Mars Opposes the Sun – Balance

Tuesday – Mars Opposes the Sun
Sunday through Thursday 


This aspect is all about creating balance, but between two very different places within ourselves.
First, our vitality is important with the Sun involved and with the Sun being in Aries. We might be working on a situation that demands we speak up for ourselves, stick up for ourselves!

Then there’s Mars which is currently in Libra. This placements influence has us thinking about how we can cooperate, and discuss our options first while thinking of our next move, all the while we continue to work for balance.

This opposition can make us feel very nervous and impulsive. This energy can cause us to have a quick, short fuse that allows our tempers to go off! It’s way to easy to experience frustration and get into some serious arguments. Unless you stay aware and choose differently.

Also considering that Mars is currently in its retrograde cycle, we’re already slowed down, we’re simply not moving as quickly as we’re used to. This energy has us go more inward, we’re going to feel it and process a lot of our feelings privately. We can certainly experience some serious passive-aggressive behavior this week.

To get the answers on how to achieve balance between the (the Self) Sun and Mars (our actions,) will more then likely come from a intuitive place, not your mind. Ya know that space of knowing, your gut instincts… follow that feeling and listen to it! If you try to take the time this week to get quiet and go within, you will get the answers you seek. Mediation is highly advised during this transit. Do you know how to strike a balance between these two energies, try and understand your very powerful, now Feel that! #rubysreadings

Pluto Prepares for it’s Retrograde phase!




Pluto began slowing down last Saturday and continues to as it prepares for its retrograde cycle beginning April 14th, and runs through Sept. 22nd. When this outer planet stations as its called (the time before its retrograde cycle), its energy and all that is represents can actually be stronger, therefore, we can actually feel it even more… all things “Plutonian” are going to show up during this time, so we can exam and figure out what works for us and what doesn’t!

 Pluto is all about our soul and it’s purpose here in this life, this is about our own personal power and the ability we have to feel that space. This is the planet that rules the way we create, transform, destroy, regenerate, and change our lives… it’s what helps transforms us. It helps us light up the darkness we experience here on planet earth. These transformations also include endings and new beginnings. In order for us to find this space of truth, or what will transform us…Pluto will get rid of what no longer serves us and replace it with something new, or something we have been deeply wanting that fulfills our soul’s destiny.

If we choose to resist when Pluto brings about such big changes into our worlds, we can have problems or suffer. But if we surrender and allow this process to take place, we can move into a place of truth and feel empowered by it on deep levels. Look at what is really in your world, what is the Universe trying to show you… you have the next 3 weeks while Pluto is in its Retrograde phase. What isn’t working in your life, what’s blocking you from your Soul’s Destiny? Ask what habits, behaviors, and fears are holding you back from feeling empowered? How would it feel if you could remove these obstacles?


Sun/Pluto Square – Personal Power


Sun/Pluto Square – Sunday through Saturday – Personal Power

Thursday the Sun/Pluto Square comes exact. This aspect is part of the T-square energy between the Sun/Uranus alignment, and Jupiter and Pluto aspect. This is a very important transit for all of us!

How we see ourselves might not feel the same today or maybe challenged in some way. We can feel our fears on a very deep level during this event. Certain situations can feel like a conspiracy, as we’re looking for hidden agendas anyway. Paranoid much? We can be way to pushy, because we feel competitive, as jealousy can be an issue! This aspect can have us confronting our own power and authority.

We need to speak up for ourselves, and be more assertive while being more independent. Men or male role models can bring strong messages that make us look at what we feel in control of, what power we hold.

Now is the time to get rid of what no longer works for us; be it people, things, situations, or our attitude. Our fears run deep.. because we have to deal with what we can’t control. We can try to alienate others and push people around to get our way, be careful to not become so overbearing that you don’t get this lesson.

Whatever is blocking us from living a better more meaningful life is in our face, during this transit. We need to be careful about being out of control, difficult or suspicious to the point of losing whatever were trying to protect. Try opening your spiritual heart during this transition, the real power in all of us is the love we hold. If you can discover our own place of power, we can change our life.

This T-square energy invites us to be open-minded and flexible with the people in our lives. We may have to make some changes to our plans for the future, these long-term goals need to include whatever your learning right now. Just simply allow the energy of change to be OK.

Avoid power struggles, don’t allow others to pressure you into doing something you don’t want or that feels wrong. Stay grounded, get centered and find ways to keep the energy calm around you.

