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Summer Solstice & Cancer (Zodiac) Season 🌟🌕

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The Sun shifts into the sign of Cancer, aka Cancer Season, and the Summer Solstice occurs in the North on June 20, 2021, when the days and nights are equal in length in light and dark.

When the Summer Solstice arrives, the Sun is in the protective and sensitive sign of Cancer; the energies tend to slow down a bit. Nevertheless, the Solstices are important because they open energetic doorways and usher in the magic of the Summer Season. These special days allow us to manifest what we want in our lives. The Sun will remain in Cancer until July 22, 2021.

While the Sun’s in Cancer over the next month, we are more focused on our family and home life. The day’s light begins to grow longer, which helps us make memories, which is right Cancers alley. This influence keeps us close to home as we have a stronger need for security with anything related to home or family.

Since we are technically still in Eclipse Season through the end of June, this Full Moon will land under its influence. Eclipses tend to bring out the truth and so do Full Moon’s, so what’s been hidden, repressed, kept secret, or unknown can be revealed. So if you have any skeletons in your closet, you may want to get things out in the open and deal with whatever reactions are coming your way.

It’s also a good time for teamwork, even with the Sun in more private Cancer. If our expectations are unreliable or unrealistic, then we probably will be let down. Try to work at keeping yourself grounded and your thoughts rooted strongly in reality. It’s for the best during this time, especially since we’re under the after shadow period of Mercury in Retrograde, as we wait for Mercury to get back up to its normal pace as it heads in the right direction again. But this alone causes confusion and can make things that much more challenging to navigate through.

The Cancer energies can make us feel sensitive and emotional. Cancer energy also teaches us to be more ambitious like the other Cardinal signs in the Zodiac (Aries, Capricorn, & Libra). Therefore, we’re usually
more tenacious about reaching our business and professional goals. It’s important to take care of our social obligations, as activities outside our home will be more successful when we learn how to create a solid family and home base to fall back on. This influence helps us keep our schedules and routines, our home life in perspective.

With the Sun in Cancer, our thoughts naturally turn inward. It’s a great time to reach out to loved ones that feel safe and perhaps plan a very low-key get-together, or maybe finish up any home projects you’ve needed to get done. We are looking for safety and protection, so we want to surround ourselves with what’s secure and familiar. It’s a great time to celebrate the gift of seeing each other again face to face, now that Covid is down in the US. But still, remain safe and cautious.

The shadow side of the Sun in Cancer Season is that the Moon actually rules the sign of Cancer. So we can become a bit lunatic-like under its influence, especially if we’re worn down, emotionally hurt, lonely, or overwhelmed. Our moods can go up and down rather quickly, and we can become moodier with the waxing and waning of the Moon and all her phases for the next month. Monitor the Moon Phases and how they affect you by following my blogs on social media.

Our everyday lives are experienced on a much deeper emotional level with the Sun in Cancer (no matter your Sun sign). We tend to worry about our emotional security and are naturally more concerned with our personal lives. Even if we are interested in what’s happening globally, we want to protect and nurture those close to home more so than usual. So nurturing and taking care of our loved ones and our pet projects becomes more important.

Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac and a water sign, so this energy affects us emotionally. Things like coziness, closeness, emotional bonding, and sexuality are experienced with more depth at this time. This energy can be quite evident in our everyday lives! We can be more kind, compassionate, caring, and empathic to other’s needs.

But the dark side of this Cancer energy means we can also be more reactive and impulsive when it comes to our emotional connections with people and situations.

Also, with the Sun in Cancer, the general atmosphere is more emotional, so any other Cosmic connections between the Sun and Moon can be extremely intense. But our initial reaction is to take the road less traveled. We will do whatever it takes not to be exposed because we tend to feel more vulnerable, including sidestepping direct confrontation, unless, of course, we are doing the confronting.

If we lose control, we can get a little crazy. Cancer energy, when angered, can be quite over the top and scary because it’s pure raw emotion. This charged-up emotional energy tends to trigger some of our most tender spots, so we can become illogical if we get frustrated or feel picked on. It’s just best not to let ourselves go there, and our emotions take the wheel for the next month. It can prove difficult to be objective or open-minded during this time, as we can be a bit pessimistic in our thinking, especially with Mercury in Retrograde. It’s helpful to keep your thoughts more positive, but you may have to work at it a little more than usual.

