Moon in Aquarius/Stabilized 



The Moon is in Aquarius all day, and this stimulates a more emotional need for freedom and independence. We enjoy a good debate now, and there’s a whole lot going on to debate about! 

There’s some conflicting energy coming together today, the Aquarius Moon actually wants to keep us from getting to personal with others, and we can be more detached emotionally from folks. But Mercury the communicator and loving Venus both are in Leo, and that energy is all about expressing oneself. This can cause people to change their minds around what they actually need and desire. Mixed signals are given off and misunderstandings are possible. Just remember balance, there’s certain parts of our lives that we shouldn’t be so emotionally attached in, like in business. But we should also be able to express how we feel freely, like in our personal relationships. 

Venus and wounded healer Chiron make a more challenging  connection today, and this can cause us to go into self-protection mode! But loving Venus also connects to more hard Ass Saturn which means our relationships get stabilized and we have a more realistic point of view. This influence can help us make small advances in business and our partnerships, because we bond easier. This energy helps us to take responsibility in our existing relationships and friendships. And our business sense can be very good at this time.



Thursday Astro News


June 23rd, 2016
Astro News

You may feel a tad bit compulsive today, in some way shape or form. You’ll probably have to work at being balanced, and with the Moon now in Aquarius it may be more difficult to stay grounded. Be careful to let go of any judgment you might hold when talking to others. Communication maybe a bit off today and you may not feel like yourself and neither does anyone else. It looks like the less talking to you do, probably the better. Misunderstandings are in the air today, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

With the Moon now in more airy, but mentally sharp Aquarius, we can have a strong emotional need to have our personal freedom and independence! We do well if we keep our minds and intellect busy, we seek out change, and unusual or unconventional situations. This energy is good, particularly mid-day, but don’t forget what I said about misunderstandings above.

Usually the Aquarius Moon helps us remain more peaceful and fair when it comes to connection with others. And thst still will remain the same for some folks, but there’s other stuff going on today that can interrupt our nice even keeled attitudes. There might be a strange vibe coming off people today, simply because on one hand we may feelings very detached but on the other hand we want to be close to only certain people, this can be confusing for those around us, as we can give off mixed signals.
~ Ruby

Astro Weekly Update

Astro Weekly Update

There’s several different cosmic aspects influencing us this week, and many of you have felt stuck in one way or another for awhile now. There have been so many planets in cautious, steady Capricorn for awhile that we’ve not been able to move forward in some area of our life, and it’s became downright frustrating! But did ya think it would stay that way forever? Rest assured things always change. Just last Tuesday loving Venus and mental Mercury moved into more free and independent Aquarius, and believe me this changes the game. The energies have started moving once again. So get ready the roller coaster ride has begun, and you can see movement in your life.

Over these next few months it can get intense at times, but it’s also a good time to join social groups and even humanitarian efforts… with so many planets in Aquarius. Our Water Bearer (Aquarius) folks should look especially good over the next several weeks, with Venus in their sign. This also can be a good period for resolving conflicts and brainstorming, just be cautious through Monday, as the energetic build up to the Full Moon is potent and people are not as dependable or deserve your full trust right now.

On Friday, the Sun moved into sensitive, healing Pisces and so once again the energy will shift and change, this time into a more senstive, emotional place. This placement is about day dreaming, romance, movies, music and artistic. endeavors…explore your inner-Psychic. Heads up!…watch out for vampires over the next month, and I mean that in a symbolic way…to describe these folks, they are the ones who drain your energy, or try to control you and take away your personal power. There’s always one “Fool” who wants to be in charge and doesn’t care who they have to hurt to get what they want. So you’ve been warned, pay attention!

The Full Moon is on the 22nd this month and is in detailed Virgo. So again we are feeling this energy now as the Moon’s energy slowly builds up to be Full. This can have us feeling extra sensitive, raw, and anxious. Some of these feelings can be the Full Moon coming together, but it’s also likely you are feeling the energy of the upcoming March Eclipses! The Universe is trying to convey messages to you about what you should be paying attention to and working on during the upcoming “Eclipse Season.”