This aspect is a huge opportunity for us…it can help us to mature, evolve, and grow. If we work with this aspect and not fight the energies, we can transform ourselves in amazing ways.~Ruby

The Sun is Squaring Jupiter April 1st 2014

The Sun is Squaring Jupiter April 1st 2014

The Sun is squaring expansive Jupiter through Thursday, and our moods can be quite unstable. Both the good and the bad can feel even bigger, everything can feel magnified. There is also an extra dose of enthusiasm and excitement while we’re in this energy. But this makes us feel like we can do anything, so it’s very important that we don’t lose touch with reality.


Overconfidence can cause limits to be pushed and break boundaries, which just sets the stage for even bigger problems later. It’s important not to overdo or exaggerate about anything while we’re in this. Our thinking is big and we feel like we can accomplish almost anything. Many will get a lot done, but our focus is more on the bigger picture!


We may feel overwhelmed with all these emotions running so high out there. If you’re a sensitive person by nature or what is called a “Empath”, it can be a bit difficult to handle all the energy going on. All of us should stay in awareness about the energy we’re picking up on, make sure it’s your stuff, your emotions, your pain and your truth! Just work on staying grounded and get in touch with whatever reality you know to be true.  ~Ruby

New Moon in Aries

Sunday afternoon the Moon aligns with the Sun, both in Aries and this begins the New Moon cycle. We think and can act quickly with this Moon. We’re more enthusiastic and courageous. You need to get very clear about your future goals and what you’d like to create under this New Moon cycle. This energy is about taking actions, as the focus is on ourselves. It’s about taking actions first and thinking later. Our energy can be off the charts with both the Sun and Moon in Aries.

 Aries energy is about courage and passion, we must assert ourselves and take initiative, go venture into something different or unknown. You should be asking this New Moon to help you see your future, and what you would like to create? Then ask to be shown the changes you need to make and create it.
 Aries is about meeting your inner warrior. This energy is supposed to create and protect life, it’s doesn’t harm or destroy it. It’s about being brave not angry… assertive but not aggressive. Aries energy at its highest vibration helps to motivate and inspire. That’s when others will follow, just by seeing your courage and enthusiasm for life, it makes others want to experience it!
 Make the time to tap into this amazing energy, be the one who helps initiate change for yourself and the world.. this is the energy to work on setting intentions for your future goals, this is Go Time! #rubysreadings


Setting Intentions under the New Moon in Aries



 Aries ~ The New Moon of New Beginnings 

This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. The intentions that are set during a New Moon Ritual will set you on the right path towards your desires. Have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your Higher Power, Guides, Angels, etc) ask for the New Moon to open up the paths towards your deepest desires, ask to be led to your manifestations. Next release and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore! 

Some of you might be asking how does one “set Intentions” under the New Moon? 

Well first you should set the mood, and create the energy… light some candles, burn some incense or Sage and play calming meditative music. Get comfortable and simply write your deepest desires, wishes and questions. Ask what you’d like to manifest, create… what energy are you trying to bring into your life. Just ask!

As you’re doing a ritual and setting your intentions, here’s some helpful questions you can think about…for example; What are you choosing or what changes would you like to see in your life? What are you or should you be letting go of? How do you feel about what is happening in your life now, what do you want to create for your future during this New Moon?

Next your going to Visualize and feel what you’ve written. Close your eyes and take deep a breath, now enter into your heart (the space you feel love from.) See yourself in the desire or dream you’re creating. For example, see yourself living in that new home, falling in love with that great soul mate, driving that new car. Visualize yourself letting go of what you would like to release this New Moon. Don’t just think about it… make sure and “FEEL IT”, as if you’re really experiencing what you’re visualizing. Smell the smells, taste the tastes, hear the sounds around you, and finally feel your dream.
Allow the Universe to show you what paths to follow over the next month that will lead you to your dreams. Allow the New Moon to light up the path your supposed to be going down, so you can live a fuller more joyful life. ~Ruby

Our thoughts move from our Heads to our Hearts.

Our thoughts move from our Heads to our Hearts.

Our thoughts move from our Heads to our Hearts.

Monday, Mercury changes from freedom loving, thought-provoking Aquarius, and into compassionate, healing Pisces until April 7th. So basically were moving out of our heads in the way we communicate and think, into our hearts instead. So we can express ourselves with love and compassion. We go deeper to that place within ourselves that realizes we’re all connected.

For the next few weeks we can have an amazing mental connection with “Source” energy…if you allow it to flow to you. Our thinking is full of creativity and imagination, and our intuition is strong. The best way to handle this energy is to focus on the present moment, and raise your vibration by being aware of what your thinking. If you simply just allow these energies to be, you’ll be able to receive information from an intuitive place, rather than your mind. We’re going to need to slow down and speak more gently.

