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March 2017
by Ruby
March’s New Moon will occur on Monday the 27th at around 10 PM CST and 11 PM EST, and in the sign of Aries along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, all of these planets are in fiery, go get ’em, Aries, that’s a whole lot of fire folks! This energy should give you the push you need to start new projects and ideas. With Venus, the Goddess of Love in Retrograde it’s time to get rid of the toxic relationships you might be holding on to, whatever is worn out and done needs to go! So old relationships can be cleared out now to make way for new ones.
It is so important to SET INTENTIONS with this particular New Moon phase as it is so close to the magical Spring Equinox, that just came together this week. This is potent energy to be manifesting, wishing, and creating in, with the Sun and Moon working in harmony towards the same purpose and goals. Especially with 5 planets all in Aries, this is all about starting something new and so is the New Moon, so your focus no matter what should be on creating new beginnings.
If you already know how to look up exactly just where the New Moon falls in your very own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” just to see what part of your life you should be focusing on this Spring, get to it! It’s time to make some magic! If you would like to purchase a “March New Moon Mini Report” then I will do the research for you and with your personal chart and send it to you via email. This will show you what energy and part of your life your focus should be on during this New Moon on Monday the 27th. You can message me here on Facebook or email me at
Other Astrology News
This week secrets will be revealed. So listen to what is not said, read between the lines and pay attention to your intuitive hits now. Also, it is a good time to snoop around, but just make sure you are ready to hear the truth because it will be found out in this energy.
This weekend the Sun and Venus are making a lovely connection and this makes for a beautiful weekend indeed, where people are in a great mood, so get out there and socialize, whatever you do be out and about somehow.
Sunday, mental Mercury conjuncts Uranus and it’s a fantastic day to get PSYCHIC READING or to tap into your inner guide or voice, but be warned getting sleep Sunday night can be difficult as you may toss and turn a lot with those wild dreams, they are trying to tell you something, so what’s the message? Write it down folks and look up those meanings, you might get some pretty important clues now.
Monday is New Moon Day and Mars and Neptune make a wonderful connection to each other, this is all about manifesting baby! That’s right it’s a perfect day for a New Moon and to ask the Universe to co-create with you whatever it is you would like to have happened next or what energy you would like to bring in. Just make sure to stay focused on what has the most potential to work out at this point in your life. A Mini New Moon Report can help you with that.
Starting next week there’s some serious more tense energy coming in, so starting probably around later Tuesday this energy will slowly creep in when larger than life Jupiter makes a tense square to very potent and powerful Pluto, as this comes together on Thursday, March 30th! What happened to you back in 2010? You should think about it because this aspect brings some disruption and makes a comeback in some way, and it might not be pretty for some folks. You may even have to deal with the same similar issues that happened about 6 to 7 years ago, but if something shows up or someone just know it’s to heal folks, it’s always about the lessons.

Spring Equinox – Get Inspired 

Astro Readings by Ruby

March 20th, 2017

“Spring Equinox – Get Inspired”

The Sun shifts into Aries today and the “Spring Equinox” (Vernal Equinox) begins which is the first day of the “Astrological New Year.” There are great things on the horizon with such empowering energy helping us along into this new Zodiac cycle. This is the time of new beginnings, as the light of the Sun slowly takes over the dark. The Spring Equinox is when the Sun’s time slowly grows through the Summer Solstice. We get to live our lives more outwardly again, as we crawl back out to the land of the living and get outdoors again from winter and bask in the light of the Sun!

Spring is a season of growth and rejuvenation and this Astrological New Year is urging you to explore new horizons and take new directions now. This time of year many folks around the world celebrate the Spring Equinox with all kinds of interesting old traditions and festivities, ones that honor the Goddess of Renewal, Spring, as the Earth regenerate herself once again. The season is obviously very important for many different reasons. It’s a time of awakenings, beginnings, and positive energy chasing the dark away and bring out the light more so.

Many folks also celebrate this season with religious or spiritual celebrations, but all of it stems from the fact that this is first and foremost a major “Astrological Event.” This event is about the Sun’s light expanding, as it moves from the deeply sensitive waters of “feeling” Pisces and into more action-packed, motivated, and fiery Aries! This light now represents the promise of a greater more warm life changing energy coming in.

