“Love On Fire Part 2? – Venus in Aries”

Rubys Astro Readings Fri, April 28th "Love On Fire Part 2? - Venus in Aries" Has your love life been topsy-turvy? This is for all the Sun signs of the Zodiac! Venus is moving once again into fiery Aries from April 28-June 6 The Goddess of Love, Venus was already in fiery Aries a few … Continue reading “Love On Fire Part 2? – Venus in Aries”

Mercury’s Slow Down 

Rubys Astro Readings April 2017  "Mercury's Slow Down" Mercury the planet that rules over your thinking and how you communicate is shifting today into more slowed down, grounded Taurus, and again this affects every single sign in the zodiac. Mercury will transit the sign of the bull sign until April 20th! Also, Mercury is preparing … Continue reading Mercury’s Slow Down 

“Setting Intentions”

Rubys Astro Readings  "Setting Intentions" There's a New Moon occurring in Aries later this morning, which makes this the best time to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little Magic! *Setting Intentions" is best starting Monday, March 27th after 10PM CST or 11PM EST through  During a … Continue reading “Setting Intentions”


NEW MOON REPORT March 2017 by Ruby March's New Moon will occur on Monday the 27th at around 10 PM CST and 11 PM EST, and in the sign of Aries along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, all of these planets are in fiery, go get 'em, Aries, that's a whole lot of … Continue reading NEW MOON REPORT

Spring Equinox – Get Inspired 

Astro Readings by Ruby March 20th, 2017 "Spring Equinox - Get Inspired" The Sun shifts into Aries today and the "Spring Equinox" (Vernal Equinox) begins which is the first day of the "Astrological New Year." There are great things on the horizon with such empowering energy helping us along into this new Zodiac cycle. This … Continue reading Spring Equinox – Get Inspired 

Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde

ASTRO READINGS WITH RUBY The Goddess of Love is turning Retrograde early today, and she will be going backward in the Cosmos through April 15th. Venus in Retrograde can be challenging but also can bring good things once you get through it, but it can be frustrating to get there. This cycle only happens about … Continue reading Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde

“Love On Fire”

Feb 2017 "Love On Fire" by Ruby For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac: Feb 2017 "Love On Fire" by Ruby For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac: Venus the planet that rules over our love life and often our finances has shifted into fiery Aries for now. Venus and Mars were both … Continue reading “Love On Fire”

October Full Moon 

October "Super" Full Moon October 15-16, 2016 by Ruby The Full "Super" Moon in Aries is going to be strongly intense and at times erratic feeling. The Full Moon in October will grow full on Saturday, October 15 at 11:23 PM CST and Sunday, October 16 at 12:23 AM EDT. So that's late Saturday night … Continue reading October Full Moon 

Lack of Direction – Astro News

Astro News Tuesday, June 28th "Lack of Direction" If you've been reading my blog posts lately, then you know how we have been discussing the Moon in Aries going on right now. With the Moon in Aries, all the signs of the zodiac will feel much more energy, and boy have we needed it! But … Continue reading Lack of Direction – Astro News

Astro News Moon in Aries

ASTRO NEWS By Ruby "Last Quarter Moon in Aries" The Moon has shifted into fiery, fast paced Aries and this should ramp up our energy levels. This influence can help us with setting goals, because we will literally go after them and quickly! It's a good time to work on new tasks and projects. Also … Continue reading Astro News Moon in Aries