“Love On Fire Part 2? – Venus in Aries”

Rubys Astro Readings Fri, April 28th "Love On Fire Part 2? - Venus in Aries" Has your love life been topsy-turvy? This is for all the Sun signs of the Zodiac! Venus is moving once again into fiery Aries from April 28-June 6 The Goddess of Love, Venus was already in fiery Aries a few … Continue reading “Love On Fire Part 2? – Venus in Aries”


  Rubys Astro Readings NEW MOON DAY!!! Wed, 26th of April The NEW MOON comes together on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 8:16 AM EDT, 7:16 AM CST, 9:16 AM PST, 10:16 MST Happy NEW MOON DAY! The Moon officially became a New Moon in the sign of Taurus this morning, and we get to … Continue reading NEW MOON DAY!

“Setting Intentions with the NEW MOON”

Rubys Astro Readings For April 25th-27th "Setting Intentions with the NEW MOON" There's a New Moon occurring in Taurus early Wednesday morning, which makes this the best time to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little Magic! *The Moon will leave the VOID energy around 9 PM … Continue reading “Setting Intentions with the NEW MOON”

“Mars Enters Gemini” – Staying Focused

Rubys Astro Readings Friday, April 21 "Mars Enters Gemini" Don't get too distracted over the next 6 weeks!!! It's going to be more difficult to focus now, but it is a great time to plan like crazy! For all the Signs of the Zodiac: Mars the planet that influences how we move physically, and helps … Continue reading “Mars Enters Gemini” – Staying Focused

Pluto Retrograde

Rubys Astro Readings "Personal Power" Contrary to popular belief the planet Pluto affects our lives and even though it's far away in the cosmos, it's a very powerful force to be reckoned with indeed and takes us through major psychological transformations and powerful resurrections while we are here on this journey. So even though the scientist argue … Continue reading Pluto Retrograde

Sun enters Taurus

Wed 19th "Sun enters Taurus" For all the Zodiac Signs;   Happy birthday, Taurus! The Sun's energy has shifted now from more adventurous Aries into practical, grounded, and stable Taurus. This is a major slowdown in energy with mental Mercury also in Taurus. Mercury influences our thinking and overall mindset. It's important to be patient … Continue reading Sun enters Taurus

Mercury Retrograde – April 2017

Mercury Retrograde April 9th - May 3rd Sometimes the Universe gives us a break even though it doesn't always feel that way. One thing the cosmos always does is create balance. So the energies get slowed down a bit so we can have the opportunity to catch up. Mercury in Retrograde is that time out, … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde – April 2017

Mercury in Retrograde – “Do’s and Dont’s”

Mercury Retrograde "Do's and Don'ts" By Ruby  April 9th - May 3rd Although not quite as popular as Sun sign astrology, “Mercury Retrograde” has certainly become a buzzword – or buzz phrase – these days. Sometimes the Universe gives us a break even though it doesn't always feel that way. One thing the cosmos always … Continue reading Mercury in Retrograde – “Do’s and Dont’s”

Retrograde Brigade

Rubys Astro Reading Thurs 6th "Retrograde Brigade" Feeling sad, dragged down, exhausted, or depressed lately? Well, it's probably due to all the Planets headed into Retrograde currently! Somber Saturn is about to join Venus and Jupiter, and soon enough MERCURY who is going Retrograde, and will continue to travel through what appears to backward motion … Continue reading Retrograde Brigade

Saturn Retrograde – 2017

Rubys Astro Readings Saturn Retrograde by Ruby The Karmic teacher of the zodiac, Saturn, will turn Retrograde on April 6th and continue moving backward until August 25th. Saturn's slowdown gives us a moment to adjust and fine tune certain parts of our lives so we can make sure the structures we hold dear are solid … Continue reading Saturn Retrograde – 2017