If you’ve been having a rough go of it since Winter began with all the wild Astrological Events affecting us and just running amuck in general, consider this event to be just like a calendar New Year! In fact, it’s much stronger in energy because it is an Equinox. Get inspired that this is a new time and a renewed fresh energy coming in, and it will take over the shadowy winter time energy and provide us with life.

May the Sun’s warmth and Spring’s Energy bring about new beginnings for you that lead to your deepest dreams and desires coming true.



Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde



The Goddess of Love is turning Retrograde early today, and she will be going backward in the Cosmos through April 15th. Venus in Retrograde can be challenging but also can bring good things once you get through it, but it can be frustrating to get there. This cycle only happens about every 18 months, so it’s a pretty big deal once it does come around. The following themes surround Venus in its Retrograde cycle, love, envy, passion, lust, pleasure, beauty, desire, and attraction. Relationships can learn all about unification or separation. When it comes to love Venus in Retro. has it all. So during this time, we have an opportunity to review and heal our love relationships with our creative energy, beauty, pleasure, passion, and values.
Venus in Retrograde History
The last time Venus was in Retrograde was back in July through September of 2015, and it caused some challenges around love and money. But Venus rules over all that is considered feminine like women, so things like art, fashion, luxury, sweets and sugar, and entertainment come into focus more now. Food can actually become a pretty big deal during this cycle, as sudden food cravings can show up that usually involve carbs and sugar. This also IS NOT a good time to start a New Relationship or to get an expensive makeover, as these things just don’t seem to go well under Venus in Retrograde.
Venus in Retrograde is about learning what we truly value.
This Retrograde cycle gives you the opportunity to meet up and possibly get back together with an old flame, if you really want to, (so watch for the ex’s to start showing up) and even if you don’t want to, you might be surprised by an old flame who tries to reconnect with you. If you broke off from someone back in the summer or fall of 2015, there’s a good chance of you reconnecting again. Also, your old relationships might start to pop up in your mind and you might suddenly start thinking about what went wrong or right. So during the spring any previous relationships that might deserve a second chance, might just get one.
This Venus in Retrograde is in Aries, the sign of aggression, passion, and reveal! If you are cheating or trying to hide an affair or another relationship, you might just be found out during this time. It’s not a good time to do any kind of plastic surgery, or to do something different with a beauty treatment like getting a new hair color, stick to what you have been doing and all will be well. Big makeovers should be approached after April or even into late June really, as Mercury is in Retrograde as well in May and early June. And it’s not a good time for a Wedding with Mercury and Venus both in Retrograde in later April, which could mean you are remarrying the same person for a second or even third time from a past life, and that may not go so well.
There is no way to escape the healing effects of this Venus Retrograde cycle, during the next 6 weeks, we’ll explore how we relate to each other, but also how we relate to ourselves (Aries), and what compassionate love feels like (Pisces), and the importance of using our imagination when working on healing our main relationship wounds (Venus Conjunct Chiron in Pisces.)
Venus is pure feminine energy
Woman especially are going to really be feeling this energy, and it can be very frustrating and there can be issues in any of your friendships or relationships with females now. Choose your battles wisely!
The Zodiac sign that Venus is in during it’s Retro. phase is very important, and as I mentioned above Venus is in Aries and also will be traveling back through the imaginative and idealistic waters of Pisces for a short time. Venus in Aries is ruled by Mars and also is transiting Uranus now, and this can cause some unexpected issues and upsets, depending on where Venus is traveling through your own personal Astrology “Birth” Chart. It is different for everyone as we all have unique individual Astro “Birth” Charts of our own. So pay close attention to where this does fall in your own chart because this is where you should be focusing over the next six weeks. It’s time to tackle any negativity or challenges you may be having in the areas of your life this aspect falls in because you will be able to start and establish new habits and put up some strong boundaries there.
Venus rules over money too!
So during this time, there can be some challenging financial situations. If you are waiting on money in any way, it might be delayed. If you are going to make any new investments or large purchases, or if you are signing financial contracts during this period try to be extremely cautious. It’s a good time to review and revise financial statements and budgets.
Hollywood is going to be set ablaze by this fiery backward energy and you will hear all about the breakups that go down, but this affects all of us common folk as well, we just aren’t broadcasted on the news or are in the spotlight. So you may hear about breakups in your own inner circle. Any business or personal relationships can be tested and challenges can present themselves and endings will happen for some folks. Many relationships that should have already been over with will finally end during this period.
Using Venus in Retrograde to your Benefit
The special Retrograde cycles that all the planets go through happen for a reason, and the Universe has its reasons. Mainly, to give us a chance to redo and rethink our relationships, and our financial situations. It can also cause some trouble so that we will address the problems we have been ignoring and heal the issues that need to be healed. So no matter what area of your personal Astrology “Birth” Chart this aspect falls in, be it the area of health, family, love, career, spirituality or any part of your life, use these next six weeks as a time to HEAL and to give yourself second chances where they need to be applied.
If you aren’t too sure what part of your life you should be focusing on during the Venus in Retrograde cycle, you can order an “ONE QUESTION READING” with me and ask me, “How will Venus in Retrograde affect me?” I will do the research to figure out just where and how this aspect is going to affect you.