There’s lots of complaints coming in from the folks I consider to be sensitives or empathic by nature, around sleeping problems and anxious feelings. It’s important now to practice taking care of yourself, and get plenty of rest, eat well, and meditate…write and say positive, uplifting affirmations…exercise and do yoga. Just do whatever helps you feel centered and calm while this Eclipse energy comes together. Eclipses are wild cards yet to be played, they can really shake things up in our lives, but they also can help us by putting us on a destined path towards our dreams. If you’d like to learn more about the Upcoming Eclipse Season, click here “Eclipse Season is Coming

Mercury in Aquarius


Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury the planet of communication is finally leaving practical thinking Capricorn for very open-minded, independent Aquarius today. Our thoughts have been very organized and focused on short and long term goals. But it’s been way to serious for too long now with Mercury’s extended stay in Capricorn, due to it being in Retrograde. With Mercury thankfully back on track now, and going at it’s normal pace…this can help us think more clearly. Since our thinking process is back to normal, then we can get on board with projects or plans that might have been slowed down or completely halted due to the Retrograde cycle! Mercury will remain in Aquarius through March 5th.

When Mercury is in this detached, quirky, and quick-witted “Air” sign…of the mind, we become very thirsty for knowledge and open up to new and original ideas. Being way more objective we can progress forward as we think way outside the box!! We are spontaneous and much more open-minded when communicating. This is a good time to be inventive, and come up with your own way, make a new path now. Over the next three weeks we could easily contradict others more quickly and offer a new or different perspective. We actually enjoy intellectual debates, are minds are quick and alert. And our power of observation is very strong. ~Ruby

February New Moon


February New Moon
by Ruby

A New Moon in the Sign of Aquarius occurred this morning around 9 AM CST, and this starts the beginning of a new cycle. This is a good time for joining in group activities such as friendships, social pursuits, group projects or activities. Thinking of any causes you support and work with them. With the New Moon in Aquarius the energy is potent, we have a chance to make progressive changes in our lives. It might become important that we pay more attention to certain situations that are all about these changes!

This is a good time to solve problems that require us to think more “outside the box”, we can look to the future with a brand new, more positive, and hopeful outlook. Get out and socialize today, focus on helping others in small ways, express how you feel in friendships you value. It’s much easier to give our emotions a break because we are more objective and detached from our past emotional wounds.

Learn what makes the people around you tick, or how someone important to you works. Get out of your comfort zone and renew yourself by having new or different experiences. Reach out to those in your circle or community, and recognize how you value important friendships or connections. It’s important to know that there’s some level of detachment and distance that’s needed in this energy… from our everyday habits or past. This can help us break away from destructive behaviors that are holding us back from happiness.

This New Moon is also squaring impulsive Mars, which can bring on some pretty impulsive energy. But this gives us the opportunity to come up with some very good ideas that are new and inventive.

Setting Intentions or Making Wish Lists:
If you would like to “Set Intentions” or make out a Wish List under the New Moon energy. Remember we’re also in the “Void” all day and night long, so technically we’re not supposed to do Energy work until starting Tuesday morning. But at that point the Moon will habe shifted into Pisces…so I say do what you have too and it’s better to try and set some intentions then not at all. And if you want, try it today and Tuesday both just for backup! Follow your gut instincts and your heart and do what feels right. Have a Blessed New Moon.

New Moon “Setting Intentions”


“New Moon” Setting Intentions 
Posted by Ruby

The actual day of the New Moon, the balsamic, or dark Moon period marks the beginning point when the heavens shift from dark to light, and the Moon and Sun join in a harmonious aspect in the Cosmos. The days that follow are filled with a magical energy that awakens our inner-self. During the New Moon cycle you should be asking the Universe for new beginnings by planting some seeds of intention and getting in touch with your higher-self. It’s a good time to be grateful for what you already have and to work on manifesting what energy you’d like to bring into your life next.

This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. The intentions that are set during a “New Moon” will set you on the right path towards your deepest desires. Have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your higher-power, God, Guides, Angels, etc), and ask for the “New Moon” to open up the paths towards your deepest desires, ask to be led down the right path to help you manifest your dreams and desires. Make sure and plant seeds of intentions with your mind and then feel them with your heart.

