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Week of Jan 14
“Weekly Update”

The MOON remains in grounding Capricorn through Tuesday, which affects all of the ZODIAC SIGNS! It’s a good time to take it easy & wind down with the NEW MOON coming in tomorrow. Get things organized and wrapped up, finish projects and then you can work on starting brand new things Tuesday.

We’re under the influence of the SUN connecting to shocking URANUS already, this sucker is bringing on changes, shocks, and out of the ordinary situations, (Hawaii for example), it’s a very strong high energy that makes things just buzz. For now, start writing out those Intentions & Wish Lists for the NEW MOON Tuesday!

Tensions rise with loving VENUS and foggy NEPTUNE meeting now, and our way of thinking and perspective is more about seeing what we want and what will bring us instant gratification. We can miss important details and make mistakes during this time. Pay extra close attention to things! Not everything is as it seems.

Later, the planets of luck & opportunity and power & evolution, JUPITER & PLUTO make a powerful, beautiful connection. This is the first of 3 meetings in a series that will continue to meet back up through September. As this energy plays in the background of our lives we can feel more alive, confident, faithful, and insightful, especially during the times it comes exact, like this week, and then again in April & September. But whatever events or situations it kicks off in your life can be life-changing, as this is a make-it or break-it kind of energy, that brings in powerful opportunities & growth potential! Just remember often growth is painful, so don’t expect rainbows until after the rain!

The JUPITER/PLUTO connection can help you nurture your ambitions, so if you work extra hard you can experience major transformations in your life. There’s a strong pull for something with more deeper meaning and this motivates us to go after our personal & professional goals. It’s easy to manipulate others under this influence or persuade them into giving us what we want. But now is the time to take steps towards bettering ourselves and solving long-standing problems or go after something more aggressively that was hidden or ignored. This influences second meeting in April will be a fertile time to manifest the things we desire even more so.

With six planets now in grounding Capricorn, we can see the importance in focusing and concentration when we express ourselves, as we are on point! The energies are slowed down for now which gives us more time to get organized and get things done, however starting mid-week loving VENUS and the SUN will both shift into strong-minded and willed AQUARIUS. This really helps us get moving again and more focused on our future, as time will pick up and we will get very busy, so enjoy this slowed down energy for the next few days, it’s almost over.

Finally, some great news, all of the PLANETS are currently moving in a DIRECT MOTION! That means no RETROGRADE PLANETS! It’s go time folks, as this is the time to make things happen and take action, don’t sit back and wait or plan, that should have all been done the last half of 2017! You have through the second week of March when JUPITER changes the game and is the first PLANET to turn RETROGRADE once again! No Worries, keep reading my blogs and I will help keep you informed and remind you how to ride this wave once it comes, this is something you will want to pay attention to, however.

~ Ruby



By Ruby

Mercury is in Scorpio from October 17-November 5, 2017.

Mental Mercury (the planet that rules over our thoughts & communication) shifts, as it moves into more soul-searching Scorpio.

Our communications take a drastic shift from keeping the peace while Mercury was in balancing Libra, and now into pulling out what’s hidden or repressed while in Scorpio. Just like how the #metoo movement is taking off in Hollywood now, anything that has caused trauma will be lite up by giant Jupiter, now also in Scorpio.

With Mercury in Scorpio, our thinking runs very deep and intense. The truth of the matter is very important, as we become observers and can be obsessive in our pursuits. Just don’t push things to the point of insanity and know when to back off. It can prove difficult to say enough is enough.

During this time our thoughts and the way we communicate will be more deep and intense, and usually we like to chat a lot under these influences, because we are searching for what’s hidden or repressed psychologically. While Mercury was in Libra we were more about balancing our minds, while.coming up with simple but fair solutions to our problems.

Mercury in Scorpio is more natural, but has a darker attitude, so you may feel like things aren’t fair. The truth is what’s important now, as we look underneath it all! This is a time to let yourself investigate, observe, and really focus. Our never ending search for something more deep can be exhausting, but it satisfies our minds to simply know. Whatever is fake or false in our lives just won’t due, we are looking for what is authentic, especially around communicating, so our conversations can go much deeper.

This Scorpio energy helps us stay more sharp than usual, our minds our profound and quite analytical, which leads to one-track minded and even obsessive thinking. Better learn now while we get into so many planets in Scorpio, just how stop yourself. This energy can have you talking for days and not knowing when to stop yourself, so pay attention, and if you are talking someone’s ear off, rein yourself back in and take a breather. You can emotionally, under this particular influence, mentally exhaust yourself and others


Crisis of Faith


Astro Update
By Ruby
Crisis of Faith

Adventurous Jupiter is opposing Chiron the wounded healer today in a long-term influence that actually first came together back last November, and will meet again in August. This influence can have us questioning our core beliefs, and we can end up having some sort of crisis of faith. We might end up changing our beliefs just even a little by the time this transit is completely done, but that’s the whole point.