(This One Question Reading is only for VENUS RX REPORTS, that will be delivered by Email only, and they will be sent starting Tuesday, as I will be out on business all weekend long, but you are welcome to pay for one now, and you’ll be on my list for Tuesday once I am back.)

“Love On Fire”

Feb 2017
“Love On Fire”
by Ruby


For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac:

Feb 2017 “Love On Fire” by Ruby For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac: Venus the planet that rules over our love life and often our finances has shifted into fiery Aries for now. Venus and Mars were both in Pisces for quite awhile and in love, we were more dramatic and compassionate, but for now with loving Venus in Aries and Mars our relationships are going to be heated up and fast and furious. Venus is in Aries until April 2nd, when Venus Retrogrades and re-enters Pisces until April 28th (so will be a little more kind and compassionate again), and then goes back into Aries once again through June 6th (and we go back to being more aggressive and direct).

For all the signs of the Zodiac Venus in Aries energy brings love on quickly. In relationships new and old this energy is direct and spontaneous. People want to chase and hunt each other under this very exciting fiery influence. When it comes to matters of the heart we are more bold, courageous, aggressive, and a little more impatient.

Even though we feel like being more direct than usual in our relationships, there are those folks who let’s just say will be more reserved, and actually held back because they’re not too sure if the other person shares the same feelings. So love becomes a challenge and if your confidence is low you might become more strategic, stealth, or sneaky in love, which can become very unhealthy. So express yourself somehow, even if that means just writing a letter, email, or message.

Normally under this Aries energy, we don’t look back! Each day is new and full of opportunities, and each moment matters. We’re not interested so much in apologies or dwelling on the past. We enjoy the chase and the conquest of it all! Under the Venus in Aries influence relationships can be long-term, but only if they stay exciting and fresh to some degree. For all you single folks there’s going to be lots of you hooking up so fast that once this cycle is done that might break apart just as fast. Make sure and keep the ball rolling if you’re already in a committed relationship now as our passions are lit up!

With Venus in Aries energy, we say how we feel out loud and don’t bother sugar coating it. “Saying it like it is” is more important at this time. We aren’t always mean necessarily in this energy but we speak our minds and for some that can be difficult to listen too. Our desires are strongly expressed and are more spontaneous, direct, and enthusiastic. And we prefer to seduce rather than be seduced, to chase than to be chased or hunted. We are in charge and in control, so we say what goes in our relationships now so we can be a bit overbearing if not careful, and ruin certain relationships if we don’t allow the other person to have some say so! Allow yourself to be forceful if need be but know when to back off, and let the other person take some control as well and all will be well.


October Full Moon 

October “Super” Full Moon

October 15-16, 2016

by Ruby

The Full “Super” Moon in Aries is going to be strongly intense and at times erratic feeling. The Full Moon in October will grow full on Saturday, October 15 at 11:23 PM CST and Sunday, October 16 at 12:23 AM EDT. So that’s late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. This lunar cycle may feel as intense as the Eclipses did last month. Aries energy, being the fire sign it is, cannot be kept down or contained once it has been riled up because it is either excited or angry! You’ll feel like something is going to happen because more than likely something will be shown or revealed during the Full Moons lunation. Just know that a Full Moon brings the truth out into the light, and the unseen is seen. But it also brings out our emotions and intuition, as we become extremely aware of our surroundings.