Some of you might be asking how does one “Set Intentions” under the New Moon?

First you should set the mood and create the energy, so start out by lighting some candles and burning some incense or sage, and play some calming meditative music. Get comfortable and simply write what energy you’d like to bring in your life…your deepest desires and wishes, and hopes and dreams. You can do this on a piece of paper or in a journal. If you don’t have a lot of time you can always write your intentions out on your smart phone or computer. But I personally find that using pen to paper creates a better energy, because we are connecting with our Spirit, Mind, and Body as a whole. Think about what you would like to manifest or create under the New Moon energy. What kind of energy are you trying to bring in?

As you’re “Setting your Intentions” for the New Moon, here’s some helpful questions you can think about:

What are you choosing or what changes would you like to see in your life? What kind of energy should you be calling in?How do you feel about your life now, and what would you like to create or change?What do you truly, deeply desire that you don’t already have? What’s next in all areas of your life?

Next you should do the spiritual work to back up what you’ve written out. So you are going to “Visualize” and feel what you’ve written. So close your eyes and take some nice long deep breaths….stay with that for a little while, and once you feel relaxed… keep your eyes closed and meditate. Now enter your heart (the space you feel love from) Visualize yourself in the desire or dream you’re creating. For example, see yourself living in that new home, falling in love with a Soul-Mate partner, or driving that new car. Manifest what you want by really seeing it and then Feeling It! Imagine if you will your wishes as if you are really experiencing them.

The New Moon phase is the best time for planning and setting your intentions. After you’ve done the energy work to call in what you choose, you’re going to need to be patient and wait for the seeds you planted to grow…just like you would wait on a flower to sprout from a seedling, and sometimes these things take time, but there are those fantastic times were miracles just show up! Remember when a plant grows it needs sunlight, so we need to be aware and shine our inner light on our desires, hopes, wishes and dreams…by “Setting Intentions.” Then you are putting the light on your intentions in a energetic way which helps these things grow and manifest into reality!

Allow the New Moon energy to go out and start to build the energy of what you have asked or wished for. Remember what you put intention into will start to form an energy and eventually in one way or another manifest into reality. Hopefully you can make some magic and bring some amazing, miraculous energies to you during the New Moon.

Mercury in Capricorn


Friday – Astro Update 
Mercury changes Signs, Again?

By now most of you understand that Mercury is in Retrograde, but it’s been in intellectual, open-minded Aquarius, but due to Mercury moving backwards in the Cosmos it has shifted back into more practical, self-sufficient Capricorn where it will stay until Feb 13th.

Mercury was already in Capricorn from December 11th through Jan 1st… so we only experienced it in Aquarius for a very short period of time. So think back over that time frame and what should be discussed or fixed or gone back over. We need to rethink, re-visit, re-plan, restructure, etc. It’s going to be easier once again to think things through as our mental processing slows way down! Once Mercury goes direct again on Jan. 25th, will be able to use the information we’ve gathered in the real world.

Mercury in Capricorn is a time when our minds want something real, and tangible to count on for the future. A systematic, practical approach to reaching goals is now favored, we’re goal-oriented and focused on practical matters as we take care of business.

We won’t waste our time on words so much now, because we speak the truth and are to the point.. but in a more relastic matter. We see the reality of situations very clearly, and everything might not look as pretty as it did when Mercury was in Aquarius over the last week! Use this time to get in touch with what is really happening in our life and the world…this isn’t time to delve into the “Rabbit Hole.” Just don’t allow yourself to become to pessimistic.

If you are a Gemini or Virgo Sun or Rising sign you will be more serious and focused on accomplishing goals during this time. If you are a Sun or Rising Capricorn, you’ll be more talkative over the next 5 weeks or so. ~Ruby

Mercury Retrograde Jan 16


“Mercury in Retrograde” 
by Ruby

The planet Mercury comes to a halt today and starts its 3-week long Retrograde phase, until Jan? This one has been pretty potent! Mercury is in mentally strong Aquarius for a few more days and then we shift back into more steady, self-sufficient Capricorn…so this will be a bit of a ride!