Mercury in Pisces give us the opportunity to let go of old ways of thinking that were conditioned into us, the fears that no longer serve us. Also Mercury is still in its shadow of Retrograde phase, which means ask for a second opinion when signing any documents or buying anything on the net. It’s time to connect to your intuition more strongly, they say Pisces receives messages from the Soul. ~Ruby

Full Moon in Virgo/Guide

Full Moon in Virgo/Guide

The Full Moon is an opportunity for positive results if you use the energy wisely. So it either can increase positive energy or it can be an emotional wrecking ball.

Remember that a Full Moon disperses a lot of energy and that energy pours into each and every one of us. So the key to achieving success from a Full Moon is to stay calm and receive its positive effects. So whatever is going on within your mind, body, or spirit will be certainly felt much stronger during a Full Moon. So if your happy, angry or sad your going to feel happier, angrier or even more sad.

The energy is very powerful so it’s important to direct it with positive intentions. We’ve all heard of how the energy of a Full Moon seems to fill up emergency rooms, and scientists have proven that the ocean literally swells. This energy is both intense and loving. If you are aware of this you have an opportunity every month for emotional and spiritual growth.

Here are some tips to follow during the Full Moon’s energy, to help you bring in the more positive energies… which is two days before and two days after it becomes exact.

1. Don’t allow arguing and don’t get angry!

The Full Moon is a time to stay calm, breathe deeply and let things go. Try breathing through the moments that are difficult and be forgiving. If you just can’t let something go and must express yourself, try waiting to share for at least two days after the Full Moon. Everything is going to be more intense and multiplied. So just keep the energy flowing and moving in happy, uplifting directions in all areas of your life.

2. Think positive thoughts.

During the Full Moon you have very powerful, strong energies working in your corner. So if you can balance your emotions and focus on positive thoughts, they’ll be energized and multiplied. Just spend even a short amount of time upon waking and before going to bed visualizing what you truly desire and what’s good or positive in your life… it’s like magic!

For example, write a gratitude list and thank you notes to the Universe, for all your blessings. Take walks and take in the beauty that is around you. Look in a mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself, (yes this really works.) Visualize positive thoughts and/or desires being sprinkled with Moon dust and watch them grow like flowers in a garden.

3. Visualize your Dreams manifesting.

The Full Moon is the right time to do any manifesting or setting intention work. So sharpen your techniques by using your imagination to set goals. Take the time to write what you want to manifest. Make a ‘Vision Board”, get pictures of your goals, be it the actual goal or even the words, and place them on a cork board, make a college… and place it where you can see it everyday. This puts it in your constant awareness, to help the energies make it happen. When you spend time focusing on your dreams and goals, or setting intentions during the Full Moon it will give it the energy an extra boost it needs.

4. Practice Meditation alone or with others.

The Full Moon pours out so much energy, that meditating during it can create a calmness and stillness that is profoundly strong. Finding a sacred space to practice meditation can also help tremendously. There’s a lot of groups that meditate during a Full Moon, look for Spiritual groups, centers, or online groups that come together to meditate. It can be very powerful work.

5. Send others blessings, be of service, practice acts of kindness.

Having this powerful energy at your disposal is the opportune time to pay it forward. Send healing energy, forgiveness, white light, or however you see loving energy out, out to everyone you can think of, include strangers as well. Send loving and kind energy to your friends and family. Then go a step deeper and send peaceful energy out to the world, think of the places in the world that are experiencing strife, hardships, poverty, or war. It can open doors for those who in need, and provide you some positive karma in return.


Mercury Is Out of Retrograde

Mercury Is Out of Retrograde

Friday, Mercury goes out of Retrograde!! Yay!

Finally the planet of communication slowly starts to go direct, after its 3-week retrograde phase. It’s best to go with the energies during this time. Pay extra close attention to whatever is in your face now! Be open-minded, because even though you might feel an issue is resolved, you may have to deal with it again. Especially during the next three weeks as we go into what’s called the “shadow”, a period of time following a retrograde cycle.

During this Mercury in Retrograde cycle, our thoughts have been processed privately, within ourselves. Now with Mercury going back to its normal speed we’re able to focus on the world outside of ourselves once again. It’s easier to take information around us in again, this can provide some amazing new insight and lead to a different perspective. Mercury is known for being the messenger of the Gods, many have felt like they were cut off by the Universe or their Higher Power (whatever name you use or believe.) But this to is information, so it can come flooding in, it will be great to reconnect, but we might feel confused because so much information comes pouring in at once. Take notes if need be, it really does help.

Ask yourself what you’ve learned this last 3 weeks, or while Mercury was in Retrograde? Are you having any problems with debts that are shared, or in a partnership of some kind?