In Aries energy, all the signs of the Zodiac can act impulsive and irrational. A Full Moons influence also makes folks act pretty crazy, so mix these two together and it can get pretty interesting. And then there’s more, the planet Uranus will be cruising very close to this particular Full Moon. This can cause erratic and crazy behavior. But also can usher in amazing Ah-Ha moments! This can be a time of amazing changes that help you, it’s a major turning point for many folks, that’s filled with major decisions and in turn, this energy pushes us on a path towards our evolution.

Even though we are finally pulling away from the nasty Uranus-Pluto or “Square” Energy that we have been dealing with over the last four years, it’s left a bad taste in our mouths. But whatever the “Square” energy started must continue to play out. That was breaking down foundations to rebuild, and that is why the world seems to have gone mad. Keep in mind this energy is leaving us finally to the most part, and its purpose was to help put us on the right path towards our destiny!

Trying to predict just how Uranus is going to affect us is often a struggle, but it can be revolutionary! During this Aries Full Moon, the not so significant issues might become very significant, and there can be some drama, but there also can be revelations.

The two connections the Full Moon is making this weekend is what we need to explore: (I know this seems boring but keep Reading…trust me!)

Moon/Uranus connection

Sun/Uranus connection

During this Full Moon, Ur-an-us is going to be very close by and has been affecting many of you. Uranus can make you feel nervous and erratic, and folks might act out suddenly, most of them won’t even understand how they got to that point! The Full Moon in Aries is connecting to Uranus also in Aries, and therefore the energy can be downright explosive. There can be lunatic like behavior from people you’d least expect. Since the Moon and Uranus energies are always changing and fluctuating, things can change very suddenly. Expect the Unexpected!

*For those folks who have this Full Moon close to their own personal Astrology Chart, you could be accused of being out of control, attention seeking, or of being a drama queen. Most of the time this isn’t our fault completely, but more so the energies influence and how we react to this very strong Lunar Energy!*

Then there’s the Sun in Libra opposing the Moon and Uranus both. This energy can also make it more difficult to keep one’s composure, and folks can intentionally provoke each other! So you could easily lose your temper. People can get so frustrated that they walk out of relationships, and get in a huff and walk off their jobs. If you start to notice this energy building up this week, my advice is to stay away from anything or anyone who could potentially be the spark that can set you off! If you feel something start to become explosive, STAY AWAY from it the closer you get to the 15th and 16th! Uranus is also known as the divorce planet! So this month is ripe for breakups! Especially Oct 10th through the 20th. Choose your battle wisely!

This Full Moon is a make-it-or-break-it period, as Uranus forces change on us if we like it or not, so if you’re ready and willing to make a change this is the time to do it! Staying in control is the name of the game during this Full Moon week. Be brave, calm…and try to find ways to release any pent-up frustrations you may have in a positive manner. The worst thing you can do is regress the anger you might be feeling. One of the best things you can do is get out and exercise! Burn off some steam, this should help you remain calm. Find your passion and focus on it! And work on something that’s going to require your full attention. For some folks, the truth comes out in the open, so secrets and affairs may also be confessed!

The Sun/Uranus connection peaks the day before the Full Moon on Friday the 15th. It brings us into an encounter with the “Great Awakener” (Uranus). This is a personal time of awakening for all of us! It is an exciting but nervous feeling that also can be stressful. You may get put into situations with folks who shake your life up, but this pushes you to follow a different path. So even if a situation feels bad or isn’t exactly ideal, this energy is helping to put you on a new path that lines up with your destiny. If you suddenly feel caught off guard or confused about what to do next with your life, try to look at it from a spiritual perspective. Which means change is inevitable, and if this energy is affecting you strongly then there’s certainly a reason, a higher purpose of some sort. Now that doesn’t mean you are going to be happy right away about what path you have been forced on. But it’s important to try to EMBRACE the changes that have been thrust upon you. Work on staying grounded and centered, even in the middle of it all.