So far the shadow phase (the time prior to the actual Retrograde) has caused quite a disturbance for many. But this “Mercury Retrograde” phase can teach us many things. Read on to learn more!

Mercury is the planet of communication, it rules our thoughts and how we express ourselves. It’s important to not stop our lives just because “Mercury is in Retrograde,” out of the fear of what could or might happen…remember planets go Retrograde all the time, we have lived through many “Mercury Retrograde cycles before we ever understood remember.

This cycle gives us a opportunity to reflect on our past and search our own belief system. For the next 3 weeks we get the opportunity to connect strongly to our own feelings, while taking care of our personal needs. We can end up internalizing these feelings instead. But this helps us to begin working with our future coins and create visions and dreams of our future… by learning how to understand who we are first! I invite you to talk to your version of divinity, the powers that be, the God of your
understanding. Ask what you can do for you, how can you take better care of yourself?

Now having this information, we need to ask what we can do with it. Here is some advice on how to survive a “Mercury in Retrograde” cycle.

First off, always read over any important documents and read them again, and don’t sign any contracts or make any new commitments if at all possible. If you decide to do business during this cycle, make sure to ask for a second opinion and pay attention to the details over the next three weeks. Make sure to check in with your own intuition or higher-self and stay open minded as much as possible when making decisions. If you share any resources…like in a relationship or financially… this is a good time to go over the details!

Negotiations can go well if you make minor adjustments, but make no permanent commitments just yet! Going over details can benefit you, do anything it takes to keep from overlooking important details or miscommunication. I have seen first hand how “Mercury in Rx” cycles can cause misunderstandings. We can easily get frustrated with each other, without any real logic. Our perspective is way out there and things may not make any sense! So just make sure you’re more tolerant to being asked questions over and over again. Remain open to the fact that our perception has dipped down into a lower energy and can cause real confusion and simple misunderstandings, and don’t get mad over it! Be a grown-up, practice patience and tolerance.

This is a great time to re-evaluate and re-organize our life. While working on how we process information and make decisions. We can walk away from this cycle learning a very valuable tool that helps us clearly see what isn’t working in our lives. This cycle provides time for us to do-over anything we want, you can retrace your steps and make things work now.

It’s my wish for you to be educated more so on the benefits of this transit versus the negativity that Retrograde planets seem to get. So instead of saying “what a awful week” or “why did that happen?” You can walk away using some good advice and make the most out of this energy. I know this particular Mercury in Retrograde has already proving to be beyond frustrating, but there’s so much to learn from it as well. When planets go Retrograde (Rx), the comos is giving us a second chance at something and a third even, because it allows us to retrace our steps three times over. Going back and re-doing things can help us tremendously, and this can be a blessing.

Often during a Mercury in Rx friends from the past, family members, and clients will pop back in our lives! Again this can be a good thing, this doesn’t need to be negative. It can become a healing process. Mercury rules our minds and our day to day decisions, so when it comes to communication make sure that you extra close attention, and read over anything again and again, especially if you don’t understand something. Ask lots of questions and if you heard right in the first place, also use spell check cuz you’re going to need it!  ~Ruby

Mercury In Retrograde


Thursday – New Years Eve 
Mercury Retrograde “Station”

Mercury the planet that rules over communication, expression and travel is slowing down now to go into its Retrograde cycle on January 5th! Many folks have already been experiencing the annoying electronic glitches and miscommunication Mercury in Retrograde brings. But there’s more to Mercury’s lessons then just feeling annoyed. I know you’re shaking your head right now.

Mercury will be in Retrograde for 3 and half weeks and there’s lessons to be learned during this time. Mercury is also known as the trickster of the Zodiac and will fool you…if you allow it too! Mercury rules the lower mind, so don’t allow it to trip you up…as it makes things seem different then they actually are. Watch out for illusions!

On a more positive note, as we go into the “station” period of this aspect we can begin to work on organizing our life in big ways, it’s time to work on projects left undone, and is good for researching ways to fix problems. Also the “Truth” seems to come out during a Mercury in Retrograde phase, so ask the Universe to show you the truth around what you’re needing to know. It just might get interesting!