We are tapped into the realm of Cancer for the next month. We often feel more powerful when using our emotions with people or experiences, which gives these connections more depth and meaning. Usually, what we do during this time comes from the heart. It’s good practice for us to learn from anyway. Work on being more kind and compassionate while the Sun is in Cancer.

Cook some soul food and find something sweet to eat. Cuddle up with someone you care for, enjoy your Summer, and Happy Birthday, all my beautiful Crabs, Cancers! And happy Summer Solstice!

~Ruby 🌟

“Mid Weekly Update”


Rubys Astro Readings
Week of July 19th
“Mid Weekly Update”

Balance is coming folks, but for now, we need to find our center and calm, with the SUN in the last stages of emotionally sensitive Cancer throughout the week, so the tides are high right now, but we are moving from being highly emotional to angry today if we aren’t careful. So you can feel like taking actions. The key to handling all this energy is to be more disciplined when and if you are reacting to others, take the time to listen to your inner awareness or inner-psychic before making any choices. Ask your guides to show you if it’s time to take the actions you want. Trust me, it takes some practice to listen and follow your intuition. But this challenges us and helps us learn just how our reactions will make or break us. Think about what signs you need to have to move forward before doing so.

The highly charged emotional energy we have been feeling is stronger today due to the Sun and aggressive Mars forming a challenging connection. The Sun in Cancer’s high tide is starting to boil over now, and we feel more brave and courageous, so we naturally want to move forward in this energy. But be careful about moving in haste, or you could make the wrong choices. This passionate influence can make us feel like we are at our wit’s end, so if you get frustrated or agitated for whatever reason, you can suddenly explode in anger and without little to no warning! This energy sneaks up on us like lighting a fuse and then BOOM, you have lost your temper and don’t even know what happened. So stay mindful and in control of your emotions.

The Moon is in Gemini as I mentioned in my other Astro Blog Posts today, so our ego or lower mind are motivating us to think more negative or pessimistic. But with Mercury in Leo, our thoughts are more heartfelt and authentic at this time, and LEO energy is also known for its ROAR, so again don’t let this energy take you there! We are now in the energy of the BREAKTHROUGH that I’ve been discussing for a while now, so we’re looking for a way to reach a higher more spiritual awareness. The energy going on now has us feeling passionate and brave so we can feel like moving forward, but again please ask your higher-self first before making any moves.

The Grand Trine in Fire Signs is forming now, which means there will be some things that happen that are sort of more destined in one way or another so it can be a positive or negative experience, but it’s happening for a reason. Some of you are losing something or someone right now and I know it’s painful, but it’s happening for a reason, even if you have no clue as to why right now. Soon enough you will see why these things had to happen. Hindsight Ya know!

Whatever we have been holding onto or repressing emotionally can suddenly just come up and out right now under this influence, and with this highly charged, lower vibrational energy it’s important to check in with your spirit from time to time, make sure you go by what you sense and feel. We are working on a soul level, to move up to a higher place where we can get more of what makes us truly happy! The energy today isn’t helping much, so stay in your heart! Breathe through any frustrations you may have, using what you have inside your heart can help you face any challenges you might meet.

And remember how you REACT is what will help you get through this or suffer, my advice with MARS running the show is to not let yourself react at all right now, because things can get volatile and kind of crazy if you do. But of course, sometimes you just have to blow off some steam by getting some exercise or doing anything physical, including sexual activities. This allows you to let go of your frustrations in a more safe and positive manner. So no matter how negative you feel, be sure to take the high road over the next few days. This will help release the pressure that is now building up, it’s better than getting into a fight!

Stay in control of yourself and your emotions and keep a spiritual buffer between you and others, so you have something to fall back on, ask the Universe to assist you with being able to not react so much right now. And if you find yourself involved in some sort of argument make sure and walk away and count to 10, and don’t forget to breathe, it always helps.

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