Here’s some good news for ya, you may end up having some amazing “Ah-Ha” moments as new opportunities will and can show up in this energy! Even if this doesn’t happen right away be patient and ask the Universe to bring it to you, it eventually will happen. But with all this energy just swirling around, these changes can happen very fast and even though you will probably sense something is coming or has to change, that doesn’t again mean you will like it. And since this energy has been building up for a while now, you might already have been put into a situation that feels just like what I am describing, go with it! Try to remember there’s a reason.

The signs of the zodiac that are most affected by this Full Moon and the Uranus oppositions are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, and Aquarius as well. Other folks with different Sun Signs will be affected strongly as well due to where these signs fall in their own personal Astrology Chart. All the Cancer folks can have some real issues with this energy, it’s a time to be extra cautious with family issues and arguments. If you were born June 22nd through July 22nd watch for family issues, because it can become an all out War Zone for you Cancer folks. No matter what your Sun Sign is here’s some tips to help you come out of this unscathed. First and foremost give people SPACE! If you don’t back off and try to push people around there will be problems. Don’t push folks around and don’t allow others to push you around. If you can do this, you might have a more smooth ride during this time. There also might be more violent acts on the planet during these cycles, so be extra cautious, especially when attending large events with a lot of people or in crowds.

On a more positive note around the middle of October, you may experience a “major breakthrough” that can set you on a new path in life. So if you have been struggling with making some kind of much-needed change in your life and haven’t been too sure just what to do, this erratic energy might actually help you!

Full Moons cause us to release emotions and since this energy is so different in so many ways, it can be a catalyst that helps us at the very least find a new path that is destined in some way. It brings in very intense energy that helps us release lots of pent-up passion, but it helps us create our life and find our souls path. This Full Moon in Aries can really help our accomplishments shine! Every one of us has a different personal Astrology Chart, like a snowflake, we all are different and unique in our own way. If you are unsure about just how this Full Moon and Uranus energies will be affecting you, why not order a “One Question” Reading with me, just message or email me and ask me, “How is this Full Moon going to affect me.” This purchase is by email only.

Happy Full Moon


Lack of Direction – Astro News


Astro News
Tuesday, June 28th
“Lack of Direction”

If you’ve been reading my blog posts lately, then you know how we have been discussing the Moon in Aries going on right now. With the Moon in Aries, all the signs of the zodiac will feel much more energy, and boy have we needed it! But it can be too much of a good thing, as we can also become easily agitated and frustrated. Finally as Mars gets moving in the right direction again this week, we can feel like we’re on the right track…and that we’re actually moving forward in life again, but be patient…it may take a little while longer to really get where we’ve envisioned in our minds.

Aries ruler Mars is also moving into a close connection to the Sun and is getting ready to stop or “station” from its current Retrograde phase. This increases our energy levels and stamina, we are raring to go…but this energy can be confusing and we’re not sure just what direction to head into. It’s a good idea to channel the excess energy wisely, and instead of wasting our time fussing, fighting, or arguing, we can get a lot of things accomplished. However, our focus can be skewed or disrupted right now, as there is a certain energy causing us to feel a lack of direction! It’s best to focus on what we have to get done and not go to far off course. It’s a good time to pay attention to what’s more intellectually stimulating, or try some problem solving, as these things can prove to be quite successful now.

Astro News Moon in Aries


By Ruby
“Last Quarter Moon in Aries”

The Moon has shifted into fiery, fast paced Aries and this should ramp up our energy levels. This influence can help us with setting goals, because we will literally go after them and quickly! It’s a good time to work on new tasks and projects. Also we can be quite impulsive, so make sure to pay attention and avoid mistakes, and hopefully accidents. Moodiness can lead to frustration, so remember to breathe, as tempers can suddenly flare up and full blown tantrums can occur.

Get some exercise and burn off some of this Aries steam. This is the best time to initiate something or start something, so take your ideas and make them into reality…just take one small action that helps you towards your goals. You can feel a strong need for independence, so it can be a good time to break free from certain conditions that aren’t healthy or from people that aren’t good for you. Just make sure it’s what you want before you make it permanent.

This afternoon a Last Quarter Moon occurs, and we can feel the inner conflict around what we think to be true and what really is…we’re still learning what works for us and what doesn’t, so we can start something new during next week’s New Moon. This is not the right time to start any major projects, with the light of the Moon decreasing, as we go into our unconscious mind. It is a good time to finish up whatever we’ve already been working on.