There’s a journey ahead of you now, if you accept the challenge to think about and work with the real meaning and understanding you have around your faith and beliefs. But you can get in your own way with old outdated beliefs that are no longer working for you. Following those old philosophies you’ve always had may not make so much sense anymore. Those beliefs you were raised with aren’t serving the grown version of yourself. Remember you are your own person and can believe in whatever you want! Some might struggle with this due to fears around unrealistic consequences, for not following the old belief systems they were taught. This can put you at a standstill around your beliefs now.

You can be easily led by certain beliefs and ideas now, this means watch out for anyone spouting off about religion, philosophy, or spirituality. You could get taken in by someone who is false, but portrays themselves much differently. This can cause confusion – around what you know to be true in your heart! While someone might be trying to manipulate you into believing that their path or ways are best. Open your eyes, be clear and honest with yourself.

You may become isolated in your feelings, and alone in your opinions, visions, and plans for the future, because other people just don’t seem to understand your visions or way of thinking, and what they mean or represent. The choices you’ve made in the past don’t feel so right anymore, and it’s important now more then ever to look within your own heart and come to a greater understanding about what you truly need and believe in…rather then just blindly following something or someone that truly isn’t going to make you happy or serve any purpose in your life.

If you’re looking at taking a new business venture, it’s best to take a step back and get a closer look first. Certain projects might have come to a close now in your personal or professional life, and you may notice you are feeling restless because you’re not used to doing life without this issue or problem. Let it go, it’s over now, don’t go back to it or try and bring it back now.

Certain challenges also may arise in our relationships, due to a difference in opinion around our beliefs. This energy can be so confusing when it comes to following our beliefs, remember if you’re not sure how you feel, close your eyes, breathe deeply and seriously, Listen to your Heart! It’s best to take some time to sort out how you’re feeling first, before making up your mind about what you do believe. Wait until you feel more confident again before you do anything too drastic, like joining a new spiritual group or church.

Our relationships can suffer from this energy due to a difference in opinions. Tread lightly with your friends or lovers for now, don’t try to push your beliefs off on them and let eveyone come to their own conclusions. Because not until August will you have all the information you need to really understand what your beliefs are all about. At least remain curious and keep your heart and mind open to the possibilities. ~Ruby #rubysreadings

*New Moon* Alert

*New Moon* in Aries


The Cosmos is heating up, and a spark has been lit by the fiery Moon in Aries. We’ve entered head first right into bold Aries, like the Ram that symbolizes it. The confident, courageous, assertive energy that Aries brings… should help lift us right out of the deeper, watery, and emotionally charged “Eclipse” energy we’ve been in for the last few months.
If any sign can give us a fresh start, it’s Aries, as it’s the first sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the beginning of Spring. This is the time when the seeds that have been buried beneath the earth, all winter long… push through the Earth and sprout. And just like those seeds, we too come back out and start to feel this energy.

“Eclipse Season” was rough for most of us, it stirred up lots of emotions around self-worth, self-esteem, and self-expression. The fiery Aries energy has been ignited, and pushes us forward to pursue our passions, and demand more out of life and our relationships. This Aries energy represents “Self”, it’s about putting yourself first, both your needs and wants. As difficult as the past few months have been, this process was very important. It helped us to recognize how we’ve been blocking things like Love and Abundance, from coming in our lives, so this energy is about what you think you deserve.

“New Moons” represent new beginnings and Aries is new starts, so on Saturday, April 18th… we can set into motion energies that can stick with us for quite along time. With the Sun and Moon both in Aries, it’s a completely fresh start for us, full of new opportunities and possibilities. This energy is a great way to start over or initiate what you truly want in your life, you just have to ask the Universe, your higher-power, guides or anything that you believe in, to get the ball rolling. This energy is more like celebrating a New Year!

The other fire signs of the zodiac are also strong during this New Moon. Lucky Jupiter is bestowing us with gifts and blessings in fellow fire sign Leo. Saturn as stern as he is, is in fiery but optimistic Sagittarius. That’s a whole lot of fire, which means “actions.” This makes this New Moon in Aries energy extremely potent, and strong, and can give us a whole lot of courage. With all this fire in the sky, this New Moon is going to be quite magical, and one that could keep manifesting for the rest of the year!

New Moons are the best time to “Set your Intentions”

With so many fire signs supercharging this New Moon, we want to take advantage of this powerful energy. We must explain clearly what we are choosing to call in. We can do that through any kind of New Moon ritual. Here’s some examples of what we should be asking for during this Aries New Moon!