Mercury will be back to its normal speed by Monday of next week, so allow everyone to adjust. I’ve been writing about Mercury’s shadow period, this is simply the time before and after Mercury’s Retrograde phase. So we still have to endure the shadow cycle until March 21st, this can cause some issues with traveling and communication still but these should be small isolated incidents!

Mercury in the Shadows of Retrograde

Computer problems, misunderstandings, feeling stuck and confused?

Mercury the messenger, the planet that rules over most communication, speaking, talking, travel and any related technologies… is still working on going Retrograde (what appears to be backwards) and will come to a halt on Thursday. It’s very important as we approach this upcoming Retrograde Cycle on February 9th, to remain PATIENT both with ourselves and others! Especially when communicating or around traveling.
This isn’t a good time to start anything new, especially if you’re trying to process new information. The rule of thumb during Mercury in Retrograde is not to sign anything if you don’t have to, wait until the first part of March this go around.

You probably have already and will continue to experience delays and misunderstandings, around anything that communicates. We can feel stuck or stagnant during this time. If your going to be traveling be aware of this fact and take the extra time you need to get ready and be prepared for delays. I will have much more on the positive side of when Mercury is in Retrograde for example, it’s a great time to review old projects that may haven’t got finished, and to do research because you always seem to find the truth during this cycle. Keep up with my blog posts here and on Facebook. ~Ruby


Happy Full Moon in Cancer


Full Moon-Part One

A Full Moon is always about striking a balance between the Moon and the Sun. The Sun is in Capricorn, which is about respecting the physical world which we live in, this sign wants to create something that is long-term and is useful. So this is a about bringing the physical and emotional body together, and balancing out how we feel, so we can be more aware of what is healthy or harmful in our lives. If we want to be healthy adults we must take care of ourselves and each other, but this also means to take care of our feelings and our “inner child” with the Moon in Cancer especially. In order to evolve into a grown up we must be able to provide. Capricorn asks us to step into a place of maturity, where we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for approval. Our validation comes from within as we learn to master our own lives.

The Full Moon in Cancer is about our upbringing and how we started our journey, and Capricorn is about how we share what we have learned and mastered in our development. We must learn to listen to our own feelings and not ignore them in order to build what we value. This Full Moon is connecting to Saturn in Scorpio, this aids us in establishing boundaries with others. It’s important that you monitor your feelings over the few weeks, and let go of any pent-up emotions you might have from your past, listen to your gut or that little voice that says to take care of yourself in certain ways.

With this Full Moon in Cancer we need to nurture ourselves, so take care of yourself and connect with nature anyway you can, and when doing so make sure to connect with your heart. Ask yourself what should I let go of, what beliefs or rules have I been following that no longer work for me? What is my body trying to tell me, what do I need to change?
Part 2 Continuing Full Moon forecast

We’ve been talking about the Full Moon forming for tonight, but they’re other aspects that make this an especially tense Full Moon!

What’s called a Grand Cross is still going strong involving Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter, and is also making what’s called a T-square to this Full Moon and squaring Venus in Capricorn. (what a mouth full huh) Well this can make the energy even more intense, and if whatever you’ve been experiencing can feel much stronger, good, bad, or in different. The pull is so strong that our relationships can really become the main problem or blessing, maybe both. This includes all your close relationships, from close friends, children, siblings and just about anyone you really care for.

You’ll probably feel more strongly about the issues you’re having than normal, so wait to make any hasty decisions until the weekend, because you might feel completely different by then.

With so many squares involved, we should be seeing more clearly as to what changes we have to make in our relationships with others and ourselves both. This can be a turning point in our lives. We can have major insights and moments of awareness, basically a whole shift in our consciousness can now happen.

Full Moon – Setting some Intention

Full Moon in Cancer Alert! – Setting some Intention!!

This is one of the most opportune times every month to have a one on one conversation with the Universe. A little intention setting can go a very long way. What should you do? Well that looks like you going into a meditative state, praying, or journaling and asking the Universe for what you truly desire.
Make this Full Moon work by practicing something ritualistic, this helps you go into a deeper place of faith, by activating our senses through a ritualistic setting we seem to manifest much more powerfully! You should begin by lighting some candles and playing some mood music, and/or burning some incense perhaps. Then get some paper or a journal and write down your desires (questions.)
The Full Moon holds magic because it’s holding are unconscious mind, our secrets sort of in the dark…. once intentions are set usually within a few weeks time, the Moon will illuminate the pathway that leads us to what we truly desire. So why not, try setting some Full Moon intentions for yourself, and discover your own inner power..this helps the Universe light up the paths you’re really looking to head down. Let’s not forget about divine timing, sometimes we don’t get what we want right away.. because there are good reasons. But practicing some Full Moon intentions will at least get you and your desires headed in the right direction!
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