New Moon in Aries


NEW MOON in Aries
by Ruby

Thursday morning a exciting, innovative New Moon occurs in Aries. The New Moon in Aries is a great time to commit to some personal goals that help you express the positive energies of the sign of the Ram. It’s time to take action and try something new and innovative, go with this energy, because our confidence is high, and yes I said go after what you want! This is the green light, so go! (how often do I get to write that). We’re better able to assert ourselves more so now without coming off as harsh or abrasive. It’s a
good time to take charge of your life, be courageous and perhaps start some kind of new project, by doing so you can learn how to harness in your own personal power!

This cycle is so strong that it’s a good time to re-evaluate our relationships with ourselves. Aries energy is potent and this gives us the chance to make some seriously important changes we so desperately need. It’s also a good time to make some plans for the future, something more stable, solid, and realistic.  Take this time to set up your life so that you can benefit from the rewards that will come through your new beginnings, no matter how big or small your goals are, you should be working in some way on what it is you want to create in the next two weeks, when the next Full Moon occurs.

The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries, and having a New Moon in Aries is an opportunity to bring in New Beginnings. Aries energy teaches us through our experiences and by the actions we take, so we need an adventure of some kind, this is a good time to consider acting on impulse, (when do I ever write that, ha!) take a Risk and follow your gut instincts! This cycle is good for learning what kind of benefits we can receive if we choose to express ourselves in a very direct, honest but yet controlled manner. This energy also helps us learn how to be real with people and not fake.

This energy also can help us learn how to be more independent, and to be happier about taking care of ourselves. This can very much help us work towards finding inner peace and happiness just by knowing that we can be self-sufficient and not worry about blaming others for not being there to help so much. We now look forward to breaking our regular routines and starting something new and fresh, this helps us to feel revitalized.

The only issue is this New Moon is lining up with shocking Uranus and is forming a tense Square with Pluto, (yuck). We should be careful not to be too impatient or impulsive when taking actions. This New Moon is trine Saturn also and this suggests we will be rewarded when taking our time to follow the rules, for being cautious and moving more slowly.

Starting Wednesday afternoon is a good time if you would like to “Set Intentions” with this powerful New Moon, we basically have through Thursday evening to sit down and make a clear list of intentions we would like to set! So Have a Happy New Moon!
~Ruby #rubysreadings

Love on Fire!


Astro Update
by Ruby
“Love On Fire”

The radiant Sun and the authority Saturn, connect in a harmonious trine today. This can help calm some of the nervous energy we’ve been under, and keep us more grounded and stable. We can concentrate better than usual, so it’s easy to stick to a specific task and make headway. Our productivity may be slowed down, but is steady. Our common sense is strong and we feel good about taking care of our responsibilities and obligations.

Our passions and love life get lite on fire today when loving Venus enters fiery Aries, and stays there through April 29th. It’s exciting to chase the object of our affection under this fiery influence. We are much more bold when it comes to matters of the heart, and a little impatient with all the shifts happening in the cosmos right now. We can feel extremely temperamental in our relationships and around our finances as well. So even if you’re just in a pleasure-seeking relationship, impatience can become an issue.

This energy isn’t helping us to be apologetic or mushy, we are thinking forward and not dwelling so much on sentiments or what happened in the past. It’s a new day! And it’s time to work on the here and now. Our desires can be strong, and we can be loud, spontaneous, enthusiastic and quite direct.

With Mars also about to go Retrograde in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, the “Cosmic Lovers” starting today are on fire together! This heats up any loving or intimidate relationship in some way! For some of us this means we will be extremely attracted to those we want to be with or just hang out with… if you catch my drift.

Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius energy draws people together, so this means a very passionate, sexy energy is coming into play for quite awhile. I will have a blog on this topic posted soon.
~Ruby #rubysreadings

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Sunday – Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse


One of the biggest planetary events of 2015 will be this Sunday when the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aries comes together, on September 27th and 28th for other parts of the world. This energy is strong and is affecting all of us…as the theme of this Moon is around our relationships with our partners, lovers and in our business relationships. I’ve learned that some people are more committed in their heart to their financial security then to a physical relationship with another person. So this energy can be fulfilling itself either with a partner or in your work.