Over the next 9 days, until Jan. 9th we’ll need to be extra patient with others and ourselves. Especially around communicating and transportation, and its associated technologies. This isn’t a good time to really start anything brand-new, especially if it contains any new information that needs to be processed. We need to stick to what we’ve been doing and work on situations that have already been happening.

During this station period we can experience delays and there can be misunderstandings, as the energy can feel stuck, paused, stagnant and just off. It’s important to give yourself some extra time when getting ready to go anywhere or traveling.

Take into consideration that our minds and thoughts are ruled by Mercury, and it has come to a stop and is preparing to basically go backwards, for the next three and half weeks. This affects all of us, if you understand it or not. It can be hard for some and not to bad for others, depending on where it lands in your own personal Natal Chart.

Understand people are going to be confused or so it seems, which can lead to frustrating circumstances, be prepared and pay attention to help clear up any misunderstandings that do happen. Acting out and losing your cool will not help you now, as every one of us are affected by this energy! The phone might accidently hang up or not even work, your car might suddenly breakdown, your plane ride might get delayed. Don’t look to lay blame on someone if one of these things happen, it’s not about fault. It’s about using your mind to find creative ways out of situations, it’s challenging energy but it’s also resourceful and great for organizing your world in.

Also we may learn the truth about, well just about anything, as there is lots of ways to handle this astrological influence, and I’ve got them all written down, so keep reading my Blogs and we will get through this together. I’m strongly affected by Mercury in Retrograde as its very predominate in my own personal Natal Chart, and I was born during a Mercury in Retrograde cycle! Sigh. I’m here to help you understand it and work through it. It’s in your best interest to stay positive and patient now and hopefully you’ll come out unscathed and maybe even learn a few things. ~Ruby 

November “First Quarter” Moon


Thursday – Astro Alert 

Early Thursday morning a “First Quarter” Moon occured, when the Sun in Scorpio formed a tense square with the Moon in Aquarius. This aspect has been felt since the Moon shifted into Aquarius on Tuesday. This energy feels like we’re in a crisis, but we’re not entirely sure about what. We can feel panicked, stressed out, frustrated, angry and anxiety ridden, all because we feel like there’s something we must act on.

There’s usually waves of anxiety during a “First Quarter” Moon cycle, because this is a very tense energy between the Sun and the Moon. You might feel rushed or busier then usual, so allow the changes to happen. The best way to handle this energy is to be flexible. Be creative when working with others and don’t be stubborn, because that will have consequences.

Last Wednesday, Nov.11th a New Moon occurred, and if you were aware or not, seeds of intention were planted. Some kind of new energy was thought, felt or even acted upon. We sparked something new to come into our lives. It could be something big like a new job, baby, or a move perhaps. But we also start the little things during the New Moon phase, basically so we can get onto the path towards the bigger things we seek. Either way, we initiated a new energy with our heart and soul. Do you know what seeds you’ve planted?

That’s why I strongly suggest during every New and Full Moon to “Set Intentions.” So basically to ask the Universe for what energy you’d like to have in your life, and what you would like to release. This energetic ritual simply helps us know what we’re calling in, so we can continue to make sure we’re on the right path towards our desires.

That New Moon energy is moving forward now and the First Quarter Moon helps it form into being. Therefore, it’s important to step forward and create the energy of movement in whatever it is you’re trying to begin. Take a action and get the ball rolling! If you’re not sure what it is, my advice is to close your eyes and simply ask the Universe to show you what energy has been started. But to remain aware and focused is the key to understanding.

This month’s First Quarter Moon will affect people born with personal plants in the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, so Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius more significantly. 

July’s Full Blue Moon


July 31st – Full “Blue” Moon

This month’s “Blue” Full Moon is in Aquarius, (a blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur in one month.) We won’t see a “Blue” Moon again until 2018. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes together around 6am CST, July 31st. For those of you who “Set Intentions” by the Full Moon, it doesn’t go “Void” until Saturday early evening and for only one hour!

The Full Moon is a when the seeds we’ve planeted emotionally and mentally with energy actually come to being. If we’re aware of it or not…conscious or not…if we understand it or not! Whatever energy you were involved in during the New Moon just a few weeks ago, is now coming to be. The Full Moon is always emotionally charged, it’s a time when our focus is on romance, fertilization, and relationships.

