens. In 2017, the fight for gender equality will continue on, and it won’t just be from women. Expect to hear more men and people period standing up for Women’s Rights, and even embracing the feminist label. As the Marches are already showing a whole slew of men standing beside the woman.
One thing the Fire Rooster year will see is that chivalry isn’t dead, however, this energy is considered to be chauvinistic at times, even if it comes from the heart and those that care for us. There’s a very thin line nowadays on what it is to be a man helping the woman out and treating them like their fragile little flowers. That won’t be tolerated so much this year.
Around the world, 2017 could and already is a show of ego from government officials, as they puff themselves up to look big and strong. All global leaders must be careful not to get caught up in the “cockfights” because they also can feel quite strategic and get focused on little details that don’t matter so much. Rooster energy naturally does keep the coop safe, so Homeland Security will be highlighted this year and can become a pretty big issue. We mustn’t allow this energy to bring waves of racial and gender tensions in, as it seems to already be doing, we must continue to communicate about racial and gender equality.
Health and wellness Issues
Our health and wellness become issues once more during the Rooster year. Ask yourself now, if you are caring for your body? Rooster is a lot like Virgo energy in that it helps us integrate wellness as part of our regular routines. Or it wants to. Find a gym or set one up at home, and make sure to be active every day. Make sure to get regular checkups and find a doctor who actually listens to you and wants to help you fix any underlying chronic health issues.
One of the best things you can really do for your health this year is to practice preventative medicine like massages, acupuncture and eating a vitamin-rich diet. Clean eating gets another boost from this Rooster year, and since it is in the element of fire…popular dishes will include lots more spices like turmeric for example. Also cooked foods come back in along with juices and smoothies. Results won’t just happen overnight this year, it’s all about putting healthy practices in place, this helps us crow and glow by the time 2017 is through and the time of the fire Rooster is done.

Happy New Year!


Year of the “Fire Monkey”


The Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey starts February 8th, 2016     
By ~Ruby      

The Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in traditional Chinese culture and will be celebrated by over 1 billion people on the planet on Monday, February 8th. People born in the Year of the Monkey are seen as innovative, clever, enthusiastic, smart and quick-witted, but also irritable. Think of 2016’s energy to be a lot like the traits of the (Red) Fire Monkey. It’s time to take action.

The Monkey is intelligent, witty, and very much a creative animal. They are unique problem solvers that will work together in a group, but also demonstrate a very strong independent streak to do what they need. The Monkey is playful, and youthful in nature and is a joy to watch and play with…as they love to move through several activities at once. This is some of how are year can go, like the Monkey we can be extremely creative this year and can work together, but working alone can really make things happen. It will be a fast moving year like the fire energy we’re under, but also a highly intellectual year. So learn how to balance your mind with your body, and the best way to do that is to take care of your overall well-being and health.

“In astrology, the Monkey is associated with Virgo, the sign which rules the body. In 2016, we will see Jupiter in Virgo alongside Year of the Monkey. Virgo is associated with extremes of good health – and poor health. It is the sign which rules doctors, drugs, food, healers, drink, sport, fitness and surgery. It rules medical research, too – which of course monkeys have always played their part with, as our closest animal relative.” ~Jessica Adams

The Year of the Monkey 2016

There’s both a positive and negative side to the Year of the Monkey, it’s full of surprises and really anything can happen. This year isn’t about planning so much as the influence of the Monkey puts everything in flux. We can get much more accomplished if we take some time to work on the small stuff in our own personal life, as little individual efforts will go a very long way. Group movements such as political revolutions or upheaval won’t probably change the game as much as we think it will this year, but any major events will set the stage for much bigger changes in the future.

The year of the Monkey energy will help increase communication, wit, and humor, which helps us get through any stressful times with ease. Business can certainly flourish in this energy, as taking risks actually can turn out well. The Monkey’s energy can be a gift to us because it helps us find unconventional or new ways to solving old problems. Daring to be different can lead to success this year! Watch for deceptive behavior, as many folks will be sneakier then ever. Don’t believe everything you hear or even trust.

There’s so much mental energy going on this year we’ll need to find ways to keep our minds busy along with our bodies. So we should re-think our fitness programs, diets, and health plans. If you currently don’t have one…you definitely need to start some form of regular physical activity this year. The body was designed to move and in the fire Monkey energy there’s constant movement. Stress needs to be burned off by exercise of any kind…so get to the gym, swim, practice yoga, martial arts, or just take long walks regularly.

Even though this year will be lively, optimistic, and progressive and finances, politics, and real estate should see a turn around…there will be a wave of insecurities underneath it all. Folks will want to get the best deals and really win big, but they can be cold, impulsive, and calculating when going after what they want. It’s important to make all business decisions based on facts not emotions this year. Remember deception and trickery are in the air and can cause problems. Take nothing for granted this year, no matter what area of your life you’re focused on, and pay attention to your surroundings before making any moves. The Year of the Monkey can be a good time for new inventions, it’s a time for taking risks and even being rebellious. There’s going to be lots of new ideas that will make this a time of bravery, courage, action and maybe even anarchy. Starting new endeavors can go very well under a Monkey year.

Here’s some helpful tips to get your through what can certainly be a wild year. Learn how to outsmart the tricksters, narcissists, the con-man, by either faking or bluffing your way through and you’ll have a better chance of getting away from them. Those of you who tend to not live a very adventurous lifestyle or who are generally afraid to take risks, and those that are mentally slowed down due to whatever reason, may have a harder time with stress levels this year. So remember if you feel like you’re stressed out or coming unglued…start exercising any way you can. Ask for help also from the risk takers in your life, if you come across a person or situation you just can’t handle.

On a more personal level go ahead with your life and move forward so you can pave your own road to success. But be prepared to what may lay ahead. The Year of the Monkey is a time for business, even if it’s considered risky. The seeds that are planted this year can sprout into unplanned success stories. Run with ideas and embrace what’s new and inventive and don’t look back. Remember this year will be rewarding for those who make an effort individually. Group efforts may become a little more challenging or disappointing this year.

Is this a good year for your Eastern Astro Sign?

This is generally a favorable and promising year for Rats, Oxen, Dragons, Horses, Roosters, Dogs and Monkeys of course. This year could be more challenging for Tigers, Snakes, Dogs, and Boars or Pig. Sheep need to take care of their health. Rabbits should watch their finances. It’s a very positive year for Goats, Rabbits, and Ox, as they can see improvement in all areas of their life and finally making progress. It can be an amazing year for Rats and Dragons. This year can be great if you are born under the sign of the Monkey, as your confidence should get stronger…but make sure to take advantage of this energy by taking care of yourself and being of service to others to insure your future success. ~Ruby 

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