This is a “Total” Lunar Eclipse, which means the Earth, Sun and Moon will align together. It is a “Super” Moon which is super potent, because the Moon will be closer to the Earth than usual. Which makes this energy strong. As the Moon builds in energy to become Full, we’ve been experiencing some intense feelings. There’s a lot of drama going on out there as secrets get revealed. And with the Autumn Equinox just beginning, this makes these energies even stronger.

Full Moon Eclipses push us into making decisions, they reveal secrets and initiate endings. If you’ve been dealing with some specific issues over this past year this Eclipse highlights the same issues as these previous Eclipses; April 15, 2014, October 8th, 2014 and April 4th, 2015.

Ask yourself what was happening in your life on those dates? What issues were you dealing with? This Eclipse takes us to the next chapter. For many of us, it’s about our relationships and if we’re happy. There’s a lot of separations going on out there, both on personal and business levels. Issues will come to light that may force us to end or redefine current relationships. We’re in a balancing act between our personal lives and the demands of the world around us.

Many of you have been dealing with relationship Karma since last summers Venus Retrograde phase, and now again with Mercury Retrograde in Libra. That means a lot of us are reviewing our commitments or obligations in some way. Whatever you’re worried or concerned about this Eclipse will magnify, but it also sheds light and can bring in great clarity. Some of us are being forced to deal with certain issues under this Eclipses influence. And for some this is the right energy to push us into taking our relationships to the next level of commitment.

We might take drastic measures and end current relationships, because things have changed and we don’t see this person or situation in the same light. Our perspective might be completely different from when we began the relationship. And for those of you who couldn’t make a commitment to a relationship or job, just may feel this is the time, because the Eclipse energy is helping push you to get off the fence. All relationships are under a magnifying glass now, even the ones we have with ourselves.

Remember the term relationship doesn’t always mean a love or marriage, especially in Astrology. It can also refer to the relationship you have with your career, or a commitment to a project or even just an area of your life. One thing is for sure this Eclipse is forcing change on us, as they always do, and will help you make changes if you go with it. However this energy is affecting you… it can be life changing!

In summary, this Lunar Eclipse is a major shift in consciousness, and can bring on endings in some very important part of our lives. The Universe is sending messages along with this Eclipse to help us solve our problems. Yes this has certainly been an intense build up in energy, but it’s also exciting considering what this energy brings. Give it some time to know what these messages are about…after the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse comes together and the dust has settled. Then we can see things from a different perspective and make changes that bring us closer to fulfilling our Souls Purpose.

~Happy Full Moon Blessings, Ruby


Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse ’15


Sunday, Sept 27th – 28th
Full “Super” Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Sunday evening the Sun opposes the Moon and a Full Moon occurs. This month the Moon is in fiery, independent Aries and the Sun is in balancing, relationship-oriented Libra. This Full Moon also is a “Super” Moon which means it’s much closer to the Earth, which makes its energy even more potent on all living things here on earth. This is an extremely powerful Full Moon that turns into a Lunar Eclipse and will turn red and is called a “Blood” Moon. The energy this tense astrological event is putting off is very intense, and it’s been quite emotional for many folks over the last week or so as it’s swelled up to become Full.

Under the Aries/Libra axis this Full Moon falls in, the energy is all about our relationships/partnerships and our independence, both on a personal and professional level. We need to define or redefine the roles we play and make sure these relationships are still serving us. If something needs to be changed this is the time to work on it. Ask yourself what is challenging you right now, in either your relationships or business partnerships. For some it’s the relationship they have with themselves even or their belief system, and for others it’s more around work and career.

Lunar Eclipses affect us emotionally and connect us strongly to our Souls Path. This energy helps us become more aware of what has been ignored and suppressed, deep within us. With this being a “Total” Lunar Eclipse, we can experience revelations that are life-changing over the next few weeks, for some these ah-ha moments have already happened. This energy shifts us into awareness around our relationship problems.

With the Full Moon in Aries we need to think about our independence. Should you be more assertive in some way or with someone, or are you too independent? Eclipse energy is about balancing the light and dark, the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and in our relationships…and in the world. Think about what’s out of balance in your relationships.