The Sun in Leo helps us with our self-confidence and individuality…but we want to run or work with others in a pack. With so many planets now in Leo (there are 5 other plants in Retrograde now), we can learn how to be creative and use self-expression to recover and heal. We can stick up for ourselves and refuse to be silenced! It also teaches us that even though new ideas help us gain new perspectives, we must follow our hearts first and not allow unjust acts to go unnoticed.

The Aquarius Moon teaches us how to be independent and detach from our emotions, as our values and morals become very important. This energy helps us to see what our visions for humanity is, and how we can move forward as a group and make them a reality. Aquarius energy helps us to search from our emotions and gain new perspectives, which helps us fix problems on a large scale.

A Full Moon illuminates the conflict between the Sun and Moon! We may feel fired up and nervous…or like taking action! We can proclaim to know what we’re doing or talking about, but it’s not coming from a rational place. The Full Moons energy is strong and potent. We may feel like we’re going to burst if we don’t move forward! Because a Full Moon intensifies our emotions, feelings, and attitudes… everything can seem bigger then it is! So take what you’ve learned and harness the Full Moons energy, by simply telling the Universe or writing down what energies you would like to release…think about what is no longer working in your life or what or who isn’t serving you… be it people or situations.

May this Full Moon in Aquarius be a inspiration for us to think collectively and act from our hearts. So we may be courageous enough to show a beautiful kind of love to everyone.

Happy Full Moon  ~Ruby

New Moon in Aquarius


Tuesday – New Moon in Aquarius
“A New Vision”

The Moon is aligning with the Sun this morning and this starts the “New Moon” Cycle, both are in more freedom seeking, forward thinking Aquarius. This keeps us focused on the future. Our visions are much more clear about our life and we’re ready to make some major  improvements for our future. We will work to make progress, and in certain areas of each of our lives we finally will, after all the blocks we seem to have come up against in 2014!

The “New Moon” and Sun are both in Aquarius today, this makes the energies quite potent. This is all about opening up to something new and different for our future. The planets Mercury and Venus are also connecting in Aquarius at this time, this makes it even more strong. Aquarian energy is about being connected to the humanitarian within us… along with our inner visionary, as our focus should be on the future now. This energy is all about our ideals and the power they hold. Also technology and inventions come into our awareness. We’re focused on helping the collective consciousness, which is all of our thoughts, all of us!! Think about what groups you can join that are working towards change…and I mean big change! Each of us all have our own unique gifts that we can share with the world to make it better, do you know what yours is?

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is involved in some pretty strong energy now, this alignment asks us to work on personal goals that affect us both personally and globally. This is the time to work on letting go of any old worn out beliefs or thoughts you might have, especially around gender. Woman need to step up and have been I feel…to help take on more leadership like roles in our world. But every one of us has the capacity to make change happen, far more than we realize. Our inner sparkle, our inner light is on high, our vibrations are strong and higher also, focus on that shining out to the world and around you.

We’re being pushed out of our comfort zones, to look outside our own box and to also live there, so we must work creatively on making the necessary adjustments. Try to be flexible enough to break away from normal routines, it’s time for us to be the ones who are the change!

The “New Moon” is also working with some older energies that were brought about from last October’s “Solar Eclipse”, this is a turning point for us and our souls evolution. It’s time to move on to the next thing, the next phase! It’s important again to keep an open-mind and be flexible to any changes that come our way, this is an important step towards our destiny. What important changes did you make in back in October, and what are you ready to change now?

Wednesday or the day after the “New Moon” comes together, “Mercury goes Retrograde.” It’s important to take some time to reflect and connect to the valuable insights your higher-self is trying to show you! Think about what you should do to line up with your visions for the future. What needs to be fixed or repaired and released? What is holding you back from using and sharing your gifts?

The “New Moon” is the best time to set some powerful intentions each month. This month the best time to “set intentions” or the most potent points would be between 8am this Tuesday morning and 9pm Wednesday evening, before the “Void” of Course Moon phase of course.

Happy Blessed New Moon ~ Ruby

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