Aries New Moon Intentions 

  • Express what you’re passionate about with confidence
  • Ask for abundance and money, in the knowing you’re worth it
  • Ask about starting that business you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Ask to live out your life with a sense of purpose
  • Ask for relationships that are Soulful, with healthy boundaries and love
  • Ask to let go and not attract people who don’t show you respect
  • Express how you would like your body to look and feel
  • Communicate how you want to live life on your terms, having both financial and emotional freedom to do whatever you like

You know you deserve a better life with more love, respect, and money. So claim it!  

Please head on over to Rubys Readings and check out my Blog on how to “Setting Intentions” for this ever so powerful New Moon.


“A Time For Healing”

April 1st 2015

“A Time For Healing”


Venus is love … and Chiron is our emotional wounds, they form a opportune aspect this week that influences the way we heal our emotional wounds, especially around relationships and with our self-worth. Some of us may lose control due to other astrological influences happening now, but it’s a good time to kiss and makeup in this energy. Even though most will experience this through their discussions and even arguments with a loving partner.

This aspect wants to help you heal your deeper fears of not being “good enough” or feeling not “worthy.” Healing can only happen when we are open to forgiving ourselves and others. Be compassionate, understanding and kind with others. Old emotional wounds can rise to the surface now, but these conversations don’t have to be negative or scary, some of you will feel almost liberated for getting some issues off your chest. If you feel like these issues are coming up for a reason, then you’re probably right. Pay attention to how they’re making you FEEL! Your emotions are trying to tell you that you’re reliving an old emotional wound, despite the fact that it’s probably with someone different or in a completely different situation. The point is the emotions you’re feeling can now be let go of and healed. Ask yourself, how do these feelings remind me of an old emotional wound I went through in the past?

If this makes sense then you’re already on your way to healing. So move forward and don’t get caught up in drama, remember we’re not here for too terribly long, forgive and forget, and then heal those past experiences that wounded you in the first place.


One Step At A Time


Friday – Astro Update
“One Step At A Time”

The Sun and powerful Pluto are involved in a opportune aspect this week. You’ve probably been very busy rebuilding your life in one way or another, as most of us have been involved in some kind of teardown in certain areas of our lives.
This is because of the influence from the Uranus/Pluto Square… that started back in 2012… as this powerful Square is slowly building up energy for its last meeting in our lifetime, here in just about a week. The energies can feel extra intense as this last Square comes together!

This aspect helps you to tap into your power… to have the courage to be compassionate with yourself and others, this allows you to be creative and work on the structures you’ve torn down. Remember Structures can be those emotional things we can’t see, like friendships and relationships. Basically the whole tear down energy we’ve all been in, could be affecting any area of your life: like in your relationships, work or career, health, or around money and finances. Just ask yourself what you need to be re-building? What have you torn down since 2012?

Work slowly through the weekend and make sure to think about what you’re changing or still possibly tearing down. This can be a opportunity to notice if you’re going a little overboard or obsessing, and if so you should try and chill-out! You can’t manifest what you really want without rebuilding first. This aspect between the Sun and Pluto this week can help you. But you have to go for it and make it happen within reason. Don’t expect for it all to come to you either. Just take baby steps as you’re getting these parts of your life back into balance.

“You are the Universe”


Friday – “You are the Universe”

Jupiter (beliefs) and Pluto (transformation) are meeting up this week for a second time in a long-term series that began last September… their final meeting is in May. Many of us are facing some moral dilemmas right now, but this is only up so we can make changes! Open your mind and your heart and you’ll discover what this transit wants you to work on.

Your belief system is facing new challenges now, it’s time to re-think what you believe in…Ask yourself if your beliefs still ring true for you? Do they work in your life now?

Might I suggest working on adjusting your attitude daily in this energy. If you refuse to do so, you can face narrow-mindedness from those around you…because their just reflecting what you actually are feeling, but on a very deep unconscious level and it’s these truths or feelings that are being mirrored right back at you…. so you can learn what you need to heal and have a better life… by the way anyone can be these messengers.

It’s probably pretty clear by now what things and attitudes you should be letting go of. You may feel like you can’t trust the belief system you’ve followed for a long time now… this is running deep for many of us. If anything, at least acknowledge the fact that you have some insecurities about what you hold true. Ask yourself what kinda of adjustments or plans you need to make to weed out what’s excessive in your life. If you continue to rid of what longer works for you or is blocking you both physically and emotionally, you’ll reap the rewards of another transit coming together now, between lucky Jupiter and surprising Uranus on March 3rd.

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