This particular Full Moon has the Moon’s Nodes (or the Moon’s, Moons) involved in Libra, they help us see our destiny, and show us where we should be versus where we are on our Souls Path while on this planet. It’s important to balance how you are communicating in your relationships and partnerships now. This powerful Full Moon is about taking actions in our relationships that support what we want in the long-term. This is the time to help bring people together as opposed to dividing them, as we do so well nowadays.

It’s important to understand that Eclipses are a time of uncertainty, as they are Uranian by nature, so shocking, surprising and revolutionary. Anything can happen between now and Oct 12th…so “Expect the unexpected!” It’s not time just yet to take action, even though you might feel compelled to do so. It’s a time to simply watch and observe your urges, unless something suddenly changes that’s beyond your control. If you’re on the fence about how to handle a situation right now, wait to take action after Eclipse Season is over in October, then go for it!

Eclipses bring major endings and beginnings. So try to understand that whatever is falling apart in your life is making way for something much better to show up, and the more willing we are to change, the easier it will be to move forward to something that makes us happier and that fulfills our Souls Path!

The last time a Lunar Eclipse in Aries took place was back on September 26th, 1996. Think back to that time and remember what the energy was like back then. What relationships were you in? And how have those relationships now changed? You won’t have the exact same experience exactly, (of course) but some of the events that transpire now might make you “FEEL” the same way, this is what you should work on and heal, then you can fulfill your destiny in some way, and hopefully have more meaningful existence.


*New Moon* Alert

*New Moon* in Aries


The Cosmos is heating up, and a spark has been lit by the fiery Moon in Aries. We’ve entered head first right into bold Aries, like the Ram that symbolizes it. The confident, courageous, assertive energy that Aries brings… should help lift us right out of the deeper, watery, and emotionally charged “Eclipse” energy we’ve been in for the last few months.

If any sign can give us a fresh start, it’s Aries, as it’s the first sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the beginning of Spring. This is the time when the seeds that have been buried beneath the earth, all winter long… push through the Earth and sprout. And just like those seeds, we too come back out and start to feel this energy.

“Eclipse Season” was rough for most of us, it stirred up lots of emotions around self-worth, self-esteem, and self-expression. The fiery Aries energy has been ignited, and pushes us forward to pursue our passions, and demand more out of life and our relationships. This Aries energy represents “Self”, it’s about putting yourself first, both your needs and wants. As difficult as the past few months have been, this process was very important. It helped us to recognize how we’ve been blocking things like Love and Abundance, from coming in our lives, so this energy is about what you think you deserve.

“New Moons” represent new beginnings and Aries is new starts, so on Saturday, April 18th… we can set into motion energies that can stick with us for quite along time. With the Sun and Moon both in Aries, it’s a completely fresh start for us, full of new opportunities and possibilities. This energy is a great way to start over or initiate what you truly want in your life, you just have to ask the Universe, your higher-power, guides or anything that you believe in, to get the ball rolling. This energy is more like celebrating a New Year!

The other fire signs of the zodiac are also strong during this New Moon. Lucky Jupiter is bestowing us with gifts and blessings in fellow fire sign Leo. Saturn as stern as he is, is in fiery but optimistic Sagittarius. That’s a whole lot of fire, which means “actions.” This makes this New Moon in Aries energy extremely potent, and strong, and can give us a whole lot of courage. With all this fire in the sky, this New Moon is going to be quite magical, and one that could keep manifesting for the rest of the year!

New Moons are the best time to “Set your Intentions”

With so many fire signs supercharging this New Moon, we want to take advantage of this powerful energy. We must explain clearly what we are choosing to call in. We can do that through any kind of New Moon ritual. Here’s some examples of what we should be asking for during this Aries New Moon!

Aries New Moon Intentions 

  • Express what you’re passionate about with confidence
  • Ask for abundance and money, in the knowing you’re worth it
  • Ask about starting that business you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Ask to live out your life with a sense of purpose
  • Ask for relationships that are Soulful, with healthy boundaries and love
  • Ask to let go and not attract people who don’t show you respect
  • Express how you would like your body to look and feel
  • Communicate how you want to live life on your terms, having both financial and emotional freedom to do whatever you like

You know you deserve a better life with more love, respect, and money. So claim it!  

Please head on over to Rubys Readings and check out my Blog on how to “Setting Intentions” for this ever so powerful New Moon.


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